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HuffPost Politics The ruling stems from a 2008 lawsuit by the Montana American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of death row inmate Ronald Allen Smith.
Judge Strikes Down Montana's Lethal Injection Protocol
"All executions in the state are stayed indefinitely," the Montana ACLU said.
43 minutes ago
Paige Chicklo Good. This barbaric practice should end.
John James Just shoot them!
Vic Mask so just SHOOT THEM........... 22 to the base of the cranium is deadly
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Amal Hicham Here is a summary of my story, and the injustice I’m suffering. Amal Hicham who lives in Canada is in risk of losing all her rights. We need you to share what’s happening to her. She left her house, in fear. We need your help, so that her rig Read more ... hts are respected, and that she can live again safely and in security with her children. She has been harassed by her husband, who tried to make her look as if she has a mental problem. Amal was working on a project with her sister. She had a copyright problem with a big company, and hacking problems. When Amal and her sister wanted to speak about that, her husband stepped in, the police stopped her from traveling to talk to the press, and since this day she was intimidated, to the point that she is now far away from her children. Although Amal has solid proofs that her husband is lying, nothing was done to protect her. Her only chance is that the people know what’s happening to her, so that the Canadian government opens a public inquiry. Please help Amal by liking and sharing her page: https://www.facebook.com/AmalHichamStory If you know journalists, if you know a forum, or you have a website, please support her by talking about what’s happening to her. Here is what happened: Amal and her sister, began to be intimidated since the day they wanted to speak about a subject related to a powerful Canadian company, Quebecor, and to a well-known personality in Quebec-Canada, Mitsou Gelinas, and to hacking issues. Now the situation has so much aggravated that she is hidden in a friend’s house, fearing for her security. Instead of being protected by the authorities, the police and one judge, have done things against the law. What can save her now is that the public knows what’s going on. Her story is here: https://www.facebook.com/AmalHichamStory Her video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIOVJr6XDuI We’re afraid that another way could be used again to stop her from talking, like a court order, or something similar. Amal’s sister has shown publicly the documents showing the hacking, and the injustice that happened. For example how they have proof that the Gmail of Google was hacked. All the evidence show that Amal Hicham was framed, and that she was harassed, since the day she wanted to talk about the hacking that Amal’s sister and she discovered, and that is linked to Quebecor and Mitsou Gelinas. The illegal things that has been done by some Canadian authorities to Amal are so numerous, that this is not only a big injustice, but it is incredible that the police, a judge, lawyers have been able to do actions against the law with impunity. And Amal, who always respected the law, who has been a productive citizen, and who only wanted to tell the press what was happening, is leaving now in fear of what may happen. For those who know Amal and have seen Amal’s documents, know that Amal is telling the truth. Amal and her sister, worked on a project together. Amal Hicham presented this project to Mitsou Gelinas, a well-known personality in Quebec-Canada. Subsequently Mitsou made a television show with the Quebecor Company. When the sisters saw the concept of the TV show, Amal Hicham sent an email to Mitsou and Quebecor to inform them that the concept of the TV show was taken from the concept Amal presented to Mitsou Gelinas. Quebecor answered that the concept belonged to them. Mitsou Gélinas’s lawyer answered too. After this email exchange Amal Hicham never contacted again Mitsou nor Quebecor. After that, Amal and her sister, found that similar things that those they were discussing privately, appeared in part in the websites of Quebecor and Mitsou Gelinas. They discovered that their computers and emails were hacked. From the moment they wanted to talk about this to the authorities and to the press, everything was done to stop this story to be known. Quebecor is a very powerful company, founded by the father of the chief of the opposition party in Quebec-Canada. It’s a company that possess journals, TV channels, and other communication enterprises. Mitsou Gelinas is a Canadian personality, who has shows in the television and the radio, and has ties with the business world. Since Amal and her sister, wanted to talk to the authorities and to the press about the hacking, about Quebecor, Mitsou Gelinas, and the intimidation they lived, a lot of things were done to stop these information to be known. A Canadian newspaper was hacked when it published Amal Hicham’s story. If now what happened is widely published on the internet, it will not be possible to hide it anymore. What’s more serious, is that a lot was done to discredit Amal. Now that Amal is speaking of this publicly, it’s possible that, again, something could be done to discredit her. Amal has all the evidence and documents that prove