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Ryan McKeldin I find our generation to be a let down. The majority are held to a certain belief system and will never step outside to question it. It doesn't matter what it's about. One topic in particular is the continued support of our foreign policy. Which Read more ... includes all the troops overseas while the rest of the country tries to make ends meet with higher taxes and fees that go to support them and put this country further into debt. All while you cling to some red, white and blue cloth in the sky with stars that should be replaced with corporation logos. (I support Capitalism, not Corpatism. ) I'm sorry I couldn't decide which Vagina I came out of, I'm sorry I've never been to other countries on the dime of other Americas. I'm sorry for those who think joining the military is not a choice and they don't decide where to be sent. I'm sorry it takes a bigger individual to disobey orders that go against their belief system as a human and I'm sorry for those who think their American before their Human. Your life isn't more important then anyone elses. I have no problem supporting troops who DEFEND the country. What you are supporting over seas isn't defending, isn't fighting for my freedoms because clearly if you were you'd be attacking the house and Senate. Not some brown person who is doing the same thing you would be doing if we were invaded. Defending his family, friends and property.
29 minutes ago
American White History Month 1
Mom Bakes Vagina Cookies For 2nd Graders, Flies Into A Rage When Teacher Refuses Them
Mom bakes vagina cookies for second graders, shocked and angry when teacher refuses to hand them out.
46 minutes ago
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