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Kristina Smith Did 40 today. Thanks to all my friends and family for taking the challenge with me. It has been awesome to see everyone's progress and keeping each other in check. Alan Pehrson Kendra Pehrson Simpson Karyn Pehrson Frederickson
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Michelle Lenox Thank you to everyone who has helped me in so many ways in the past year or so. I know I'm going to leave someone out and I apologize in advance because every kindness has meant so much to me. Look at the number of people though; it's amazing that th Read more ...
ere are so many caring people! Thank you in no particular order to Jillian Hawkins Zhorne, Alan Robbins, Larry Pechacek, Larry Bournique, Luke Edson, David Rhoden, Patrick Bosshart, Randel Kling, Darius D. McDonald,Eric Dyson, Dustin Bredthauer, Michael Eyer, Paul Payne, George Lee, Gail Haar, Terry Pickl, Billie Wasmer, Valarie Jeyne Golmon Davies, Janice Gilmore, Eric Krisher, Georgette Ray, Israel Alpert, Dale Wootton, Charles Baxter, Michael Collier, The Krenik Law Firm, Henry Lewis, Wayne Furstenwerth, Mark Rogers, Gregg Simpson, Stacey McCown Johnson, Robert Ruxer, Sherry Gibbins Hilderbrand, Mary Sikora Trost, Paul Murphy, Lashawna Clement Moxley, Angel Martinez, Chris Stanley, L Dean Simonek, Marvin. & Vickie Becker Metcalf, Jules Sebastian, Jade Lenox, Summer Hendricks, Melanie H, Maurena Rotering, Gayla McGinnis, Jim Beyer, Denise M Walraed, Marion Dreifuss Estes, Got Buckles EBay, The Robert Clift Living Trust, Bob Brown, Stephanie L King , Joni Krieg, Tim Garvey, Brandon Swigg Swiggart, Amanda Matthews, Margie Dotson, William Fibromyalgia Spurlock All of those listed above have helped me in some way and my appreciation is indescribable. Thank you all so much!
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David Worm Baugh Just had a great convo with Emma Brown-Simpson, Alan Caldwell, Carrington Herron, Christina D. Anderson, Jordaan Simmons, & Russlin Thomas. #NiceConvo
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Suzanne Lennox To great grand uncle Alan Henderson Hislop 1895-1916 and grandad Harry Simpson 1907-1942. Alan died in a German POW camp from wounds. The ship on which Harry was being repatriated back to Australia was torpedoed by a German u-boat.
4 hours ago
Lonnie M'F' Allen Tomorrow night (April 25th), Denver Drink & Draw (myself, Dylan Edwards, Ted Intorcio, Noah Van Sciver, Jake Roth, Will Jones, Jake Fairly, Jess Brick, Alan Brooks, Karl Christian Krumpholz, Dan Conner, Katrin Davis, Patrick Jordan, Dana Daldos, Char Read more ...
lemagne LaGreca, with possibly Zak Kinsella, Jeff LaGreca, and Morgan Lee) will be hosting a drink and draw as part of the Untitled at the Denver Art Museum (Rebel Rebel). I’m personally very excited. I love the DAM and often go there with my son on Free Saturdays. I know that some roll their eyes at what they perceive as the pretension of art museums, but I say phooey to that. DAM is a cool place, art is awesome, and it’d be an unbearable world without art. So, come out to draw with us if you can and want. Tickets are $10.
4 hours ago
Jess Clark Date: April 24, 2014 For Immediate Release Contact: Christopher Sheid Coordinator of Marketing and Public Information Office Phone: 307.382.1661 Email:csheid@wwcc.wy.edu News Release Author Rodger McDaniel to discuss his book, Dying for Joe M Read more ...
