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Ukrainian parliament changed 37 laws to legalize m
4 days ago
The Mane Event Geelong
THE PAINTERS AND DOCKERS First Geelong gig in 20 years! They were only suppose to play once! Infamous Melbourne punk band The Painters and Dockers formed for the one night in 1983 to help friend Billy Walsh from the Cosmic Psy Read more ... chos' pay off some parking fines. The band named themselves after the infamous trade union members who drank at the Port Melbourne pub where the benefit was to be held. The night ended in a riot with a pitched battle between police and union members, music lovers running off screaming into the night and the band left with a reputation as an instant punk party. Some 1500 shows, seven albums later and tours of North America, Canada, New Zealand and all over Australia under their belt, the band now have an esteemed place in Australian rock history. Well known songs by the band include DIE YUPPIE DIE, NUDE SCHOOL, KILL KILL KILL, YOU'RE GOING HOME IN THE BACK OF A DIVI VAN, ALL MEN ARE BASTARDS, MOHAWK BABY, I KNOW BETTER QUEENS THAN THAT, NEW WORLD ORDER, THE BOY WHO LOST HIS JOCKS ON FLINDERS STREET STATION and countless more. Along with many tours of their own The Painters and Dockers have supported the likes of Iggy Pop, Nick Cave, Billy Idol, The Cramps, The Gun Club, The Monkees, Midnight Oil, Jonathan Richmond, Divine, Killing Joke, Hoodoo Gurus, Paul Kelly and The Colored Girls, The Angels, Divinyls and many many more. The band also gained wide spread media coverage on their ``Rocking The Rails'' tour which saw them play on a classic steam train on suburban railway stations around Melbourne and on ``Rocking The Bay'', which saw them play on the back of an ocean going hovercraft to fans assembled on piers around Port Phillip Bay. Singer Paulie Stewart even appeared on Channel 9's ``A Current Affair'', where he faced allegations that the band were ``Satanists'' by a Queensland Pastor. A band with a strong social conscious, The Painters and Dockers have been involved in countless benefits and most notably appeared alongside waterside workers on the picket line during the MUA waterfront strike of the 1990s. In 2009, the band reformed to be inducted into The Age's ``ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME'', and most recently they delivered a blistering set when invited to appear at the iconic 2014 Community Cup Football Game. The band have now been approached by Mushroom Records to release a career best of anthology and plan more shows. Original members of the band include Paulie Stewart, Dave Pace, Mick Morris, Vladimir Juric, plus 20 year member Colin Badger and his son and new bass player Michael Badger. Local Surf Coast resident and Dockers trumpet player, Dave Pace, had this to say, “The Painters and Dockers are thrilled to be part of the first Mane Event Geelong Music Festival. Organisations such as Beyond Blue and local Rotary and Lions Clubs do so much for our communities. Mental Health is an area that really requires so much attention for both the sufferers and those supporting people that are affected. We are proud to be part of this event. Geelong was always great for the Dockers back in the 80’s and 90’s. We are glad to be coming back to Dock with you after almost two decades!” For further information contact The Painters and Dockers Face book page
4 days ago
Eduoard Abbas: Mr President. You are starting to turn the table on Palestinian favor. This struggle, is to rid of the oppression and occupation on behalf of a Terrorist and Criminal Mafia Syndicate with the desire propose to control the whole Palestine, and Read more ... take control not only of their land, but resources which rightfully belong to all Palestinian People and children. Palestine has been left alone by all Military Forces, but Palestinian Will and Lyon hearts will teach the world the greets lesson never seen, the will of a people to hold on to their roots. culture, and history. The answer is, no. They must ultimately pay for their crimes, and Palestine's Public, and Political Infrastructure rebuild, in accordance with United States Resolutions