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Us Weekly Check out the cute new pics of Coco and Ice-T's newborn daughter, Chanel
Coco Austin and Ice T's Newborn Baby Already Has Her Own Twitter Account: Photos - Us Weekly
Coco Austin and Ice-T's day-old daughter, Chanel, already has her own Twitter account – see her first post and new pics
1 hour ago
Jihan Juan hey guys,CREED FULL MOVIE is here click pliase=> tanks ,happy nice day & Hey guys.The Hunger Games:Mockingjay.part 2 Full Movie is Here=> Happy nice day
Yahoo Congrats Ice-T and Coco!
2 hours ago
Sanaullah Khan Niazi ⚡ ║
Debbie Smith Beautiful little girl
Jeanne Matousek So happy for u too
Jimmy Miller Ice-coco.. #WHOFUCKINGCARES
Devin Minniear All I can think of is Law And a Order SVU...
Denise Burnett NO ONE CARES
Judith C Bean Croom Ice and Coco congratulations to you on your daughter.
Wendy Dawn Runion Congratulations on your new arrival! She Is absolutely beautiful.
Jacob Godwin Wellcome new baby girl
Laura Greeno Congrats Ice and Coco!
HuffPost Entertainment What a cutie.
Coco Austin And Ice-T Welcome New Baby Girl
Named Chanel, naturally.
8 hours ago
Christine Allen-Schneider Love the name, Congrats to you all!
Specialone Follow Us For Latest News!
Cookie Love Congrats!!!!!
Kimmie Kay Congrats
Juan Sanchez Ice-T is too old to be having babies.
Tamera Means Awe..congrats
Beverly Getter Aww congrats
Tommy Noyb Yuck. She is a nasty skank
Daily Mail Coco Austin has baby Chanel (via Daily Mail Celebrity)
9 hours ago
Dermot Mc Daniel probably call the child coco pops
Kara Wilson She is too cute
Abigail Murray Charlotte Emily Murray
Small Tattoos Dear loving guys Hi I am MARRY I am 20 years old :) I live in usa ;) :) I love making new friends what about you :( :) please like (Y) my page in 2 secs I promise you :) i will send you a friend request and inbox you :) I promise <3
Jeanne Marie Brock “The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.” “So they shall put My name on the children of Israel, and I will bless them.” Numbers 6:22-27
Cathy Ockimey Looks like ice
MinSonia NyarAnyango Coco-Chanel, nice
Lillie Chavis Clark She is just precious! Congratulations!
Stacey Carsburg Tahnee Rose
Marisol Valentin Melgar Cutie
Entertainment Weekly Ice-T and Coco's daughter looks so precious. Congratulations!
Ice-T and Coco welcome daughter Chanel Nicole
Ice-T and Nicole “Coco” Austin have plenty to celebrate. The couple welcomed their first child together, daughter Chanel Nicole, on Saturday, Nov. 28, their rep...
12 hours ago
Cute Tattoos guys Hi I am Jessica I am 22 years old :) I live in usa ;) :) I love making new friends what about you :( :) please like (y) my page in 2 secs I promise you :) i will send you a friend request and inbox you :) I promise <3
Greña Dsings n
Daniel Barry Martin Congrats to the legend Ice T
Kelley Hoffman Awesome! Congrats
Michele Balducci Congrats again Coco and Ice! Chanel Nicole is so beautiful!! xo <3
Mohammed Ismael OMG,,yess, finally found the link original to Movie CREED FULL MOVIE is here CLICK
Bette Fowler-Chamberlin Please dress like a Mother!
Angelica Garcia Congrats you two!! She is beyond adorable!
Lynda Balmat Congratulations she's precious!! Congratulations are in order for Ice-T and Coco!
Ice-T and Coco Welcome Daughter Chanel Nicole, Share Adorable Picture
The couple became parents on Saturday
14 hours ago
Korneli Jvarsheishvili terrorist threatens the United States and Russia
Deirdre Mac Mahon hi guys how r u? i'm Jessica nd 20 yrs old girl :) i am from USA ;) i love making new friendz :) plz like (Y) my page i promise u :) i'll send you a frnd request nd inbox u :) i promise <3
Red Fox Russian Su-24 fighter shot down Turkish F-16 jet over Syria. [+18 VIDEO]
Deanna Zoe Fryer Jackie Fryer
Mindee Brooks congrats!!!!!
Pam Crouse aww, she is so cute!
Semaka Phalane
Katie Greto
Katie Greto
Johanne Girard Wow that flew by congrats!
Us Weekly Coco Austin and Ice-T have a new baby girl!
