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Pilipinas Kathniel Cast Of Characters SOON PANGAKO SAYO ON ABS CBN PRIME TIME BIDA Main Characters Kathryn Bernardo as Ynamorata "Yna" Macaspac Daniel Padilla as Angelo Buenavista Jodi Sta. Maria as Amor de Jesus-Powers Angelica Panganiban as Madam Claudia Zalameda-Bue Read more ... navista Ian Veneracion as Gov. Eduardo Buenavista Supporting CharactersEdit Jan Marini as Lourdes Magbanua Buenavista Bernard Palanca as Diego Buenavista Susan Africa as Belen Macaspac Spanky Manikan as Francisco 'Lolo Isko' Macaspac Joem Bascon as Caloy Macaspac Bangs Garcia as Julieta Macaspac Dominic Roque as David Beauty Gonzalez as Coring Juan Karlos Labajo as Jonathan Mobido Ella Cruz as Lia Buenavista Marco Gumabao as Vinny Maris Racal as Maria Amor de Jesus / Clarissa Yassi Pressman as Bea Bianca Bejerrano / Electrika Powers Andrea Brillantes as Flerida Macaspac Wendell Ramos as Simon Barcial Valerie Concepcion as Eidelweiss Guttenberg Emmanuelle Vera as Felicity Banks Jong Cuenco as Tony Banks Jenny Miller as Betty Mae Verseles Pooh as Cookie Shy Carlos as Nimfa Macaspac Arlene Tolibas as Yaya Doray Special Participation Sylvia Sanchez as Doña Benita Buenavista Bing Loyzaga Tonton Gutierrez
Esteban Avalos esta es la página Angelica Diosdado
19 days ago
Angelica Diosdado Gratze :)
500px Get inspired with our Unique Storytelling gallery featuring the works of Evgeni Dinev Photography, Angelica Photography, Martin Smolak Photography, and Adrian Chudek - Film & Photography:
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Our Unique Storytelling gallery features the works of Evgeni Dinev Photography, Angelica Photography, Martin Smolak Photography, and Adrian Chudek - Film & Photography, and many more:
23 days ago
Trisha Blank Please share and help!!! My 9 year old daughter Angelica has Autism and is non verbal. She is a beautiful, intelligent, caring, and extremely lovable child. She is currently in 3rd grade in her home districts elementary school. She has an amazing tea Read more ... cher and one on one aide that care for her. However, over the last 2 years that she has attended Shamokin Elementary School there have been several safety issues. One incident was in September of 2013 when Angelica was 7 years old. She was having a bad day and the director of special education Mrs.Glosik transported her home in a district van. When she pulled up to my house and beeped the horn I proceeded down the steps with my week old infant in my arms. She opened the door and my daughter took off down the street (in the road) thankfully no vehicles were traveling down at that time, but I was forced to run after her with my newborn baby in my arms and she offered no assistance, instead stood there saying "come back Angelica". The most recent incident took place today. A students teacher had to leave due to an emergency and this student was placed into my daughters class. He was shouting and throwing things and made Angelica very anxious, so she was removed from her class by her one on one so she can calm down which she did. I did not agree that my child had to be the one removed but for safety reasons I was happy she was. Later in the day this boy attacked my daughter by grabbing a hold of her hair with one hand as he struck her in the face with his other hand as she laid there playing with her beads. He wouldn't let go of her hair as staff was trying to remove him from her and she remained lying there in pure shock because she has never been hit or touched that way in her life. I know it was a totally traumatizing experience for her and it breaks my heart that I can't discuss her feelings with her. Although she is non verbal i know she is very aware and when she got home I hugged her and I told her that mommy was so sorry and I would make sure that nothing like this ever happens to her again. She looked at me and smiled and we hugged again. I then contacted the Principal of Shamokin Elementary Mrs.Kimora who told me she was not in the building and the child was going to suffer consequences and she directed me to speak with the director of special education Mrs.Glosik. Clearly I was upset at this point and Mrs.Glosik was not remorseful and did not apologize but instead told me "I thought of all people you would understand since you have a child with severe behavioral issues". I felt even more violated than I did initially. My child has become self abusive when she becomes frustrated but she has never had a sever behavior issue and she has never hit a child. She has 4 younger siblings and has shown them nothing but love and affection. The district currently dismisses my daughter an hour and a half earlier than the rest of the students because they felt she couldn't handle full days but they have yet to even try a year later. I requested monthly meetings to stay informed on my daughters progress and education plan and haven't had a meeting in several months since my last issue. I don't know where to turn and I feel like the districts concerns aren't my daughters safety, education, and future. I need help with resources and people who can potentially help me to rectify the issue currently at hand, as well as a plan to be sure this never happens again. I just want to know that my daughter isn't just a Number or a student that they can rave about maintaining in the district, but an individual who is counting on them and their educational backgrounds to help assure she continues on with the best possible future she can have! Thank you for taking the time to read this and please share it until it reaches someone that can help Angelica!! Thank you!!!!!
