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STUDENT’S UNION GOVERNMENT OLABISI ONABANJO UNIVERSITY, AGO-IWOYE, OGUN STATE 28\08\2014 PRESS RELEASE We express gratitude to God for His guidance and direction so far, in spite of all the odds against us since the beginning of this struggle. Read more ... We have been recipients of harsh policies and decisions, yet, our resolve and determination to see this through a logical end, remains unbending, unyielding, and even more solid than it was when we set out to fight this noble course. INSINCERITY OF THE STATE GOVERNMENT Since the beginning of this struggle, the Ogun State Government has shown itself to be insincere with the way it has used propaganda, told lies and peddled untruth against the innocent and lawful OOU students. Since we started, we have been very clear in what we want, but that has not stopped us from attending invitations and meetings called by the State Government. The only meetings the president of the Union, refused to attend was meetings which venue is the Legislative House of the Deputy Speaker, Hon. Tola Banjo, and which in most times are fixed at night. The state Government going on air to say we have refused to attend proper meetings because we have ulterior motives and alleged being sponsored by opposition is a grand lie from the pit of hell. The second day of our peaceful protest to Abeokuta, 15th of August, the Governor, Senator Amosun requested for 7 days to resolve our issue, that he is not aware of certain things. Considering him coming out publicly to say that, we suspended the peaceful protest, and returned to our various campuses. Five days into the 7 days, there was no call or invitation from the State Government. Our students were obviously angry and prepared to storm Abeokuta peacefully as we told the Governor on the last day of the protest. On the 6th day, however, we were invited to a meeting with the Secretary to the State Government, Barrister Taiwo Adeoluwa, who chaired the meeting, with Commissioner for Education, Science and Technology, Barrister Segun Odubela, and the Special Adviser to the Governor on Student Affairs, Mr Ikechukwu Clement, present from the State Government side. After making our demands clear to them, we were told they were taking the demands to the Governor, since that afternoon around 1:25pm, we never saw them again, around 8:35pm that we decided to leave after calling the commissioner of Education and he wasn’t picking up his calls or replying text messages and SA’s phone was switched off also. The next morning they invited us to another meeting. Following their antics the previous day, we were reluctant to attend the meeting, but for the sake of history, we attended. Around 9: am we entered Abeokuta on that Friday, they never attended to us, anytime we ask the Commissioner of Education, he would reply that they were coming. After waiting till around 7:45pm, we called the commissioner of Education and he told us that he would advise us to return to our campus, thinking that the government in their usual manner like the way they rushed to the media to announce fee reduction without mutual agreement in any meeting, all to score political point. We thought, they will announce the implementation of it commencing in our own current session, 2013\ 2014 and other demands on the media. However, to our chagrin on Saturday, the Government announced the shutting down of our institution with shallow, baseless and unreasonable premise. ON ACCUSATIONS OF BEING POLITICALLY SPONSORED The State Government’s claim that we are being sponsored by the opposition is a mother of all lies and is diversionary tactic. We are not surprised because history has shown that irresponsible and irresponsive Government as we do have them in this part of the world, always look for hiding places when confronted with genuine agitations. During the ‘Alli- Must- go’ struggle of the 70s, the protesters were accused of being politically motivated by the Federal Government. During OAU students’ struggle, the students were accused of being sponsored by the APC. During LASU students’ struggle, the State Government of Lagos said they were sponsored by ‘fifth columnist’ and the Minister for State on Defense, Amb. Obanikoro. We don’t expect our own case to be different. But for record’s sake, we state it boldly that we are neither sponsored by any political party nor political actors. This is why we have been careful from the beginning of this struggle. If the State Government is confident of all it claims that we are being sponsored, let it publish the names of our sponsors and the name of the student leaders involved with proof. Our agitations are premised on truth and conviction in what is right, since 2011 that we have this exorbitant fee, nothing less than 600 students have dropped out from the school. More than 200 have applied for Leave for absence to leave school that session and come back when they have the money. Unfortunately, many left without coming back, coupled with poor funding of the University. Why then will the students fold hands as government systematically snatch Tertiary Education from them? ON GOVERNOR AMOSUN’S OGTV ANTICS The recent interview or show called, my stewardship, by Governor Amosun televised on OGTV (Ogun State owned media outfit) is a case of misuse of state resources. The money that the State Government has spent on propaganda, lies and influencing the media since we started this struggle, if properly channeled would have an impact in the development of our University. If Governor Amosun is convinced in the things he said on OGTV, we challenge the state Government to come back to OGTV and invite us to a debate on OGTV, not making it a one-way discuss. How can he claim that we were masked during our protest? What development especially infrastructural developments are they referring to in OOU from the government? ON OTHER 10 OGUN INSTITUTIONS’ PROPAGANDA. It is beyond doubt that only our school, OOU, pays the highest, more than three or four times what other institutions pay in Ogun State. Let it be put straight, it is only OOU that started the agitation for reduction in tuition fee. However, because the state government is more interested in scoring political points and also some Union leaders have been a puppet to the Deputy Speaker, Tola Banjo, which he make use of for political agenda, the state Government extended the rushed cooked reduction to them, which they were surprised of as they never expected it. Moreover, the other institutions are currently in their second semester for the session of 2013\2014 which means majority of them have paid the fees, set for first semester examination unlike OOU that just started his 2013\2014 session. Therefore, how justifiable is their demand for implementation of the reduction in their already gone 2013\2014 session. Unfortunately, they also asked for this only at the last meeting after information at our disposal pointed to the feet that the state government through the Deputy speaker, Hon. Tola Banjo had instigated them to demand for it, with some collecting nothing less than 150,000 naira. All of these to show to the public that indeed OOU is merely being troublesome and political since 10 out of 11 schools have accepted the Government’s offer and even journeyed for an appreciation demonstration to the Governor. To us this can’t intimidate us as Late Gani Fawehinmi once remarked, continue to stand even if you are standing alone. ON SHUT DOWN AND PROSCRIPTION OF OUR UNION It is highly unfortunate that the Governor shut down the Institution after he requested for 7 days, which expired without any positive outcome from him. This clearly shows that the Government is immature and undemocratic. The Lagos State Government for more than 8 weeks of the agitation for tuition fee reduction by the students, never for once shut down the school on the order of the Governor, as the shutdown was done by the Lasu management To us, the Student s’ Union Government of Olabisi Onabanjo University remains, because its formation is by the entire students and therefore, no management, acting on the directive of the Ogun State Government can proscribe it . There is freedom of association, which is entrenched in the 1999 Constitution of the country, and this section forms the undeniable constitutional bases of our students’ Union. However, it is apparently incongruous, sad and depict that the Ogun State Governor is civilian in appearance but military in approaching issues, especially sensitive one like ours. We wonder how a government that professes progressiveness and democratic, will shut down a school and attempt to proscribe the Union just because they have superior argument in fighting for their rights? We therefore unequivocally, demand the immediate re-opening of our institution as the school was set up by an act of the Horse, and so, shutting it down alone by the executive arm is unconstitutional and barbaric. This is not to claim that we want the school reopened at the expense of our demands ab-initio. The reopening of the school must also come with meeting our demands. Mean while, contrary to school management’s claim of the existence of Parents –Teacher s forum, we want the public to know that there is no existence of such forum in our school. And for the Journalists, just ask any student of OOU, if there is any existence of such forum. Let it be known that any plan to put in place Care taker Committee will be massively resisted by the students and will only complicate issues. TO OUR STUDENTS (OOUITES) We salute the courage and support of our students since this struggle began especially since day 1 of our peaceful protest to Oke-Imosan, Abeokuta. In our Congress, even the Union leaders were shocked by the deluge of determined students (OOUITES) present. Your determination to fight this course to the end has been our motivation. We salute all our students that have remained in the school, despite the State Government’s threat and influx of police and military men. We are convinced that we shall win this struggle, regardless of intimidation, threats, and propaganda against us. Our next move requires all hand to be on deck. At this juncture, Barrister Femi Falana, the principal officer of Falana and Falana Chambers on pro-bono, is now the Legal Adviser of the Union on this case, as it is obvious that Government can be funny at times. Sequel to this, the leadership of OOU students Union wishes to express our profound gratitude to the Legal icon for accepting to take up this historical task. For record purpose, it must be reiterated that on no account has OOU Union Leader(s) solicited for any financial support/assistance from any political group/ party/individuals to promote our struggle. The public should therefore be weary of any person(s) going about asking for fund under the disguise of OOU students Union. On the final note, we extend our appreciation to every organization (JAF), National body of NANS movement, NANS ZONE D, the Union Leaders of LASU, and every well meaning individual, Comrades and our ever-rugged Students who have been standing by us. OUR DEMANDS 1. More reduction in tuition fee which is in tandem with the economic reality of the State 2. Implementation of the reduction for 2013/2014 academic session 3. Proper funding of the University 4. Completion of the Hostel or immediate transfer to the school management 5. Immediate reopening of Olabisi Onabanjo University 6. Total removal of all security operatives (SSS, MOPOL, OP-MESSA, POLICE) 7. Non victimization of our Students or Students Leaders In the face of exorbitant tuition fees, OOUITES shall emerge victorious. Aluta continual Victoria Ascerta E-Soleto E-Africa Signed: Ifade Olusegun (Socialist) President 07033937013 Bamgbopa Olawale (Walerio) Public Relations Officer 08032513000
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SSB SSB Interview Q for u , prepare before going to Board From Educational Background:- 1. How much you scored in your tenth, twelfth and graduation. 2. Why there is decrease in the mark level and what you did to overcome that difficulty. 3. Which subje Read more ... ct you like more and why 4. Which subject you don’t like and why 5. Achievements in the study 6. Tel specialty about your school and college 7. Which teacher you like most why 8. Which teacher you don’t like and why 9. Why you have chosen to study this branch 10. Whether you chosen the particular branch of study by self or by others compulsion (Parents) 11. Why there is some gap in studies between inter college and graduation. 12. How you improved the percentage from tenth to twelfth and what are steps you taken to achieve this. 13. If you scored less marks in twelfth than in tenth, the question is what are the steps you Have taken to overcome this decrease in percentage not to continue in graduation. 14. What your friends and teachers think about you 15. How you think about your friends and teachers From Family Background:- 1. How much pocket money you got in your college days and how much you utilized. 2. How you help your mother in your holidays 3. How you help your father 4. You are close to father or mother and why 5. How much you like your father and mother 6. How you are responsible person to your family 7. Say about your sister and brother 8. Whom you like most and why 9. With whom you play more 10. Which person other than in your family and friends you like more and why 11. What’s you father/mother rank in the working place and income they are getting 12. How they are utilizing their income and are you satisfied with that 13. If your family is totally dependent on you tomorrow, how you will help or run the family. From Friends:- 1. How will you get new friends? 2. Which type of friends you like 3. How many friends you have 4. Out of friends how many are close to you 5. In your friends to whom you share the personal things 6. What you like in your best friend and What he likes in you 7. What your friend or friends say about you 8. What you say about you and your friends. 9. Which thing you like in your close friend and why. 10. How you will help your friend or helped your friend any good moments. 11. How you and your friends/friend do in your free times or in holidays. For Working Professionals:- 1. What your co workers will say about you 2. What you say about your boss 3. What your boss say about you 4. Tel about your company or organization 5. Why you are leaving your previous job 6. What you like most in your job 7. What you don’t like in your job 8. What difficulty you faced in your job and what are the steps you taken to overcome that Difficulty. 9. Why are you leaving the present job? From Hobbies and Interests:- 1. What is your hobby? 2. Why you have chosen this hobby 3. From when you are doing this hobby 4. What are the things you have learn from your hobby 5. What are the new things you implemented in your hobby? 6. What’s your childhood hobby and what are you doing now 7. Why you change the child hood hobby to this(recent one) 8. They require vast knowledge in the hobby since everyone will have a hobby, but a candidate with good attitude will get information about their hobbies. 9. The different types of hobbies are music, singing, blogging, reading, philately, photography, trekking etc. Create questions based on your hobby and make responses for that to get thorough knowledge over that. Interests:- What type of news channel, Tv shows you see and which periodical you used to read and why? From Games and Sports:- 1. Which game you like and why? 2. Why you have chosen an indoor game rather than an outdoor game 3. Why you have chosen an outdoor game rather than an indoor game 4. Whom you like more in your team if we say cricket or foot ball etc 5. What is your position in the team i.e. as a team member or captain? 6. Depth of knowledge in the Games or sports. i.e. Questions from size of the play ground/court size and rules of the game and recent world records in the game etc 7. Which player you like most and why 8. What you want to improve or you suggestion for our team in the game/sports you play 9. A good young youth with good physique should play a game in his spare time. So every one will have a game/sports to play. If you don’t have a game to play just join any club of your Interests and start to play. As it helps you to get more OLQ's. Also get a thorough knowledge in the game which you used to play. Checking the Leadership and Organizing ability:- Leadership and organizing ability is the important quality of every officer. So these part of the Process seems to be important. The officer may give a situation to check our organizing ability also he asked questions from the PIQ in the fields of extracurricular and co curricular activities such as N.S.S and N.C.C. etc. E.g. If you going to Industrial Visit tour to the nearby Industry. Suddenly you coordinator got accident, how you will arrange the tour and make it successful one. Like this he gives different situations and ask questions over that. If you play a game or sports, how you will organize that game like that. Co-Curricular and Extra-curricular activities:- The Co-Curricular and Extra-curricular activities includes such as N.S.S. , N.C.C , Volunteer of blood donation association, Friends of Police etc. 1. When you joined in N.C.C. /N.S.S. and why 2. What you achieved in that 3. Positions held in that 4. Grade of certificates got such as A,B,C etc 5. Who motivated to join in N.C.C 3. Social problem or Candidate Solution type questions:- In these part the IO may ask questions such as world issues, national issues and solution for those issues. Also he checks the depth of knowledge and our approach to the issues. He asks our views to the issues and solution for the issue. Eg:- He asks the candidate that the views of nation on terrorism is good or bad, if good why it is good and if bad why it is bad, then tel you solution like this. Current Affairs and General Knowlege and issues:- He also ask some history and current affairs of the nation and world. Eg. Tel five things you recently read in newspaper. Tel deeply about a particular news. 4. Technical questions or Practical Knowledge questions. If we go to the TGC entry i.e Technical Graduation Course and TES entry i.e. Technical Entry Scheme they may put forward some basic technical questions relating to our daily day to day life. Eg. If we say that we play cricket, he may ask how you will apply physics law to the swing bowling etc. Also you will apply the phythogores theorem to the table tennis service etc If you are from engineering back ground the questions also from, Basic Network questions Basic physics laws All Engineering fundamental questions. In these set of questions he find out our practical knowledge. i.e. application of our theoretical knowledge in the physical day to day tasks which is essential for the army men. How to approach the PI DO's and DONT's:- The approach of the PI is an art, the one with good attitude and truthful with the information provided and self will surely get success in the PI. DO's and DONT's:- 1. Enter the room with head held high and up raised chest as this gives you a confident approach. 2. Never insert your hands into your pocket, leave it casually. 3. Since the very first impression gives you a positive result. 4. Prefer dress with good quality and properly ironed. 5. Don wear new dress or old own, wear dress which is properly stitched and good fitting. 6. Avoid boot cuts and all.. Wear proper formal pant. 7. Dont wear watch, or have something in the pocket. 8. Have proper hair cut before the interview and comb the hair well. 9. Wish the IO while entering the room with proper sense such as check whether is morning, or evening or noon. 10. Have a proper and constant voice tone, never raise your voice tone while telling about your Achievements or reduce your voice tone while telling about your negative points. 11. Have proper answer for your positive and negative points 12. Have a proper body language 13. Don't argue with the IO. But tel your point with some positive points on that. 14. Understand the questions clearly and and start to answer to that question slowly and confidently. 15. In case, if you felt that you dont know the answer, just say after thinking a while, sorry sir i dont know the answer. 16. In case, if you didnt get the question from the IO means, ask him as sorry sir, i beg your pardon, please repeat the question. 17. Never blame anyone for your shortcomings such as low marks due to teacher etc. Since they dont want people who blame for shortcomings. They want people only who take every situation positive and over come the shortcomings with hardwork.