that the police of Quebec-Canada, the police ethics, and the judge Suzanne Tessier didn’t respect the Canadian laws. They have evidence of the hacking that affected their emails and Google's Gmail. The tactics that were used to prevent Amal to freely express her views are numerous. First the rumors, as Amal’s husband began to tell the people around her, that she had a problem and that she harassed Mitsou Gelinas, which is another of the false information he said. And what is serious is that he even said false information to her children about her. And there are proofs of this. As you’ll see, the day she wanted to talk to the press, her husband called the police and told them a lie, he said that she has a mental problem. Although he said false information to the police and Amal can prove it, and even if Amal Hicham’s husband made several illegal things like falsifying her signatures in a bank, no investigation has been opened. The husband of Amal Hicham lives in Canada as if he’s above the law, and Amal Hicham who did absolutely nothing is in danger. In addition to the rumors about her, many people and organizations that were supposed to protect Amal Hicham violated and did not respect the law. First the police of Quebec-Canada prevented her from traveling when she wanted to talk to journalists. The day of her travel, Amal’s husband called the police, told them that she has a mental problem. Without any proof, the police wrote the false information given to them by her husband, stopped her from travelling, and forced her to go in an ambulance and go to a mental hospital, even if they didn’t have the right to do that. Second, the police ethics. After Amal filed a complaint against the police for serious fault, for months, the police ethics didn’t give her any conciliation date, even if the law says that the conciliation should be done in a delay of 45 days. By not acting as the law asks them to do, the police ethics didn’t correct the unlawful things done by her husband and the police, and gave her husband the opportunity to use the false information written about her in a tribunal. Then suddenly, after Amal Hicham made the story public, the police ethics contacted her to propose a conciliation date. A lot of harm has already being done to Amal. The false information has already being used in a tribunal. And a judge made pressure on Amal to sign a form, that could allow this false information to be used against her. If this story is not publicised at a large scale, in order to make Amal’s rights respected, a lot of harm can happen to her. Third the two lawyers who were supposed to defend Amal, didn’t respect the lawyers’ deontological code. Finally, the judge Suzanne Tessier, which normally shouldn’t know beforehand which cases she will preside. According to an employee of the tribunal, the judge took Amal’s file, from the tribunal, and decided that she will be the one judging it. This happened during the divorce proceedings, during a family practice, where a judge do not know, until the day of the hearing, which case he/she will have. Amal has the proof of this, as she sent an email to her sister before the hearing, saying that she was told that the judge Suzanne Tessier took her file, and decided that she will judge her case. By the law a judge doesn’t have the right to choose the cases he/she will preside. When the hearing came, it was indeed the judge Suzanne Tessier who presided it. The judge Suzanne Tessier refused to hear all Amal’s requests who showed, with proofs and clear evidence that Amal’s husband was lying when he said that she had a mental disorder, and that he knew that he was lying. This same judge allowed Amal’s husband to stay in the house, while Amal had no home to live in, as she had gone out of her home, because she no longer felt safe. And this is the same judge who made pressure on Amal Hicham to sign a consent form to a psychosocial expertise. This expertise that could be very injust and harmful to Amal, and the judge knows it. Since the expertise can use information from the police and medical reports. And the judge knows that these reports contain false information and that Amal’s husband and the police wrote false information about her. When Amal's husband said she had a mental disorder, the police repeated and wrote what her husband said without any proof. And if the expert and the judge rely on this false information, Amal Hicham risks to being locked up in a hospital, losing all her rights, and not being able to speak of the injustice that happened, the harassment, what happened with the company Quebecor, and the personality Mitsou Gelinas, and the hacking’ evidence. Here are the two risks incurred by Amal Hicham. The first risk is to lose all her rights, the second one is to be put in prison. And here's why: The judge Suzanne Tessier ordered a psychosocial expertise. The expert can base his report, on, among others, the police reports. However, Amal’s husband lied to the police, and there is false information in the police reports saying that Amal Hicham has a mental problem. Moreover, the judge Suzanne Tessier didn’t look at the evidence that Amal showed her, and that proves that Amal’s husband lies. If the judge doesn’t consider Amal evidence, how can Amal expect a fair trial? And what’s serious, is that the psychosocial assessment may be the beginning of a process leading to a curatorship, which