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Us Weekly Did Colton lose his virginity on The Bachelor finale?
‘The Bachelor’ Finale: Colton Gets Back Together With …
Colton Underwood reunited with Cassie Randolph during the Tuesday, March 12, finale of ‘The Bachelor’ following their split in Portugal — details
2 months ago
Whooooooooooooo cares!!!!!
No one cares!
He’s a real man .
Yes they do only people who like romance.... the others are jealous , they don’t have it ????
Us Weekly Colton decided to fight for love on The Bachelor.
‘The Bachelor’ Finale: Colton Breaks Up With [Spoiler] After Cassie Split
Colton Underwood called it quits on his relationships with Tayshia and Hannah G. during the Monday, March 11, finale of ‘The Bachelor’ — details
2 months ago
This show is a joke.
He claims that he wants someone that loves him, yet leaves two women that love him to run after someone that doesn't. ????‍♀️
Well I think he’s making the wrong choice , you should not CHASE someone who doesn’t ♥️ you , worst BACHELOR season ever
What a big baby????????‍♀️????????‍♀️???? Worst season ever.
There is no doubt that Colton and Cassie had that physical connection and that she is a pretty lady. But I never saw one episode in which there were any conversations about getting to know each other’s likes, dislikes and life in general. It just seemed as opposed to the other ladies Tayisha and Hannah that it was just physical and nothing more.
I think this is a ridiculous ending and either this was all a staged production for ratings or he is so immature. I guess he likes the game of chasing someone that he can't have over love. I hope it works out for him but assuming Cassie says yes I do not see this working out well in the long run. This season was a disappointment.
Everything was going fine untill her Dad said he would not support her hand in msrrage after that the whole game changed
Dumb dumb dumb . He is fickle . Didn’t like this show at all . He was in Bachelor in Paradise-too and spent so much time with Tia and dumped her too . I don’t think he knows what he wants .
Such a beta male.
Cassie said she did not want the commitment... the kids or she wasn’t not feeling it ... I honestly don’t know why I watch this lol
HuffPost Entertainment Last night, fans of “The Bachelor” were united on one issue: The show’s season finale was, to use contestant Becca Kufrin’s word, utterly “brutal."
The 5 Most Soul-Crushing Moments From 'The Bachelor' Finale
Arie put his two finalists, and Bachelor Nation, through an emotional wringer.
15 months ago
Entertainment Weekly Someone—or some group —REALLY doesn’t like The Bachelor's Arie.
'The Bachelor' finale inspires anti-Arie billboards
In Los Angeles and Minnesota, 16 billboards went up early Tuesday in reaction to last night’s season finale of 'The Bachelor.'
15 months ago
What a waste of money.
It's a TV show
Tina Angela Caitlyn Kelly Ashley Brophy it's that serious
Lmao Berylla Moran
Stuff like this is why i'm not into reality shows like The Bachelor.
Daniah Almidfa Colleen Kelly Sadder Colleen please Find one of these
Samuel James Luedtke You know what....I should have watched it
Cheryl Scott ABC7 I had to tag you in this post primarily because of the picture!!!! After the discussion last night I thought it would make you laugh!!
Hilarious!!! ????????????
Bahahahahahaahahahahaaaaaaa Helen
Business Insider If watched the "Bachelor" finale, you'll know that it contains quite the bombshell.
This season's 'Bachelor' finale ended in a shocking twist — but there's reportedly one more surprise
This season's finale of "The Bachelor" ended in an engagement — but that was not the end of the couple's love story.
15 months ago
Adriana Durán Pérez
Entertainment Weekly "For the second night in a row “GET OUT” is what people are screaming at their tv screens."
Twitter reacts to Arie's shocking decision on 'The Bachelor' finale
Well Bachelor Nation, was tonight's three-hour event the most dramatic Bachelor finale ever? It was certainly a contender.
15 months ago
Yes how many times did she have to say to just leave....
This whole thing was was so stupid. The last 1/2 hour was Ari just sitting there looking like an idiot. More to come tomorrow. Really. I will not watch another one!!
Nothing but a bunch of drama filled ratings whores.. this show is a huge joke and lie lol .. garbage TV at it's lowest..
What exactly do you expect when watching an incredibly shallow show, about incredibly shallow, pretty people?
Carrie Hayden all of these!!!
Tanvi Nargane
Tricia Boston Sangiorgi ????
Maranda Sizemore Hood
Ariel Sheker
Cindy Houser Budniewski
The Daily Beast There was plenty of drama during tonight's Bachelor in Paradise finale.
‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Finale: Broken Promises, Unlikely Couplings, and a Marriage Proposal
The season finale of the boozier, more ‘exotic’ spinoff of ‘The Bachelor’ saw plenty of breakups, pairing off, and one gent—of course—get down on one knee.
45 months ago
Peppy Mozzani Who? What show?
Bramindo Martinez Watch on YouTube
Us Weekly Naturally, Bachelor in Paradise finale part 1 kicked off with the V card cliffhanger from last week! What did you think of the episode?
Bachelor in Paradise Finale Recap: Did Ashley I. Give Up Her Virginity to Jared?
"Notorious virgin" Ashley I. spent the night with Jared in the fantasy suite, while Kirk blindsided Carly in part one of the Bachelor in Paradise finale
45 months ago
Amy Klep Cant believe tht alot of ppl had left.
Natasha McCabe Shocker at the end
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Jezebel The Bachelor found a way to spice things up – next season at least.
The Bachelor Finale Tells an Uncomfortable Truth: Love Is Boring
It was fitting that the only mildly interesting moment of Monday's finale of The Bachelor didn't actually happen during the two hour finale. It didn't happen for the first 45 minutes of the After the Final Rose special either. The excitement of The B Read more ... achelor finale actually had nothing to do with Chris and his chosen woman. It was all about the possibility of the next relationships ABC will televise, on next season of The Bachelorette.
51 months ago
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Darryl Narcisse Dat awkward moment when Jezebel follows up a post skewering a guy for his over the top proposal with an article about the Bachelor...Jesus Jez. You are fucking killing me.
Vanessa Guzzo Ashley Chavez right???
Damien Otis I think its TV that's boring.
Sophie Pennes Jaclyn Akers Elyse Fischground Talia Malkin Kelly Malka
Cheri Rodriguez That's not real love. It's the joke of a show. Everybody knows there's almost no chance they'll stay together.
Melissa Valenzuela Love isn't boring...he is!
Entertainment Weekly The Bachelor spoilers! (Duh.)
'The Bachelor' season 19 finale: And the 'winner' is...
Word to the wise: If you don’t want to know how Chris Soules’ journey to find love ended on the Bachelor finale, stop reading now. Seriously. Stop....
51 months ago
Rizzle Hizzle This show is still on?
Stephen Best No one and now we have to suffer through him being famous for 10 more minutes on DWTS! SB
Justin L. Whitley one really "wins" these things. They're all losers.
Sandra Fincher-Rauhe Farmers only dot com
Mike Flaherty Spoiler alert: The chances of finding true love based on the selection of people a casting crew has presented to you are slim to none.
Martina Conway Smith He's a CLOWN!!
Mike DiCapua whoever the studio execs want
Viola A. Bush Yuck
Paula Headley Eww he kiss to many women .
Annie Gibis Stevens Well, all'z I can say is, fool you should have chosen Kaitlynn.
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