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Washington Post A fraternity president at Cornell University was charged with sexual assault after an alleged attack at the Psi Upsilon house on campus last weekend.
Cornell fraternity president charged with sexual assault
A junior at Cornell University was arrested on sexual assault charges.
18 minutes ago
James Beilke Shocked? Not me.
Lina Manssori WaTch the Last hot naked miley Cyrus and kim kardashian video HD 2016 PLAY->http://go.shr.lc/1VVp7Py
Matthew Ray This should surprise nobody!!
Carol Freund Hoffman Please do a story on how the $5 million that Trump raised for Veterans has been distributed
Keith Sullivan Pi Beta didn't ask for the pie he took it.
Kostas Petridis Ally Garcia Jonathan Matthew Dennehy poor Andy Bernard. he must be shocked.
Elaine Pollak another one bites the dust--
Jedd Davis He will probably go on to run Goldman Sachs or General Motors... Maybe even become US President.
Ryan Campbell Cornell, ever heard of it?
Jesus Delgado Uhm
Life.com Sometimes you just have to march to the beat of your own drum.
Here Are Two Rabbits That Walked Around on Their Front Feet
In November 1946, LIFE magazine introduced its readers to a pair of furry British acrobats named Junior and Mr. Walker -- rabbits who, for some reason, padded around on their forefeet.
20 hours ago
Derek Sopha https://www.facebook.com/Justice-For-Derek-Sopha-1122035557809498/ Please help us bring justice to Derek Sopha, and to bring closure to his family. 15 years has gone by without our brother, son, nephew, friend, grandson, uncle.. 16 years old, he was Read more ... still a child. Please click the link, like the page, share the page, and help with any information you may have. Derek was found dead the morning of September 22, 2001 by his family members in Casa grande Arizona. Derek was only a junior in high school.
Justice For Derek Sopha
We are asking for any information regarding the murder of Derek Sopha from September 22, 2001. Any information please email justicefordereksopha@gmail.com
23 hours ago
HelloGiggles Yes please.
An awesome updated version of BFF necklaces
Remember those friendship necklaces from the ‘90s that said “Best Friends” in a heart that you could split with your BFF? Well, I think those are a CLASSIC piece of fine jewelry that any of us can still own, even if we’re already way past ou Read more ... r junior high years. I mean, as long as you’ve got a frien…
1 day ago
Rachael Herber Jessica Garcia Eades
Jennifer Heninger Glass Kalli Burk
Baylee Ridings Peyton Stamboldjiev
Lauren DM Elaine Ruth Smith partner!
Nicole Regina Muha David Kephart lol
Megan Schroeder Redmond Amber Creech
Julie Graves Jessie Morris
Kimberlee Scott I have the partners in crime one but it's a mood necklace and my dog has the other one
Pearl West Danielle Ramos
Laken Chitwood Marston Miller ❤️
MTV "The truth is, you can surround yourself with a hundred other people, but if you can’t be content and at peace when alone, have you really gained anything?"
I’m A College Junior And I Live Alone — But That Doesn’t Mean I’m Lonely
The subtle assumption is that I must be friendless, a total hermit with only Netflix for company, when in reality nothing could be further from the truth.
1 day ago
Jogadores & Lendas Aquele momento que você ler e não consegue parar de ler e talvez nem leiam até o final, mas eu faço tudo por um sonho...meu sonho é ter uma pagina Grande e Reconhecida por milhares de bons Brasileiros, mais para isso preciso de curtidas você pode me ajudar? é só curtir minha página, assim você verá meu trabalho, Obrigado de coração que Deus o abençoe ✌ <3 ⚽
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Altune Durant I do
Motshidisi Ndlejani True dat is
Ellie Tami Sarah
Edward Betancourt Andrea Carolina Guerrero León
Entertainment Weekly And the first-ever Project Runway Junior winner is...
'Project Runway Junior' recap: The Finale
There was no drama, no catfights, no arguments in group challenges, no diva behavior; in sum it was a pleasure to watch.
1 day ago
Sarabeth Retterer Home-state proud! They did an amazing job!!! Their collection was by far the best out there! (No spoilers!
Deadspin Pretty good week for this dude.
DIII Basketball Player Wins Two Games In A Row With Deep Buzzer-Beaters
How’s your week going? It’s probably not much compared to the week Wisconsin Lutheran junior guard Tanner Schieve’s had.
2 days ago
Nathan Nevelow looked like the clock hit 0:00 to me before he got the 2nd ne off
Business Insider The Carolina Panthers player plans on making some extra cash on the side to the tune of $5,000 a night.
A Panthers player is renting out his place on Airbnb during the Super Bowl— here's what it's like
You get access to his 70-inch screen TV, junior Olympic-sized pool, SKY Lounge, and fitness center.
2 days ago
Shelley Wéi Nicolas Mai Chu
Life.com LIFE Valentine's Day Sale: Visit shop.time.com to purchase this original print from the LIFE Archive. Use Promo Code VDAYSALE for 30% off. Link in bio. Glendale Junior College Students dancing on Balboa Beach, 1947. (Peter Stackpole—The LIFE Pictu Read more ... re Collection/Getty Images)
2 days ago
Yahoo Finance
Noncompete Agreements Hobble Junior Employees
Stephanie Russell-Kraft started work in September as a reporter covering the business of law for New York-based Thomson Reuters Corp., a job she says she considered a step up after spending two years at legal newswire Law360. Within weeks, however, T Read more ... homson Reuters asked Ms. Russell-Kraft to leave. The letter, a copy of which was reviewed by The Wall Street Journal, laid out her obligations under the agreement, though it didn’t call for her dismissal.
3 days ago
David Cohn The Jimmy's John's agreement is ridiculous. They are among the lowest paid of such workers. Such restrictions should only be legal on workers earning $30,000 a year or more.
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Digoda, Adiba Dorong Umi Pipik Sampai Jatuh | Beranjak remaja kisah cinta sudah tentu akan menaungi Adiba yang baru saja menginjak usia 13 tahun. Kedekatan Adiba dengan personep Coboy Junior ...kisah hebat cjr main air bareng winxs | kisah hebat cjr main air bareng winxs.Full Performance of \Coboy Junior - Cinta (cover) | Lirik lagu CINTA by D\'Bagindas . but , nie versi Coboy Junior ;) Enjoyed Gaiss !Coboy Junior - Cinta Cover | CJR Kisah Hebat ~ Aldi & Salshabilla Adriani.ᴴᴰ                . |
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