and approval of all Nations, to see Palestine as a Sovereign County, independent from Israel. Yesterday at 9:59am · Like · 1 By. Nifisa Bueno: tantissimi israeliani parlano arabo come prima lingua dato che gli ebrei furono accolti come rifugiatiin in tutti i paesi arabi durante l'impero ottomano perche' erano perseguitati in europa.. furono poi esiliati dai paesi arabi x via del conflitto is...See More many Israelis speak Arabic as their first language since Jews were welcomed as rifugiatiin in all the Arab countries during the Ottoman Empire because they were being persecuted in Europe. were then exiled from Arab countries via the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the middle ' 60s, most of them Cowgirl ' in Israel, others in Europe and america. the Zionist father panzone from my former partner of University of Libya for example.. (Translated by Bing) Yesterday at 10:06am · I am no Politician, but, I, Eduoard V. H. (E.A.A.H) would ask these demands be met. If, they ask me and I see they are speaking from the heart and truthfully, this are the conditions I would demand, plus those HAMAS and the Palestinian Government call for. Immediate Removal of the wall and check points. 1967 border line. All settlements and facilities built on occupied territory stays. Immediate transfer of all Palestinian taxes and money being withheld by Israel. Release of all prisoner, men, women, and children. Immediate recognition of the State of Palestine as if did exist prior to occupation and diaspora. Recognition of HAMAS and Fatah as part of the sovereign state of Palestine. Recognition of all resources, air, land, and sea belonging to Palestine (West Bank, GAZA, and all other cities occupied by illegal settlers. Economic Restitution to each family, and their children, and subsequent generation for all loss and aggression until the year 2135. Immediate recognition of all Palestinians within Israel as citizens, if they choose to remain in Israel. Distribution of funds allocated for USA Military and Economic aid to Israel for the reconstruction of Palestine Infrastructure. Pardon of all prisoners of con flits past and present, and future if the case Israel becomes again military belligerent and active unilaterally, or instigates conflict with the Recognized Palestine territory. Acceptance of Palestine to the United Nations, as an independent Nation. Recognition of Palestinian Air Space in order for Palestine to have access to their own Airports. Recognition of ocean borders and Palestinian right to have harbors, and fishing commerce. Abolishment of any military, or belligerent school training, and/or teachings imparted to Israeli children to prevent Anti Semite sentiment against Palestinians, or any other culture within Palestinian territory. Immediate stop to all propaganda which may cause ill sentiment from foreign citizens against Palestine. Recognition for the right to Palestine to form a Democratic and unified government within itself, under the guidance of Democratic Nations Preferred. Immediate apprehension of those whose advocacy for the annihilation of all Palestinians cause this conflict.
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6 days ago
Rosco McGlashan on Channel 9's A Current Affair - 14th Jan 2010
Channel 9's A Current Affair conducted an extensive interview with Rosco about himself and the project to be the fastest man on the planet. This feature was ...
8 days ago
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Repost from Notes of President Juluis Nolasco RO
11 days ago
Lucy RANT (including 'scare quotes' for lack of italics on FB): Deplorable 'interview' with our PM on Channel 9 'current affairs' show 60 Minutes. Abbott's pockets must be so full of piss ... Liz Hayes asked all the most important questions about the rece Read more ... ntly shot-down Malaysian aeroplane. Or, she would have if she were not so busy valorising the PM as an incredibly strong voice in the international political arena ... She did ask him one probing question right at the end: 'How do you keep yourself nice? I mean you're angry ...' No wonder I don't watch commercial tv. Promise not to do it again.