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General IRST, LARGEST, BIGEST, LONGEST, OLDEST • What is Europe's largest port-Rotterdam • What was first used at the 1904 St Louis Olympic games-Gold medals silver was first before • Where is the worlds oldest university- Fez Morocco – founded 859 Read more ... What is the largest Island in The Greater Antilles- Cuba • What is the worlds most polluted major city- Mexico City • What is the worlds fastest moving insect-Tropical Cockroach • Where is the largest church in the world-Vatican in Rome • What was the first country to use postcards- Austria • Where is the worlds largest Chinese settlement outside Asia San Francisco – Chinatown • Which country has no national monetary unit of it's own Andorra • Which country has the highest % of women in their legislature Cuba • Which country has the most daily newspapers- India • Which city was built in the design of a union flag Khartoum • What was the first country to use TV as a mass info media Germany • In which country is the worlds longest road tunnel Switzerland • Which country has no public toilets- Peru • Bill gates (USA), founder and chairman of Microsoft Corporation, is currently the richest person in the world and Lillian Bettencourt (France) is the richest woman in the world. • Nauru, an island located in western Pacific Ocean, is the smallest republic of the world. • Mount Everest (2759 N 8656 E) is the highest mountain peak which is located on Nepal Tibet border in the Himalayas. • New Cornelia tailings on ten mile wash Arizona USA with a volume of 209500 million cubic meters is the world’s largest volume dam. • Taipei-I built in Taiwan is world’s second tallest building.. • The Atacama Desert in Chile is the driest place of the world and Masynram in Assam (India) is the wettest place in the world. • Canada has the longest coastline which is 151,489 miles in the length and Monaco’s coastline measures only 3.5 miles in length. • Dalol Danaki depression in Ethiopia with an average annual temperature of 35c (95f) is the hottest place on earth and Plateau station, in Antarctica with an average annual temperature of -56.7c (-71.7f), is the coldest place of the globe. • Grand central terminal of New York is the largest railway station. It covers an area of 48 acres. • The Seikan railway tunnel in Japan is the longest railway tunnel in the world, it s length is 33.50 miles (53.9 km) • Longest road tunnel is St. Goatherd Rd. located in Switzerland 16.3 km long. • The yellow stone national park (USA) is the largest national park. It has an area of 3350 sq miles. • The California University (USA) is the biggest university of the world. • King khalid international airport, Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) is the largest airport in the world. • The port of New York and New Jersey (USA) is the largest seaport in the world. • Mandarin (Chinese) is the most spoken language of the world. It is estimated that a total number of 999 million ppl speak it. • The noble prize is the largest prize. Each prize carries an amount of one million dollars. • Shah faisal mosque located in Islamabad (pak) is the largest mosque. • Ostrich is the largest bird in the world. • Saudi Arabia is the largest exporter of oil in the world. • The longest river in Asia is Yangtze • The world’s largest internet search engine is Google. • After United states, the largest number of inventions in the last two decades belongs to Germany • China has the largest population, Russia has largest land area and Vatican city has smallest population and land area in the world • Lord Clive was the first and Lord Mountbatten was the last British ruler of India. • Largest continent of the world is "Asia" and smallest is "Australia”. Largest ocean of the world is "pacific ocean” and smallest ocean is "Indian ocean”. The Sahara is the largest desert of the world. • Kazakhstan is the largest Muslim country in land area in the world. It has an area of 1,049,000 sq.miles. Maldives is the smallest Muslim country in land area of 115 sq. miles. • Indonesia is the most populous Muslim country and Maldives is less populous Muslim country. • Antarctica is the uninhabited continent of the world which is without any regular population. • Seoul (South Korea) is the most populous city of the world. • The lake Baikal of Russia has the maximum depth of 5315 feet. • Turkey is the country having its land in two continents • The world’s longest current reigning monarch is Queen of England. • Germany is the highest solar energy user in the world. • Inflation means that money falls in value. • The Cambodian Language is the language with most Alphabets. It has a total number of 74 alphabets • The Ostrich of North Africa is the biggest bird. Its height is up to 2.7 meters ( 9 feet ) and weight is up to 160 kgs. While the humming bird is smallest bird. It is 5.5-20 cm in length and weight about 16 grams. • Glaciers are found on every continent except Africa. The Lambert Glacier enjoys the distinction of being the largest glacier in the world. It is located in the Australia Antarctic Territory. Its length is 440 miles (700 km) and was discovered in 1956-57. • The largest museum in the world is the American Museum of Natural History • The lowest mountain range in the world is the Bhieuna Bhaile • The country known as the Land of Cakes is Scotland • The place known as the Garden of England is Kent • The old name of Taiwan was Formosa • The largest bay in the world is Hudson Bay, Canada • The largest church in the world is Basilica of St.Peter,Vatican City,Rome • The tallest statue in the world is the Motherland,Volgagrad Russia • The world's loneliest island is the Tristan da cunda • The country whose National Anthem has only music but no words is Bahrain • The largest cinema in the world is the Fox theatre,Detroit,USA • The country where there are no Cinema theatres is Saudi arabia • The world's tallest office building is the Sears Tower,Chicago • The country where military service is compulsory for women is Israel • The country which has more than 10,000 golf courses is USA • The country which built the first powerful long range rockets is Germany • The largest temple in the world is Angkorwat in Kampuchea • The largest dome in the world is Louisiana Superdome,New Orleans,USA • The largest strait in the world is Tartar Strait • The largest city of Africa is Cairo • The founder of KODAK Company was Eastman • The Cape of Good Hope is located in South Africa • The last letter of the Greek alphabet is Omega • The place known as the land of Lincoln is Illinois • The Pentagonian desert is located in Argentina • The person known as the father of aeronautics is Sir George Cayley • The most densely populated Island in the world is Honshu • The two nations Haiti and the Dominion Republic together form the Island of Hisponiola • The largest auto producer in the USA is General Motors • The first actor to win an Oscar was Emil Jannings • The first animated colour cartoon of full feature length was Snow White and Seven Dwarfs • The first demonstration of a motion picture was held at Paris • The first country to issue stamps was Britain • The world's largest car manufacturing company is General Motors,USA • The world's biggest manufacturer of bicycles is Hero cycles,Ludhiana • The world's oldest underground railway is at London • The last French Monarch was Louis Napoleon III • The first man to reach Antarctica was Fabian Gotileb • Oldest surviving building in world is pyramids of Egypt. • K-2 is also known as Godwin Austin, first climbed by Ardito Desio 1956. • Mount Everest is the highest mountain located in Himalaya (Nepal). • Tensing and Hillary were the first human beings to set foot on the top of Mt. 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It grows up to 3 feet in 24 hours. • Trans-Siberian railway line is the longest in the world. • Roxy is the biggest cinema house of the e world. It is located in New Your (United State). • The largest telescope of the world called Keck-I, is located in Hawaii (USA). • Jean Bernard is the deepest cave in France. • The fastest flying bird in the world is Falcon. • Largest peninsula is Arabian Peninsula. • Mariana Trench is the deepest part of Pacific. • The longest railway station is located in Japan. • Polus Nedostupnostir is the coldest place on earth. • Tallest Light house “Steel Marine Tower” is in Japan. • The biggest delta in the world is the Sunderbans • The city which is the biggest centre for manufacture of automobiles in the world is Detroit,USA • The river which carries maximum quantity of water into the sea is the Mississippi • Volentina Treshkova (USSR) was the first woman astronaut who orbited the earth in the year 1983. • The American astronaut Neil Armstrong was the first man to steps on the surface of moon on 21 July 1969. • Largest producer of silver is Mexico. • The largest producer of carpet is Iran. • The largest producer of cheese is USA. • The largest producer of cotton is USA. • The largest producer of Jute is Bangladesh. • The largest producer of Rice is China. • The largest producer of Silk is China. • The largest producer of Steel is USA. • The largest producer of Sugar is India. • The largest producer of Tea is India. • The largest producer of Wheat is USA. • The largest producer of Wool is Australia. • The largest producer of gold is South Africa. • The largest producer of oil is Saudi Arabia. • The largest producer of coffee • The largest producer of tin is Malaysia. • The world’s leading banking center is Zurich. • Most Spoken Language is Chinese. • World’s largest fish catching country is China. • Muhammad Fathullah Khan Kandahari's translation: Printed in 1861, Bhopal, India, It is the first known translation of the holy Qur'an in Pashto • The first translation of the Quran into a Western language was made into Latin. It was carried out by Robertus Rotenesis and Hermannus Dalmata in 1143 • South China Sea is the largest sea. • What country is the world leader in Cobalt Mining- Zaire • What animal has the best hearing-Bats • What country had the first banknotes-Sweden China paper not banknotes • Where was the worlds first supermarket built (country)-France • Which country grows the most sugar-Brazil • Name the largest Mediterranean island-Sicily • Who was the first British monarch to visit America George VI in 1939 • What country consumes the most meat per capita 124 lb-Argentina • What is the worlds largest food company- Nestle • Which of the following is the world’s largest city in area? Mount Isa (Australia) /New York (chk) • Which of the following countries has the largest area of forest? Russia • Where is the world’s tallest Pagoda located? China • Which of the following is the largest Gulf in the world? Gulf of Mexico • In 1901 who first transmitted radio signals across Atlantic: Marconi • Which country has the smallest birth rate: Vatican City • Which country was the first to introduce old age pensions: Germany • Who piloted the first flight across the English channel: Louis Bleriot • What was the first James Bond film: Dr No • Which country set up the world’s first chemistry lab in 1650: Netherlands • Which country was the first to abolish capitol punishment 