cCarthy’s Sins: The Suicide of Wyoming Senator Lester Hunt, at Western Wyoming Community College on Wednesday, April 30 ROCK SPRINGS – In the final event of this year’s “Created Equal” film and discussion series at Western Wyoming Community College, author and retired attorney and state lawmaker Rodger McDaniel will visit campus to speak about his book, Dying for Joe McCarthy’s Sins: The Suicide of Wyoming Senator Lester Hunt. The book chronicles the life, career and tragic death of Wyoming’s former governor, whose decision to end his own life appeared to be connected to political blackmail instigated by the now-infamous Senator Joe McCarthy of Wisconsin. McDaniel will speak at 7 p.m. in Room 1302 at the Rock Springs campus. This event is free and open to the public. McDaniel’s book, which contains a foreword by former U.S. Sen. Alan Simpson, R-Wyo., chronicles the life and accomplishments of Hunt, a popular governor-turned-U.S. senator who, as McDaniel shows, ran afoul of the Communist-hunting McCarthy and two of his fellow senators, Styles Bridges, R-N.H., and Herman Welker, R-Idaho, in 1954. McCarthy, Welker and Bridges may have been seeking to gain that Wyoming Senate seat for the Republicans, and Hunt, a popular Democrat, was running for re-election. One year earlier, Hunt’s son had been charged with soliciting sex from an undercover male police officer in a Washington D.C. park. The charges initially were dropped, but, according to McDaniel’s investigation of the events surrounding Hunt’s death, the three Republican senators were able to use their political influence to have the charges reinstated. They also threatened to publicize the matter throughout Hunt’s home state. Hunt committed suicide in his Washington D.C. office a few weeks later. Dying for Joe McCarthy’s Sins has received national attention since its publication in 2013. It has also inspired a series of mock trials throughout Wyoming, in which McCarthy, Welker and Bridges are put “on trial” for Hunt’s wrongful death and a jury considers the evidence against the trio. McDaniel is a Cheyenne resident. He began working on his book in 2011 after meeting Hunt’s son, Lester C. Hunt, Jr. McDaniel is currently the pastor at Highlands Presbyterian Church in Cheyenne. He received a Master of Divinity degree from the Iliff School of Theology in Denver and became an ordained minister in 1999. McDaniel was elected to the Wyoming legislature in 1970 when he was 22, serving three two-year terms in the House of Representatives and one four-year term in the State Senate. In 1976, he was named as one of the 10 outstanding state legislators in the United States. He served as Administrative Assistant to U.S. Rep. Teno Roncalio (D-Wyo.) from 1972 until Roncalio’s retirement in 1978. In 1982, McDaniel was the Democratic Party nominee for the U.S. Senate. McDaniel graduated from law school at the University of Wyoming in 1980. Following his Senate campaign, he practiced law until entering seminary in 1996. In 1989, McDaniel toured Nicaragua for six weeks to learn about the war between the Sandinistas and the Contras, and, in 1991, he and his family moved to Nicaragua, where he served as the director of Habitat for Humanity operations for a year. In 1994, McDaniel was one of a three-member delegation of North and South American lawyers sent by the Lawyer’s Guild to investigate human rights abuses in Guatemala. After earning his Master of Divinity degree, McDaniel served as a prison and jail chaplain for three years before Dave Freudenthal was elected Governor of Wyoming in 2002. McDaniel then served in the governor’s cabinet for eight years, first as Director of the Department of Family Services for four years and then as head of the state’s mental health and substance abuse services programs. Western Wyoming Community College is proud to present this author event as part of its year-long “Created Equal” discussion series, which considers important events related to the pursuit of justice and civil rights throughout American history. This event is sponsored by WWCC and the Arlene and Louise Wesswick Foundation, and by the National Endowment for Humanities, the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, and Bridging Cultures. # # # 2500 College Drive • PO Box 428 • Rock Springs, Wyoming 82902-0428 www.wwcc.wy.edu
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Alan Fernandes Seems like everyone is doing this so why not? Name / Nickname: Alan About Yourself: I was born in India, and came to Canada when I was 6 (unfortunately I don't know how to speak any other languages than English). I pretty much wanted to go to UofT si Read more ...
nce I was a kid, and here I am! :) Hometown: Brampton. So I'm gonna be commuting. High School: St. Roch Age: 17 Faculty: Engineering Intended major: Mechanical or Electrical Favorite Music: Mostly electronic (Skrillex and Krewella), but I also listen to Ellie Goulding, The Police, Platinum Blonde and Bastille. Favourite TV Shows: Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Vikings, The Simpsons and the old old old pokemon shows :D Favourite Movies: Harry Potter, Xmen, Starwars, Spiderman. Favourite Computer Games: Does cod count? If you watch/play competitive cod I think we can be best friends. Favourite Blogs/Websites: reddit, 9gag, bbc. Favourite Food: Anything Indian lol Sports you play: Does biking count? Do you party?: not really Do you drink (coffee)?: naw Do you smoke?: nope Is it okay if your roommate drinks?: Is it okay if your roommate smokes?: Religion: Catholic Level of commitment: meh Into politics?: meh Ever had a roommate?: nope Night owl or early bird?: Early bird Time you go to bed on weeknights/weekends: 11/12 Time you wake up on weekdays/weekends: 6/9 Do you snore?: nope Are your grades important: ofc Do you mind having people in your room?: naw Do you mind having people stay over night?: naw If so, how often?: How often do you talk on the phone?: usually just texting Any unusual habits?: if I like a show, I binge watch it...but I guess thats not unusual. Oh and I procrastinate like crazy. Clean or messy?: clean for the most part Shy or outgoing?: shy until i get to know you Lazy or active?: lazy i guess Are you going to be working a job on/off campus?: prob Twitter: Instagram: Website/Blog: Other:
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Alan Kim Hey, I'm Alan & I'm lookin for a roommate. I'm goin to be majoring in Animation at DePaul. I'm pretty excited to live in Chicago since I live in this really crappy small town with very different ideals of my own. I have a keen interest in drawing a Read more ...
