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Daily Mail The Bachelor Australia stars say they're 'going at it like rabbits' (via Daily Mail Australia)
The Bachelor's Sam and Snez are having a baby!
They only went public with their relationship a month ago, but The Bachelor's Sam Wood and Snezana Markoski are already planning their first child together.
44 months ago
Daily Mail There is no way to let them down gently on The Bachelor Australia (via Daily Mail Australia)
Lana Jeavons-Fellows is inconsolable on The Bachelor
Given the emotional stakes there were always going to be tears as The Bachelor reached a dramatic conclusion on Thursday evening.
45 months ago
Nikki Withington Lol can't believe this entertains people
Klara Chludil bunch of desperate wenches and its a meat market
Mark Sanderson Oh no the otter didn't pick her :-(
Hadi Kia Poor Sam
Demi-Leigh Webley Ahh she barely shed a tear. I'm pretty sure she was consolable. Media being dramatic yet again
Mellisa Boyland I will never go on that show with all bunch stuck up bitchs some off them are skanks too that will do my head in fighting over one bloke
Daily Mail The Bachelor Australia may have just given it away (via Daily Mail Australia)
The Bachelor Sam and Snezana spotted at the airport minutes apart
As the country waits with bated breath ahead of Thursday's The Bachelor Australia grand finale, the pictures somewhat suggest the pair are gearing up for a promotional trail together.
45 months ago
Nicole Bettin Iu Great thanks for spoiling the surprise!
Rebekka Boicheski TEAM #SNEZ !!!!!!!
Sharon Mayne I'm hoping they wouldn't have involved her daughter just for television if this was not they way he was thinking
Elissa Cohen Sabrina Lewis I have no clue for tonight, I would have thought Lana would win but I give up on the guessing game
Samantha Northern Raymond Benjamin Stehr u have just ruined my night with this spoiler. There goes my plans for a batchie finale party
Sime Stojanoski The hot maco wins hands down
Katie Fagnani Gee thanks
Maria Crothers No need to watch it now... Whats on the other channels tonight?
Sarah Carrubba OMG GET OUTA HERE
Ru Diamond Dana Krasky
Daily Mail The Bachelor Australia girls barely make minimum wage (via Daily Mail Australia)
The Bachelor insider reveals the contestants are paid $90 per day
They are required to give up their everyday lives of working, family and friendships to search for love on The Bachelor Australia.
45 months ago
Daily Mail The Bachelor Australia solved. (via Daily Mail Australia)
'Snezana will win The Bachelor' says celebrity psychic Harry T
With the finale of The Bachelor Australia getting closer and two intruders thrown into the mix, the hottest question on everyone's lips is who will win Sam Wood's heart.
45 months ago
Helga Lawrence What a name
Tamara Anne Withey Rochelle Lamers Tegan Walsh
Kerry Ciurleo Kate Di Natale
Georgina Eastwood Izzy Reardon
Sally Skerman Benny Skerman
Daily Mail This The Bachelor Australia star knows what she wants (via Daily Mail Australia)
'Loyalty and orgasms': The Bachelor's Nina reveals boyfriend criteria
She's one of the final six girls left on The Bachelor Australia, vying to win the heart of eligible hunk Sam Wood.
45 months ago
Daily Mail Which The Bachelor Australia star is lying? (via Daily Mail Australia)
Bec Chin says she spent all night with The Bachelor, but he says it was just 3 MINUTES
Sam Wood told her 'it just wasn't meant to be under these circumstances' during their final date together on The Bachelor Australia.
45 months ago
Jacky Kemp Exactly Adam Collins you took the words right out of my fingers.
Adam Collins Who bloody cares...seriiously.....
Helga Lawrence Why would she advertise this
Shaun Clay Gossip. Not news.
Daily Mail Emily was BANNED from interviews after leaving The Bachelor Australia (via Daily Mail Australia)
The Bachelor's Emily gagged by Channel Ten for being too honest
She hasn't held back from telling everyone and anyone what she thinks about her experience on The Bachelor Australia.
45 months ago
Carmela Vella I read somewhere else that Emily went onto the wrong reality show, she should have gone onto The Biggest (Sore) Loser! Ain't that the truth! Bye bye Ems :)
Ruth Foster Then she won't mind if we tell her what we thought of her then lol Princess sums it up
Sharon Janiglass Caitlin Miller
Gabrielle Profus Tamara Pintov
Leah Strong Kiri Zweck
Daily Mail Shock exits on The Bachelor Australia
The Bachelor stars Bec Chin and Emily Simms walk away from Sam Wood
As The Bachelor Australia reaches the pointy end of the competition, it looks like the claws are well and truly being unleashed among the remaining contestants.
46 months ago
Coralie Rachel Scott I get spoilers in my FB feed every day and I didn't ask for them!
Jennifer Young I posted a meme on Instagram and since then Emily's family has not stopped attacking me. They are nasty. If anyone says anything about emily you get called a troll and they tag each other and call you a bully, b*%ch etc. The girl is bonkers
Shayne Millett Emily Mickan
Tamara Anne Withey Rochelle Lamers Tegan Walsh this is getting out of control!!!
Emma Fitzpatrick Vanessa Chivas Sarah Bartrop
Emmahlie Graham Ashleigh Ivy Lisa Parker
Teagan Meyer Marina Rose Hohnen
Bri Jade Butel Harrison Boon omg
Megan Blakey Ehhh Kate Gersekowski Heidi Preston Courtney Priarollo
Brooke Ramsamy Simone Barker
Daily Mail Snaps emerge of Bec and Sam Wood in Bali 12 months before meeting again on The Bachelor Australia (via Daily Mail Australia)
Does this jog your memory, Sam? The Bachelor's Bec Chin shows off her abs
Hopefully Daily Mail Australia can help Australia's most forgetful Bachelor recall his night with the tanned and very toned dietitian with this snap of her unforgettable physique.
46 months ago
Kathrine Bowden i need a serious relationship with care and love
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