1826-Russia Czar Nicholas -Siberia instead • What country is nearest to the North Pole: Greenland • Who were the first people to measure the year- Babylonians • Who was Canada's first prime minister-Sir John MacDonald • What is the worlds oldest monotheistic religion: Judaism • In what city is the worlds largest carpet manufacturer-Kashmir • What is the worlds largest herb-Banana • What country produces the most tobacco in the world-China • What country has the most elephants-Tanzania • Who was the first woman to receive The Order of Merit 1907-Florence Nightingale • What country has the most Post Offices -India • Where was the first Miss World contest held in 1951- London • What country has the worlds largest merchant navy- Liberia • What country consumes the most tea per capita- Ireland • What country has the worlds oldest National Anthem-Netherlands • What city has the worlds biggest taxi fleet-Mexico - over 60000 • What animal is mentioned most in the Bible-Sheep • What is officially the poorest US state-Mississippi • DELAG was the worlds first what Oct 16 1909- Airline - by Zeppelin • Where was the first police force established in 1667- Paris • What is the world tallest horse Shire Horse • What bird lays the largest clutch of eggs The Grey Partridge – up to 16 • The King Cobra is the only snake that does what- Builds a Nest • Worlds oldest existing treaty of 1373 between England and who Portugal • What is considered to be the worlds fastest team game Ice Hockey • What is the worlds largest airline- Aeroflot • Which city had the world first public bus service- Paris • Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean. • The longest highway in the world is the Trans- Canada • The largest bell in the world is the Tsar Kolkol at Kremlin,Moscow • The biggest stadium in the world is the Strahov Stadium,Prague • The country which has the greatest population density is Monaco • The first President of Egypt was Mohammed Nequib • The first man to reach North Pole was Rear Peary • The first Prime minister of Bangladesh was Mujibur Rehman • The primary producer of newsprint in the world is Canada • The first explorer to reach the South Pole was Cap.Ronald Amundson • The airplane was used in war for the first time by Italians(14 Oct.1911) • United State has most TV stations in the world. • China has most land frontiers with neighboring countries. • Tokyo is the largest metropolitan city. • The first man to circumnavigate the world was Magellan. • The world’s poorest country with a lowest per capita income is Rwanda. • Saudi Arabia is no.1 oil producing country in the world • Hingol is the largest river in the world. • After USA, France is the biggest arms seller in the world. • The maximum presentation in the European parliament is held by Germany. • First test tube baby Louise Brown (England) was born in 1978. • Oldest athlete to win Olympic title in 1920 belongs to USA. • Youngest Olympic champion, Barbara pearl Jones belonged to USA. • USA is the largest nuclear electric power producing country in the world. It produces 98,784 MW electricity which is about 30% of the total nuclear electricity generated in the world. • Kilauea situated in Hawaii (US) is the most active volcano of the world • Robert E. Perry (1856-1920) an American explorer reached North Pole on 6th April, 1909 for the first time in human history. • In what country was the worlds first wildlife sanctuary set up-Sri Lanka 3rd cent BC • Longest land frontier is of China. • Highest % of land under cultivation is in India. • World’s oldest university al-Azhar is in Egypt. • Smallest continent is Australia. • Yum located in Arizona (USA) is the sunniest place of the world. It gets sunshine in 91 % possible hours • The longest continuous war was the thirty year war between various European countries from 1618 to 1648. While the shortest continuous war was between UK and Zanzibar, which lasted from 90 am to 9:45 am on 27th august 1896. • China had the maximum number (861878) of primary schools. India was at the top with 241,129 secondary schools in 1994. • USA is the country with 109 nuclear reactors , followed by france 56, japan 51 • Which country grows the most fruit: China • Vicolo della virilita of Italy is the world’s narrowest street. • Canal Street is the widest street in USA. • Fastest animal is cheetah. • Slowest animal is Snail 2 to 3 feet per minute. • Biggest bell is Great bell at Moscow. • Fastest bird is Indian swift. • Largest bird is Ostrich. • Smallest bird is Helena’s humming bird. • Bird that never makes its nest is Cuckoo. • Wingless bird is Kiwi. • Longest canal is the Volga-Baltic. • Highest capital is La Paz (Bolivia). • Deepest cave is Reseau Jean Bernard (France). • Biggest cinema house is Roxy (New York). • Largest Church is Episcopalian Diocese (New York). • Biggest city (by population) is Tokyo. • City largest by area is Kiruna (Sweden). • Largest continent is Asia. • Smallest continent is Australia. • Largest coral formation is The Great Barrier Reef (Australia). • Longest corridor is Rameshwaram temple corridor. • Highest country is China (Tibet region). • Largest country by population is China. • Largest country by area is Russia. • Smallest country by area is Vatican City State. • Highest dam is Rogunsky. • Largest concrete dam is The Grand Coulee, USA. • Longest Day in Northern Hemisphere is 21st June. • Shortest Day in Northern Hemisphere is 22nd Dec: • Largest Delta is Sundarbands (Bangladesh). • Hottest desert is Libyan Sahara. • Largest desert is Sahara (Africa) 33, 20,000 sq. miles. • Highest desert is Atacama (Chile). • Largest diamond is Cullinan. • Largest diamond mine is Kimberley (South Africa). • Largest dome is of Astrodome, Houston (USA). • Biggest flower is Rafflesia (Java, Indonesia). • Lightest gas is hydrogen. • Longest glacier is Lambert (Antarctica). • Largest gulf is Gulf of Mexico. • Largest gorge is Grand Canyon. • Hottest place is Dalol (Ethiopia). • Largest Island is Greenland. • Largest underground lake is Drachenhauchloch cave (Arizona). • Largest man-made lake is Lake Mead Arizona. • Biggest library is Congress Library (USA). • Longest lifespan of animal is of Giant tortoise. • Largest mammal is Blue whale. • Highest melting point is of Tungsten, 3410° C. • Tallest Minaret is Qutub Minar (Delhi) 238 feet. • Largest mosque is Shah Faisal Mosque, Islamabad. • Highest mountain peak is Mt. Everest (Himalaya). • Tallest mountain range is The Himalaya range with 96 of world’s 109 tallest peaks. • Longest mountain range is Andes (South America). • Biggest museum is British Museum (London). • Largest Commercial Ocean is Atlantic Ocean. • Youngest ocean is Atlantic Ocean. • Mediterrian sea means ‘sea in the middle of land’. • Saltiest ocean is Mediterranean Ocean. • Ocean shrinking and growing is Atlantic Ocean. • Fastest ocean swimmer is Sailfish (68 mph). • Biggest palace is Vatican. • Biggest park is the Wood Buffalo National Park, Alberta, Canada. • Biggest passenger train is Queen Elizabeth (UK). • Largest peninsula is Saudi Arabia. • Coldest place is Verkhoyansk (Russia). • Driest place is Death Valley (California). • Hottest place is Azizia Libya Africa. • Longest railway platform is Khargpur, India • Highest plateau is Pamir, Tibet. • Longest poisonous snake is King Cobra. • Largest port is Rotterdam (Netherlands). • Largest railway station is Grand Central Terminal. • Longest railway line is Trans-Siberian Railway. • Rainiest spot is Cherrapunji. • Largest man-made reservoir is Angara River Russia. • Largest river basin is Amazon River. • Longest river dam is Hirakud Dam India. • Largest river in volume is Amazon (Brazil). • Longest river is Nile (Egypt). • Largest sea bird is Albatross. • Largest space centre is Cape Kennedy (USA). • Largest stadium is Straho Stadium Prague. • Tallest statue is Statue of Liberty (NY). • Largest suspension bridge is Verazano-Narrows, NY. • Longest swimming course is English Channel, UK. • Broadest strait is Mozambique. • Longest strait is Malacca. • Biggest Telescope is Astro Physical Observatory. • Largest temple is Angkor Vat (Cambodia). • Longest non-stop train is Flying Scotman. • Highest town is Wenchuan, Tibet (China). • Tallest tower is CNN Tower, Toronto, USA. • Longest road tunnel is Seikan (Japan). • Highest volcano is Cotapaxi (Ecuador). • Largest volcano is Mauna Loa (Hawaii) • Philippines has the greatest number of volcanoes in the world. • Longest wall is Great Wall of China 1550 miles long. • Highest waterfall is Angel (Venezuela) • Lowest body of water is Dead Sea. • Biggest zoo is Etosha National Park, Namibia. • In 2650 the first Pyramid was built in Egypt. • In 776 First Olympic Games were played in Greece. • Alexander invaded India in battle of Hydaspes. • Emperor Theodesius banned the Olympic Games. • Sun and Moon pyramids are in Mexico. • Rock temple was built at Jerusalem. • The largest tea producing country is India. • USA has the largest production of aluminium. • Rainfall related to mountains is Orographic rainfall. • Lakes give the source of terrestrial moisture. • Bangladesh has a dispute over the construction of a dam on Naaf River with Myanmar. • A large coral reef containing islands encompassing a sea water lagoon is named Atoll. • The largest basins in the face of the earth are oceans. Basin is a low land area. • Sri Lanka is not a landlocked country. • The thinnest earth layer is Crust. • The name of the second highest African peak is Mount Kenya. • Name of the second largest river of Africa is The Congo. • Sundarbans Forests are world’s largest mangrove forests. • Khunjra Pass connects Pakistan with China. • Water source beneath the earth flowing naturally is called spring. • Canada leads in the world in production of asbestos. • Bachendri Pal is the first Indian woman to scale Mount Everst. • Borge Ousland is a Norwegian explorer. He became the first person to walk across the Antarctic continent alone and unsupported. • Brazil is the largest producer of coffee in the world. • Chile is the largest copper producing country in the world. • The country where death rate is lowest in the world is Japan. • Largest Ginger producing nation is Indonesia. • Lithuania was the first Soviet Republic of the former Soviet Union which declared itself independent. • Madagaskar is the largest island in the Indian Ocean. • Ferdinand Magellan commanded the first expedition in 15190 to sail round the world and discovered passage to the Pacific from the Atlantic. He proved that the shape of the earth is round. • India leads in export of Mica in the world. • Longest Optical Fibre is between Singapore and Marseilles. • Dr. Ian Wilmut is credited with first cloned sheep. • New Zealand was the first country to propose Carbon Tax to address global warming. • Suez Canal is the largest ship canal in the world. It joins Red Sea with Mediterranean Sea. The plan of the Suez Canal was conceived by Ferdinand de Lesseps. • Largest sugar producing country is India second is Brazil. • Cuba is the highest producer of sugarcane in the world. • In November 2005, Africa’s first woman head of state was elected in Mozambique. Her name is Luisa Diogo of FELIMO party. • Amazon is the largest river of the world. • The North Atlantic Route is