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Apple Is Buying Up 36,000 Acres Of Forest To Preserve It
The partnership with The Conservation Fund will supply much of the company’s virgin paper fiber. Brunswick forest, North Carolina Whitney Flanagan, The Conservation Fund Apple is partnering with an environmental nonprofit to purchase roughly 36,000 Read more ... acres of private forestland, which will be…
11 days ago
AP Sports Only horse ever flagged in NCAA game dies at 42:
Only horse ever flagged in NCAA game dies at 42
NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. (AP) — The only horse ever to be penalized in a college football game has died. Rutgers University says Lord Nelson was 42, or the human equivalent of 126 years. One of Lord Nelson's duties during his…
12 days ago
The Onion In Focus:
Report: Mankind's Knowledge Of TV Trivia Doubling Every Three Years
NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ–According to a report released Monday by Rutgers University's Center For Media Studies, mankind's collective knowledge of TV trivia is increasing at an astounding rate, doubling every three years.
13 days ago
Adam LeClerc Earl Sinclair 2016
Adam Berendt Screw renewable sources of energy.... I want renewable forms of entertainment.....
Michelle Milliken I don't know about you guys, but I just got super excited because Dinosaurs is on this picture.
Will DeMuth Mary Tyler Moore's law
Monty Todd I really enjoyed "BJ and the Bear" Minus the Bear.
Joshi Danger This actually would not surprise me if it were truth.
Elvis Vincent We used to love Not-The-Momma!
Devin Trousdale You people laugh, but the society that doesn't learn TV history, loses its TV history. Unless it's on DVR, then probably you're ok.
Kelley McDonald merely the effect of the internet....
James Segal Thanks, but I already knew that,
All You magazine #1: Lifting weights won’t bulk you up.
3 Things Your Gym Teacher Was Right About
You might not miss the days of dodgeball and high school locker rooms, but turns out, your gym teacher was right about a few things when it comes to your fitness.
20 days ago
HuffPost Crime The boys were asphyxiated after a python escaped from an enclosure at the man's apartment.
Exotic Pet Store Owner Charged In Deaths Of Boys Killed By Python
CAMPBELLTON, New Brunswick (AP) — Canadian police have charged a man with criminal negligence causing death after two young brothers were asphyxiated by a python...
25 days ago
Susan Marty Cassler don't believe him. we had a Burmese Python, close to 15 feet. he killed the boys and is blaming the snake.
Michael Andrew Zuniga Very sad. But it was an accident.
Sharon Barry Such a tragic loss.
HuffPost Crime The boys were asphyxiated after a python escaped from an enclosure at the man's apartment.
Exotic Pet Store Owner Charged In Deaths Of Boys Killed By Python
CAMPBELLTON, New Brunswick (AP) — Canadian police have charged a man with criminal negligence causing death after two young brothers were asphyxiated by a python...
26 days ago
Michael Smith Why would somebody outside of a zoo have such a strong and dangerous animal anywhere near any people? There should be a law against it. Perhaps this terrible tragedy will jumpstart their legislative process. God forbid something else to go or fall down.
Steve Russell THINK of their last moments. NO punishment is too harsh.
Jose J Sanchez Just goes to show ya even responsible owners can make mistakes. guns/ dangerous animals .
Steve Russell Goddamned idiot childish motherfuckers & their "exotic" "pets" , that belong in the wild and NOWHERE else. Stupid fuck should be EXECUTED before some dumb cunt breeds with him.
Melanie R. Janisch Those poor sweet little babies. This makes me so mad. He'd better go to jail.
Carla Hairston-Porter This is horrible! I feel so much sympathy for the family and if this 'sleepover' was because the snake owner has a small child, I hope he can recover from this terrible experience smh. So sad
Monica Ammerman Awful. what a horrific death for these Boys.
Tera Smith Irresponsible owners! Make people who actually know what they are doing seem like idiots! Nice job!
Sandra Bridgelal How could a snake be a pet?
David Akers Stupid, stupid people!
Forbes Over the next few months, the factory will hire 100 new workers who’ll focus solely on the coveted boot – a 25% boost to the company’s full-time shoemaking workforce.
In Photos: Inside L.L. Bean's Maine Boot Factory
L.L. Bean's Brunswick, Maine factory has stepped up production for its famous two-tones boots after seeing demand for the footwear triple since 2007.
29 days ago
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io9 Yes, it's real, and, no, it's not for the reason people think.
No, This Hill In Canada Isn't Using Magnetic Force To Pull Cars Uphill
There's a hill in New Brunswick, Canada, where something extraordinary happens. If you park your car at the foot of it, and throw it into neutral, your car seemingly starts to roll (completely unassisted!) uphill. Yes, it's real, and, no, it's not fo Read more ... r the reason people think.
1 month ago
Tamsin Sutherland There's a hill on Scotland that's the same.... optical illusion.
Lisa Kadonaga I remember going to see this with my parents, decades ago ... it wasn't as well-marked as it is now, so we had a hard time finding the "right" spot.
Tomas Murphy Monctonian checking
Shannon Hayden There is also Spook Hill in Florida
Johnny Tsunami And his car was still on
Johnny Tsunami Not giving this event the art of deception
Wiley Goodwin Sure. That is the explanation. It is not a glitch in the matrix. :-)
Shane E Noble
Maks Kosmowski Same thing happens when you are skiing on very steep terrain, what is flat looks like it's uphill and visa versa.
Skeptical Spectacles
HuffPost Weird News Easiest arrest ever?
Man Gets In Cop's Car, Gets Charged With DWI
BRUNSWICK, N.Y. (AP) -- It may have been the easiest driving while intoxicated arrest ever made by the New York State Police. Authorities say a trooper was driv...
1 month ago
J-Boogie Broody If you're gonna change the story, why not change the headline?
Active Dear #Fredericton. How about some stress relief for a great cause? Hailey's Dreams Charity Dodgeball Tournament cc: Gagetown and District Recreation Council, URec (Recreation Services), Fredericton - Recreation & Leisure, Sport New-Nouveau Brunswick Read more ... , New Brunswick Aboriginal Sport and Recreation Authority, New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame, Hailey's Dreams
2012 Charity Dodgeball Tournament
Average Joe's - Active Fredericton's 2012 Charity
Active Frederictonians come together to play some spirited dodgeball in support of
4 months ago
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