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NPR While Freddie Gray's death and the charges against police may have brought new attention to Baltimore's problems, an uphill struggle remains over how to fix them.
Baltimore Residents Wary As Freddie Gray Trials Slated To Begin
The city braces for the trials of six police officers charged in the death of the unarmed black man who suffered a fatal spinal injury after his arrest and transport in a police van last April.
1 day ago
Jeffrey Gore Clean up the garbage neighborhoods and stop blaming everyone else for the issues including those who commit crimes
Cathy Murphy Remaining optimistic that Freddie Gray will get justice! Time to end police brutality and the coward cops that cover up for the bad cops!
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Robert Balogh-Robinson Freddie Gray is not the one on trial. Or at least should not be. Clearly though, the lawyers for his killers want him to be on trial, and the media, even NPR are complicate.
Leslie Hunsucker How to fix it? Stop hiring, promoting and protecting rogue cops. We all win when good officers can do their jobs, and the criminals among their ranks are held accountable for poor judgment.
Casper Blackwood Oh my god someone stop the big bad police officers ;-;
David C Brown So cops can just stop doing their job because one of their own was arrested?
Michael Brown It is fitting that citizens of Baltimore worship a herion dealer. What a shit hole.
Daily Mail Sport Is it time already for Newcastle United to ditch McLaren?
Crystal Palace 5-1 Newcastle: McLaren's men go into complete meltdown
MARTHA KELNER: Alan Pardew's Crystal Palace romped to a 5-1 victory over Newcastle at Selhurst Park. Yannick Bolasie and James McArthur netted braces and Wilfried Zaha also scored in the rout.
2 days ago
Steve Wain no, the players have no fight, that is there issue not the manager's.
Washington Post “Here is Finland?” someone asks. “Here is Finland,” a guard says. “It is very beautiful,” says an 18-year-old from Baghdad.
A small town near the Arctic Circle braces for a historic influx of refugees
At the last stop on the migrant trail across Europe, Finland offers an uneasy welcome to asylum seekers.
2 days ago
Bry Oquendo Adam Ezekiel this is relevant...
Robert Haynes Hope they brought their mittens
Tim James Matthew Weynerowski They are sending them to Alaska? Seems harsh. Desert to snow-ridden fields.
Mary Urech Stallings Laughs on them.
Pete Peterson Fools!!!!!!
Janne Heinonen Rajat kiinni!
Niroh Ubul Bagdad was once beautiful too. I am referring to the Medieval times Bagdad, not to the Saddam's one.
Shari Dimmitt Hughes I have heard that the Finnish people are good folks.
Genaro C. Soco III A simple animation about Nature :D Please go to the link given below :3 Like and share if you like it ^_^ it really helps a lot...
Laudato Si'
Abuse to Nature A short typhographic animation featuring a message on our abuse on nature to further daily modernity and technological advancement. Filmmakers : - Joaquin Resus - David Rebuyon - Bosley Chua - Genaro Soco - Daniel Medina (Further C Read more ... redits in the Animation) Let's see how many likes we can get!
4 days ago
Daily Mail Sport Leo Messi and Luis Suarez are best friends on and off the pitch.
Messi and Suarez enjoy night out with their wives after destroying Roma
With the pair both scoring braces in Barcelona's emphatic 6-1 drubbing of Roma on Tuesday night, Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez hit the town with their partners on Wednesday to celebrate.
5 days ago
Duke Partey msn are all best of friends on and off the pitch
Neymar Dr-kokzer Msimango Neymar??
Hamood Ghazal That is the reason of their success
Ma Mi AisSou Fawzi Blaugrana gzget c pr sa tt ce cinema g stade atla3bet ourtbghiiiit :3
Deng John Akech Wol The difference between MSN and BBC is so obvious. Hit like you think msn are the best ever
Daniel Cox Sure they destroyed there wives after aswell
Love and life Stop expecting a reward for being nice,the sun doesn't ask for applause when it shines because that's what it is supposed to do. In other words never complain if people aren't nice to you even if you are nicer to them,its like expecting a lion not to eat you because you never eat lions   LIKE PAGE FOR FURTHER ANALYSIS ON Love and life.
Ps Shikoka Suarez we need you at Liverpool man
Beyunga Paul 'destroying'? #RomaFans may feel....
AddiUnruly Nofriend Wowowooww
Washington Post World "Some will arrive with short pants and sandals, and it’s going to be winter this week.”
A small town near the Arctic Circle braces for a historic influx of refugees
At the last stop on the migrant trail across Europe, Finland offers an uneasy welcome to asylum seekers.
5 days ago
Jason Robbins Finland?