the largest and busiest of the ocean trade routes. • Most Subways in the country.. USA • What city has the longest metro system: London • USA has most roads what country has second most: India • China started Civil Service Examination first of all in 6 A.D. • Which of the following is the largest sugar producing country in the world? Brazil • World’s oldest regligionis Hinduism. • World’s largest religion is Christianity. • World’s second most populous city is Mexico city. • First to sail around the world was Ferdinand Magallan • Largest number of Palestinian refuges are in Jordan. • Kazakistan is the largest country in Central Asia. • Largest landlocked country in world is Mangolia. • Biggest oil refinery is at Abadan (Iran). • Detroit (USA) is famous for car manufacturing. • Glasgow is biggest ship building centre. • Havana is famous for cigar manufacturing. • Europe’s only Islamic state is Albania. • Newzealand is close to Int: Date Line. • In which city there is the largest stock exchange of the world? New York. • Oldest Search Engine is ... Yahoo • Bird largest in size... Ostrich • Oldest parliament in the world--- Althing (Iceland) • The last King of Afghanistan... Zahir Shah • First person to walk across the Antarctic continent alone was Borge Ousland. • Aqualine is the world’s longest under-sea tunnel (15.1 km long) bridge and tunnel express-way for motor vehicles across Tokyo Bay. • Arabia is the larges peninsula. • Only Hindu kingdom in World is Nepal. • Who was the first man to fly across the channel: Louis Bleriot • What is the largest state in the USA: Alaska • Which of the following countries of South-West Asia leads in the production of oil? Saudi Arabia • Which country grows the most potatoes: Russia • What language has the most words: English • What is the smallest state of Australia-Tasmania • Paris and What other capital had the worlds first telephone link-Brussels • What is the largest country in Africa -Sudan • What was the worlds first passenger jet aircraft- Comet • In what city was the worlds first blood bank opened 1940-New York – Richard Charles Drew • What county first used pepper-China • What is the oldest known science- Astronomy • What is the last element – Alphabetically-Zirconium • What is the worlds most popular first name- Mohammed • What is the fastest swimming ocean fish over 60 mph-Sailfish – Marlin • People`s republic of china has the largest army of the world. • The largest tides of the world occur in Bay of fundy (canada). • Sudan is the largest country in Africa. • Mumbai is the most populous city. • Khan Mehtarzai is the highest railway station in Asia. • Maximum quantities of diamonds are found in Africa. • The highest rainfall for one month was recorded at Indian town of Cherapoonje. 366,14 inches rain fell there during the month of july 1861. • Light is the fastest thing in the universe.It travels at a phenomenal speed of 187,000 miles per second. • The largest tides of the world occur in Bay of Fundy (canada). • Takla Makan is in China is the driest desert in Asia. • Largest earthquake fatalities occurred in Izmir, Turkey in 1999. • Breitling orbiter 3 was the first balloon to fly non- stop around the world. • King of Malaysia is the only king in the world who is elected for 5 years term. • Largest oil company belong to USA is The Ecxon Corporation. • The busiest shopping centre of London is Oxford Street • The panch Pokhri Lake situated in the Himalaya Mountains is the highest lake in the world. • Sierra Leone has the lowest GDP per capita of 510 US dollars and Luxembourg has the highest GDP per capita of 36,400 US dollars. • People`s republic of china has the largest army of the world. • The Royal Majesty ship Queen Elizabeth (UK) is the largest passenger ship in the world. It is 314 metres long and 36 metres wide. • The Cambodian language is a language which has a total number of 74 alphabets. • The Sumerian civilization is considered to be the oldest civilization of the world. • Jericho, situated in the Jorden valley is the oldest town of the world. • The maximum ever temperature of 136.4 F was recorded on september 13,1922 in the city Azizia (Libya) and The minimum temperature of -129.6 F was recorded in the town of Vostok near Antarctica on 24th august , 1960. • Worldwide most capitol cities begin with which letter- B • Who built the worlds first film studio- Thomas Alva Edison • Where is the worlds largest mine-Carletonville South Africa • What is the biggest tourist attraction in Zambia- Victoria falls • What country consumes the most coffee per capita 25 Lb-Finland • Oil is the most traded product in the world what is the second-Coffee • Which country makes the most films per year- India • What's the worlds longest rail journey made no train change Moscow Peking • What was the first sport to be filmed -Boxing by Thomas Edison 1894 • Name the first film to have its sequel released in the same year-King Kong - Son of Kong • What cities underground has the most stations-New York • first man to set foot on all five continents- Captain Cook • Who was the pilot in the first fatal air crash-Orville Wright • Where was the worlds first oil well drilled- Pennsylvania • What country drink the most milk per capita-Iceland • What country consumes the most fish per capita- Japan • What was the first country to recognise the US as independent-Morocco • On what are the worlds smallest paintings painted- Pin Heads • Who was the first person to wear a wristwatch- Queen Elizabeth 1st
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DaGod The Campaign has begun...send u a Selfie of your 1st Ovnio experience
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Mahinda Fw: The Crisis facing the Buddhist world On Friday, August 22, 2014 9:58 AM, William Edwards wrote: > > >Sadhu Brian! >  >Thank you very much for sending this to me - very, very interesting. Sounds like a good idea to me; however; having been Read more ... a Buddhist minister for the last 17 years; it has been my experience that trying to get Buddhists on the same page about anything is a little bit like herding cats. >  >Unlike other world religions, Buddhism isn't invasive or authoritarian. (Don't misunderstand me that's a good thing!!) And it is the reason that Buddhism has sprung back from any persecution that has ever been hurled at it - to the point that many people in history who have persecuted Buddhism have, in the end, become Buddhist themselves. >  >My point is that taking on this effort is going to be a long laborious task; not that it shouldn't be taken on, just that it's going to be very difficult. But I say, "Go for it!" >  >I like the idea of having a Global Buddhist Cable TV network ( call it "GBTV""). I think that would be an excellent first step - I would be one of the first subscribers! >  >  >with Metta, >Rev. Shi Hua Dhammaruchi >International Order of Buddhist Ministers >USA >  >  >-----Original Message----- >From: Brian Pedley >To: Venerable Saranapala ; “Bhante Sathindriya >” ; "Venble." ; gnanasaraven ; revpiyaratana ; "Ven. Sunanda" ; Ven Omalpe Sobhitha Thera ; "Ven.Soranathota Chandarathana Thero" ; bhikkhu mahinda ; bhikkhu2 ; ksarananda ; wattarama ; "Ven.Udupihill Wimalabuddhi" ; "Ven. Mahinda Deegalle Thera" ; Ven Dhammajoti Thera ; Venerable Wapola Piyananda ; Alok Ven ; Ven Madille Pannaloka ; "Ven. H. Kondagnana" ; Ven Katugastota Viduru Thera ; Ven Keimbielle Kassapa Thera ; "Ven. Dr. Makuruppe Dhammananda Thera" ; "s.indarathana" ; "Ven. M. Buddhadaththa" ; "Ven. W Kassapa Thera" ; "Ven. Ilukpitiye Pannasekara -SL" ; Ven Kahanda Amarabuddhi ; Ven Basanagoda Rahula ; Ven Kurunegoda P. ; "Ven. Rewatha Kamburawala Thera" ; "Ven." ; Venerable Kirinde Siriniwasa ; “Ven B Saranankara >Thera” ; Ven Udagama Sumangala ; Venerable ; "vens" ; Ven ; "Ven. Weragoda Sarada Maha Thero" ; "Ven. Willara Kassapa Thera" ; “Bhante Wimala” ; Ven Bhante K ; Ven ; Venerable ; Sumedha Bhante ; rathana thera ; Rev Dhammaruchi ; Venerable Nanda ; Jinananda Nugegalayaye ; "Ven. Ilukpitiye Pannasekara -SL" ; Ven Akuratiye Nanda Thera ; Venura Ranasinghe ; SamithaThero >Sent: Thu, Aug 21, 2014 3:32 am >Subject: Fw: The Crisis facing the Buddhist world > > > > > >On Wednesday, 23 April 2014, 19:33, Senaka Weeraratna wrote: > > > > > >League of Buddhist Nations > >During the last five hundred years or so, since the beginning of the western colonial era, the governance and steering of the world was very much in the hands of powerful western nations using their mono religio- cultural framework as terms of reference in policy making and implementation of policy. > >That era is now drawing to a close. Sino – Indic civilizations will take over from euro-centric civilizations. The question is not whether but when. The old world will give rise to a new world and revert to Asia its traditional leadership role of the world. > >Buddhism is well – integrated and deep seated in both the Chinese and Indian cultures. To the Buddhists in Asia the challenge is to develop new structures and institutions that reflect current realities. It would be feasible for countries with pre-dominant Buddhist populations to consider developing closer ties with each other in the spheres of economic, cultural, and trade and investment. > >The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) provides a role model for the Buddhist world to adopt and establish at summit level an equivalent body to give voice and make representations on behalf of the Buddhists. > >Buddhist heritage countries such as China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Taiwan, Cambodia, Laos, Bhutan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka among others should engage in increasing close cooperation in international affairs and regularly meet like the European Union or the OIC in the form of a League of Buddhist Nations. >Sri Lanka as a traditional Buddhist country with the longest continuing Buddhist history in the world is eminently well qualified to take an initiative in this direction. > >Buddhist Television Channel on par with BBC, CNN and Al – Jazeera > >The Buddhist voice is relatively speaking largely unheard in the international arena. Buddhist nations which are embattled or threatened by more powerful vested interests have to rely on International news agencies or foreign Television Channels such as BBC, CNN or Al – Jazeera which have different policy objectives and are largely unsympathetic or sometimes even prejudiced towards the Buddhist cause, to air their position. >This is an unsatisfactory situation. The time has come for the Buddhist world to seriously consider the inauguration of a Buddhist Television Channel on par with the aforesaid major TV Channels. > > > > > > >
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Frances "Please understand that WE ARE NOT ANTI-POLICE - WE ARE PRO TRAINING and a hands on training course with standardized curriculum has proven to work in many areas."
WVC man designs 'no trespassing' sign after dog shot, killed in SLC
WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah -- On June 18 Salt Lake City police were looking for a missing toddler. While searching for the child an officer shot and killed a homeowner’s dog in its own backyard. There ...
