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Orangutan Outreach Indonesia’s Fires Are Serious, So Why Isn’t Indonesia Taking Them Seriously? VICE News VICE #vice Please help!
Indonesia’s Fires Are Serious, So Why Isn’t Indonesia Taking Them More Seriously? | VICE |...
Fires have now been burning across several islands since September. We spoke to a local conservationist about Indonesia's less-than-urgent response.
43 months ago
IRfan's ROom Just share about Indonesia
IRfan's ROom: 70 Years Indonesia: 17 reasons why you have to come to Indonesia
Indonesia has many natural resources that deserve to be promoted to the international tourists. Indonesia, which is crossed by the equator line really deserves to be called as "Zamrud Khatulistiwa" (the Emerald of the Equator). Every region in Indone Read more ... sia has its own unique kind of culture and natural…
45 months ago
Entertainment Weekly It's been a whirlwind of a summer for One Direction fans. #Directioners
One Direction fans' Summer of Struggles: a timeline
Directioners thought the worst of 2015 was over after Zayn Malik announced his departure from the group in March, but as the months got warmer, the...
45 months ago
Steve Knight There are more spam comments than One Direction fans.
Magielyn Bretiller 2015 has been so cruel to Directioners.
Lauryn F. Scott I love that they included "Larry shippers are skeptical"
Stacey House Present day: Harry still won't cut his hair.
Uğur Rallez Thoose stupid direction fans teen age kids always laughing me lmao ty.
Jeremy RT
Marcus Spencely
Eoin Klein Again, who cares?
Micah Sisson
BrAun RomAn Watch the official video of this news here Mira el video official de esta noticia aqui ➡
Daily Mail Directioners are pretty upset right now, as these tweets show...
One Direction fans left inconsolable as band plan 'an extended hiatus'
On Sunday diehard Directioners were dealt another blow following the report that the world famous boyband will 'disband' in March 2016 after the release of their fifth album.
46 months ago
Michael Clark Myron Guess They Have Lost Their Direction En Are Now Wandering Amidst Center Of Alarge Wild Forest Thinking What To Do.
Dave McDermid No Direction?
Ahmed Al-Tamimi they are all in different directions.
Richard Goodchild They will get over it. First World problems.
Kristofer Thomas Finally, they can go the way of N Sync and Backstreet Boys.
Adam Collins Is this a reputable online newspaper or a bloody teen magazine...who cares?!!!
Tattoos Hi I am Jessica I am 17 years old I live in USA I love making new friends please Follow me I will Follow you Back and inbox You I promise
Anlun Tungan It looks like in Indonesia if it is too often abused by malaisya why not promptly given sebua lessons, meaning that a small country it malaisya it no longer considers Indonesia a small country lembek.Mungkin malaisya it seemed to regard Indonesia doe Read more ... s not have the guts for giving him lessons.?. My observations malaisya only a small country and not how large when compared to Indonesia. "But why Malaisya like constantly harassing Indonesia." Had left malaisya such behavior would at least be allowed to continue harassing Indonesia. "As regards Indonesia eyes she agrees once more -this time tiny.I Indonesia provide lessons for malaisya, and the blades have got a lesson he would probably kerasa, and till now looks like it Indonesia halfheartedly create lessons for malaisya.?. Probably too scared Indonesia create hit malaisya.?. or Indonesia itself has less interest for Sunggu really hit malaisya.?. My estimate malaisya if Indonesia was hit only 4 hours will be OK.
48 months ago
MTV I can't believe there are bigger superfans than Directioners.
Sorry Directioners! Another Group Of Fans Are The Most Devoted
According to Spotify, the most hardcore fans are ... well, hardcore.
48 months ago
Ashley Aubery Directioners and 1D af people are the most dedicated, insane fans EVER! I'm sorry, no one beats them.
Ariana Rueda Deleon Are you serious? There's way better music out there than one direction.
Skylar Schaeffer Haha the Kpop fandom though. Exo fans are insane.
Christine Wiedeman Summers But it's referring to genre fans, and that really isn't the same thing.
