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The New Yorker In Daily Shouts, meet Barb, 24, who is a bunker blogger.
Contestants on “The Bachelor” in an Apocalyptic Future
“I’m looking for someone to light up my life, because I haven’t seen the sun in years.”—Barb, twenty-four, bunker blogger.
14 hours ago
Anita Obasohan
Christine Hong Marcia Lagesse
Emily Lainoff
Donna Jacobson what
Us Weekly The Bachelor’s Caelynn predicts who her former BFF Hannah will fall in love with.
The Bachelor’s Caelynn Predicts Who Will Propose to Bachelorette Hannah
‘The Bachelor’ season 23 contestant Caelynn Miller-Keyes told Us how she thinks Hannah’s season of ‘The Bachelor’ will end — details
1 day ago
They weren’t former BFF’s . They said they became close during the pageant because they were room mates. That’s it.
Gosh it's going to be a long, boring season. They picked the wrong Hannah.
Bff’s ???? That’s reaching a bit much
Hannah is an airhead. She won’t even remember who she picks.
Chelsea Frisk I find it funny how Caelynn is still trying to stay relevant
I don’t think that they were ever bffs!
She came up with this prediction because of the first impression rose and winning the pageant date. We will see in 5 weeks when more spoilers come out about the ending!
She’s ultimately probably right too.
Refinery29 Hahahaha we see it!
Cassie Got A Post-Bachelor Hair Cut — & Looks A LOT Like Beck On "You"
The resemblance is pretty uncanny.
4 days ago
Thats because Beck looks like a basic white girl....
Jason Rowe wtf this is what I said
Kelly Chuboff your theory!!!
Courtney Hoffman
Katherine Cronin
Aimee Marx Kelly Becker
Erika WolfenbergerEunice ParkMolly KadlecJenny Shepack
Kassidy Wigen Ashlynn Wigen omg she does
Amy Archibald
Us Weekly From breakups to makeups and everything else in between, Bachelor Nation has seen it all. ????
Biggest Bachelor Nation Scandals of All Time
The ‘Bachelor’ franchise has seen its fair share of scandals. Look back on the most intense moments in the show’s history!
4 days ago
I have been watching The Bachelor since season one so in turn I have watched every bachelor spin off and franchise as well. Watching from day 1 I also never dreamed in a million years the scandals that would be to come but I have seen them all. I also never knew I would become part of the huge group which would later be called bachelor nation.
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Us Weekly From breakups to makeups and everything else in between, Bachelor Nation has seen it all. ????
Biggest Bachelor Nation Scandals of All Time
The ‘Bachelor’ franchise has seen its fair share of scandals. Look back on the most intense moments in the show’s history!
4 days ago
The Law Of Attraction A good life is when you assume nothing, do more, need less, smile often, dream big, laugh a lot ad realize how blessed you are.
Us Weekly The Bachelor may be done, but Wells Adams is not over the virginity jokes.
Wells Adams Leaves Suggestive Comment on Colton Underwood's Cuddly Post
Wells Adams poked fun at Colton Underwood when the ‘Bachelor’ star posted a PDA-filled pic with his girlfriend, Cassie Randolph — see more
5 days ago
BuzzFeed Quiz Nailed it!
5 days ago
Us Weekly The Bachelor franchise has come a long way since 2002! ????
Former ‘Bachelor’ and ‘Bachelorette’ Leads: Where Are They Now?
From the first Bachelor Alex Michel to the more recent leads, Us Weekly gives an update on all the ‘Bachelor’ and ‘Bachelorette’ leads
5 days ago
People While ABC is admitting they went overboard with the topic, the series isn’t known for its subtlety.
The Bachelor Producer Admits They ‘Absolutely’ Talked About Colton's Virginity Too Much
“Was it too much? Absolutely. But is The Bachelor the poster child for overkill? Absolutely. And I think that’s why we love it. It’s over-the-top and fun,” ABC reality chief Rob Mills told The Hollywood Reporter
6 days ago
Well, it was too much. I only have to be told anything once to get it.
This whole season was boring.
They must have taken their overplaying of a topic right out of People's playbook.
For sure!!!! It was SOOOOOO annoying, especially with how much they talked about it EVERY episode, but then he’s all mysterious and won’t talk about it when he lost it. ????????????
Agree over kill ????
Amen. The finale was ridiculous. So tired of hearing about it.
Ya think?
People "This case was basically a five-way tie."
The Bachelor Producer Reveals the Other Women Who Were Almost the Next Bachelorette
“We met with Hannah B., Hannah Godwin, Tayshia Adams, Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Demi Burnett [all from Colton’s season],” he added. “And they were all great, but there was something about Hannah B.”
6 days ago
Addie Pazos
Hannah.....I’m still not happy about this! ????????
Al ????
Taylor Briggs
You picked the right one.
McKenzie Bruce Samantha Bruce Saadat you picked the most annoying one? Great!!
Tabitha Renneker
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