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ABC News The last time Megachile pluto was seen was by a researcher in Indonesia in 1981.
3 hours ago
Ah yes, commonly known as the Fukdat
This is why I own guns giant bees
Bees are so precious! Pollinate the flowers, little arthropod friends!!
I bet Coyote Peterson wants to get stung 1st
This is great news, but please don't share it with the world. Keep it secret. Now mankind will seek to find it and make it finally make it go extinct. We are good for nothing.
A lot of no to that! They were searching for 4 days. It took me 1 second to find the next video...
Hmm. This and the turtle on the same day. Next thing dodos and tasmania tigers will be back
Can we not. Stay in Indonesia pls
You can’t fool me. That’s Mothra!
TreeHugger One of the rarest insects in the world, the Wallace’s giant bee, has been found in Indonesia.
World's largest bee, lost since 1981, rediscovered in the wild
One of the rarest and most sought-after insects in the world, the Wallace’s giant bee, has been found in Indonesia.
11 hours ago
I'm not happy about it that wi l sting even longer
Genetic trick??
HuffPost Police officers have apologized for using a live snake to terrify a suspected thief after a video went viral online.
4 days ago
Apologize? They should be prosecuted for assault.
They're only apologizing because they got caught.
The mistreatment of black people across the world continues...smh people are absolutely disgusting.
Why doesn't someone do that to 45 every time he lies to us ??
Bet that dude never steals again.
Amazing the amount of comments about trump or America being responsible for this. It's in Indonesia! Lol.
Absolutely repulsive. Using an individual's phobias to coax him into confessing. Smh.
Honestly, if I knew the snake wasn't poisonous, I would have had a great time! Not cool for them to play on someone's actual fear like that though. You cannot get good information from anyone who is only saying what the others want to hear just to make it stop.
Whatever happened to due process ? It's all hilarious until it happens to you .
Meh! Run this instead.
CBS News The helicopter crews have a matter of minutes to get into the air and intercept a plane that has breached restricted airspace over Washington, D.C.
5 days ago
It should be an Apache or Cobra helicopters
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but trump is usually in all this for congress?
This is some Olympus Has Fallen type shit
AP Images On This Day: U.S. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy tours Borobudur Temple, about 50 miles from Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Feb. 15, 1962. (AP Photo)
7 days ago
The Economist At CTM, a festival in Berlin, visitors moved to singeli, nimble rap with ululating keyboard leads, from Tanzania, and gabber, frenzied music that makes use of sirens and heavily distorted kick drums, from Indonesia
7 days ago
Europe is ground zero for techno music. They love it. Not so much in North America.
CBS News The account was removed for being "pornographic" following widespread "moral" outrage.
8 days ago
It was Adam and eve not Adam and Steve in the Garden of Eden
Very peaceful religion and people
Hmm! and Christians get bashed all the time over this issue. How ironic!
Peaceful religion,of all time
Religion of peace in action
As it should be dropped, no need to but porn on Instagram at all
NBC News An Instagram account that published comic strips depicting the struggles of gay Muslims in Indonesia has disappeared from the site following a frenzy of moral outrage online in the world's biggest Muslim nation.
8 days ago
Prilo Sekundiari
He deleted his account.
BBQ pig time.
Keep electing Muslims and eventually gays will be thrown off rooftops in America.
The religion of peace lol
Now we just have to get Twitter to see the light!!!
Maybe the problem is the teachings of Islam. Or the teaching of Christianity. Or Judaism.... Maybe the problem is appealing to an imaginary authority.
Sooo we are being censored across the globe for fear of offending??
The New York Times The comics addressed gay identity and religious bigotry, and depicted men with their shirts off and in bed together, though never fully nude.
‘Gay Muslim’ Comic Strip Vanishes After Indonesia Calls it Pornographic
The strip’s tagline was “Gay Muslim comics for people who are able to think.” Instagram said it had not complied with the government’s request to block it.
9 days ago
Conservatives ruin everything.
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Mohammed Ali
LoL I cant believe it has reached to foreign media. ????????
muslims are so tolerant.
Get rid of that garbage burn it prosecute the author.
Another reason to avoid Indonesia
I’ll never understand how people can support religions that don’t see them as people
HuffPost Police officers have apologized for using a live snake to terrify a suspected thief after a video went viral online.
9 days ago
Whatever works
That's fucking torture. Law enforcement is getting exposed at alarming rates.
I'd admit to anything just to get the fucking snake off of me! How do they know his confession was real? Seems coerced to me, even if he did take the cell phones....
This world is sliding back into cruelty so awful we cant fathom it.
An apology? For real? The oppressors are getting way too far out of control. If they don’t check themselves they’re going to get a nasty wake up when the people finally rise up to check them
I didn't know Jake "The Snake" Roberts joined the police force.
Real slippery slope with that kind of interrogation
That poor snake
Not sure whether to be horrified or ask if the suspect is still alive. Not shooting him is a step in the right direction.
and the good cops wonder why there is criticism...this could literally cause cardiac arrest.
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