13 days ago
Israel and Hamas: Terms of the ceasefire explained
Talks were taking place this afternoon in Cairo between representatives of Israel and Hamas. No agreement has yet been announced, though efforts are “ongoing”.[1]   Hamas rejected on Tuesday on an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire deal accepted by Is Read more ... rael, stating "it was not worth the ink it was written with.”[2]   Hamas claim they first learned about the ceasefire through the media. According to Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev's own admission, neither Egypt nor Israel directly engaged with Hamas, though they affirm Hamas had been informed of the terms.[3]   Israel suggested “easing the flow of goods into Gaza”[4]; however it appears unlikely Hamas will accept unless specifics are given as to the implementation, fearing a repeat of the 2012 ceasefire whose conditions ended up eroding too quickly to improve Gaza’s economic situation.[5]   One condition imposed in the ceasefire is the extradition of members of the Muslim Brotherhood to Egypt from Gaza, where many took refuge after Mohamed Morsi was ousted and mass death sentences passed on hundreds of its members under General (now President) Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.   Whereas the close relationship between the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas ensured Egypt could preside over past negotiations for a ceasefire, it is an object of doubt whether under Sisi such negotiations will bear fruit.   It is unclear whether the same terms have been brought back to the table in the current round of talks.   Meanwhile, Hamas made known its own terms for a ceasefire earlier today:   1. Lifting of the blockade on Gaza, including opening of crossings between Gaza and Israel; 2. Opening of the Rafah crossing between Gaza and Egypt, under international monitoring; 3. Expanding access to the sea; 4. Allowing Gaza residents access to the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem to pray; 5. Releasing a number of formerly released prisoners rearrested last month.[6]   The prisoners to be released under Hamas’ terms are former prisoners initially freed in 2011 as part of the Shalit deal and rearrested last month in the West Bank during the search for the kidnapped teenagers (for which no formal suspects have yet been apprehended, in light of over 500 arrests).   As regards the sea and coastline, Gaza currently only has access to 15% of the maritime areas the Oslo Accords entitle them to[7]: its fishing boats can only travel within three nautical miles of the beach, further deteriorating the food security situation already crippled by the blockade. In addition to restricted sea access, approximately 35% of Gaza’s agricultural land is inaccessible as it is situated within the 1km-wide “no man’s land” running along the border fence with Israel: deterrence methods aimed at Gazans approaching this “security perimeter” include shooting on sight with live ammunition[8].   Finally, the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem is a holy site for Muslims, particularly during the holy month of Ramadan; however Palestinians in Gaza are unable to cross Israel into Jerusalem, and in fact access is restricted even to most Palestinians in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, with frequent closures imposed for “security reasons”.[9]   Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday that “Hamas's rejection of the ceasefire gives Israel full legitimacy to expand the operation to protect our people.”[10]       [1] Ceasefire efforts ‘ongoing’, The Guardian, 17 July 2014 [2] Israel Accepts Egypt's Cease-Fire Plan, but Hamas Vows to Keep Fighting, Time, 15 July 2014 [3] "The Israeli military does not target civilians", Channel 4, 16 July 2014 [4] Egypt proposes Israel-Gaza ceasefire after week of conflict, The Guardian, 14 July 2014 [5] Full text: Ceasefire agreement between Israel and Gaza, Ma’an News, 21 November 2012 [6] Hamas sets five ceasefire conditions, Middle-East Monitor, 17 July 2014 [7] Restricted access to land and sea in Gaza, UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs [8] Israeli soldiers shoot Palestinian near border in northern Gaza, Ma’an News, 11 May 2014 [9] Temporarily blocks access to Al-Aqsa mosque for young Muslims, Demotix, 4 July 2014 [10] Israel resumes air strikes after Hamas ceasefire rejection kills civilian, The Guardian, 16 July 2014
15 days ago