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American August 21, 2014  SMILE  To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong Congratulations to the following Posts for reaching 100% The Department Headquarters Office will be closed Monday, September 1 for Labor Day. Secretary of Veteran Read more ... s Affairs Robert A. McDonald today announced the award of approximately $300 million in grants that will help approximately 115,000 homeless and at-risk Veterans and their families. The grants will be distributed to 301 community agencies in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Under the Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) program, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is awarding grants to private non-profit organizations and consumer cooperatives that provide services to very low-income Veteran families living in – or transitioning to – permanent housing. Those community organizations provide a range of services that promote housing stability among eligible very low income Veteran families (those making less than 50 percent of the area median income). The grants announced today will fund the fourth year of the SSVF program. “By working with community non-profit organizations, we have enlisted valuable partners in our fight to end homelessness,” said McDonald. “The work of SSVF grantees has already helped thousands of homeless Veterans and their families find homes and thousands more have been able to stay in their own homes.” Under the terms of the grants, homeless providers will offer Veterans and their family members outreach, case management, assistance in obtaining VA benefits and assistance in receiving other public benefits. The American Legion Department of Maine P.O. Box 900, Waterville, ME 04903 Tel: (207) 873-3229 E-mail: Website: Facebook: Weekly Update Holiday Reminder Veterans Homelessness 2 Community-based groups can offer temporary financial assistance on behalf of Veterans for rent payments, utility payments, security deposits and moving costs. In 2009, President Obama announced the Federal government’s goal to end Veteran homelessness by 2015. The grants are intended to help accomplish that goal. According to the 2013 Point-in-Time Estimates of Homelessness, homelessness among Veterans has declined 24 percent since 2009. “We want to make sure our Veterans receive the care and support that they have earned and deserve,” McDonald added. “This is a program that, indeed, makes a difference.” Through the Eliminating Veteran Homelessness Initiative, VA committed over $1 billion in FY 2014 to strengthen programs that prevent and end homelessness among Veterans. VA provides a range of services to homeless Veterans, including health care, housing, job training, and education. More information about VA’s homeless programs is available at Details about the Supportive Services for Veteran Families program are online at The American Legion’s long-standing relationship with Diamond Sports, Inc. has moved beyond Diamond Sports being just the official baseball of the American Legion World Series. Diamond Sports the leading manufacturer in baseball, softball and football merchandise has furthered its involvement with the baseball program with its wonderful sponsorship of the American Legion Baseball All-Academic team. This agreement between the two organizations involves Diamond providing $25,000 in scholarship funds to nine deserving players comprising the All Academic Team. The World Series Scholarship Selection Committee has selected a player from each of the eight regions for the All-Academic Team; each will receive a $2,500 scholarship. Additionally an overall top academic player has been selected as the team captain will receive a $5,000 scholarship. Our 2014 American Legion Baseball All-Academic Team, sponsored by Diamond Sports is: Northeast Region (1) –Ryan Ward, Holden, Maine - Post 211 Mid-Atlantic Region (2) – Drake Rivera, Newark, New Jersey - Post 10 Southeast Region (3) – Tyler Garrett, Greenville, North Carolina - Post 39 Mid-South Region (4) – Tucker Sweely, Newton, Kansas - Post 2 Great Lakes Region (5) – Joshua Crist, Elizabeth, Illinois - Post 707 Central Plains Region (6) – Benjamin Hintz, Hebron, Nebraska - Post 180 Northwest Region (7) – Slade Heggen, Missoula, Montana - Post 27 Western Region (8) – Cooper Casad, Petaluma, California - Post 28 Team Captain – Matthew Walsh, South Weymouth, Massachusetts - Post 79 In order for a player to be eligible for the All-Academic Team, he or she must be nominated by the manager or head coach of their American Legion post-affiliated team and selected by the department’s baseball committee. Each department’s baseball committee has reviewed submitted applications and selected an overall state winner to receive a $500 scholarship from The American Legion. The 2014 World Series Scholarship Committee was comprised of Legionnaires and academic representatives. Diamond Sports 3 In order for your post to be listed correctly in the directory and to receive correspondence, the Post Officer’s Form needs to be completed and mailed to this office. This form needs to be completed every year, even if your officers do not change. The following posts have NOT submitted a Post Officers Form for 2014-2015. PLEASE fill out the Officer’s form and return it to Department Headquarters or e-mail to as soon as possible. This is the last chance to have your correct information listed in the directory. Eastport Post 11, Limerick Post 55, Pembroke Post 59, Bridgton Post 67, Brownville Jct. Post 92, Rangeley Post 120, Monticello Post 121, Bar Mills Post 130, Fryeburg Post 137, Lee Post 160, Dayton Post 177, Topsfield Post 191, Athens Post 192 and Masardis Post 208. Once upon a time you could pay the government $300 to not be drafted. True or false? District 6 – Knox: Sept. 6, Rockland Post 1, 11 a.m. District 16 – S. Aroostook: Sept. 6, Mars Hill Post 118, dinner 1 p.m., mtg. to follow District 9 – Kennebec: Sept. 10, Oakland Post 51, 7 p.m. District 14 – Piscataquis: Sept. 13, Guilford Post 119, 6:30 supper, 7:30 mtg. District 3 – Androscoggin: Sept. 14, Auburn Post 31, 2 p.m. District 13 – Penobscot: Sept, 14, Etna-Carmel Post 107, 12 noon lunch, 1 p.m. mtg. District 8 – Sagadahoc: Sept.14, Bath Post 21, 1 p.m. District 17 – N. Aroostook: Sept. 14, Stockholm Post 136, 1 p.m. dinner, 2 p.m. mtg. District 5 – Oxford: Sept. 16, Oxford Post 112, 7 p.m. mtg. with speaker. Refreshments District 11 – Waldo: Sept. 21, Brooks Post 183, 2 p.m. Sandwiches and Salads: Aug. 23, Palermo Post 163, 5-6:30 p.m. $7, children under 12 free. 3rd Annual Pig Roast: Aug. 23, York Post 56, 9 Hannaford Drive, York, Maine. Festivities begin at 1300. Cost is $12 per person. Live entertainment on hand. Tickets available in advance. NOTE: Limited number of tickets available. For more info call Post 56 at 363-0376, extension 6. 2014 Veterans Poker Run: Aug. 23, rain date Aug. 24. PRIZES: Best Hand, Second Hand, Worst Hand, Door Prizes and 50/50 Raffle, food, music & door prizes at the Sanford Legion after the run! Also, preregister for prizes! This benefit function will sponsor the Sanford Vets Center as well as the American Legion Riders Homeless Vets Program. For more information please contact Victoria Langlais at 432-7165 or Gary Metzger at 603-986-4912 or Post Officers Form Military Trivia District Meetings Current Events 4 Veterans Car Wash: Aug. 23, Pro Service, 140 Farmington Falls Rd, Farmington, Cross Streets: Between Maple Ave. and Hill St., Farmington, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. American Legion Veterans Night: Aug. 26, Carousel Music Theatre, Boothbay Harbor, plan to arrive at 6:30 p.m. The show will finish around 9 p.m. Enjoy a cabaret of patriotic musical WWII tunes from the 1940's, as the cast serves dinner and then the show! Any veteran, active service member or the guests of either will get a special discounted price of $25. In addition, the Carousel will donate 36% of all ticket prices to the American Legion for community services projects. Enjoy a trip down memory lane. Seating will be limited so call early for reservations at 633-5297. Your seating is based on when you call. Check out their website at The special discounted price does not include tax, gratuity, or anything from the bar. Harpswell Post 171 Breakfast: Aug. 30, Merriconeag Grange, 529 Harpswell Neck Rd., Harpswell. 8-10 a.m. Eggs Benedict, Western or mushroom omelet, Eggs up/down/scrambled. All with choice of sausage or ham. Home fries, toast, coffee or tea. Juice and a fruit cup. $8 per person; children under 12 half-price. FMI 833-5583. Topsham Post 202 5K Run/Walk: Aug. 30, Topsham Post 202, registration 8 a.m., run/walk 9 a.m. Event will be followed by community picnic. Proceeds will be donated to local veteran’s activities. FMI, please call 729-9870 or e-mail Registration $10 adults. The Band Apollo will be “Rocking” to Support Homeless Veterans of Maine: Aug. 30, Topsham Post 202, 8 p.m. The Legion Riders of Topsham welcome you to attend! Bring your friends, family and neighbors. All proceeds to benefit the Homeless Veterans of Maine. $5 entrance fee (donation). For more information call 725-5245. Must be at least 21 to attend. Spaghetti and Meatball Dinner: Sept. 12, Westbrook Post 197, 5- 6:30 p.m. $8 which includes salad, bread, dessert and a beverage. AL Post 171 Lobster Stew Supper: Sept. 12, Merriconeag Grange, 529 Harpswell Neck Rd., Harpswell. 5-7 p.m. Lobster stew, blueberry muffin, coleslaw, pickles, crackers, cold drinks. $15 per person; $10 children under 12. Takeout available. FMI 833-5583. Flea Market-Yard Sale: Sept. 13, Carmel Grange Hall, sponsored by Etna-Carmel Post 107, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Donations are needed. Please contact Ernie Bowers or Donald Candage to pick up items that you may have or you can deliver your items to 366 Plymouth Rd., Carmel. Also need members to help at the flea market. Breakfast: Sept. 13, Palermo Post 163, 7 - 9 a.m. $6, children under 12 free. Spaghetti & Meatballs Supper: Sept. 13, Dixfield Post 100, 5 p.m. $5 per person. Wounded Heroes program will be there. All proceeds going to wounded heroes. Open to the public. Ride for Camp Tall Pines: Sept. 14, Ride starts at William J. Rogers Post 153, 71 South Main Street, Auburn. Registration starts at 8 a.m., Kickstands up at 9 a.m. Donation: $12 per rider. Tour of southern/western lakes & ponds finishing at Camp Tall Pines on Lower Range Pond, Poland for hamburgers & hot dogs. Special Olympics, Maine Directors will offer brief tours of the camp & program. 5 Register early (pre-register) for $10 per rider. Please contact Bruce Pierce for registration form at 36 Gammon Avenue, Auburn, ME 04210, e-mail Bringing Worlds Together: Sept. 20, University of Maine, Farmington, Olsen Center, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. A FREE Conference for Military Veterans, Family/Community Members & Service Providers. For more information or to register: Contact Jerry DeWitt at 783-4663 x 228 or email: Or register online: Corned Beef & Cabbage: Sept. 20, 5 - 6:30 p.m. $7, children under 12 free. POWMIA/Remembrance Day: Sept. 20, Gardiner Post 4 in the POW/MIA Park, 11 a.m. If anyone wants to speak, they are welcome to do so. Please let us know so we can add them to the list. The general public is invited to attend and there will be a light lunch served after the ceremony. If your Color Guard is able to attend, please let us know at Smith-Wiley Post 4, 46 Griffin St., Gardiner 04345 or email us at Negative replies requested. Our phone number is 582-9868. AL Post 171 Breakfast: Sept. 27, Merriconeag Grange, 529 Harpswell Neck Rd., Harpswell. 8-10 a.m. Eggs Benedict, Western or mushroom omelet, Eggs up/down/scrambled. All with choice of sausage or ham. Home fries, toast, coffee or tea. Juice and a fruit cup. $8 per person; children under 12 half-price. FMI 833-5583. The Elvis Show: Sept. 29, Westbrook Post 197, 2 - 4 p.m. $8 includes a lunch of shepherd’s pie, salad, bread, dessert and beverage served at 1p.m. "The Veterans Corner": Wednesday evenings, 7 p.m. and Saturday evenings at 6 p.m. Metrocast Channel 12. The show is co-hosted by Jim Bachelder of the VFW and Dale Midgley from Sanford Post 19. The August edition of "The Veteran's Corner" will feature Maureen Carland, the knowledgeable and caring administrative director of the Scarborough Veteran's Home. She will be explaining eligibility, services and other pertinent facts in regards to Maine Veterans home services. We hope you tune in! Please contact Post #19 Service Officer, Dale Midgley for more information. Email: or Cell phone: 590-353. Sanford Post 19 for their donation of $ 500 to The Salvation Army, $500 for The Run for the Fallen, $500 to Wreaths Across America, $1,000 to Habitat for Humanity for a veteran's build happening in southern Maine and $2,700 to Homeless Vets of Maine from the American Legion Riders. We would also like to give honorable mention to Ed Verge of Post #19 who graciously donates his time and talent to the repair of electric wheels chairs that are distributed to vets in need of them via the "Wheels for Vets" program. Thank you Ed! You are so appreciated and you are making a big difference! Kudos 6 To all who don't know who I am, my name is Scott Morton and I am the new Detachment of Maine SAL Commander. I’m looking forward to working with all the SAL squadrons throughout the state for the next year. Membership is a key to success in keeping the SAL going. The 2015 cards are in and it’s never too early to renew!!!! If anyone would like visitations from myself or any of the officers, please feel free to contact myself or Joe Cooper. I would like to congratulate all the incoming officers of the Department of Maine Legion, Auxiliary and the Detachment for this year. When Everyone Works Together the Possibilities Are Endless. Sincerely, Scott Morton, Detachment Commander Contact Information: Address: 28 Candy Lane Brunswick 04011, Phone: H: (207)389-4461 C: (207)522- 6127, E-Mail: or Address: 28 Candy Lane Brunswick 04011 Answer to military trivia: True. During the Civil War in 1863 a man could pay $300 to not be drafted or send a substitute. This upset the poor who couldn’t afford to buy their way out. Best Wishes to The Legion family, Paul L’Heureux Department Adjutant Sons of The American Legion Detachment News 7 As many of you already know, being a member of The American Legion comes with many benefits. There are a lot of members who don’t realize they are entitled to these benefits. Listed below are three of the many benefits available. Please post this information in your Post Homes, republish it in your own newsletters, or read it at your meetings so your members are informed. The savings on one prescription could possibly cover the cost of a member’s dues for the year. Free Accidental Death Insurance: Eligibility for the “No-Cost” AD&D program is limited to Legionnaires in good standing. There are no age restrictions for the “No-Cost” program and the $1,000 benefit does not reduce due to age. There is a dismemberment benefit and the program provides $5,000 in benefits should the accidental death occur when the Legionnaire is on official Legion business. Legionnaires can sign up for the “No Cost” AD&D in any of the following ways: ¨ Go to the web site - – and enroll via computer. ¨ Call the toll free number 1-800-235-6943 and request activator form. CVS/CAREMARK: The American Legion’s discount prescription program will be administered by CVS/Caremark, providing a discount prescription program to its members and their families. American Legion, Sons of the American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary members and their dependents save 20% or more on prescription drugs at participating pharmacies or through a mail order prescription program. For local service, simply show your membership card. There are many participating pharmacies in the network. To use the mail order program, obtain a form by calling CVS/Caremark. Service representatives may be reached toll-free at 1-888-414-3141. EyeMed Vision Care: Your American Legion, SAL membership card and American Legion Auxiliary card is honored at many locations. Call or visit any participating network provider – LensCrafters, Sears Optical, Pearle Vision, Target Optical, or independent doctor of optometry. You can save up to 40% on eyewear. To find a location near you call 1-800-793-8626 or visit and click on “Members” then “Login/Register” and then scroll down and select the letter “A” to find The American Legion discount plan 9233016. Your American Legion Benefits Special note – Active duty military can enroll, but will only be covered for non-occupational events. In other words, driving to the store is covered; jumping out of airplanes is not.