nd comics, like R. Crumb's stuff (Weirdo, Zap Comix, HUP), Moebius' stuff (Metal Hurlant), Katsuhiro Otomo's work. I'm very interested in listening/playing music/cinema Favorite music: the Velvet Underground, the Sonics, the Stooges, the NY Dolls, Johnny Thunders, Jay Reatard, GG Allin, Spacemen 3 (I'm keen on pre-war blues, 50s/60s rock n roll/garage, 60s girl group, & other various misc genres: Abstract Hip Hop, Yé-Yé, psych, 80s hardcore, etc etc) Favorite movies: Taxi Driver, most Kubrick, anything by Akira Kurosawa, stuff in the Criterion Collection, old samurai movies My favorite shows are the Simpsons (90s only), Mission Hill, & Looney Tunes I'm planning to make a lot of cartoons & comix while I'm at DePaul & hopefully meet like-minded people to collaborate with. I'm pretty well-adjusted and I guess a bit eccentric but I'm pretty much normal..
7 hours ago
Graham Campbell Putting some names to faces from the 25 year old photograph that Myra posted. Murroes 3rd year class of 1963/ 64 - 25 years on in the Plough Inn Forfar Back Row: Nancy Eggo, Jim Nicoll, David Christie unknown, unknown, Elizabeth Miller?, Alastair K Read more ...
ennedy, Jean Thomson, (unsure Ron Davie?), unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Wilma Simpson Raymond Dunbar?, and Alan Kennedy. Sitting row: Unknown, Irene Mclaughlan, Mr. & Mrs Jamieson, Mrs. Kidd, John Davidson, Bob McGregor, George Wilson Front Row: John Murray, Bob Black, Steven Wilson?, Ian McLaren, Graham Campbell, Douglas Christie?, John Dakers or is it John Bowman?. 8 Unknown: So who else was in the Plough Inn that night? Myra Morrison, Sandra Vannet, Elizabeth Thain, Ann Mitchel, Hazel Smith. Dorothy Currie, June Elder, Others I recall in the class from the photo below: Moira Low,Margaret? Thomson, Margaret Robb, Irene Spence Ina Tindal, Eleanor Nicoll, Vera Motion, People not there on the night Angus Wilkie, Jim Miller, Michael Service, I recall that Ronald Davie was there that night but may have got him and George Wilson mixed up. Also recall also that someone did not want to have their photo taken and they were the other side of the camera, was this Elizabeth Thain. 27 years earlier I can remember the same faces better, See other photo that Myra had posted. Murroes 1st year 1961/62 Back Row: John Murray, Angus Wilkie, Jim Miller, Alastair Kennedy, Bob Black, Bob McGregor, David Christie, Raymond Dunbar, Ian McLaren, Graham Campbell. Standing row: June Elder, Elizabeth Thain, Margaret Thomson, Dorothy Currie, Elizabeth Miller, Nancy Eggo, Hazel Smith, Ann Mitchell, Wilma Simpson and Mr Russell. Sitting: Moira Low, Myra Morrison, Vera Motion, Irene McLaughlan, Jean Thomson, ?? Lowson, Ina Tindal, Eleanor Nicoll, Sandra Vannet, Irene Spence, Margaret Robb. Front: John Bowman, Douglas Christie, John Dakers, Stephen Wilson, Jim Nicoll, George Wilson, Ronald Davie. Myra, Marks out of 10, how did I do? Would also welcome others to correct or add.
8 hours ago
Armstrong County Museum Grammy Awards & 7 Grammy Nominations Carl Finch - Guitar, Keyboard, Accordion, Vocals Jeffrey Barnes - Woodwinds, Saxophone, Vocals Danny O'Brien - Trumpet, Vocals Little Jack Melody - Bass Guitar Alan Emert - Drums Trying to describe Brave Combo Read more ...