Matt Saraceno Rachel Maddow to Hillary Clinton: you are a known, entrenched corporate shill taking big money handouts "from Wall Street, doing paid speeches for Wall Street, 3 paid speeches from Goldman Sachs for $600,000" yet you say you want wealth redistribution. Will you do anything against big banks and Wall Street? "What do you say to Bernie sanders types...." (aka the 99% of Americans getting ripped off by big money) explain. Hillary: I went to Nasdaq and said hey you gotta cut it out. Any questions about her not doing a thing to help low, middle class people via REAL wealth redistribution? Get a clue Hillary bots. Put the pom poms down and up your game. Wealth redistribution is the most important issue BY MILES, effecting all races and people except the 1%, and this makes Bernie twice as good for this one issue ALONE, yet she has a superpac while claiming reform citizens united?? Uhhhhh, dont stand by your values or anything. Just gets uglier...... Hillary To Rachel Maddow: "look at my actions... No one tells me what to do!!!" Ok......... So I did some looking and here's what I found about her actions. 1. Walmart board director for 6 years.. 2. private fund raisers with Goldman Sachs and other private equity firms... 3. attended Donald Trump's wedding and received money from him (no joke) because she "thought it would be fun" 4. has a superpac to accept private big money donors while at the same time opposing citizens united. Need more red flags? Starting to see a pattern here. Bernie Sanders has no superpac but he does have max contribution limits from individual donors while refusing money from the rich. Wow! Conviction. Back to red flags...... 5. her son-in-law, Chelsea's husband, being a hedge fund manager. 6. Hillary Clinton’s donors also include the drug maker Pfizer, ExxonMobil, Dow Chemical, Goldman Sachs, Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola and many more. 7. In the GMO debate, Mrs. Clinton has consistently sided with chemical ag. companies like Monsanto, who, not surprisingly, Hillary's law firm represented and who is a large Hillary donor. So no one tells you what to do......... unless they pay you off. Got it. Hillary will be soft on real banking, wall street, and tax reforms FOREVER... She is a life long corporate shill for the political establishment. Her actions contradict what you think about her..
CNN The gruesome image on Facebook, accompanied by a note, had stayed online and was passed around for at least five hours.
Florida man found guilty of wife's murder after posting gruesome photo on Facebook
Derek Medina was found guilty of second-degree murder in the South Miami, Florida, case.
5 days ago
Xhezmie Kurti Florida man strikes again..
Robert Michael Another lib.
Patricia Hobday And now something else will be passed around...
Gpaw McDonald Hang that evil thug so taxpayers won't waste their money on that slime while he sits in prison.
Dianna Rutter Sounds like he wanted to get caught..
Torrey Hughes weee
Lana DeejayLana Williams I remember seeing this . Horrific. The picture he posted is still online in some places
Renee Gertjejansen Briscoe POS DIRT BAG
Arif Haroon Karim Horrible just horrible!
Cathy Kille Always reaching new lows. Yay us!
Gawker The fight that ended with Alonso’s murder reportedly began because Medina didn’t wake Alonso up to watch a movie, as he’d promised.
Husband Who Shot Wife, Posted Photo of Her Body to Facebook Convicted of Second-Degree Murder
Derek Medina, who posted a photo of his wife’s bloody body to Facebook after shooting her eight times, has been convicted of second-degree murder, reports the Associated Press.
5 days ago
Edward Byers Weren't they so fortunate that a gun was handy so that they could protect themselves from home invaders?
Benjamin Shahrabani What was the movie?
Russell Herman
Matt Saraceno
MSN News A jury found a Florida man guilty of second-degree murder after he killed his wife and posted a photo of her body on Facebook.
Florida 'Facebook killer' found guilty of second-degree murder
Jurors rejected the argument that Derek Medina, 33, acted in self-defense when he shot 27-year-old Jennifer Alfonso eight times in August 2013.
5 days ago
Bennie Diego HAHAHA
Terry Parrish Talk about being stupid.
Michael Copeland Sr. Good, now kill him the same way he killed her
Filiz Ilhan Lol
Edwin Zayas Good lock him up for the rest of his life Derek Medina now faces life behind bars.
Florida Man Who Allegedly Posted Picture of Dead Wife on Facebook Convicted of Her Murder
Derek Medina claimed self-defense during his murder trial
5 days ago
Fadil Bajrami Look what france extremists are doing,why the world dont stop them,cause they make plans and want to achieve this,and this is result,blame someone that he die at the end and nobody says,why you killed him but be happy that he die.
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Cristin Milioti How to make food
Debra Miranda POS
Zenovia Mills The level of stupid right here
Yadanar Myint Htay Why would you do it ???
Rebecca Odom Pence Death penalty needed
Lisa Johnson He's worthless
Erika Lopez Look at his stupid FACE!
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