Nardia Ingram This has to be false. Please tell me this isn't true. Who could be crazier than a Directioner?!
Davinna XD
Hrit Roy Running out of news, MTV?
Kostantina Tsaliki Of course there are bigger superfans than Directioners. ugh. i can't even dude.
Entertainment Weekly So, this happened. #Directioners
Madame Tussauds' One Direction exhibit has a 'tissue attendant' |
Zayn Malik the human may have left One Direction, but his wax figure lives on as part of the band at London’s Madame Tussauds—and the museum even has a special attendant on hand to dole out tissues to grieving Directioners
50 months ago
Melissa Salisbury Pathetic
Alessia Napoli This article is on the internet since March, 31 so i'm going to assume it's not an April's fool? If it's true i'm applying for the job in case of any other band break-up; seriously it must be the funniest job in the world. Ps: I'll even pat people on the shoulder and say "There, there" if needed.
Jamie Burba Combs This is why I hate people.
Nadine A. Beirne At least they have them to watch them grow as individual artists. What could our generation have had if John and George were still here to watch Paul into Ringo into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame!
Eiver Ky Villegas oh wow.doesnt that mean something -,-
Kaela Neuman Ashley Nichols Jacobs
Ashley Nichols Jacobs Kaela Neuman
Kristen Ortleb Shai Washington
BuzzFeed Life Directioners are not happy. Naughty Boy released Zayn Malik's first solo record and Twitter exploded.
50 months ago
Natalie Pardo Is it just me, or do they look like a couple in this pic?
Madison Davis Who cares. Soon enough they'll be has beens like Justin bieber...
Huỳnh Chấn Đình dafuq...
Charlotte Willan Jess Heath Jemima Duncombe the photo
Michelle Choe Camille Erise Marinas OMG WTF
Tria Lor Pakou Lor
BuzzFeed Music Directioners are not happy. Naughty Boy released Zayn Malik's first solo record and Twitter exploded.
50 months ago
Hannah Bax He lied to everyone!
Diosa Etor Badana And that is what zayn called living a normal life being solo ...
Roni Johnson Gotta go with the logic of the fans sayin Zayn lied
Nikhil Kundoo Just let the guy do his that so difficult ?.?
S.m. Collins #teamdontgiveafuck
Audrey Lim Boy bands come and go.Example,Backstreet Boys and NSYNC
Shrrudhi Dhanvanthri k
Michelle DeKeyzer Gabby ??????
Alexandre Miura Victória Yoshida Louise Maia
Noti Saurio VIDEO: Directioners "Cry" after Zayn Malik leaves One Direction
Directioners Fans "Cry" after Zayn Malik leaves One Direction Boy Band
Las directioners lloran luego del retiro de Zayn Malik de One Direction.
51 months ago
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Breakout NET - Sambutan Directioners Indonesia dalam menyambut One Direction | Kumpulan musik-musik terbaik dari dalam negeri maupun mancanegara, yang akan menemani waktu santai anda bersama keluarga.TILLTHEENDINDO (FLASHMOB) DIRECTIONERS SEMARANG, INDONESIA | Hiiiii there!!! We are Directioners from Semarang, Indonesia!!! So, this is our project, we made a flashmob for Till The End Indo :) Thank you so much to everyone ...#8YearsOfOneDirection | From Directioners Indonesia | Happy Anniversary 8th. One Direction. And All Directioners ... Hope You enjoy This Video . I mean. Ini Ke 8 Tahun Directioners Belajar \The Power of Indonesian Directioners || at Mall Kota Kasablanka 31.05.14 | At Mall Kota Kasablanka on May 31st 2014 The video taken by Nidya NNF :) Don\'t forget to subscribe, like, and share! ;) Hope u like it xx.One Direction For Indonesian Directioners! | Pre-Order One Direction\'s debut album here: One Direction Indonesia | Program yang menyuguhkan berita atau informasi menarik dari dunia entertainment, di dalam dan luar negeri berdasar pada fakta dan informasi. Program ini ...
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