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A Supercut of Even More People Using Improbable Weapons in Movies
Andy Schneider and Jonathan Britnell of Burger Fiction have created a new supercut video featuring even more people using improbable weapons in films. Movie characters are taken out with paper clip…
National Committee to Preserve Social Security and "In fact, a Kaiser Family Foundation poll found a large majority of the public (72%) view the cost of prescription drugs as unreasonable." Please SHARE this with your friends!
High RX Drug Prices Certainly Not News to Seniors
Once simple solution to rising drug costs is to allow Medicare to negotiate prices for prescription drugs which could save the program and its beneficiaries billions of dollars.
Techmeme "IBM is one of the three companies this year to make available proprietary machine-learning technology under an open-source license. Facebook Inc. in February, released portions of its Torch software, while Alphabet Inc.’s Google division earlier Read more ... this month open-sourced parts of its TensorFlow system." IBM makes its System ML machine learning software freely available to share and modify through the Apache Software Foundation (Robert McMillan / Wall Street Journal)
VICE News So many questions.
So Are We All at War Against the Islamic State, and Is That Legal?
So are we all at war? And if so, against whom? And on whose team, and to what end, and with what legal foundation?
True Poizon who cares if its legal
Kamil Haur Its war, in true war there are no rules.
Michael Edward Jones We are a nation built on war and destruction....
Brandon Moore America hasn't been at war since WW2....that would require a war declaration.
Henry Mcmahon Oh fucks sake really? "Is it legal" what's next Vice, "was being at war with the Nazis legal?"
Robert Millhiser Lol trying to make rules for war, is like trying to convince america that race doesn't matter.
Ricardo Maduro Vice's Senior Foreign Policy Analyst.
Mike Rushton Is it legal to be at war? Yes. Is it legal to fund the enemy, while declaring war? No. We need to find out who is funding them, and who is also allowing them to be funded (just as guilty).
Joshua Crisp
Robert Smith Arguing the legalities of going to war with a brutal oppressive regime who takes pride in their level of savagery and are known far and wide as bringing a whole new meaning to "crimes against humanity".... Seriously VICE ?
How to have a better holiday road trip
Tips from the Emily Post Foundation, Ford and Waze to make your holiday road trip more bearable for everyone in the vehicle.
9 hours ago
CNN International Roughly half of Americans say racism is "a big problem" in society today -- a significant increase from four years ago, according to a CNN/Kaiser Family Foundation poll.
13 hours ago
Matt Saraceno Rachel Maddow to Hillary Clinton: you are a known, entrenched corporate shill taking big money handouts "from Wall Street, doing paid speeches for Wall Street, 3 paid speeches from Goldman Sachs for $600,000" yet you say you want wealth redistribution. Will you do anything against big banks and Wall Street? "What do you say to Bernie sanders types...." (aka the 99% of Americans getting ripped off by big money) explain. Hillary: I went to Nasdaq and said hey you gotta cut it out. Any questions about her not doing a thing to help low, middle class people via REAL wealth redistribution? Get a clue Hillary bots. Put the pom poms down and up your game. Wealth redistribution is the most important issue BY MILES, effecting all races and people except the 1%, and this makes Bernie twice as good for this one issue ALONE, yet she has a superpac while claiming reform citizens united?? Uhhhhh, dont stand by your values or anything. Just gets uglier...... Hillary To Rachel Maddow: "look at my actions... No one tells me what to do!!!" Ok......... So I did some looking and here's what I found about her actions. 1. Walmart board director for 6 years.. 2. private fund raisers with Goldman Sachs and other private equity firms... 3. attended Donald Trump's wedding and received money from him (no joke) because she "thought it would be fun" 4. has a superpac to accept private big money donors while at the same time opposing citizens united. Need more red flags? Starting to see a pattern here. Bernie Sanders has no superpac but he does have max contribution limits from individual donors while refusing money from the rich. Wow! Conviction. Back to red flags...... 5. her son-in-law, Chelsea's husband, being a hedge fund manager. 6. Hillary Clinton’s donors also include the drug maker Pfizer, ExxonMobil, Dow Chemical, Goldman Sachs, Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola and many more. 7. In the GMO debate, Mrs. Clinton has consistently sided with chemical ag. companies like Monsanto, who, not surprisingly, Hillary's law firm represented and who is a large Hillary donor. So no one tells you what to do......... unless they pay you off. Got it. Hillary will be soft on real banking, wall street, and tax reforms FOREVER... She is a life long corporate shill for the political establishment. Her actions contradict what you think about her..