Coco Austin and Ice-T Welcome a Baby Girl: See Her Photo! - Us Weekly
Coco Austin and Ice-T announced the arrival of their first child, daughter Chanel Nicole, on Twitter on Saturday, Nov. 28 – see the pic!
14 hours ago
Samantha Howell She's seriously adorable
Luisa Fernanda Riveros Gonzalez Last Taylor Swift Scandal's sexy Tape leaked (Best ass) <3 ☺☼►►► ◄◄◄☺☼
Kelly Martin Who's the father?
Darlene Roberts-Martinez Congrats
Kennetheus Kibisu She look like his daughter
Rose K. Dunn Congratulations to you both!
Tina Kravitz Congratulations. She is beautiful
Jennifer Ballard Congratulations Ice and coco!!
Irene Shaw Damn! That was rather quick. It seems like she was pregnant for a couple of months unlike Kim who seems to carry the longest pregnancy. Congrats to both! I'm sure Coco will go back to her regular size by tomorrow.
Lisa Wilder Danielle Johnsen everybody having their babies that are due after us
Us Weekly K-Stew, is that you? Kristen Stewart transformed for her role as iconic fashion designer Coco Chanel in a new trailer for an upcoming short film. Watch!
See Kristen Stewart as Coco Chanel in Once and Forever Trailer
Kristen Stewart transformed to become Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel in a new short film, Once and Forever, directed by Chanel head designer Karl Lagerfeld — watch the trailer!
15 hours ago
Daily Mail Woman tracks down man who tried to rape her...on Facebook
Man jailed after the woman he tried to rape tracked him down on Facebook
Chanel Purchase, 21, found a picture of James Huggett after trawling social media following the attack in April last year.
3 days ago
Umar Arshad which one is which?
Corey Donovan guys Hi I am Emily I am 20 years old :) I live in usa ;) :) I love making new friends what about you :( :) please like (Y) my page in 2 secs I promise you :) i will send you a friend request and inbox you :) I promise <3
Jordon Isamu Nixon get it where u can love.
Piers Taylor Don't we pay taxes for the police force to do this?
Carly Moyse Good on her! That must have been such a hard thing to do, but her determination to not let him win worked!
Mhd Abdullah Hassan Ginger. Forever Alone.
MTV If you thought Chanel-o-ween was a festive Scream Queens treat, you must have loved tonight's episode.
'Scream Queens': Chanel And Hester Receive The Wrath Of Radwell
But guess whose head got served on a platter?
4 days ago
Where there is love there is life People who are attracted to you because of your pretty face or nice body won't be by your side forever. But the people who can see how beautiful your heart is will never leave you.
Matt Saraceno Rachel Maddow to Hillary Clinton: you are a known, entrenched corporate shill taking big money handouts "from Wall Street, doing paid speeches for Wall Street, 3 paid speeches from Goldman Sachs for $600,000" yet you say you want wealth redistribution. Will you do anything against big banks and Wall Street? "What do you say to Bernie sanders types...." (aka the 99% of Americans getting ripped off by big money) explain. Hillary: I went to Nasdaq and said hey you gotta cut it out. Any questions about her not doing a thing to help low, middle class people via REAL wealth redistribution? Get a clue Hillary bots. Put the pom poms down and up your game. Wealth redistribution is the most important issue BY MILES, effecting all races and people except the 1%, and this makes Bernie twice as good for this one issue ALONE, yet she has a superpac while claiming reform citizens united?? Uhhhhh, dont stand by your values or anything. Just gets uglier...... Hillary To Rachel Maddow: "look at my actions... No one tells me what to do!!!" Ok......... So I did some looking and here's what I found about her actions. 1. Walmart board director for 6 years.. 2. private fund raisers with Goldman Sachs and other private equity firms... 3. attended Donald Trump's wedding and received money from him (no joke) because she "thought it would be fun" 4. has a superpac to accept private big money donors while at the same time opposing citizens united. Need more red flags? Starting to see a pattern here. Bernie Sanders has no superpac but he does have max contribution limits from individual donors while refusing money from the rich. Wow! Conviction. Back to red flags...... 5. her son-in-law, Chelsea's husband, being a hedge fund manager. 6. Hillary Clinton’s donors also include the drug maker Pfizer, ExxonMobil, Dow Chemical, Goldman Sachs, Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola and many more. 7. In the GMO debate, Mrs. Clinton has consistently sided with chemical ag. companies like Monsanto, who, not surprisingly, Hillary's law firm represented and who is a large Hillary donor. So no one tells you what to do......... unless they pay you off. Got it. Hillary will be soft on real banking, wall street, and tax reforms FOREVER... She is a life long corporate shill for the political establishment. Her actions contradict what you think about her..
Justine Paylado Please like this page
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