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The Only Hope For Me Is My Chemical Romance Omfg now the CHALLENGE OF DOOM!!!! I'll take the possible same questions. This is gonna be a long post so I'm gonna post the longer one later tonight. The shorter one first. 1. A boy or a girl: I'm a boy. Believe it. No? Okay ;;n;; Okay I know that Read more ...
I behave weirdly sometimes but still. 2. Real name: 'cause duhh, stalkers, just the first name. Pyry. 3.Hometown: Well.. First: I live in Finland. I've born in Oulu but I live in Espoo now. 4.Favorite colour: Black and red. Definitely. 5.Favorite albums: Sempiternal (by BMTH), Militia of the Lost (by FVK), Vol 3 (by Slipknot) and I brought you my bullets, you brought me your love (by MCR) 6. Least favorite albums: from what band/artist :))))))))))) ? EVERY 1D, JUSTIN BIEBER AND NICKI MINAJ ALBUM SHALL BURN IN HELL TONIGHT!! 7. Favorite bands: ugh don't never EVER ask me this. MCR, FVK, Slipknot, BMTH, Falling in Reverse, A7X, The bunny the bear, MSI, System of a down, Green Day, Sabaton.... So many 8.Least favorite bands: dON'T ASK THIS. SO MANY. Everyone what I mentioned in question 6 and BOTDF. 9. Favorite shoe brand: Converse :) 10. Favorite school subject: History and Art :) and English is nice too. 11. Relationship status: aLL DA SINGLE LADIES *dances* 12. Sexual orientation: I dunno actually. Bisexual or gay. 13. First concert: Don't kill me but I haven't ever been in one... Here in Finland any band barely comes and ughh 14.First band member meet: Nope. Haven't had one. 15.Instrument played: I've played a piano but I quit it a few years ago. I played it about 3-5 years. I'm maybe starting to play a guitar in autumn 16. Favorite TV shows: Doctor Who, Grimm and South Park. 17. Favorite movie: Gawsh this one is hard... Ugh. A nightmare on elm street. I'm going with that. 18. Favorite genre: HORROR!!! 19. Dream concert line up: Gawsh. Um. Fearless vampire killers, MCR and Green Day 20. Best skill: I dunno, actually. Creativity. 21. First band merch: My relic MCR hoodie (the black parade era) I got it from my cousin. It's seriously possible that it's from their gig what was in 2007. I've had it 2 years now and that is where I heard about MCR the first time. So the hoodie has a huge meaning to me. 22. Favorite pop: Monster. Not a pop? Pepsi then. 23. Favorite chips: You know, those cream and onion ones :) 24.Favorite food: PIZZA. 25.Idol: My best friend. 26. Apple or Android: Never had iPhone or anything so i'm gonna say Android 27.Favorite lyric: "Death smiles at the end of the line She's got her finger on the time Yeah death's a bitch, she can never not win And life's as hollow as a mannequin's grin so." from Death or disgrace By Fearless Vampire Killers 28. Favorite game: Ouchies. Em. The Stick of Truth! 29. Favorite hero: Is anti-hero okay? Rorshach! If it has to be a HERO then Iron Man 30. Best Memory: I don't actually have one... Every good memory what I have. Thank you for everyone who read this!! I'm posting the second one when I've got more time. >> Crashghost
2 days ago
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