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CNN International The massive fish enjoys basking in the sun, one expert says. Their size and sun bathing habit mean they can be hit by boats, and some are so large they actually sink yachts.
2 hours ago
Poor fish. Leave it alone
Annabelle Fe Der Fisch, den wir beim schnorcheln gesehen haben!
Is that sculpture work or?
Pinche sharpedo
Grzegorz :O
Poorly researched article. 1)They aren't rare. 2) They were discovered and named long long before 2017. They were named and identified in 1758 by Linnaeus. 3) They CAN weigh more than a car. The one pictured definately does not, especially considering they are holding it up.
Poor fish. The latest victim of heat stroke.
Whenever I hear about Sunfish, I think of this...
Arika Karmacharya australia is weird place man
Newsweek “Because he was only a kid I only slapped him with an open hand, but, you know, he deserved that.”
Far-right Australian senator compares his egging to the New Zealand terror attack
Fraser Anning, a senator in Australia who was egged, said "just because somebody has a different opinion to you there's no need to attack them. Just like we saw over in New Zealand."
5 hours ago
The Wall Street Journal New Zealand is clamping down on gun ownership after last week's mosque shooting. That echoes Australia's then-controversial response to a 1996 massacre.
New Zealand Models Guns Clampdown on Australian Experience
New Zealand’s plans to ban military-style semiautomatic and assault weapons in response to a terrorist attack on two mosques. Neighboring Australia introduced tighter gun laws after a 1996 massacre.
5 hours ago
"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." Ben Franklin quotes still holding up 230+ years later.
Slaves are disarmed. Freemen are Armed
Support the NRA
I’m going to stop drunk drivers by banning driving!
- 생각과 마음은 왜 보이지 않는지를 알아야 한다 - 세상을 살아가면서 사람의 눈에 보이는 것과 안보이는 것이 있는데 보이는 것은 태양, 달, 지구, 별, 큰 먼지 등이며 안보이는 것은 바람, 냄새, 가스, 미세먼지, 신, 소리 등이다. 또한 사람이 자신의 몸에서 보이는 것이 있고 안보이는 것이 있는데 보이는 것은 자신의 몸 겉 부분이며 안보이는 것은 자신의 몸 속 부분이다. 그런데 자신의 몸 속 부분이라도 발달된 의료기기로는 식별 해 볼 수 있는데 반하여 발달된 의료기기로도 도저히 볼 수 없는 것이 있다. 바로 그것은 생각과 마음인 것이다. 이 생각과 마음은 이세상 그 어떤 방법으로도 볼 수 없게 되어 있다는 점에 주목해 보아야 할 것이다. 다만 결정된 생각과 마음을 행동으로 나타 낼 때에만 어렴풋이 그 생각과 마음의 결정된 결과로만 가늠해 볼 수 있는 것이지 형체로는 도저히 볼 수가 없다는 것에 주목 해야 한다. 그만큼 생각과 마음은 자신은 물론 그 어떤 세상의 존재라도 눈으로는 볼 수가 없도록 되어 있는 것이다. 그러면 무엇 때문에 그렇게 완벽하게 볼 수가 없도록 만들어 놓았을까 하는 것에 의문점을 두어야 한다. 이는 조물주가 인간과 만물들을 창조해 낼 때 그 하나 하나의 생명체에 대하여 각 각 얼마나 대단한 존중의 대상으로 여기며 창조해 냈는가에 그 해답이 들어 있다는 것을 알아야 할 것이다. 곧 우주 창조의 조물주는 인간은 물론 만물들의 생명체에 대하여 서로는 서로의 생각과 마음들을 서로는 서로가 잘 모르도록 창조해서 매우 큰 것에서 부터 매우 작은 것에 이르도록 그 하나 하나의 생명체들이 나름대로 자신의 방법대로 자신을 갖고 이세상을 스스로 터득하며 살아가도록 잘 설계해 놓은 것임을 알아야 할 것이다. 동방 東方의 온화세상 溫和世上 이인섭 李寅燮 Lee In Seop.
They did, what any intelligent, progressive society should do! People > profits!
liberal logic---- some one is shooting at you--you should give up your gun..
Thank you for mentioning how we can't defend ourselves but we're not the country with regular gun massacres. We have other problems but high rates of gun violence isn't one of them. That's your problem but sure, keep defending your second amendment.
When is the last time you needed your assault rifle to defend yourself? A hand gun is more than sufficient for self defense in just about every circumstance. If just one mass shooting is prevented by banning assault rifles, it's already worth the ban. Sure old lunatics will still have their guns stored away but new lunatics may be prevented from having the same access.
But how does the stop criminals with guns or criminals from getting guns? Oh wait, it doesn't!
CNN The massive fish enjoys basking in the sun, one expert says. Their size and sun bathing habit mean they can be hit by boats, and some are so large they actually sink yachts.
5 hours ago
This doesn't look fake at all ????
That fish looks like a third of a shark
What does it taste like grilled tho?
That looks like Chris Christie
Hey let’s prop up this giant dead fish and take a sunset photo with it!
Now how many pounds of plastic will they find in it?
Poor fish. Your timings off. Stay away from us humans!
There you have it folks, a Maga fish.. Resemble trump too
Don't insult our fish by comparing it to Trump????
More fake news by CNN. So large it can sink a yacht huh?
MSN News
Australia moving 2,000 people from powerful cyclone's path
Australia is evacuating about 2,000 people from part of northern Australia ahead of a powerful cyclone expected to hit on Saturday. 
9 hours ago
The New Yorker In Daily Shouts, meet Barb, 24, who is a bunker blogger.
Contestants on “The Bachelor” in an Apocalyptic Future
“I’m looking for someone to light up my life, because I haven’t seen the sun in years.”—Barb, twenty-four, bunker blogger.
14 hours ago
Anita Obasohan
Christine Hong Marcia Lagesse
Emily Lainoff
Donna Jacobson what
HuffPost Life Professional weightlifter Rob Kearney celebrated his first place win at the 2019 Arnold Pro Strongman contest in Australia by tying the knot with his longtime boyfriend, Joey Aleixo.
First Openly Gay Pro Strongman Rob Kearney Marries Longtime Boyfriend
Rob Kearney tied the knot after winning the Arnold Pro Strongman Championship in Australia. Arnold Schwarzenegger was there to congratulate the couple.
14 hours ago
CBS News WATCH: This koala got way too comfortable inside of an air-conditioned car, then it refused to leave ????
21 hours ago
Jason Aranda
But still would be afraid of getting bit. Still a bear cute nothing
At least he was nice to it.
Mary Sawyer Barimo
Blake O'Neill ????
He was like *ah shoot I messed up his dash! Okay byeee**
He insisted he had the right Koalafications
Alexis BrieAnn Cowan
Tony Guan
So cute!♥️
Laughing Squid
A Hot and Thirsty Koala Bear Seeks Cool Refuge in the Air Conditioned Environment of a Winemaker's C
After checking to his family's vineyard in South Australia, vintner Tim Withrow of Withrow Wines returned to his car and found that a hot and thirsty
23 hours ago
Daily Mail Celebrity Back to work
1 day ago
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