’s music requires a pretty extensive vocabulary – at least when it comes to musical styles. For the past three decades the Denton, Texas based quintet has perfected a world music mix that includes salsa, meringue, rock, cumbia, conjunto, polka, zydeco, classical, cha cha, the blues and more. They are America’s Premier Dance band and a rollicking, rocking, rhythmic global journey -- offering what one critic recently wrote, “Even if you come for the party, you'll leave with something of a musical education.” Brave Combo’s catalog of recordings range from Japanese pop to Latin American dance tunes, to the orchestral classics to rock and roll at its finest. The band has recorded with the late Tiny Tim, and were the band Talking Head’s David Byrne chose for his wedding reception. From festivals and fairs of all varieties across the globe, rock clubs big and small, colleges, roadhouses, dances, cultural centers (including the annual Midsummer Night's Swing at Lincoln Center in New York City) Brave Combo has charmed countless listeners and won avid devotees. The band has won two Grammy Awards and been nominated for their work 7 times. Brave Combo's vivid music can be heard in the films David Byrne's True Stories, Clive Barker's Lord of Illusions, Late Bloomers, Fools Rush In, Envy, The Academy award winning The Personals. They appeared at Oktoberfest in the beloved American burg of Springfield on an episode of "The Simpsons" and in 2008 Brave Combo provided the musical score for PBS’s first ever animated series, “As the Wrench Turns” which resulted in an "Annie" nomination from the International Animated Film Society. Their music has also been featured on ABC’s hit series “Ugly Betty”, and Fox Television's "Bakersfield P.D." They have also contributed original music for ESPN and The Big Ten network. Keyboardist, guitarist, accordionist, and singer Carl Finch founded the band in 1979, releasing their first records on the band's own Four Dots Records. Alongside Finch for most of Brave Combo's 30 years has been multi-instrumentalist Jeffrey Barnes, who joined in 1983. Barnes is known for his lively and imaginative stage wear, as well as playing an array of reeds and woodwinds, harmonica, pennywhistle, guitars, you name it, sometimes in multiple, simultaneous combinations. Rounding out the current line-up are trumpet player Danny O'Brien, drummer Alan Emert and Little Jack Melody on bass guitar. Brave Combo continues to tour extensively and is currently working on their next CD release. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8pLDpobvCc
Brave Combo at The Kessler Theater in Dallas
Denton, Texas-based nuclear polka band Brave Combo performing live at the historic Kessler Theater in X+ North Oak Cliff. Also on the bill for this particula...
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Castle Inn Criccieth Vote for us! I know some of you voted for us previously but we are now in the next round and your votes really count now!!! Make sure you click on the daily post Facebook page and find out picture for your vote to count!! Brian Gifford Eleri Jones K Read more ...
eri Pemberton Alan Hughes Tesni Jones Michael Kennedy Rhys Cynan Jeri Roberts Gav Jerome Jones Gemma Louise DurantGeoff LuntEdna BaileyEmma Louise DaviesKathryn Emma Pemberton Emily Jane Williams Julie Roberts Leigh Ann Hayes Rebecca Fiddler Simon Ford Karen Simpson Pamela Owen Rhianwen Carey-EvansGarry John CarmodyPaula Carr Carol Emery Ceri Cooper Caron Hughes Ieuan Jones John Rees Williams Nia Wyn Williams Nia Hughes Parry Arwel Davies Sarah Louise Beaumont SaRob Tucker Tony Bruce Awen Thomas John Tudor Tony Williams Susan James Petunia Marple Sam Crump Sophie Harrison Nesdi Jones Nêst Aneirin Claire Newman Karina Ann Doughty Angharad Williams Sam Roberts Andy Crump David Wyn Roberts Margaret Williams Zoe Louise Jones Jessica Cummins
Top North Wales pubs: Vote for your favourite
The Castle Inn, Criccieth — with Castle Inn Criccieth.
Hundreds of you got in touch to tell us about your favourite pub - now it's time to vote for the best! Simply 'Like' the photo of the pub you want to vote for. Check out our online gallery: www.dailypost.co.uk/whats-on/food-drink-news/top-north-wales Read more ...
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Shawna Marie Drouin Congratulations to my son, Gavin once again and his peers for making honor roll!
Sanford Maine comments
SJHS students make the grade Thursday, April 24, 2014 SANFORD — Congratulations to the following students who achieved either high honors or honors during the recently completed third quarter at Sanford Junior High School. 6TH GRADE — HIGH HONO Read more ...
