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HelloGiggles After watching her daughter grow up with dolls that looked nothing like her (and this does matter!), Angelica Sweeting decided to take matters into her own hands. She made a doll with hair and facial features more traditional of a woman of color.
Girls with natural hair finally have a doll who looks like them, and we’re all about it
It's highly important for young girls to find representations of their likeness amongst their favorite things — be those things books, movies, bands, magazines, or (yep) dolls. But let me tell you something from experience: It is extremely difficul Read more ... t for little ladies with thick, wavy, curly hair to…
1 month ago
Anyssa Beeb Awwwww yesss!!!
Alejandrea Oliver Awh I want one
Daryle Antignani Lynda Tookatooka
BuzzFeed Style ICYMI: The Angelica doll features natural hair you can wash and style.
1 month ago
Alisa Jamerson Her daughters are beautiful,and this was an awesome way to uplift her daughter's self esteem.
Stella Marie Martinez-Duzz I want this for my niece, shes 6 and is black and white. Her mom has full custody of her so she never sees any one on her dads side who is black. She is raised in an all white family i cluding a white brother and two white moms. She is starting to not like the way she looms from a young age, saying she likes my hair better or she wishes she was light like me (im guato) and how she dose not look like any one in her family. Iv baughten her multiple princess tiana dolls but she only likes to play with white dolls. Her moms gf gets her black dolls too but she never plays with them. :( once i even crimped my hair up alot so i could show her how much i lover her hair but she got mad and told me to undo it. I have a friend who was raised in a white family and now that shes my age you can't even tell shes half black. She bleaches her skin, dose sooo much damage to her hair, got her lips and noes done. I want advice on how to help my niece to have better body image as a beautiful brown girl
BuzzFeed Style The Angelica doll features natural hair you can wash and style.
1 month ago
Ana Moffeit That doll is so cute!
Gina Martinez Where was this when I was a child!
Camille A. Lindsay Good job, mom.
Clarissa M. Robinson Wannnnnt
Daily Mail 'Beauty comes in so many colours.'
Black mother-of-two creates 'beautiful brown doll' to inspire her daughters
Angelica Sweeting from Miami, Florida, came up with the idea for the Angelica Doll after realizing that there were no dolls available in-stores that looked anything like her daughters.
1 month ago
Paul Oliphant The standard of international news over the last few years has dropped dramatically.
Songo Maxson Please can someone tell her that inspiration is not in doll ... she should teach her daughters how to be good and hard working citizens of their country ...
Kimberley Scott Love this. So surprised not made earlier.
Lynx Kouassi Go away
Nama Faraj curly :)
Robert Johnston Pretty scary looking doll
Rob Johnson We used to have brown dolls... they were called racist.
Adam Collins Mostly white..
BuzzFeed The Angelica doll features natural hair you can wash and style.
1 month ago
Carmen Fernandez My baby is mixed and has the most perfect, huge, curly afro!!! I tell her her hair is beautiful everyday because IT IS!!!
Samira Peterson It's about time! Where was this doll 20-30-40 years ago?
Michelle Mitchell What a great mommy.
Amanda Ldz Medina-Baxter I need one of these for my niece! I can't ever find an ethnically accurate doll for her.
Danae Twigg Where was this when I was a kid?! I longed for a doll with hair like mine
Chisa Bush I wish I could've gotten/made one hour my younger sister when she went through elementary... I think this is a long time coming.
Caitlin Biemer Such an awesome parent!
Bonnie Elizabeth Morgan Love this!!
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Tifa Sandell Love this ❤️
BuzzFeed Trending Angelica Sweeting is the mother of two little girls. When she went shopping for her daughters one day, she discovered that she couldn’t find any dolls that looked like them.
This Mom Made A Natural Hair Doll To Help Her Daughter's Self-Esteem
The Angelica doll features natural hair you can wash and style.
1 month ago
BuzzFeed Style The Angelica doll features natural hair you can wash and style.
1 month ago
Orihara Destiny Corvus I had barbies with curly hair and dark skin but also blonde and red hair ones, and the self insecurities i had, came out of what people said of me, not because of how my toys looked
Eddamar González This is awesome
Chelsea Legg That is really sweet. Good on this mom!
Teri Race Love it!!
Inari Cherrise I used to be so mad wen my mom bought home dolls that didn't look like me back in the 90'S i use to get mad and rip the heads off and chew up the feet
Kylie Hastings I think the doll is awesome, just curious as to what the "natural hair" is? Is it real human hair? Can't be, right?
Dina Dasom Anya I waaaaaant!!!
Stacy Welch A mother's love.
Kerrian Miller I hope they receive the remainder of the kickstarter money to make this doll available for girls everywhere!
Hana Vrazalica That's a liiittle bit scary!
500px "My mother taught me to follow your dreams, believe in yourself, and never give up." - Maja Topcagic (Angelica Photography). See more of her photos: #500pxMotherlode #MothersDay
2 months ago
Daily Mail The living colour palette that is humanity
Photographer tries to capture every shade of human skin in the world
Brazilian photographer Angelica Dass has taken more than 2,500 photos of people around the world
2 months ago
Paul Fairhurst 50 Shades was enough for the Mrs.
Zayn Adam But I thought there was only four colours, Wh*te, Bla*k, Bro*n and Yell*w? eitherway, quite original.
Harry Edwards That's an OCD nightmare. You could have at least put them in
Katherine Jones Where's the David dickinson shade lol
Jigs J Sharma good luck with that... we're all different.
BuzzFeed Rugrats was just a vessel to get Angelica Pickles famous.
2 months ago
Takeallah Rivera Yea, until Susie came around.
Kathy Long When I was little I couldn't stand her! Now looking back she had major confidence.
Kyndall Alvarez My mom wouldn't let us watch that when my siblings and I were really little because she was such a beeeezy
Mia Olivia Baxley Best. Article title. Ever.
Caccam Emzkie Go to hell
Kevin Craig I think you mean "vehicle"
Amanda Ward Lmfao! This was great!
Anjelica Scaletta I guess this is why I am who I am today...
Melissa Stegall #6 is the best!!
Derviša Mujanović-Ramić Rusmina remember our summer days? We'd watch this allllll dayy long?!! lol
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