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Debra Clement
Numerology 101 Pythagoras was a Greek philosopher, musician, scholar, mystic, mathematician, herbalist, and astronomer and the founder of a mystic, religious, and scientific society called Pythagoreans. Pythagoras lived about 500 BC was the primary Read more ... of teacher of Apollonius and inspiration to Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle and is probably best known for one of his theorems, known as Pythagoras's theorem. Pythagoras is also known as "the father of numbers". He believed that everything can be described and expressed by numbers and that everything follows rhythmic patterns and cycles. According to Iamblichus, Pythagoras once said that "number is the ruler of forms and ideas and the cause of gods and demons.” The theories developed by Pythagoras had a great influence on later numerology. Unfortunately, not a lot is known about his teachings as his students weren't allowed to write anything down. It is believed that Pythagoras reached almost 100 years of age and he died when his school was attacked and burned down. Pythagorean numerology is the most popular of all numerology systems in the West and it's also the easiest one to learn. Its main purpose is to get a deeper understanding of oneself and one's purpose in life. It provides also great help to prepare for future events - upcoming challenges as well as opportunities. Pythagorean numerology uses your full name and your birth date to calculate different numerology numbers and cycles. The most important numbers are the 5 core numbers: Numbers are always reduced to single digits except for Master Numbers 11, 22, 33. Adding the birth day number: 02/15/1956=Month: 02=2. Day: 1+5=6. Year: 1+9+5+6=21-2+1=3. 2+6+3=11 this would be the birth number. The Birth Force:(adding your day month and year) this number indicates very specific talents, gifts, and character traits you are born with that can greatly benefit you in the fulfillment of your destiny. Destiny Number-the prophecy in your name:(adding up all the letters in your FULL GIVEN birth name) this is the most important of all numerology numbers and it indicates your life's destiny and your mission. Heart's Desire Number-secret thoughts and wishes:(adding all the vowels in your FULL GIVEN birth name-y is NOT considered a vowel in this system) describes your innermost yearning and indicates your greatest talents. Personality Number-how others see you:(adding all the consonants in your FULL GIVEN birth name) describes how people will perceive you. It is what you show the world. Reality Number-final attainment:(adding together the Birth Force Number and the Destiny Number) this number shows you the kind of person you want to be or become. It presents a lifelong target at which you are aiming and you work every day towards fulfillment of this potential. Current Personal Year-(adding together your birth-day number, birth-month number, and current year number). Remember each new personal year begins on the exact day of your birthday of each new year. Example: If you are born on 2-15-1956 then you would add 2+15+ with current year 2+15+2010. 2+15 (1+5=6)+2010 (2+1=3) adds up to: 2+6+3=11. This number indicates the expression or journey of that year. 1-Force Outgoing-Pioneer/ Action (p-courage, original, daring, determination, good memory, will, force, leadership, strong opinions, masculine, n-ego, aggressive, dominance, know it all, bossy) birth path: 2-Light and Peace-Peacemaker/ partnership (p-gentle, sensitive, spiritual, bringing people together, cosmic mother, agreement, diplomacy, culture, grace, romantic, refined, harmony, artistic, associations, collaboration, n-self-conscious, timid, fear, negativity, too detail oriented, overly conscientious, lonely) birth paths: 3-Imagination-Communication/ joy giver (p-gifted, brilliant, visionary, enthusiastic, forever young, dreamers, artistic, imagination, emotion, visually creative, gift of words, prophetic, love of pleasure, lucky with money, n-extravagance, exaggeration, gossip, selfish, too talkative, scattered, moodiness, don’t finish things, unforgiving) birth paths: 4-Form and Order-Construction/ hard work (p-salt of the earth, trustworthy, builder, developer, honest, mechanical, concentration, form values, practical, scientific, factual, grounded, foundation, management, form, n-too serious, stubborn, opposing, exacting, argumentative, fixed, rigid, lack of imagination) birth paths: 5-Progress-Opportunity/ Freedom (p-wisdom, versatile, salesman, good talker, traveler, active, sexual, social, action, energy, new ideas, loving, pleasure loving, hates routine, constantly changing, easily bored, quick mind, curious, hates monotony, n-restless, nervous, critical, moody, extreme temper, rolling stone, impatient, impulsive, not good with structure, doesn’t like responsibility, hedonist, experience legal problems) birth paths: 6-Responsibility-Service/ Humanitarian/ Artist (p-idealist, trust, justice, harmony, unselfish, teacher, outspoken, ruled by the heart, the lover, love of home, love of family, love of children, responsibility, n-self-righteous, outspoken, take on others troubles, slow in making decisions, martyrs) birth paths: 7-Intelligence & Perfection-Mystical/ Thinker/ Seeker (p-student of life, understanding, observer, technician, skill with hands, research, science, specialist, discovery, investigator, meditation, perfectionist, intelligence, solitary, occult, lucky, brilliance, n-guarded, lone wolf, secretive, suspicious, complicated, poor at self expression, argumentative, cynic, arrogant, repressed, hard to know) birth paths: 8-Judgement-Abundance/ Executive (p-judgment, doer, divine awareness, authority, government, capable, strength, strenuous action, demanding, driven, grand vision, recognition, love of power, fame, efficiency, director, world affairs, n-always busy, non romantic, push selves too hard, self involved, cold, love of display, impatient with others, forceful, demanding recognition, opulence, grandiosity) birth paths: 9-Compassion & Benevolence-Universal Love/ Service (p-forgiveness, romantic, charity, mankind, religion, philanthropic, artist, large scale opportunities in life, attracts money, devotional, intuitive, sympathy, generosity, divinely protected, idealistic, global destiny, n-love of self, scattered, impulsive, unaccountable, changeable in romantic relationships, possessive, moody, needy, lazy, undisciplined, paranoid, use talents for self instead of good of world, depression, dissipation of higher forces, victim, excessive, drug and alcohol addiction) birth paths: *There are 2 double-digit numbers that, while they are rooted in the single-digit numbers, require special emphasis and attention. These are 11 and 22 (though on an extremely rare occasion some systems also include the number 33). They are called Master numbers because they possess more potential than other numbers. They are highly charged, difficult to handle, and require time, maturity, and great effort to integrate into one's personality; these Master numbers represent the potential for Enlightenment. 11-Spiritual Messenger-Bringer of light to humanity/ The Christ Vibration, The power of two 1’s (p-psychic, represents illumination, vision, most intuitive and sensitive of all the numbers, channel to the higher self,leader, charismatic, fiery, energy beings, ability to influence the masses, late bloomers, the most difficult numerical vibration to be born under, spiritual living demanded of them to rightfully live up to their Master vibration, b-insight without rational thought, nervous energy, fanatical, intolerant, extreme shyness, impracticality, walks the edge between greatness and self-destruction, can fall prey to dark forces, if they use their gifts for personal ambition they can fall from grace) birth paths: 22-The Master Builder-Vision with action, The power of two 11’s (p-leader, potentially the most successful number, can turn the most ambitious dreams into reality,has many of the inspirational insights of the 11, combined with the practicality and methodical nature of the 4, it is unlimited, yet disciplined. It sees the archetype, and brings it down to earth in some material form. It has big ideas, great plans, idealism, leadership, and enormous self-confidence, n-can easily shrink from its own ambition, causing difficult interior pressures) birth paths: 33-Enlightenment-teacher of teachers, The Power of 22 + 11 (P-Teachers of the world, very rare number, healer, lacks all personal ambition, instead focuses its considerable abilities toward the spiritual uplifting of mankind, sincere devotion, determination to seek understanding and wisdom before preaching to others) birth paths: More Number Meanings Destiny Number 1 A 1's talents include originality, creativity and the ability to launch plans into motion. They have the potential to become very prosperous as a result of applying these skills. Socially or professionally, a number 1 is the person that makes "things happen." Number 1's are also great business people and entrepreneurs. This is because of their prodigious ambition and determination. Their strong confidence and self-reliance allows them to forge business relationships that last a lifetime. Sometimes they suffer from impatience, as they fear being left behind either socially or professionally. They may also act too hastily because they are afraid of being left out of the loop. This is an aggressive number and often its potential is truncated by over assertiveness and a tendency to dominate conversations. A 1's best route to success is to learn how to be patient and tolerant of other people's ideas. Destiny Number 2 Number 2's are mediators and peacemakers. They seem to function best in a group. Usually it is a number 2 who is the power behind the throne. A 2's strengths lie in the ability to pull strings behind the scenes. Number 2's usually land in high paying jobs as facilitators and team leaders; they are often untouchable in corporate situations because they are so valuable to the head of the outfit. Their courtesy and diplomacy usually earns them many friends. It is usually a number 2 who wins popularity contests, much to his or her humble surprise. 2's are also very modest and willing to credit others for his or her success. Some number 2s can be a bit shy and a bit too eager to please. The key to a 2's success is to not let others take advantage of them. If anything, number 2's are so generous, few of them bother to stand up for themselves in an unjust situation. However, they make so many friends; usually they are saved by an individual eager to return one of the number 2's many favors. Destiny Number 3 Those born with Number 3 as their destiny number excel at all persuasive talents. These include writing, speaking, singing, acting, litigating, and teaching selling, designing and composing music. 3's excel at selling themselves. Number 3's often photograph well and usually have beautiful voices. One often unexploited talent of a number 3 is their natural ability to uplift others with their words and ideas. Their true purpose in life is to inspire and motivate others with their wonderful sense of faith and optimism. Sometimes Number 3s have a tendency to be shallow or superficial. To be successful they need to resist a temptation to gossip about others or create unnecessary dramas. Often they do this because they are bored. They are best to save their dramatic talents for the stage, podium or silver screen. Destiny Number 4 Number 4s thrive best in a corporate environment. Their unique skills are administration, project management and all kinds of organization. They are highly systematic by nature and respected for their willingness to work long hours to get a project done. Number 4'salso make excellent surgeons, architects, engineers, musicians and teachers. They work well with their hands and have an innate understanding of structure, design and rhythm. Unfortunately, Number 4s rarely get anything handed to them on a silver platter, but the universe does amply reward them for their efforts. Hard work and determination are the keys to a number 4's success, no matter what their circumstances. A block to prosperity that sometimes manifests with number 4's is a tendency to be too rigid or dogmatic in their thinking. They are black and white thinkers with strong likes and dislikes. When it comes to making the most of what you are born with, 4's do best when they consider the "gray areas" and cultivate tolerance, patience and acceptance. Destiny Number 5 Versatile number 5's are usually born with many talents and abilities. They often awe others with their competence in all areas of life. These masters of flexibility and change are also great innovators and inventors. Their quick wit and charm often makes them very popular socially. 5's make great marketing and advertising executives as well as real estate and travel agents. They are born with a natural ability to "sell ice to an Eskimo." A 5 that is stuck in a pedestrian job where they are not allowed to practice their incredible talents of persuasion is usually a very unhappy camper. These clever and observant individuals also make great stand-up comedians and performers. As they are adventurous and risk-takers, number 5s also thrive best as a freelancers or business owners. Sometimes these intelligent people bore so easily that it is difficult for them to stay in any one occupation or career for too long. The Number 5's key to success is learning how to follow through and finish one thing before they start another. They should also resist the temptation to be too glib, as it causes others not to take them seriously. Destiny Number 6 Number 6's are born diplomats who can restore balance to any disharmonious situation. Many of them are natural healers and excel as doctors, nurses, psychologists, counselors, babysitters and any occupation that involves taking care of the elderly, the sick or the poor. These exceptional individuals are born with an innate talent of uplifting the spirits of others, especially during hard times. Some of them do this through service and others accomplish this through art, music or writing. Whether they are conscious of it or not, their destiny is often to restore faith in hearts that are broken. Number 6's are very concerned with family and children, and many of them feel unfulfilled in life if they don't get the chance to raise a family. If you are a Number 6 you have a lot to offer the world in terms of the often-unappreciated task of parenting. No other number understands the mind of a child better. Number 6's can sabotage their success by being too demanding of themselves. Many of them have bad childhoods that cause them to grow up with a severe inner critic that constantly tells them that they are not good enough. The key to a number 6's success is to be as loving, caring and respectful of themselves as they are too others. Destiny Number 7 Those born with a number 7 Destiny number tend to be thoughtful introverts who treasure privacy and seclusion. They prefer to be invisible in a crowd and make excellent detectives and defenders of the law. Their acute power of observation also leads many of them to careers in research and science. Although they are deeply analytical and sometimes even skeptical, many number 7's have a secret passion for pursuing some aspect of neuro-linguistics, the occult, social anthropology or religion. Many of them are great armchair philosophers who spend a lot of time thinking about the nature of existence and truth. Number 7's can appear to be cold and withdrawn to others, as they are not very expressive e with their hands or facial movements. They also believe in saying as little as possible, as to them that is more of an expression of power and dignity than wearing one's heart on their sleeve. Many 7's are so brilliant that they can't help but come off to others as hopeless eccentrics. The 7's key to success is to make sure that they take the time and energy to spend some time outside their fascinating minds and connect to other people. Their best way to express emotion is to write their feelings down on paper and show it to others. Destiny Number 8 Those born with the Destiny number 8 are fated to make money during their lifetime. They have the potential for considerable achievement in business or other powerful positions, however many of them are simply born into wealthy families. Number 8's are also very practical and seem to have a knack for building and accumulating wealth. For this reason they make excellent bankers, stockbrokers and accountants. A downside to this is that sometimes their desire to acquire more money becomes a burning desire that causes them to ignore family, friends and social life. Although it seems that Number 8's have it easy, much of their success is due to their sound judgment when it comes to money and commercial matters. 