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Business Insider He bought the house in 2014 for $5.5 million.
A Mega Millions lottery winner is selling his California mountain estate for $26 million — and the m
The estate includes a 16,000-square-foot house with a sauna and a 17-seat movie theater, as well as a buffalo ranch, steakhouse, and a saloon.
3 hours ago
Lucie Normandeau avec ta nouvelle job tu vas pouvoir te payer ca
???????????????????????? The running costs of this property must be very interesting too just the maintenance will make your bank account much lighter ????????????????????????????????
Lottos are racist because only whites can afford to play.
Los Angeles Times Sports Clevinger is the gift that keeps on giving the Indians, who parted with a washed-up reliever for the low-level Angels prospect who has become one of the best pitchers in the American League.
Every win by Indians star Mike Clevinger is Angels' loss
The Cleveland Indians in 2014 traded a reliever on his way out to the Angels for Clevinger, a minor leaguer on his way up. Now Clevinger is one of the top starting pitchers in the American League.
4 hours ago
Reuters U.S. horse racing announcer Dave Johnson, who called Triple Crown races for ABC television for two decades, on Wednesday sued the makers of Bill Murray’s 2014 film "St. Vincent" for using his signature phrase "and down the stretch they come" withou Read more ... t permission.
12 hours ago
උබලට විහිලු, මෙහෙ විල්පත්තුව කපනව යකෝ....
didn't know phrase can be owned! Then however greets "hasta la vista, baby" ever since T2 in the 90s will have to pay Arnold bigtime!!!
Not getting anything from Weinstein company because they don't exist anymore.
Boy you Americans like to sue. Beats working I guess.
What the heck!!?? Guess the british can come and slap a lawsuit for using english now.
Thats absurd
Best closing credits ever. Love Bill Murray. Hope this ridiculous suit goes nowhere.
The New Yorker In Daily Shouts, meet Barb, 24, who is a bunker blogger.
Contestants on “The Bachelor” in an Apocalyptic Future
“I’m looking for someone to light up my life, because I haven’t seen the sun in years.”—Barb, twenty-four, bunker blogger.
14 hours ago
Anita Obasohan
Christine Hong Marcia Lagesse
Emily Lainoff
Donna Jacobson what
Washington Post 2014 gave us an immigration crisis, the rise of the Islamic State and the emergence of Black Lives Matter.
Analysis | How 2014 gave us 2016 — and 2020
2014 gave us an immigration crisis, the rise of the Islamic State and the emergence of Black Lives Matter.
17 hours ago
Yahoo Finance Finland has topped a global happiness ranking for the second year in a row.
These are the world’s happiest (and most miserable) countries
According to the report published on Wednesday, Finland has witnessed modest but steady gains since 2014.
20 hours ago
I think Finland also has a very high suicide rate!
Los Angeles Times Since seizing power in a 2014 coup, the army has repeatedly pledged to restore democracy. But many Thais see the election as likely to extend military rule.
‘Everything is already decided’: Thailand’s army is set to cement power with an election
With curbs on free speech, a ban on a key party and rules that favor the military, Thailand's first election since a 2014 coup may be less than democratic.
23 hours ago Some things are just plain wrong.
24 hours ago Pure, unadulterated joy. (From 2014)
1 day ago
Los Angeles Times Entertainment Remembering Chester Bennington: The lead vocalist of Linkin Park would have turned 43 today. Photo: Genaro Molina for L.A. Times, 2014
1 day ago
Kleber Santos
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