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Business Insider "Bachelor in Paradise" will address the situation between Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson in the first episode.
'Bachelor in Paradise' premieres today — after a scandal almost shut down the show
The controversy surrounding "Bachelor in Paradise" mars the reputation of ABC's successful "Bachelor" franchise. Here's how it all went down.
21 months ago
Business Insider The much-anticipated fourth season of "Bachelor in Paradise" is set to premiere on Monday.
Everything about the 'Bachelor in Paradise' scandal, and what's next
The controversy surrounding "Bachelor in Paradise" mars the reputation of ABC's successful "Bachelor" franchise. Here's how it all went down.
22 months ago
BuzzFeed Entertainment The latest update on Bachelor in Paradise.
DeMario Jackson Actually Left His Job Before The "Bachelor In Paradise" Incident
This story has been updated to reflect the most recent information obtained about the Bachelor In Paradise contestant.
23 months ago
Business Insider Both "Bachelor in Paradise" contestants claimed they're victims of the scandal and have sought legal counsel.
Everything we know about the 'Bachelor in Paradise' sex scandal that could kill the show
The controversy surrounding "Bachelor in Paradise" mars the reputation of ABC's successful "Bachelor" franchise. Here's how it all went down.
23 months ago
Isabelle Sadler So, I have read that filming continued for three days before there was any outcry. I have read that Corinne was walking around after the so-called incident and that there was a chance whatever happened could put her TV show (that is in the works), in jeopardy. I read that Corinne and a producer concocted a story to place her as the victim and Demario as the villain to preserve the money the network had invested into Corinne. Yes, it's a trashy show, but it seems like there's a lot of other garbage floating around.
Jason Bell It's strange that they used his 1996 school photo as his promo photo
Alex Russo Moral of the story: don't get wasted to the point u fall down on national television.
Diane Kunkel McCahill Who cares
Shannon Nguyen Kiran Alibhai Katherine Nguyen
Jasmine May Katherine Martinez Berdell
Hoang Dao Trang Do
Business Insider The future of Bachelor in Paradise is uncertain.
Here's the likelihood that 'Bachelor in Paradise' will be canceled for good
Filming for "Bachelor in Paradise" has been suspended after an alleged scandalous incident. But some statements suggest that the show isn't totally done for.
24 months ago
Stevie Edwards do those "kids" [young adults, used loosely] not know that their reputations are on the line by how they act on that show? or are they looking to get a reality show like that other hoochie-mama-wannabe, Danielle Bregoli, the "cash me ousside, how bout dah" chick? I just am amazed at their lack of lucidity at how they comport themselves in front of millions of eyeballs. tsk tsk
Kevin Nichols So all that talk,but what happened in the first place to make this such a big deal..?
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Kris Barton works for me. Too much dumpster-bottom TV already.
Kendria Hudson White women ruin everything I swear
Paige Walker Amanda Micallef
Nayan Dam Thanks
People The longtime host of The Bachelor is addressing the rumors surrounding Bachelor in Paradise.
Chris Harrison Speaks Out About Bachelor in Paradise Scandal
Filming on the fourth season of Bachelor in Paradise has been stopped due to what the production company called a “misconduct”
24 months ago
Jennifer Doyen "It's going to be the the most controversial Bachelor in Paradise season yet!" Come on, why was that guy even on there? Who decided to double his 15 minutes of fame? And Corinne? Predictable. Should've brought her nanny.
Carole M Sauer I think the entire Bachelor franchise should be cancelled. It's just a forum for network sponsored prostitution. Shame on the "Disney" network for endorsing that kind of debauchery.
Cora Beron Meeks Abby Flores-Bennett I'm so annoyed this season was going to be so good!!
Becky Scott Oh yeah, THAT really cleared things up- clear as mud. Thanks Chris. Make sure you are doing your part - ugh.
Stacie Morales Bull crap.. Why o why did you enlist Corrine... You new she was TROUBLE..!!!
April Dietsche Jackson awww..1 hiccup. 1's called liquid courage n free drinking all 4 1 island! carry on young lushes of '17!!!
Kirsten White Scott Aimee Hougnon Flores we knew it was coming
Kristina Ables Rochelle Beard what about this???
Lindsey Rae Haley Elliott Meghan Marie
Sharon Carlton Gould Jennifer Linn Woodward
Business Insider 'Bachelor in Paradise' has hit a snag.
'Bachelor in Paradise' has been suspended over alleged misconduct
Producers have halted production of ABC's reality show "Bachelor in Paradise" in Mexico pending an investigation.
24 months ago
Gintare Gintare can't wait until these garbage shows are taken off the air for good, are people so goddamn shallow that their minds can only enjoy this kind of lewd crap?
Tyler Durdan How'd they fit that much douche in one picture?
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Duke Marsh is the misconduct the use of steroids? lol
Bry Larrea Mimi Strobel !!!!!!!!
Zack Harvey Lauren Blunt
Entertainment Weekly Izzy had QUITE a night on Bachelor in Paradise.
'Bachelor In Paradise' Recap: Which Four Couples Remain?
Does anyone else feel like this season of Bachelor in Paradise is a bit of a revolving door? As soon as one newbie arrives, someone else decides...
33 months ago
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Jezebel “I’ll probably get in trouble for this article, but I don’t care,” the former The Bachelor, The Bachelorette AND Bachelor in Paradise star wrote.
Bachelor Super-Alum Chris Bukowski: 'It Ruined Me, My Family and My Career'
This week on Bachelor in Paradise, a very familiar face turned up: Chris Bukowski, who was back for the fifth time after embarrassing himself on The Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad, Bachelorette again very briefly, and Bachelor in Paradise season 1.
45 months ago
Christine Wiedeman Summers Rehab, Chris. I don't watch any of the Bachelor shows, because I think it's a shitty message to young women about what is important. I suppose it is for young men as well, but they aren't the target audience. I hope he gets some help. Everyone deserves to be happy.
Elizabeth Adams Bukowski has made an ass of himself on national television multiple times. No one has held him at gunpoint and forced him into it. He needs to grow up and make better choices.
Anna Brunck I feel for the guy because I think he is a bad alcoholic and addict. But so was I. And the decisions I made during my addiction were still my decisions and I still had to suffer the consequences from them. I not-so-secretly love this show and sadly it is because most people are absolute train wrecks on it. But it's not like it came on last year! Unless you've been living under a rock, if you go on this show I'd say you certainly understand the shame and humiliation you're bringing to your family.
Mark McCormick I can't imagine how selling one's soul for entertainment could ruin one's life.
Butts Carlton Good? Maybe if the world started actively punishing people for starring in reality television shows they will eventually cease to exist.
Allison Lee-Clay gosh whoddah thunk?
Laura Benson Megan Vieira
Marissa Ring Emily Strzelecki
Entertainment Weekly This Bachelor in Paradise video is EVERYTHING.
Exclusive: Watch 'Bachelor in Paradise's new magical 80's-themed intro
If any television show is self-aware, it’s Bachelor in Paradise, and the series’ new opening demonstrates just that. ...
46 months ago
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