RS Alyanna Beaudoin Jacob Cote Colton Ege Jade Jamison Gavyn Moyer Alan Nichols Daniel Paterson Benjamin Pender Alexis Sloan Kendra Smith 7TH GRADE — HIGH HONORS Nicolas Adornetto Carter Andrews Andrew Artrip Carson Bickford Joshua Bowker Brooke Camire Maya Doyle Bridget Duckworth Kaleb Facteau Anna Johnson Vinh Lam Sarah Nickerson Megan O’Connell Emma Ouellette Niraj Patel Isaac Plante Megan Roy Hannah Tarazewich Jordyn Thomas Khang Truong 8TH GRADE — HIGH HONORS Adia Beaudoin Jenna Beaudoin Michaela Benvie Diana Carter Sophie Cote Josiah Dube Brady Green Khaalid Kakande Daniel Khat Eve Kruger Stephanie Lane Taylor MacDonald Sayana Mar Dalton Marriott Rebecca Paterson Andrew Pender Nikita Perez Katelynn Sadick Julia Thompson Travis Tovey Tran Truong Joshua Webber Nicholas Weeks Marli Wilson 6TH GRADE — HONORS Erin Alexander Kristina Ames Luke Ball Eleuteria Bernardino Ashley Blood Sara Boissonneault Avery Bolduc David Briggs Cassandra Brown Nicholas Catalano Echo Church Kristen Coats Caven Cogswell James Cote Madison Cote Mia Cote Lauren Curry Logan Dale Olivia Fleming Madison Greenwood Taylor Hall Dalton Hannel Justin Hanson Aleigha Hill Jayden Jacques Isabelle Kallis Reece LaChance Ariannah Little Andrew Martin Liberty Maschhoff Emma Meekins Nickolas Moulton Kaitlin Nash Iaomi Nichols Peter Nolin Gavin Perro Althea Puffer Caitlin Quade Ethan Roy Beau Silva Alysha Simpson Juwan Snow Richard Steele Trynitee Steffens Marissa Stone Hope Tarbox Ellie Thompson Ethan Valley Jonathan Vitale 7TH GRADE — HONORS Julia Allen Ethan Arrowsmith Gianna Beninati Erin Berggren Dylan Cao Christian Clark Sol Demers Ashley Donovan Emma Dubois Lexi Farley Zachary Flanagan Ethan Fortier Adam Genereux Jordan Giroux Jacob Godwin Hailey Goodwin Lindsey Gould Kody Greene Danielle Guillemette Zakary Hamilton Lauren Johnson Arianna Kelewae Kaleb Kerrigan Alex Kirven Alex Kong Jocelyn Korpaczewski Jennifer Lansing Sarah Lapenta Dakota Lehoux Nicholas Liston Ashley Lord Emma Lunny Erin Malcolm Emilee Mathieu James Meggison Megan Murphy Noah Neal Anthony Nguyen Jasmine O’Driscoll Mariah Parison Brady Parker Christopher Perry Mathew Romano Frankie Salley Molica Seang Brian Shaw Jasmine Sherman Dona Sophea Tianna Sutherland Delaney Tanguay Taylor Teel Jaryd Traverso-Penn Kevin Voter Paige Wales Ashley Willette Emily Yath Jose Yong 8TH GRADE — HONORS Adriana Allard Kelli Ames Samuel Anderson Sarah-Anne Andrews Sara Baker Miranda Beaulieu James Beaupre Sarah Bentley Rachael Bentz Elizabeth Bernier Molly Boissonneault Jessica Bucklin Cyrus Burton Eve Carlson Eric Chabot Sydney Clendaniel Cameron Cote Kyleigh Cote Linda-Mae Courtois Meghan Curry Lauren Davis Haley DeBoth Phoenix Demers Kayla Dunning Kyra Eastman Emily Farley Kara Frasier Madalynn Gagne Nicholas Giberti Marcus Gould Samuel Graves Kameron Grondin Tabitha Hanson Kaleigh Hill Valerie Hodge Abigail Hopple Kaysa Jalbert Cameron Jourdain Brittany Kaplowitz Alison Khiev Amaya Lewis Jaclyn Lipert Kayleigh Little Crystalyn Lowell Mikala Lucas Michael Lunny Josua McCannon Nathaniel McGrath Owen McGrath Derek Mello Hope Michaud Timothy Millea Ellen Morley Kaylee Muise Gerald Newport Hailey Nolette Ulysses Oso Abigail Provencher Richard Quade Ryan Rideout Angel Salley Drew Searles Chase Sibley Aaron Signore Joshua Sirois Brendon Tremblay Elijah Tremblay-Hallett Isabella Troop William Walton Jesse Warner Holly Webb Rachel Williams Nicholas Works Jacob Zucco
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Stanka Lovric
Timeline Photos
In a new TV ad by Freedom to Marry, Former Senator Alan Simpson, a Republican, makes the case for marriage. Watch the ad and share this great quote: http://bit.ly/1e7BTK3
11 hours ago
Simpson Cheffão https://soundcloud.com/alan-alexandre-1/m-t-g-batucada-do-quitanda-dj-simpson-2014
Listen to Deejay Simpson unico 22 / M T G BATUCADA DO QUITANDA DJ SIMPSON 2014 | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and cr...
