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Kim Bural Korean boobs and vagina verses American boobs and vagina Which one do you chose? 이것들중에 하나만 골라야 한다. 한국 여자 가슴과 보지나 미국 가슴과 보지?
36 minutes ago
Monika Anna
Australijski adept ujawnia sławnych satanistów
Edward Heath (powyżej) był najwyższym rangą satanistą jaki kiedykolwiek objął urząd premiera Wielkiej Brytanii (1970-74). Zarówno premier Harold Wilson jak i Ted Heath składali w ofierze dzieci, ta...
48 minutes ago
Kevin Ruic Pelosi – Hamas is a peaceful organization that takes care of its people. Clinton – The reason Hamas shoots rockets from school yards is because the Gaza strip is so small there is nowhere else to do it from. Qatar – a small country that sucke Read more ... red the US into giving it money and promising to watch the ex-prisoners from Cuba only to find out they were supplying Hamas with rockets. It’s time for the lazy, cowardly Americans with all their guns and phony bluster to take a stand. The next time their Congressmen and Senators bother to leave their mistresses and visit their families they should be dragged into alleys and told how to vote. I want to know where in Washington is the building where balls are removed and vaginas put in their place.
59 minutes ago
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