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HuffPost Entertainment Still so good.
Steve Harvey Loses It Over The 'Best Answer' He's Ever Heard
Men seem to have a lot in common with the Pillsbury Doughboy, but one similarity stands out from the rest for Steve Harvey. On a recent episode of "Family Feud," contestants were asked to
2 hours ago
Daily Mail How they made the new Star Wars movie
Everything you need to know about the film event of the year
Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens on December 17. The seventh episode in the series picks up the action 30 years after the end of 1983’s Return Of The Jedi.
3 hours ago
Tattoo Girl Hi guys I'm jennifer I am 21 yrs old :) I live in usa and what about u ;) I love making new friends :( :) please like (Y) my page in 2 secs I promise you :) i will send you a friend request and inbox you :) I promise <3
Kelly Allcock Meanwhile in Paris, bereaved families don't care!
Mashable - Entertainment The latest Doctor Who episode gets an A+.
'Doctor Who' Episode 11 review: Death becomes him
That sound you just heard is 'Doctor Who' dropping the mic.
5 hours ago Dancing With the Stars just got gayer than ever!
This Is the Queerest Thing to Ever Happen on Dancing With the Stars (Video)
Monday night’s episode of Dancing With the Stars—the first of a two-part season finale—featured the usual updated takes on classic dances like the foxtrot
8 hours ago The 3½ minutes that took their son.
Jordan Davis’ Parents Remember Their Son and Speak Out Against “Stand Your Ground” Laws
Listen to Episode 386 of Slate’s The Gist: Subscribe in iTunes ∙ RSS feed ∙ Download ∙ Play in another tab On The Gist, a parent’s worst nightmare. Three
13 hours ago
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Jezebel "I think a sex strike could really work on college campuses where there’s an abundance of sexual harassment or date rapes," Lee told Stephen Colbert.
Spike Lee Thinks a ‘Sex Strike’ Would Help Prevent Campus Rape
Spike Lee appeared on a recent episode of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to talk about his new film, Chi-Raq. The movie is a modern re-telling of Lysistrata, an anti-war, ancient Greek comedy in which a woman convinces the other women in her city Read more ... to withhold sex from their husbands and lovers un…
14 hours ago
Nadia Nour Watch my films ;)
Richard Briggs Maybe a spike Lee strike would make this moron disappear.
Jeanne Ruzzin When will people understand that rape is NOT sex, arrrgh! Damn, Spike!
Brandon Beggio Campus rape is rare.
Amanda Nichole Boling Dude, Lysistrata was a myth.
Jo Loflin I don't really think it perpetuates the idea that rape is about desire. I sort of think it could work. If all the women on a campus, including wives of male administrators, said "we're not shagging any of you until you do some real work about the rape/assault epidemic," I think it would work reasonably well.
Justin Hues Okay, so if some rapists just enjoy raping women they're probably not going to stop doing it once women resume having sex, as we know they will. If other rapists only rape because they don't know they're committing rape then they're just going to do the same thing again when women resume having sex, which they will. Not a good strategy. Educating men AND women as to what constitutes rape seems like the best possible solution. Also, women, I implore you, DON'T FUCK AMORAL ASSHOLES. You know that cute guy at the Frat Party that seems to derive A LOT of enjoyment from harassing, humiliating, and demeaning other people? DON'T FUCK THAT GUY. His amorality probably extends to his sexuality as well. Make a guy demonstrate that he's a decent human being BEFORE you fuck him. That way you reduce the chance of being assaulted.
Jacomijn Brinkman It is not forbidden to be stupid.
Celeste Hoffart Why is it the woman's responsibility to control men's behavior?
David Rimple Sex strikes have accomplished other goals, so why not try it?
io9 This is a team up episode we'd like to see.
Maybe We'll Get That Supergirl / Flash Crossover After All!
Executives for CBS’s Supergirl have said that they’ll never cross the DC heroine over with CW’s The Flash or Arrow, but according to Bleeding Cool, they might be changing their minds.
15 hours ago
Anthony Ramirez Na, I'm good.
Rick Guasco It would be awesome!
Jimmy Meritt Don't tease me!
Ross Lebold Don't bother me with superhero movies until someone does Hawkman.
Robert L Stearns What a cute couple they would be!
Steven Stanton Let's not taint the CW DC universe with this mess of a show.
Guillermo Binci Too late, nobody cares.
Anthony Riley You know you've made it when you're mentioned in a Game Grumps episode!
16 hours ago
Dominique Chan Meet April Margaret Cuenca April Cuenca is a successful entrepreneur with her travel online booking company called and was also known as the top ten female entrepreneurs in the Philippines who smashed the glass ceiling. When April was y Read more ... ounger, she was not as confident as she is today since she never thought she was beautiful or capable of living her dreams. In this episode, you will learn how beauty and self confidence do connect with each other and how you can overcome it like April.
48: The Connection Between Beauty and Self Confidence With April Cuenca
Day 306 of the 365 day blogging challenge. April Cuenca is a successful entrepreneur with her travel online booking company called and was also known as the top ten female entrepreneurs in the Philippines who smashed the glass ceiling. Wh Read more ... en April was younger, she was not as confident as…
18 hours ago
CNN Politics Donald J. Trump touts his opposition to gun control, the day after a shooting rampage outside a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado killed three people. Trump didn't mention the episode, in which one officer and two civilians Read more ... were killed. But the mogul did cite the recent Paris attacks, in which more than 130 people died. "If they would have had the guns, they wouldn't have had the carnage they had," Trump tells an often-raucous crowd. "I just want to say upfront, right now, Second Amendment 100%."
19 hours ago
NewWisGov Conservatives are on edge today hoping nobody associates the terrorist with an entire group of radical right wing conservatives...
Jonathan Rhoten If only those citizens in and around PP could have their right to carry, they would be able to defend themselves.
Raul Gonzales Jr. Was any of that even english?
Paul Roz In full clown gear!
Will James The cops did have guns. 5 got injured and one died.
Daniel Cronan All right, Donald Trump supporters........we need to have a chit-chat. I guess you all know by now that his lead in the GOP polls has shrunken considerably since he attacked/made fun of/mocked New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski because of his physical disability. My very serious & blunt question I have for those who still support him, is this. Where the hell have you been ever since he announced his candidacy in June?!!!!!! I mean, really, did people not see this coming when Trump started pulling this garbage?!!!!!! I KNEW it was going to come to this EVENTUALLY, it was just a matter of when for me. Furthermore, I want to know where the outrage was from the GOP when Trump generalized all Latinos as criminals, drug dealers, & rapists?!! When he kicked Jorge Ramos out of his press conference & his aide told him to "get out of my country!!!!!!"after Ramos questioned his rhetoric?!!!!! When he started to cheer his supporters on in beating BLM protesters at his rallies?!!!!! I mean, did they NOT have ANY inkling that MAYBE the same modern GOP/Tea Party who does THAT crap is the same modern GOP/Tea Party who would not think twice about attacking/making fun of the physically or mentally handicapped?!!!!!!
Taylor Kite Every time he speaks I feel like my IQ goes down. #bernie2016
Raif Cilasun What a clown!!!
Jonathan Rhoten And MSM hasn't reported this madman in Colorado registered as a woman liberal. Sorry it doesn't fit your "White Conservative Pro-lifer" MSM
Judith Salyer He should tell the policeman's family that.
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