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Jay Bee
Most #FreddieGray protesters in #Baltimore have been peaceful. But some near the stadium fought with baseball fans and smashed store and car windows. Small numbers are currently facing off with police. AJ+’s Dariel Medina captured the turn of even Read more ... ts on a mobile phone:
2 days ago
Scott Deen I understand the protest. The way the law treat people is wrong. But why start braking and destroying people bussnines and cars. That's NoT going to help at all. Stand strong. Protest. But don't destroy stuff.
BuzzFeed News As parched California battles an epic drought, and the Northeast U.S. braces for the spring flooding season, the long-term outlook is even worse.
Look At These Maps, Then Prepare For Decades Of Droughts And Floods
As parched California battles an epic drought, and the Northeast U.S. braces for the spring flooding season, the long-term outlook is even worse. Welcome to the new normal of climate change.
3 days ago
T Irollwithmypeeps Dizzle What about Alaska? We didn't make the map I guess.
Cat Doughty This is stupid create jobs to collect the water in flooded areas and ship it to the drier areas... wow what a concept. >.<
BuzzFeed Style And show you can look good in the process.
14 Celebrities Who Prove Braces Can Change Your Entire Face
And show you can look good in the process.
5 days ago
Kim Gray To be fair, a few of these people went through puberty too.
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NBC News A severe thunderstorm was set to bring golf-ball sized hail, damaging winds and possibly tornadoes to Texas and parts of the South on Wednesday.
Stormy South Braces for Golf-Ball-Sized Hail, Twisters
The greatest chance of twisters will be in and around Dallas, as well as other parts of northeast Texas and southern Oklahoma.
6 days ago
Eric Stone Hmmmm coincidence I think not
Jesus Arevalo And That's why I left Dallas... The golf/ball sized hail is no joke... It beat the hell out of my Jeep... Have been living in Southern California for the past four months and still haven't seen a bad weather forecast...
الكرة العالمية لمشاهدة جميع المبارايات بث #يوتويب مجانا و دون إشتراك إنضموا لصفحتنا
Raluca Usery I suggest they pray harder ;)
Karen Ray Yeah, can't wait for the trip to Dallas Fri
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Ryan Lyons Beautiful sunset
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BuzzFeed UK Emma Watson and Niall Horan look pretty great with braces
14 Celebrities Who Prove Braces Can Change Your Entire Face
And show you can look good in the process.
6 days ago
Kaye Elling Not braces: veneers.
Fitness motivation & nutrition AWESOME <3 <3 <3 <3
Kristen Jones They are all very rich, so why on earth haven't they used the invisible braces lol
Michelle Moore Maddi De Luca thought it might make you feel better that even celebrities have to have braces
Indira Vng Chloe John perfect timing
Laura Skeoch Mechan Frankie Campbell
Nicole Kagzy Vanessa Kendi
Hayley Walby Hollie Inglis Natalie Young Gemma Richardson
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Ayza Ishaque Amal Imran
BuzzFeed And show you can look good in the process.
6 days ago
Jacqueline Williams Or ya know.. being 12 in the before picture and 20 in the after.. that changes your face a little.
Lindsay Erwin Or, you mean capped teeth???
Rebecca Marie If by "braces" you mean "braces and veneers."
Mandi Marie Looks like there was much more involved than just braces for most of these.
Matt George Hot Pockets make me happy.
Colleen Hershey And professional whitening. Lol
Dina Drisgula Well, that was 2 minutes of my life that I'll never get back. Thanks, Buzzfeed!
Lauren Hise Or it could be, you know, growing up that changed their face. :-/
Jade Adair I feel like most of these are porcelain veneers...
WTF World
BuzzFeed Celeb Oh my... Is that you Tom Cruise?
14 Celebrities Who Prove Braces Can Change Your Entire Face
And show you can look good in the process.
6 days ago
Wiss Styles This makes me feel better . I'm gonna put braces next month
Maureen Kate Jardeleza No, it's money that changed them entirely :P
Atlanta Terps Great Terrapin Professional Networking event this morning with our guest speaker, the EVP of News Standards and Practice at CNN and University of Maryland Merrill Journalism School alum, Rick Davis. Over 20 Terps out at Emory's Goizueta Business Sch Read more ... ool to connect with other professionals across industries. Look out for our next email with updates on future events including braces games, picnics, networking events and happy hours. Thank so much for coming and growing our chapter!
6 days ago
Dorena Collier HELP ME PLEASE...SHARE.... I 've had so many people to ask me what can they do to help me due to the tragic lost of my twin boys this past week. I was always told say what you mean and mean what you say because a man word is his bond. Now, I said al Read more ... l that to say......To all the Pastors, City Officials, Jackson Sun, WBBJ, Business Leaders, Teachers, Neighbors, Friends, School Board members, Police Depts. and anyone else whom has been touched by what happened in Medina last Sunday our kids need a Community Center and I am starting today to make sure that happens in honor of my twin boys...So I am about to be knocking at all those doors who said I am willing to do whatever to help. Please know my first order of business will be to form a committee for this project. I am needing volunteers to help with this ASAP! MY PHONE NUMBER IS 731513-4594......COME ON MEDINA AND SURROUNDING COUNTIES TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE THIS HAPPEN...
7 days ago
The Wall Street Journal Our Europe commentator Simon Nixon writes on how the other eurozone countries are bracing themselves for a messy endgame over Greece. Asked what progress has been made since the new Greek government took office three months ago, a eurozone official r Read more ... eplied: “Nothing, literally nothing has been achieved.”
Europe Braces for Messy Greek Endgame
Europe braces for a messy Greek endgame in bailout crisis
8 days ago
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