Andrew Channel NewsAsia AM Live Replaces Primetime Morning as of 1 August 2011. Runs Monday to Friday at these times: Early Edition at 6:30am for 30 minutes Main Edition at 7:00am for 2 hours Bite-size Edition at 2:30pm for 30 minutes (with Friday's encore Read more ... on Saturday at 11:30am and 4:30pm, and Sunday at 1:30am) Suzanne Jung Ki Eng, Steven Chia, Chan Eu Imm and Patrick Fok Asia Today Live news with a focus on Asian perspectives Runs daily at 3:00pm, Mondays to Fridays at 9:00am and 2:00pm, and Saturdays and Sundays at 10:00am, 11:00am and 5:00pm Sharon Tong / Otelli Edwards / Gerard Lam / Yvonne Yong / Timothy W Go / Melissa Hyak / Chew Wui Lynn / Dominique Loh / Sabrina Chua / Chan Eu Imm / Lynlee Foo / Patrick Fok Asia Market Report A day's round-up of business news around the region and a look at the first hour of trade in Asia Runs Mondays to Fridays (except days when markets are closed; Asia Today will run instead) at 5:00pm Dominique Loh / Wei Du Primetime Asia Replaces East Asia Tonight and South East Asia Tonight A day's round-up of the news in Asia Runs Mondays to Fridays at 7:00pm Timothy W Go and Glenda Chong Asia Tonight Round-up of the day's events around Asia Runs Mondays to Fridays at 11:00pm and Saturdays and Sundays at 7:00pm World Today Live news with focus on key world events Runs daily at 9:00am, 12:00pm (noon) and 4:00pm, Mondays to Fridays at 10:00am and 11:00am, and Saturdays and Sundays at 2:00pm Melissa Hyak / Otelli Edwards / Genevieve Woo / Yvonne Yong / Timothy W Go / Gerard Lam / Chew Wui Lynn / Sharon Tong / Sabrina Chua / Patrick Fok World Tonight A day's round-up of key world news Runs Tuesdays to Fridays at 12:00am (midnight), Saturdays at 12:00am and 11:00pm, and Sundays at 11:00pm Melissa Hyak / Yvonne Yong / Timothy W Go / Gerard Lam / Genevieve Woo (Weekends) Primetime News Channel NewsAsia's flagship evening nightly-news programme which provides viewers with a round-up of the day's main news under national news live television broadcasting. Runs daily at 9:00pm Melissa Hyak, etc. Singapore Tonight A day's round-up of local and business news in Singapore Runs daily at 10:00pm Timothy Ouyang & Yvonne Yong Asia Business Tonight A day's round-up of business news around the region and a look at the first hour of trade in the United States Runs Mondays to Fridays (except when markets are closed; replaced with a relief programme) at 10:30pm Genevieve Woo / Glenda Chong / Timothy W Go / Timothy Ouyang / Lynlee Foo / Gerard Lam Get Rea! (read as Get Real) A twice-weekly investigative current-affairs programme focusing on issues in Singapore Cheryl Fox 2007-2008-2011 /Chan Eu Imm 2010-2011 Present/ Ken Teh 2011 Insight A weekly current-affairs programme (Runs as a season) Gerard Lam Money Mind A weekly business programme (Runs as a season) Fredrick Lim & Dominique Loh& Ronald Lim The Agenda Business programme (Runs as a season) Asian Home News Screens short news snippets from previous-day broadcasts from CCTV News (China), NHK World TV (Japan), RTM TV1 (TV1) (Malaysia), VTV (Vietnam), RTB (Brunei) and Channel NewsAsia's Singapore Tonight Various Correspondent' Diary Highlights of news stories and features by Channel NewsAsia's network of Correspondents based in major cities across the region. That's IT A weekly information-technology programme (Runs as a season) Timothy W Go S.P.E.E.D. (Singapore Property Explained Explored & Deconstructed) Otelli Edwards 360 Talkshow on current affairs (Runs as a season) Melissa Hyak One on One Talkshow on current affairs (Runs as a season) Lin Xue Ling Pink of Health A weekly show focusing on the health and beauty concerns of women Cents & Sensibilities A weekly show on how ordinary people should make investments Genevieve Woo Japan Hour An hour featuring Japanese culture. The programme is bought from NHK World TV in Japan and is subtitled in English. How to be a Super Parent Steven Chia BlogTV.SG Cheryl Fox & Tim Oh Welcome 2 Taiwan Documentary of The Week 20/20 US programme from ABC World News. Sometimes known as "20/20 Primetime"; in reality, "20/20" is a different show from "Primetime" (Only in Singapore) Amazing Asia Special reports filed by correspondents in Asia. Usually screens unusual news happenings around Asia in the week. (Regular 30-minute segments) Yours Truly, Asia Special reports about life in Asia World Watch Special reports filed by correspondents the world over. Usually screens unusual news happenings around the world in the week. (Regular 30-minute segments) Talking Point A segment after Singapore Tonight on Sundays at 10.10pm (SIN/HK) where guests are invited to the news studio to share their views on issues relevant to Singapore Debra Soon / Melissa Hyak
17 days ago
Mirtha 3 years to do all of that awesome stuff!! I'm thankful for many of the things the Whitlam government did. It's a shame the Governor General dismissed him. Hope our current Governor General dismisses Abbott soon, 1 year and the current liberal party h Read more ... as done nothing but attempt to ruin our country.
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Happy Birthday Gough Whitlam 11th July 2014 'Remem
20 days ago
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1, History of Ashmore Estates Coles County Poor F
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