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Leisa Kaleid
Photos from Nigel Simmons's post in Sovereigns of England Reclaim Your Rights
THE 296 MPS WHO VOTED AGAINST INVESTIGATING FOOD BANKS USE AND UK HUNGAR: THE LIST - Taken from Hansard, 18th December 2013. – NO MEDIA COVERAGE ABC - Adams, Nigel/Afrivie Adam/Aldous Peter/AmessDavid/Andrew Stuart/Bacon Richard/Baker Steve/Baldry Read more ...
Tony Sir/ Baldwin, Harriett/ Barker, rh Gregory/ Baron, Mr John/ Barwell, Gavin/ Bebb, Guto/ Beith, rh Sir Alan/ Benyon, Richard/ Beresford, Sir Paul/ Bingham, Andrew/ Blackman, Bob/ Blackwood, Nicola/ Blunt, Mr Crispin/ Bone, Mr Peter/ Bradley, Karen/ Brady, Mr Graham/ Brake, rh Tom/ Bray, Angie/ Brazier, Mr Julian/ Bridgen, Andrew/ Brine, Steve/ Brooke, Annette/ Browne, Mr Jeremy/ Bruce, Fiona/ Bruce, rh Sir Malcolm/ Buckland, Mr Robert/ Burley, Mr Aidan/ Burns, Conor/ Burns, rh Mr Simon/ Burstow, rh Paul/ Burt, Lorely/ Byles, Dan/ Cable, rh Vince/ Cairns, Alun/ Carmichael, rh Mr Alistair/ Carmichael, Neil/ Carswell, Mr Douglas/ Cash, Mr William/ Chishti, Rehman/ Chope, Mr Christopher/ Clappison, Mr James/ Clark, rh Greg/ Clarke, rh Mr Kenneth/ Clifton-Brown, Geoffrey/ Coffey, Dr Thérèse/ Collins, Damian/ Collins, Damian/ Colvile, Oliver/ Cox, Mr Geoffrey/ Crabb, Stephen/ Crockart, Mike/ Crouch, Tracey . DEF - Davies, David T. C./ Davies, Glyn/ Davies, Philip/ Davis, rh Mr David/ de Bois, Nick/ Djanogly, Mr Jonathan/ Dorrell, rh Mr Stephen/ Doyle-Price, Jackie/ Drax, Richard/ Duddridge, James/ Duncan, rh Mr Alan/ Duncan Smith, rh Mr Iain/ Dunne, Mr Philip/ Ellis, Michael/ Ellison, Jane/ Ellwood, Mr Tobias/ Elphicke, Charlie/ Eustice, George/ Evans, Graham/ Evans, Jonathan/ Evans, Mr Nigel/ Evennett, Mr David/ Fabricant, Michael/ Fallon, rh Michael/ Farron, Tim/ Featherstone, Lynne/ Foster, rh Mr Don/ Fox, rh Dr Liam/ Freeman, George/ Freer, Mike/ Fuller, Richard . GHJ - Gale, Sir Roger/ Garnier, Sir Edward/ Garnier, Mark/ George, Andrew/ Gibb, Mr Nick/ Gilbert, Stephen/ Glen, John/ Goldsmith, Zac / Goodwill, Mr Robert/ Gove, rh Michael/ Gray, Mr James/ Grayling, rh Chris/ Green, rh Damian/ Griffiths, Andrew/ Gummer, Ben/ Gyimah, Mr Sam/ Hague, rh Mr William/ Halfon, Robert/ Hames, Duncan/ Hammond, Stephen/ Hancock, Matthew/ Hancock, Mr Mike/ Hands, Greg/ Harper, Mr Mark/ Harrington, Richard/ Harris, Rebecca/ Hart, Simon/ Harvey, Sir Nick/ Haselhurst, rh Sir Alan/ Hayes, rh Mr John/ Heald, Oliver/ Heath, Mr David/ Heaton-Harris, Chris/ Hemming, John/ Henderson, Gordon/ Hendry, Charles/ Herbert, rh Nick/ Hinds, Damian/ Hoban, Mr Mark/ Hollingbery, George/ Hollobone, Mr Philip/ Holloway, Mr Adam/ Hopkins, Kris/ Howell, John/ Hughes, rh Simon/ Hunt, rh Mr Jeremy/ Hurd, Mr Nick/ Jackson, Mr Stewart/ Javid, Sajid/ Jenkin, Mr Bernard/ Johnson, Joseph/ Jones, Andrew/ Jones, rh Mr David/ Jones, Mr Marcus . KLM - Kelly, Chris/ Kirby, Simon/ Knight, rh Sir