8's are also excellent judges of character and do not suffer fools gladly. The key to a Number 8's success is to always remember to count one's blessings. As this can be a very materialistic and ambitious sign, their greed and status-consciousness can destroy their intimate relationships. Number 8's should also watch out for making false friends who are only attracted to their money or power. As they are so successful, they are often the targets of back stabbers, so they should choose their confidantes wisely. Destiny Number 9 Number 9's destiny often lies within the sphere of humanitarian causes. They make excellent teachers, counselors and priests. Nines are not very career driven and are born with an innate understanding of human nature. These kind, considerate and compassionate individuals are often also blessed with literary or artistic gifts as well. However, as many of them are so driven to help the world and solve humanity's problems, they don't get around to expressing their antistatic talents until very late in life. This is a shame because it is the number 9s who have created the most inspirational and uplifting written and visual material. 9's are idealists who believe the most valuable tool for change is to put wisdom into practice. A 9 rarely develops a personal ambition that also does not include an interest in people and bettering the world. Friendships and love are much more important to a 9 than career, or even a 9's own survival. Some 9's take their idealism to the point that they are always bitter and disappointed by others' reaction to their philanthropic works. In order to live up to his or her highest potential, a 9 must take care not to be carried away by principles as this can lead to aloofness and pride. To stay on track, 9's must always remember to forgive human beings for being so fallible. Destiny Number 11 Number 11's are conduits of spiritual information that often feel a great need to transform the world with their visions. This master number often sets goals for him or herself that are almost impossible to live up to. 11's have an innate spiritual strength and acute awareness of others that often has a positive transformative effect on other people's lives. They often display a positive and upbeat attitude that others find contagious. Their ability to inspire others makes them excellent teachers, social workers, philosophers and advisors. This deeply intuitive sign is also very interested in occult, religious or supernatural matters. Many of them are born psychic and at some point in their life become priests, nuns, tarot readers, astrologers, metaphysicians, light-workers, channellers and Reiki masters. Usually they are propelled on the spiritual path after taking a hard fall after a period of fantastic success very early in their life. The strain of being so omniscient often deteriorates the delicate nervous systems of number 11's that fit the profile of the "wounded healer." Practices such as yoga and meditation keep the flighty number 11's feet on the ground. Destiny Number 22 Usually the destiny of a 22 is to become a leader of some kind in their field, whether it is politics, law, medicine or the entertainment industry. Even as children, 22's usually display a sense of direction, wisdom and talent that is far beyond their years. The number 22 is called the Master Builder because they are capable of manifesting great changes on the earthly plane. They usually do this through the construction of some kind of empire, whether it is of a social, financial or religious nature. 22's are very balanced individuals who seem to lead charmed lives. This is because they are born with a keen sense of judgment as well a practical sense that allows them to "beat the odds." They are masters of manifestation who know how the power of a negative thought or image can destroy potential. 22's have very few negative qualities, but if they do self-sabotage their success it is because they become spoiled by constantly getting their own way. A 22 needs to realize that even a run of their bad luck would be perceived by other numbers to be a lucky streak. As they are often the focus of a lot of attention, 22's also need to make sure that they are not carried away by their own PR. This can lead to a disconnection from others as well as a detachment from the 22's original mission, which is to create facilities, systems and structures that improve the world. Destiny Number 33 A name that reduces down to Destiny number of 33 is very rare. Usually this marks an individual a being destined for some great purpose in life, usually of a religious or military nature. Number 33's are usually enlightened individuals who are fated to sacrifice their entire life for the sake of a principle or an idea. For this reason many become world-renowned spiritual or political leaders who dedicate their lives to spiritual enlightenment. On the down side, some 33's are born to express the shadow side of the collective consciousness of mankind. Their emergence into positions of power and public life is often to demonstrate the potentiality of evil to the world. For this reason, the destiny number 33 can also create a serial killer, a tyrant or a malevolent cult leader. Whether for good or for evil, the destiny of a 33 is usually to transform the world's perception of morality and spirituality, whether it is through direct teachings or inspiration or the provocation of a reaction to a tragic event. Numerology Meanings from a Tantric Perspective ONE Positive Lover Vibration: Loves to be in Charge. You’re the boss that leads and dominates. Inventive. Original. Have lots of energy. Partners love and find you exciting when you try new things. You explore all erogenous zones and ways of satisfaction. Negative Lover:Egocentric and narcissistic. Intense. Aggressive. Brutal. Satisfy me only. Manipulative, Selfish. Love can be a game of conquering and just bedding your partner. Channel Your Energy:Communicate, share and do things together. Enjoy the ride together as “One.” TWO Positive Lover Vibration: Loves to Share. Tactile. Loves kissing, being touched caressed and held. Need to feel nurtured. You’re maternal, gentle, very clean and caring. The Divine geometry and details of the body fascinate you. You are calm and demure. You become a wild, sexed up exhibitionist when you’re loved and comfortable with your partner. You cater and are very sensitive to your partner’s needs. Negative Lover:Timid. If Not comfortable in how you’re treated and touched you instantly become too emotional, mysterious, sly and cold. Have a tendency to be prudish and meticulous. Can be obsessed in planning everything before you start, as you’re a perfectionist. Channel Your Energy:Be catlike. Tease and play games. Role-play as an exhibitionist and then be submissive. Be more spontaneous in enjoying the Now! THREE Positive Lover Vibration:Loves to be vocal. Oral. Loves to listen and sing the ahhs, oohs and sounds of ecstasy. Music soothes the soul. You’re “Born to be wild,” with a vivid Imagination and love fantasy. Hanging from the chandeliers, making love in public places and underneath tables is your norm as you experiment. Kissing is a must. You’re a voyeur. Inventive. Loves to play and enjoys sex toys. Negative Lover: Lack of joy. Talk too much or no communication at all. You are critical of yourself and others. Feel stagnant and bored if not able to play. Too childlike and this becomes irrational and immature. Your voyeurism becomes obsessive and dangerous. Channel Your Energy:Harness your wildness and the 3 Vibration energy of a Positive Lover. Stop and look into the eyes and feel the heart - beat of your partner. Enter the windows of their soul. Become a Master of the essence of the sacred language of love. FOUR Positive Lover Vibration:Loves to plan things out. You know what you want and what you’re doing. Having a mental and physical bond with a partner is important. You’re loyal and faithful in partnerships. Intense sexuality needs to be channeled. Lovemaking is like a train as it builds in momentum to the blissful climax. Negative Lover:Too conservative. Feeling stagnant. Having a very domineering attitude. Not open to learning something different. Too intellectual. Not able to deal with emotions and true passion as you’re blocked from past patterns. Fixated and restricted on one position only stops you from experiencing others. Channel Your Energy: Learn from the positive 3 and integrate wildness and fun in your lovemaking. Try unknown positions in different parts of the house including the outside. Stop being so conservative! Break the norm and make love out of your box. FIVE (Mercury) Positive Lover Vibration:Loves adventure and takes risks with love. You’re spontaneous, highly sensual and sexual. Loves to drink, dance and party. You’ll do anything at least once and if it‘s good twice. Surprises turn you on. All the senses; hearing, tasting, touching and seeing need to be stimulated. Candles, incense, feathers, silks on your skin and a musical rhapsody create the perfect ambience. Negative Lover:You have an addictive personality that abuses alcohol, drugs and sex. Emotions and dark energies can come up during the sexual act if past abuses aren’t resolved. Self-indulgence, impotence, and physical and psychological problems will occur. The 5 vibrations are challenged by the body and have a tendency of self-loathing themselves due to abuse, weight, and past issues. Channel Your Energy: Control your voracious appetite by living in the moment. Take your time in all your adventures. What’s the hurry? Be present in the Now it’s more fun this way! SIX (Venus) Positive Lover Vibration:Loves to be loved, as you’re a true romantic; Long periods of foreplay, kissing, and perfumes, sweet bouquet of flowers, delicacies and the heavenly grape of wine is Divine. Making love in candlelight is heaven. Dressing seductively and strip teasing is erotic theatre. Words of love and poetic prose are music to your ears. Your massage with sacred aromatic oils titillates and awakens your body’s symphony. You’re a great listener. You serve your partner’s heart and Soul’s desire. Negative Lover: Your lovemaking is due to your lack of participation and devotion; Endless giving and not knowing how to receive is a problem for the 6 Vibration. You’ll beat yourself up afterwards and feel drained and empty. Channel Your Energy:Do things out of your romantic safe zone. Talk dirty, be free to experiment and relish everything. SEVEN Positive Lover Vibration: Loves to explore the mystery of your partner’s desires and the spiritual connection. Music and enlightening lyrics add to the mood. The physical isn’t enough. You feel deep passion when your partner turns you on with their mind or “mental intercourse.” You need to take the experience of lovemaking to be euphoric, magical and stratospheric. Transcend the body, mind and beyond as you flow viscerally. Negative Lover:Experiencing feelings of non-connective ness. Wanting everything to be perfect, self – judgment and depression occurs if you’re not satisfied. Will be addicted to the euphoria and lose sight of boundaries. The 7 Vibration is too intellectual and analyzes too much. When you feel threatened to love or perform perfectly, you’d rather live in isolation. You watch movies, read magazines and experience self-eroticism. This will become obsessive as you have an addictive personality. Channel Your Energy: Need to release intellectual and sexual energies through physical exercise. Do yoga and work- out in groups. Do Tantra and Kama Sutra with a friend, lover in a workshop to embrace the Ancient Secrets of Sexuality. EIGHT Positive Lover Vibration: Loves to control and have their way. You are the writer, creator and producer of your ambience and lovemaking. You’re very particular with the person you make love to. You adorn your partner in jewels, finest cuisine, travels and whatever makes them happy as this turns you on. Need to communicate what pleasures you. You’re around people of power and influence. The ultimate turn on is seducing them. Negative Lover:Over controlling alienates others. Dissatisfaction with your performance makes you very critical, angry, depressed and self - destructive. Feeling fat, heavy and not exercising your body will create physical, sexual and psychological problems. Passivity makes you a wimpy lover, as you need to find your power. Channel Your Energy:Do connective exercises with your partner as an equal in lovemaking. Embrace foreplay, romance and take each other to Infinity. NINE Positive Lover Vibration:Loves to feel everything. The compassion of unconditional love turns you on. You see the Divine God – Goddess in your partner and in everyone. You love the spiritual; physical and heart of your beloved as you share deep revelations and insights. Weaving communication while touching and tasting each other is ecstasy. Becoming one with your partner is the ultimate elixir of love. Negative Lover: Too quiet. Not sharing will create frustration. Not exchanging energies exhaust you; makes you feel bored and unfulfilled. Be careful of over possessiveness. Feeling too empathetic will make you listless and non - functional. Having unsettled issues with your past will create all kinds of physical and psychological problems and Demons. Channel Your Energy:Play all kinds of games of eroticism. As a 9 Vibration you encompass all the Sexual Lover Energies 1 through 9. Pick one or enjoy all of them for your pleasure. The Master Numbers11-22-33-44 All Master Vibrationshave a lot of fire, Kundalini and sexual energy. Take the Master frequency 11 and know it’s a 2 but charged up tremendously. The same as the Master 22 Vibration is a 4. The Master 33 a 6 and 44 an 8 vibration. All Master Vibrationsare unconventional, exotic, erotic and have particular tastes in sexuality. You push the envelope and are Androgynous especially as an 11 Vibration. You need to know how to remain centered and channel this powerful energy circulating inside of you. All Master Vibrationscan easily lose control, the sexual energies are overwhelming. Drinking, drugs and gambling becomes an illusion of calming these energies. Even a polygamous relationship may seem normal, as one partner is not fulfilling. You can also find yourself alone and having no sexual desires. An ungrounded Master energy will delve into the Dark side and be schizophrenic, manic-depressive and crazy. Obsession, possession, sexual deviant behavior will develop that is perverted, dangerous and destructive. Look at the Positive and Negative Lover Vibrations and How to Channel them. Let them be your guide to being the best Lover in your Life Purpose. Numerology Meanings from a Romantic Perspective “Every letter, number in your Name, Birth-date and in the Universe is a sacred language, has meaning and consciousness.”