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WSJ Speakeasy Audra McDonald stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to sing some Yahoo Answers. Watch:
Audra McDonald Joins Jimmy Fallon to Sing Some Yahoo Answers!
Want to know if the video game character Mario is based on a real person? Tony Award winner Audra McDonald has the answers for you.
2 months ago
Fox Business “There’s no real accountability in Washington right now. In fact, if anything, there’s a perverse kind of accountability … one in which a senator or congressperson is rewarded for keeping pork spending in his or her district.” Trish Regan Read more ... discusses her views on crony capitalism in our country. Do you agree with her?
2 months ago
Cathy J Cross I agree wholeheartedly! #FeelTheBern
Jackie Sowatsky Yep. Trump's the Guy.
Lara David Trish is the best...Totally agree with her !!
Sheila Sowell Trumps not the guy, hes for the rich
Puppet String News There has been no accountability since 1913. Politicians in D.C. work for the banks and the UN. They no longer work for we the people. Our choices are illusions. Smoke and mirrors folks nothing else.
Jim Brown Vote for Donald J. Trump.
Dan McCarthy #trump2016
Steve Flaugher
Thomas Oakes she is a B ...who cares
Ralph Walker Sr As long as lobbying continues it will always be
Sports Illustrated Virginia's Tony Bennett and Iowa's Fran McCaffery are among Seth Davis's top picks for college basketball coach of the year.
2 months ago
TIME "How do you take something mundane, that most of us overlook, and turn it into something attractive and compelling?"
Tony Fadell: How To Reinvent The Ordinary
Tips from the man who helped create the iPod and the Nest thermostat
2 months ago
Mike Wrong Hillary and Bill Clinton did nothing for us the people, that lasted. We are all suffering again. Bernie Sanders is gonna fix the system for life. Vote your conscience. Our kids and grandkids matter.
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Entertainment Weekly The Sopranos' Tony was the founding antihero of modern television.
25 Best TV Characters in the Past 25 Years
He's not admirable — and should be detested — but Tony constantly demanded our attention in 'The Sopranos.'
2 months ago
Barry Selfon Without Tony Soprano there is no Walter White or half the TV shows that are on today. That show was revolutionary.
Dustan Brown Traci Lynn Brown Roquel Shimchick Krista Owens
Jamal Kamim The Sopranos' was the singer nice best dislike :poop:
Lajvanti Jee
Olga Yaya Oracion I love the SOPRANOS
Victor Barros I miss The Sopranos, I even miss the sessions with Melfie haha
Devona Elena Fambro Tony was amazing charcher I liked what all the charcher's brought to the table
Dave Hoinka RIP Tony.
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Chris Haynes There's Tony Soprano and then everyone else
MSN News "I have a lot of tears, a lot of happiness, a lot of memories in this house. It is my home. Where can I go?"
California woman, 97, evicted after 66 years
The year Marie Hatch moved into the wood-shingled cottage in tony Burlingame that she calls home, Harry Truman was president and "Goodnight Irene" was a radio hit.
2 months ago
Kevin Larson Cunts
Lateef Salami In the heart of man lies wickedness.
Janet Hemric Rollins Sad
Helene Aiwaz Rotten bastard!! Your fucking sons can earn their own money!! You're murdering an poor old women with cancer with no money! Damn you to Hell !!
Diedre Duncan What kind of country is this? What happened to our humanity?
David Cohen gawd bless 'MURICA capitalism.
James A Brown How disscusting are people due to $$$ sick.
Christine Wiedeman Summers She will have to surrender her little bit of income and live in a nursing home. Medicaid will pay for it. It's just damn sad.
Amy Calhoun Greed
Jenny Rebecca Paradice Smdh who does that to an elderly lady
CNNMoney Americans eat 126 lbs, on average, of poultry, pork and beef each year. But what are those animals being fed before they make it to your dinner plate? #RawIngredients
2 months ago
Ruth Sayer We don't care.
Andy Lopez They still taste yummy!!
Nikki Marie Brewer Antibiotics, GMO corn or GMO feed.
Kenzo Powerz *grab popcorn -
Angelo Acevedo I've heard animals taste better if you feed them love.
Paul Overman Still tastes good.
Justin Janke Don't they look delicious!
Simone Glover Yuk!
Deadspin Every sport sounds better in Spanish, including NASCAR
Here's How Fox Deportes Announcers Called The Closest Daytona 500 Finish In History
Denny Hamlin beat out Martin Truex Jr. by inches in an incredible Daytona 500 finish that proved to be the closest margin in the race’s history. Here’s Fox Deportes announcers Tony Rivera and Luis Rodriguez making the most of this amazing moment Read more ... and proving, once again, the best sports announcers in America work for our Spanish-language networks.
2 months ago
Vincent Pritom
The Onion "Usually, I can handle a basket of mozzarella sticks and then a full entrée and still have room for a second beer, but this...this is just pathetic."
Area Man Disappointed In Self For Already Being Full
GREEN VALLEY, AZ—Compelled by physical discomfort to set down the remainder of his pulled pork sandwich and discontinue eating the small mound of French fries still sitting on his plate, local man Shane Plimpton was said to be deeply disappointed i Read more ... n himself Wednesday for already being full.
2 months ago
Evan Hamberger Russell WilliamsJonathan Lau may have shown this to you guys already. If so, it's still applicable.
Anthony Scott Area man decides to ignore body, pre-chug Pepto, and buckle down for the rest of that sandwich
Frances Jarvis Area man just doesn't chow down like he used to.
Dan Maurer Area man disappointed he's too full to get the number of the hot waitress who served him.
Ronan Pellen It gets butter...
John Wilson Area Man tries to use same excuse later to stop performing cunnilingus on his wife.
Holly Fisher Register Area man becomes the face of popular MLM dieting plan.
Jason Byzewski Area man disappointed he wore xxl sweat pants to buffet for nothing.
Chris Gable I needed this right now. I didn't finish breakfast. It hurts.
Dwight Moore I knew I should have worked out at Golden Corral for lunch.
Daily Mail Dumped her husband in a car park on Valentine's Day for a Premier League star
Lapdancer dumps her husband at Asda to move in with Jermain Defoe
Mother-of-one Rachel Calvert, 24, broke up with her husband of two years, Tony, 26, at an Asda car park in Newcastle on Valentine's Day
2 months ago
Alex Cush Now I ain't she a gold digger
Wesley Chambers Run for the hills she is a money grabbing gold digger
Rob Tyler Sounds like it will be a wholesome relationship... I am sure they deserve each other...
Debbie Laverack Can't say I blame her
Phoenixsong Alysia Stellamaris we don't know the whole story so why judge any of the players?
Helen Worley What a lovely person she is remind me to introduce her to my brother
Michael L. Stines Quality lady
Roger Alexander She deserves a lap of dishonour.
Vishnu Sathyan women are too stupid !
Nicene Francis I bet they had problems way before this....people break up everyday. Would anyone care if the dude she moved with was broke?
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