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Huffington Post UK Exits by the window, classy chap...
Shocking Video Shows Man Spitting And Hurling Racist Abuse At Cabbie
CCTV footage of a man we would like to speak to after a black cab driver was racially abused in #Chelsea— Metropolitan Police (@metpoliceuk) October 2, 2015 Police
2 days ago
Andrew Kinsella This was on the 22nd of March, the Police cant want him that badly.
Huffington Post UK "I suppose you could say he wasn't the sharpest tool in the box..."
Shoplifter Arrested After Complaining To Police About CCTV Image
A dim-witted shoplifter was caught after going to a police station to complain about the circulation of his CCTV image. Roofer Nicholas Allegretto was filmed by security cameras installed in the Ma
3 days ago
Samantha Wilkinson-Smith His parents must be so proud of how they raised him. Sad thing is there are plenty more being raised just like him.
Ian Cugley Hahhaahahahahahahh worlds most stupid crook
Razin Sazzad hello dearest loveliest sweetest one wandering around pay a little attention to me i love making new friends as much who would care enough to add me as a friend
Huffington Post UK "I ended up wrestling him to the floor and restraining him”
CCTV Captures Paramedic Assaulting Drunk Man In Hospital A&E
A paramedic has been sacked after he was caught on camera assaulting a drunk man in the A&E ward of Royal Liverpool hospital. Adrian Penfold-Ivany had worked with North West Ambulance Service f
4 days ago
Andrew Sharp Why don't you print some stories of the thousands of times drunk people assault hospital workers and Paramedics?
Dave Cleaver CCTV captures drunks and addicts attacking poorly paid NHS staff - but we never hear about that from HuffPo (or any other bloody major news outlet)
Marshall Smith Sacked for standing up to a drunk bully, no doubt the drunk will be entitled to some tax payers money now
Darrell-James Martin He didn't assault him, he restrained him. Big difference. What about the many hospital staff who get viciously assaulted each year?
Vicky Mersey Well, unless I'm not seeing the whole video, I don't see any excessive force there! You really have to feel for the healthcare profession, particularly paramedics who probably spend half their time, if not more, sorting out drunk people. This guy should not have lost his job!!
Des Ironside The panel described his use of force as 'excessive' Because the whole panel are trained ninjas and spend hours every day dealing with aggressive drunks with minimal, non-excessive force.
Nim McCoan Thirteen years in a very challenging profession clearly means nothing.
Bernie Forster This is weeks old. Huff posting old news pathetic
NBC News Several "massive" explosions rocked the southern Chinese city of Liuzhou on Wednesday, killing at least three people and injuring more than a dozen.
13 Blasts Rock Chinese City; Hospital, Market Targeted
State-run broadcaster CCTV cited a police chief saying the blasts were caused by "parcels containing explosives."
4 days ago
Vernie Jefferies Images posted to Twitter by the Chinese media outlets appeared to show partially collapsed buildings, rubble in the streets, and at least one plume of smoke above the city. It has to be more casualties than being reported.
Craig Colby Dont mess with China.
Chris McConnell is it just me, or is China having a lot of explosions lately
Charles Ryder OMG, the tittle of this article Has My Brain In Pain, Dear Lord, I Thought ItWas A Rock Band at first.
Kareem Jama 13 bombs and only 3 dead Someone's telling porkies
Jill Manno OMG!!!!
Elizabeth Elsakka Sherif Sharif Elsakka what is going on???
Alexandru Lincola
Trigger Reed I'm reading this like? WTF
Timothy Mentink If and when they find out who is responsible for this ,Look out!
Huffington Post UK That is one lucky kid...
Astonishing Video Shows Teen Miraculously Escaping Being Run Over By Just Seconds
Just a few seconds more loitering by that railing and this young man would have surely been seriously injured if not killed. The schoolboy was caught on CCTV on a Ukraine street on Sunday, just cas
4 days ago
Paul Fozard what about the car driver?
Ed Hughes One of the very good reasons not to dawdle on the way to school
Leona Jayne Coutts Don't everyone rush over at once to help.......
Eddie Knocker School truancy inspectors are getting out of control!
Steve Caulwell Had to be a BMW Driver
Véronique Marie Bévierre NohEmilien dans la rue on reste alerte. Toujours.
WSJ Video China’s Qiantang River has the world’s largest tidal bore, which can go up to 30 feet high and 25 miles per hour. The strongest bores are formed in the fall, making the region a hotspot for surfers from all over the world.
Surfing the World’s Largest Tidal Bore in China
China’s Qiantang River has the world’s largest tidal bore, which can go up to 30 feet high and 25 miles per hour. The strongest bores are formed in the fall, making the region a hotspot for surfers from all over the world. Photo: CCTV
5 days ago
Daily Mail They were caught on CCTV sneaking out from under the school stage
Drama teacher's fling with pupil, 14, exposed at school
A drama teacher who had a sexual affair with a girl of 14 was found out after he was caught on CCTV sneaking out from under a school stage with her, a tribunal heard.
6 days ago
Danielle Pruitt These young girls think the OLD men LOVES them. Nope honey. If he can't wait until you are 18. He is just A sexual pervert!
Philipian Delph i wanna see the hate comments on the man lol...dont forget not too long ago a woman abused a 15 year old boy
Paul Dicandia Dennis Miller said it best "When I was their age, my teachers wouldnt let me bang the erasers"
Farina Rassip Oh my... what a slapper
Tarnya Louise This sort of thing seems to be happening more and more recently...
Daniel Acheampong Method acting, no doubt.
Kelly A. Smith 'Fling'?! At 14 that's abuse.
Matt Albrecht that's 14?
Pamela Swfc Peado
Daniella Dee Hang him.
Daily Mail Chilling
CCTV catches paedophile spying his next six-year-old victim on her bike
He bundled her into the boot of his car
9 days ago
Mohammed Khan Oh look a dirty filthy smelly stinking Muslim again
Huffington Post UK An inch in the other direction and it would have been game over...
Man Gets Pummeled By Falling Windowpane, Recovers Like A Boss
A man has miraculously survived after a falling pane of glass crashed down upon him whilst he was walking down a pavement in Saudi Arabia. The incident, captured on CCTV, saw the man strolling dow
12 days ago
Daily Mail Other staff didn't help; they just stood there and watched
Chinese man pins down female colleague and tries to rape her in office
A man was caught trying to rape a female colleague while at work by the office CCTV cameras.
12 days ago
Gemma Don I love how you all are assuming every Chinese man would do this. This is one man, not the whole Chinese population!!
David Walker Those Chinamen are real swines. The one I see regularly puts an obscene amount of peas in my fried rice. It's like they have no shame!
OT Mthathi I'm not surprised they kill, cook and eat dogs.
John Cheng I don't trust Mao Tse Tung's dogs people. Same stories true life in china. People don't care each other and they witness to see it all and they don't want be arrested. I have seen so many cases in real mainland china life. People are bad behaviour themselves as I don't trust them
Leanne Park Johnson Dirty little scum bag!!
Jc Zapata Those people have No Respect for Woman nor Do they Have any Animal Welfare for Animals...they just boil the Dogs and Cats alive , and Eat them ! Evil B******S !
Jon Dobbins Bystander effect. #Smfh. #BackToWorkCattle
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Ali Hughes Absolutely disgusting, i hope he has been dealt with accordingly!!! He needs his privates cut off!
Rachel Hines That's so frightening, the poor girl.
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