- Pythagoras What the Numbers Mean: One – Positive Vibration: New beginnings, explorer, pioneer, leader, inventor, independent, energetic, visionary. Negative: Egotistic, manipulation, dominance, cynicism, ignorance, selfish, dictator, self-centered. Two – Positive: Union, sharing, cooperation, trust, diplomatic, politician, sensitive, collector, dream worker, femininity, mother energy, intuitive. Negative: Self conscious, un-peaceful, timid, liar, sly. Three – Positive: Words, communication, joy, imagination, creativity, arts, the voice, listening to what is not being said, clairaudience. Negative: Gossip, criticism, exaggeration, moody, jealousy, scattered energy. Four – Positive: Foundation, building, dependable, work, architecture, organization, design, discipline, father energy, empowerment, Door of light. Negative: Disorganization, destructive, depression, stubborn, obstinate, dull, hatred, lazy, boring, thinking too much. Five – Positive: Change, freedom, transformation, transmutation, variety, progress, poetry, therapist, sensual, sexual. Negative: Restless, impulsive, prejudice, impatient, unchangeable, abusive. Six – Positive: Service, responsible, family, home, health, romance, beauty, love, teacher, writing, voice and arts, healing energies. Negative: Possessive, self-sacrifice, worry, anxiety domestic tyranny, divorce, war. Seven – Positive: Philosophy, investigation, mind, music, religion, metaphysics, scientist, soul searching, magic, need space, Dr. Frankenstein energy, clairvoyance. Negative: Insecure, repressed feelings, shrewdness, aloofness, secretive, misuse of knowledge, alcoholic, drug abuser. Eight – Positive: Power, equilibrium, judgment, government, big business, real estate, banking, money, Higher Laws of the Universe, access infinity. Negative: Abuse power, forcefulness, poor judgment, controlling, greed, self-destruction, avarice. Nine – Positive: Unconditional love, completion, cleansing, forgiveness, surrender, humanitarian, compassion, musician, singer, universal teacher, philanthropy. Negative: Suppressive, oppressive, hateful, angry, unforgiving, stuck in the past and can use it as a weapon, victim, blocked and limited. The Master Number “11 is the key to opening the doors of creativity and magic in life. The people and experiences around you move and awaken you. The “11” Vibration is the “Messenger of God.” You’re here to take what you’ve learned and share this peace, love and your compassion of life with humanity. The Master Number “22” organizes, materializes and makes everything real. Known as the “Master Builder,” this vibration is alive, active and by utilizing this force in your life, it will assist you to undertake large enterprises and achieve major accomplishments that can make a difference. The Master Number “33” has a very deep desire to serve and assist people and humanity in a big way. Known as the “Teacher of Teachers” vibration, this energy vibrates on a very high love frequency of the “Christ Consciousness.” It awakens the beauty, joy and ecstasy of living life. The Master Number “44” is the most powerful vibration of materialization. It’s known as the master of creating “Heaven on Earth.” The “44” grounds and motivates people to awaken and manifest their hearts desire and to be influential in their lives and the world. *** Use the Numerology Vibrations to find the Number values of Names, Birthdates, and Universal Years and learn to romance the numbers you encounter. More on Numerology Master Numbers Master numbers are highly charged versions of their single digit representatives, they possess more potential than all others numbers, but they are also much more difficult to handle and they need time, maturity and effort to integrate into one's personality. Master numbers are very challenging and they are also highly paradoxical: They promise enormous potential, but at the same time they can create lots of inner tension, coming from a deep desire to achieve something extraordinary. It takes more time to integrate the highly challenging energy of a master number into one's personality, and that's also the reason why Master numbers are often late bloomers. There are two master numbers: 11 and 22. Other systems also count 33 and even 44, 55 and so on as master numbers. Master number 11 is a highly charged version of 2 (11 = 1 + 1 = 2). All characteristics that apply for the number 2 also apply for the master number 11, but they are often enhanced - the strengths as well as the weaknesses. The 11 is also known as the psychic’s number, it's highly intuitive and sensitive and it represents illumination and a channel to the higher self. Master number 22 is a highly charged version of 4 (22 = 2 + 2 = 4). All characteristics that apply for the number 4 also apply for the master number 22, but they are enhanced. The 22 is also known as the master builder. It is potentially the most successful number and it can turn the most ambitious dreams into reality. The 22 has the intuitive insights of 2 combined with the practicality of 4. 22's have to be practical otherwise they waste their potential. When calculating your numerology numbers, you have to follow certain guidelines; otherwise you might not get the master numbers 11 or 22. You can find detailed information on how to calculate your numerology numbers at the section: Number Calculations For most numerology numbers, master numbers are not reduced to single digit numbers (for example: 11 = 1+1 = 2). There are only a few exceptions to this rule: Challenge numbers, karmic lessons, passion numbers, personal year-, month-, and day numbers and a few other secondary numbers. Master Numbers in Numerology: Another Perspective The first part of this text is an excerpt from the book: Numerology; The Key to Your Inner Self. There are 3 double-digit numbers that, while they are rooted in the single-digit numbers, require special emphasis and attention. These are 11, 22, and 33. They are called Master numbers because they possess more potential than other numbers. They are highly charged, difficult to handle, and require time, maturity, and great effort to integrate into one's personality. The 11 is the most intuitive of all numbers. It represents illumination; a channel to the subconscious; insight without rational thought; and sensitivity, nervous energy, shyness, and impracticality. It is a dreamer. The 11 has all the aspects of the 2, enhanced and charged with charisma, leadership, and inspiration. It is a number with inborn duality, which creates dynamism, inner conflict, and other catalyses with its mere presence. It is a number that, when not focused on some goal beyond itself, can be turned inward to create fears and phobias. The 11 walks the edge between greatness and self-destruction. Its potential for growth, stability, and personal power lies in its acceptance of intuitive understanding, and of spiritual truths. For the 11, such peace is not found so much in logic, but in faith. It is the psychic's number. The 22 is the most powerful of all numbers. It is often called the Master Builder. The 22 can turn the most ambitious of dreams into reality. It is potentially the most successful of all numbers. It has many of the inspirational insights of the 11, combined with the practicality and methodical nature of the 4. It is unlimited, yet disciplined. It sees the archetype, and brings it down to earth in some material form. It has big ideas, great plans, idealism, leadership, and enormous self-confidence. If not practical, the 22s waste their potential. Like the 11, the 22 can easily shrink from its own ambition, causing difficult interior pressures. Both the 11 and the 22 experience the pressure-cooker effect very strongly, particularly at an early age. It must work toward the realization of goals that are larger than personal ambition. The 22 serves the world in a practical way. The 33 is the most influential of all numbers. It is the Master Teacher. The 33 combines the 11 and the 22 and brings their potential to another level. When expressed to the fullest, the 33 lacks all personal ambition, and instead focuses its considerable abilities toward the spiritual uplifting of mankind. What makes the 33 especially impressive, is the high level of sincere devotion. This is shown in its determination to seek understanding and wisdom before preaching to others. The 33 in full force is extremely rare. The number 33 only matters when found among the core numbers: The Life Path, Heart's Desire, Expression, Personality, Maturity number, or as an Essence cycle or Pinnacle cycle. In all other cases the 33 should be reduced to a 6. The fact that the 33 is extra-ordinary demanding and rare can be seen symbolically in the methods of calculation. For example, a 33 Life Path can happen only when each of the 3 units of the birth date (month/year/day) add to 11. Or when the year adds to 22 (in the 20th century there are only 7 years that add to 22: 1939, 48, 57, 66, 75, 84, and 93) and the month and day of birth combined total is 11, and finally, when the birth day is 22 and the month and year of birth total 11. Still Another way to look at the Master numbers The Master numbers 11, 22, and 33 represent a triangle: A triangle of Enlightenment. 33 11 22 The number 11 represents the vision. The number 22 combines vision with action The number 33 offers guidance to the world. We use Master numbers as well as Karmic Debt numbers in all our software and personal readings wherever they are relevant. Eleven Justice is the key word for those born with a birth date of 11. It may be the most difficult numerical vibration to be born under, as you demand high standards of yourself and those around you. Twenty-two Leader is the key word for those born with a birth date of 22. In maturity, you may lead a large group of people in a courageous endeavor, whether it be business, politics, religion or social change. Thirty-three Healer is the key word for those born with a birth date of 33. The course of a lifetime may find you as the healer of people, the healer of the earth or a humanitarian. Forty-four Opportunity is the key word for those born with a birth date of 44. You have a great quest for knowledge and opportunities come to you as though they were road signs along your life path. Why Numerology Master Numbers Are So Powerful Each number has been assigned a certain vibration and meaning. When a numerology master number appears in a numerological chart, the intensity of the single digit message isn’t automatically doubled. Master numbers have separate vibrations and meanings. It’s believed that these double digits carry high-spiritual energy that will be transferred to the individual. Master numbers present greater challenges to the person; The burdens of such lofty challenges may appear to be more than the person can bear, but the person usually rises to face these obstacles and difficulties. By triumphing over the tests a master number presents, the person is able to face the karma that comes with the number. This acceptance and mastering over the obstacles clears the soul’s karmic debts and creates a new path to the next level of enlightenment. This is why numerologistswon’t reduce a master number in an analysis. To do so would be considered a sacrilege and deliberate disservice to the individual by robbing them of the master number’s challenges. Principles of Master Numbers Which numbers are truly the master numbers? This is often a controversial topic among numerlogists. Not all numerologists agree on which double digit numbers are the real master numbers. There are currently four schools of thought. Original Master Numbers Ancient numerology recognizes only two sets of numerology master numbers. 11: Often called the Christ vibration, this number brings great challenges and rewards to the individual. The energy is so highly charged that many people are unable to handle the amount of energy flowing through them. It’s electric and truly wired to the divine. This vibration carries a very ambitious and challenging prospect to the individual’s spiritual growth. The opportunity for great enlightenment is afforded the person, but the price can often be very high. The person may achieve fame, but the other side of that achievement could equate to all kinds losses. This number should motivate and propel the person to seek deeper spiritual understanding of the world. 22: This master number will assure the person is involved in worldly affairs and wields a strong influence through career and circumstance magically coming together. It’s the challenges of this orchestration that will mold the soul into enlightenment. Modern Master Numbers Many contemporary numerologists aren’t traditionalists and believe numerology must evolve as humankind evolves. These modernists believe other twin digits merit the title of master numbers. This is where the adding of new master numbers becomes complex and the lines separating the other three factions are drawn. Some numerologists believe that only one more double digit belongs as a master number. 33: Teacher. This number represents a master teacher of the world who has transcended personal trials and tests to emerge victorious. This vibration calls upon the individual to think of humanity’s welfare above self and guide others to enlightenment. The argument for its inclusion is because the number 33 is the sum of 11 + 22. Numerologists who agree with this addition conclude the three master numbers create a Triangle of Enlightenment. 11: The vision of spirit 22: Acting on the vision 33: Divine enlightenment - Result of vision and action Another group believes if one twin digit can be allowed to join the ranks of master numbers then certainly a few more should be included: 44: 2 times 22 55: 11 enhanced 5 times 66: A doubled 33 and a tripled 22 And yet another faction of numerologists believes all other twin digits must be included or none should be added. 77: 11 enhanced 7 times. 88: A quadrupled 22 99: A tripled 33 These practitioners believe by making these additional twin digits into master numbers it increases the vibration of a person’s life path or destiny number and thereby inspires the person to reach a higher level of soul growth. Many however, believe this is carrying master numbers to the extreme and invalidates the true rarity and value of a master number.[edit] Master Numbers in Numerologyfrom another Perspective Most of the numbers are reduced to single digits or single vibrant numbers. However, there are four numbers that are known as the master numbers in numerology. The numbers eleven (11), twenty-two (22), thirty-three (33) and forty-four (44) are the four master numbers in numerology. The four master numbers in numerology are highly vibrant compared to their single digit numbers. These numbers possess strong vibration and emphasis on a greater learning and experiences. According to the numerologists, the master numbers are very challenging and it takes time to integrate these vibrant numbers into one’s personality traits. This is one reason why master numbers are known as late bloomers. For instance, the master number 11 when reduced gives you the values 2. Hence, all the characteristics and personality traits (strength and weakness) of number 2 is associated with the master number 11. This number is also known as the psychic number and it represents a highly sensitive and intuitive characteristic trait. Similarly, the master number 44 is considered to be an important number by the alchemists. It is believed that people who are born under this number has the ability to create magic around themselves and others. These people are visionaries and have a great desire for knowledge regarding the mysteries of life. Numerology is a vast topic. There are people who practice numerology as part of their special interest. Some practice numerology as a profession and are called as numerologists.
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