Military Science صفحه عسكريه عالميه تهتم بالشؤون العسكريه العربيه والأجنبيه كما تهتم بالعلوم العسكرية والمجالات الإستراتيجية الشاملة ومجالات التكنولوجيا والمعدات الحربية ، تابعنا تجد كل ما هو جديد ومتميز (y) (y) (y) (y) (y) (y) (y) (y) Page global military affairs concerned with Arab military and foreign military are also interested in science overall strategy and fields and fields of technology and military equipment, Follow us find all that is new and distinct
Eduardo Superio Depend where you lived.
Laughing Squid
‘Fallout’ Fans Concoct a Real Life ‘Dirty Wastelander’ Cocktail With Improvised Nuka Cola and Mutfru
Andy Farrant and Mike Channell of Outside Xbox, both big Fallout 4 fans, concocted a real life “Dirty Wastelander” cocktail at their collective cooking station. The duo combined whisky …
16 hours ago
Eli Provenzano Jason Shackelford
Mike Holleran ok it's time to get this fkn game!
Erika Monique Anton, Adriana
Artemisia de la Miel Evan Fowler
Lucy Suan My baby, Not there are times that we are falling in distance, it's always be here within that still shine on me. That falling to each other. Even if I can't follow your messages on time, my is still with, many hugs and take care and be careful in driving..
Daily Mail The most honest man in Britain
Man who found diamond ring in the street finds owner through Facebook campaign
Andy saw the sparkling ring on the floor near Earls Court on Sunday morning and originally thought it was a fake but has been assured 'in no uncertain terms' that it is the real thing.
17 hours ago
Prajjwal S Yadav Great
Andrew Morgan and no doudt hoped for a reward
Abdulrehman Hafiz don't worry im coming to Britain soon, and i will soon get this title "the most honest man in Britain, man im so honest that even governments tells me to shut up..
Klare Chastity I've done that. The guy wasn't even thankful. Guess his girlfriend said no.
Shaz Umarji That's nice and pointless news.
Minnie Moocher decent man
Denty Ibra i can see that only the british can o that while the other is terrorist. i"ve noticed that the british peoples think the others are creepy while they think they're so civilised than others
Debbie Luttrell CHEERS TO HIM :)
Afghan Ronaldo Honesty at level best
Garreth Evans what a good guy
9GAG TV Yesterday you said tomorrow, just do it for Movember Foundation UK!
18 hours ago
Lifehacker Is the effect of daylight saving time as horrible as you think?
This Interactive Map Shows Exactly How Much Daylight Saving Time Affects You
Daylight saving time always causes a pretty sudden shock to our internal clocks, but if you’ve every wondered exactly how much it changes things, cartographer Andy Woodruff created an interactive map that shows just how many sunless evenings (and m Read more ... ornings) you get.
19 hours ago
Willy Flom This kind of headline is particularly irksome. My perception and reaction is different than another person's. The impact cannot be color coded with accuracy.
Sam Smith Keep DST year round, its 4 pm and starting to get dark. I'd much rather have light in the pm when I get home from work.
Martin Sandbach Am I wrong but when people argue against Daylight Savings Time aren't they really arguing against Standard Time? Which is to say the summer Daylight Saving Time should continue into winter and we should do away with Standard time?
Sandy Za You are correct Martin. This is a typical reaction of people protesting something they're ignorant about.
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