Greg/ Kwarteng, Kwasi/ Lamb, Norman/ Lancaster, Mark/ Leadsom, Andrea/ Lee, Jessica/ Lee, Dr Phillip/ Leech, Mr John/ Lefroy, Jeremy/ Leigh, Sir Edward/ Leslie, Charlotte/ Letwin, rh Mr Oliver/ Lewis, Brandon/ Lewis, Dr Julian/ Liddell-Grainger, Mr Ian/ Lidington, rh Mr David/ Lloyd, Stephen/ Lord, Jonathan/ Loughton, Tim/ Luff, Peter/ Lumley, Karen/ Macleod, Mary/ Main, Mrs Anne/ Maude, rh Mr Francis/ May, rh Mrs Theresa/ Maynard, Paul/ McCartney, Jason/ McCartney, Karl/ McIntosh, Miss Anne/ Munt, Tessa/ Murray, Sheryll/ Murrison, Dr Andrew/ McIntosh, Miss Anne/ McLoughlin, rh Mr Patrick/ McVey, Esther/ Menzies, Mark/ Metcalfe, Stephen/ Mills, Nigel/ Mordaunt, Penny/ Morgan, Nicky/ Morris, Anne Marie/ Morris, David/ Morris, James NOP - Neill, Robert/ Newmark, Mr Brooks/ Newton, Sarah /Norman, Jesse/ Nuttall, Mr David/ O’Brien, rh Mr Stephen/ Offord, Dr Matthew/ Ollerenshaw, Eric/ Opperman, Guy/ Ottaway, rh Richard/ Paice, rh Sir James/ Parish, Neil/ Patel, Priti/ Paterson, rh Mr Owen/ Pawsey, Mark/ Penning, Mike/ Penrose, John/ Percy, Andrew/ Perry, Claire/ Phillips, Stephen/ Pincher, Christopher/ Prisk, Mr Mark/ Pugh, John . RST - Reckless, Mark/ Redwood, rh Mr John/ Rees-Mogg, Jacob/ Reid, Mr Alan/ Rifkind, rh Sir Malcolm/ Robathan, rh Mr Andrew/ Robertson, Mr Laurence/ Rogerson, Dan/ Rosindell, Andrew/ Rudd, Amber/ Ruffley, Mr David/ Russell, Sir Bob/ Rutley, David/ Sanders, Mr Adrian/ Sandys, Laura/ Scott, Mr Lee/ Selous, Andrew/ Shapps, rh Grant/ Sharma, Alok/ Simmonds, Mark/ Simpson, Mr Keith/ Skidmore, Chris/ Smith, Chloe/ Smith, Henry/ Smith, Julian/ Soames, rh Nicholas/ Soubry, Anna/ Spelman, rh Mrs Caroline/ Spencer, Mr Mark/ Stanley, rh Sir John/ Stephenson, Andrew/ Stevenson, John/ Stewart, Bob/ Stewart, Iain/ Stewart, Rory/ Stride, Mel/ Stuart, Mr Graham/ Stunell, rh Sir Andrew/ Sturdy, Julian/ Swales, Ian/ Swayne, rh Mr Desmond/ Swinson, Jo/ Swire, rh Mr Hugo/ Syms, Mr Robert/ Thornton, Mike/ Thurso, John/ Tomlinson, Justin/ Tomlinson, Justin/ Tredinnick, David/ Truss, Elizabeth/ Turner, Mr Andrew/ Tyrie, Mr Andrew . UVW XYZ - Uppal, Paul/ Vaizey, Mr Edward/ Vara, Mr Shailesh/ Vickers, Martin/ Vara, Mr Shailesh/ Walker, Mr Robin/ Wallace, Mr Ben/ Walter, Mr Robert/ Ward, Mr David/ Watkinson, Dame Angela/ Weatherley, Mike/ Webb, Steve/ Wharton, James/ Wheeler, Heather/ White, Chris/ Whittingdale, Mr John/ Wiggin, Bill/ Willetts, rh Mr David/ Williams, Mr Mark/ Williams, Roger/ Williams, Stephen/ Williamson, Gavin/ Wilson, Mr Rob/ Wright, Jeremy/ Wright, Simon/ Yeo, Mr Tim/ Young, rh Sir George/ Zahawi, Nadhim/ http://brokenbritishpolitics.simplesite.com
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Youth Fest NI Come along and support the festival on Friday 9th may with the "big fat quiz of the century" in Quayside INN newry... There will be some brilliant prizes, surprises, karaoke and all round banter... Get your team in!!!!