23 days ago
Daily Mail Mexico’s First Lady has a racy past
Posing in a tiny bikini... Mexico's scandal-hit First Lady
Revelations that Angélica Rivera, 45, was handed a sweetheart deal by a government contractor during a house purchase in 2010 have left the former soap star embroiled in controversy.
1 month ago
Kyle Gerard Pilgrim John 8:7 ...that is all
Adam Hutchinson So have probably most of you writers
Brisa Jaramillo Every body.has apast dont u??
Elena María She was an actress.
Jeetu Dhanoa It's that time of day when DM run out of headlines and post any shite!
Vicky Douka Ist doch gut, wenn sie mit allen Wassern gewaschen ist...!
Marcus Chamberlain and Princess Diana ???? fs, get a grip
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Daily Mail From soap star to hob-nobbing with royalty - no wonder she's winking!
Mexico's glamorous First Lady joins the Queen for lavish London parade
The Queen (left) was all smiles as she welcomed Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto and his glamorous wife, former soap actress, Angélica Rivera at Horse Guards Parade in central London.
2 months ago
Mark Earle . the peasants ,were starving ,but i was fine .
Maitita Ozalez A Sad, very sad. Those "glamorous" Mexican people are smiling and parading while their country is in shambles and countless people suffer from not having the most basic services, not even food. Mexico's president (yes, lowercase p) and his wife are a sham, they are nothing more than SHPOS. They can't even speak basic English. Shame,
Roger Stubbs the queen is a tourist attraction monkey puppet
Dr-Anas Watad Beauty is in the eye of the BEER holder
Haryo Pamungkas there is no Queen without Freddy Mercury...
France Gomez Pinche vieja ratera
Iris Lebron Ugly people
Iris Lebron Don't like Mexico first so call lady she's a dog evil
Nona Macias Pinche vieja ahora se va creer mas!
Shirley Jones i think ppl forget there was a time when she was a very pretty young woman
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Which "Rugrats" Character Should You Babysit?
“I don’t have that much time, Angelica. I have to take my afternoon nap.”
2 months ago
Lana Stevens Susie Carmichael
Tory Hamilton I got Phil and lil !!!
Leah A. Isaac Angelica Pickles
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Tallulah Novogratz Starsi Marie Howell
HuffPost Science & Tech The device delivers electrical stimulation directly to neurons on the brainstem.
Researchers Test Device That Lets Deaf Children Hear For The First Time
At age 3, Angelica Lopez is helping to break a sound barrier for deaf children.
2 months ago
HuffPost Good News This is wonderful.
Researchers Test Device That Lets Deaf Children Hear For The First Time
WASHINGTON (AP) — At age 3, Angelica Lopez is helping to break a sound barrier for deaf children. Born without working auditory nerves, she can detect sounds fo...
2 months ago
Ricky Wright Gabe Slate
Christina Lynn Katie Harney
HuffPost Science & Tech This is wonderful.
Researchers Test Device That Lets Deaf Children Hear For The First Time
WASHINGTON (AP) — At age 3, Angelica Lopez is helping to break a sound barrier for deaf children.
2 months ago
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