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Decatur County Clerk's Office
Jurors Summoned for May 12, 2014, 10:00 A.M. to the Main Courtroom
Mercedes Marquis Adams Harold C Ahrens Patricia Beal Akins Bijon Anvar, III Jamila Amina Avril Sonya Lafaye Barber-Norris Virginia M Barefield Daniel Andrew Barnard, Jr Samuel Preston Barthel Remel S Bennett Tara Jo Bess Jesse Edward Bishop Christie Read more ...
Belinda Boyd Rita Collins Boyett Mary L Bragg David Mark Brantly Robbie L Brock Christopher L Brooks Amanda Brooke Brown David Lamar Brown Ollie Marion Brown, Jr Kevin Eugene Bruton Veronica Markesia Bryant Larry D Carroll Krystal Gale Carter Sandy E Carter Philip Matthew Chambliss Kathy E Chapman Annette C Clark John F Conley Tishambe Conley Matthew David Cook Dollisha Cashaye Cooper Martha Susan Coppinger Issac Daniel Cox, Jr Michael James Cox Roberta B Culverson Belinda Boutwell Cumbie Michael Owen Cundiff, Jr Chad Collins Dean David L Ellis Asia Monique Erving Sundra Jean Erving Timothy Jarome Ezell Dianne H Fagg Matthew Fountain Elethea Laurette Franke Emmer Rose Frazier Lashanda Leeann Gaines Cathi W Galpin James Kenneth Gardner, II Sharon Lunette Garland Hykima Antionette Gibson Mary Elah Gibson Sarah Crosby Giddens Charles Steven Glass Starleana R Gordon Jerrold Lemuel Griffin Shirley Watson Hall Johnny Mack Hand Bryan Lamar Harrell Homer H Harrell, III Wanda S Harrison Eric Scott Hayes Sandra I Hayes Debra Dawson Hogu Carlos Delvon Hughes, Jr Robert Lamar Humphrey Travis Clayton Hunt James Alton Hurley Starlin Kimberly Hutchins Mark Anthony Hutto Taylor Carolyn Hyatt Tyler Anthony Inlow Dorothy Britt Jackson Natasha Lashay Jeffery Brian David Johns Abby Kate Johnson Kenyetta M Johnson Renita C Jones David Clayton Kelly Alatha Kinder Willie King Steve Vincent Knight, Jr Dennis Lamar Lambert Dorinda L Lambert Walter Randall Landrum, Jr Lisa Marie Malecki Christopher Erwin Malone Isaac Joseph Manuel Laray Antoni Manuel Juwanna Quintina Mcbride Ronald Omario Mcbride Billie Christine Mccain Olivia Sellers Mccall Audra Nelson Mcconnell Loretta Ellis Mcdaniel Alvin Sylvester Mckelvey Betty Jean Mclendon Marilyn Denise Mcmillan Rodrick Rodroquiez Mcnair Felicia Nikia Miller Yalonda Denise Mitchell Christopher Monroe Moore Larosa Liz Moore William Marcus Moses Randy Jerome Mosley Mary Ann Murphy Barbara Bolden Murrah Dreon Markale Neal Elizabeth Nell Olds William Brian Oliver Lisa Salter Pack Lisa Brooks Palmer Robert Mathis Palmer Edwin Brian Parker Raymonde V Paul-Victor Rosa Maria Perez Kristina Powell Winston Price Hallie Isabelle Prince Katherine Hart Ramirez Juan Jesus Ramirez-Perez Melissa Porter Reynolds Charles E Roberts Kenneth Wayne Robinson Lashawn Jondae Robinson Phenice S Russell Jimmy Wallace Sanders, Sr Carolyn Myrtle Savage Christopher David Schaaf Stanley Tony Sellers Brittany Nicole Simpson Layfeete M Sims Annie Mae Smart Henry Lee Smart Jacqueline Beard Smart Charles H Smith Crystal Lee Smith Jerry William Smith Latonya Philmore Smith Anna Burnett Spears Abraham Stubbs Catherine E Thomas Jeffrey Alan Toole Bruce Shelton Usery Anna R Washington Andrew Thomas Weathersby Sherry Cathryn Weaver Jack Thomas White Thomas W White, Jr R Georgenia Whittaker Sandra Wilkinson Andrew Lee Williams Yolanda Yvette Williams Whitley Victoria Willis
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Lesi Kingsley Obenade “If you have integrity, nothing else matters. If you don't have integrity, nothing else matters.” ~Alan Simpson
22 hours ago
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