means that Amal could be put under the guardianship of the government, and lose all her rights. Plus, by ordering a psychosocial expertise, the judge Suzanne Tessier judge could be assured to keep Amal’s file because in many courts of Quebec-Canada, when a judge orders an expertise, he/she could keep the file. In addition to the risk of being put under guardianship, Amal Hicham faces jail. Despite the Article 33 of the code of procedures, that says that a psychosocial evaluation is done with the person's consent, the judge Suzanne Tessier pressured Amal Hicham to sign the consent. When Amal Hicham read the article 33, she refused the expertise and explained why to the tribunal. Normally she has the right to refuse. But Amal will discover that in her judgment, the judge Suzanne Tessier did not specify the word consent, as it’s usually done. By not specifying that the expertise was ordered with consent, the expertise becomes an order. And Amal Hicham who refused after, could be accused of court contempt, and put in prison. And the worst could still happen, as in January 2016, the law will change, and the article 425 will go into effect in the new code, and a judge may then order an expertise without the consent of the people. Amal Hicham will not even be protected by the current law that allows people to refuse a psychosocial evaluation. It’s a simple divorce file. Yet a judge made a judgment that could put Amal Hicham in prison or under curatorship. And this is part of the problems and injustice Amal Hicham is facing, since she wanted to speak to the authorities and to the press about the hacking, Quebecor and Mitsou Gélinas. And it’s the same judge, who, without been asked by any of the parties to do so, ordered that Amal could not communicate anymore with her husband, except by writing and only regarding the children. So how Amal will now be able to discuss her divorce proceeding with her husband, especially that her husband’s lawyer didn’t answer many of her emails. How can she divorce in case that her husband doesn’t have a lawyer anymore. How can she defend herself against the lies of her husband if she’s not allow to communicate anything to him, except things about the children? There are a lots of subjects, divorce, perjuries, lies, accusations, administrative matters that need to be addressed between Amal and her husband. And if Amal wants these things to be resolved, if she wants to divorce, how can she communicate with her husband about that? By ordering that no communications can be done between her and her husband, except by writings and only about the children, the judge Suzanne Tessier took a fundamental right from Amal, and put her in a place where she can’t act to divorce, to ask for her rights, to have a part of her house, etc…. Amal has asked that the judge Suzanne Tessier be recused from her case. First because she was told that it was Suzanne Tessier who chose to supervise her file, while the law doesn’t give her this right. Second because the judge Suzanne Tessier didn’t respect an order from a judge before her, the judge Carol Therrien who ordered that Amal’s requests should be heard by the tribunal. The judge Suzanne Tessier didn’t want to hear Amal’s demands, and didn’t look at the proofs showing that Amal’s husband lies. Amal has never had a mental problem. And her husband knows it. And the many recordings Amal has, where her husband talks and says many times that he knows that Amal has no mental problem, proves he knows she has no problem. Those who know Amal, knows she’s a very smart and honest person. She’s very discreet and has never, before this problem, talked publicly about her life. And it is this discreet woman who now, have to talk about what’s happening in her life to protect herself, and to be able to live in security with her children who are small and needs her. If other rumors appear either in the entourage of Amal Hicham or in the social media, everybody needs to know, that Amal has all the documents to prove what she says. And the question that arises is, who wants to stifle this story? And why a policeman, the police ethics, lawyers and even a judge of the superior court did things against the law? To the point that Amal has now taken refuge with friends, and is afraid for her safety. Why Amal Hicham's husband who made illegal actions, and forged her signature, has not undergone any police investigation. We demand a public inquiry so that Amal Hicham can live safely with her children. We ask the people who are for justice to make known what is going on because Amal is in danger. During the past two years, Amal and her sister have been intimidated. If her husband and the police tried to make her appear as she has a mental problem, this breaches of the law will continue until the law is respected. The people and organizations that we speak about in this case are powerful, have a lot of means. But nothing is stronger than justice, and if what’s happening is known, Amal can finally have a safe life. Please help Amal have her rights respected. Share her story and the terrible injustice she lived in Canada since the day she wanted to talk about Quebecor, Mitsou Gelinas, and the hacking evidence we found. Here is a petition that explains everything, and that you can please sign to help her: https://www.change.org/p/to-sign-this-petition-to-make-this-story-known-to-as-many-people-as-possible-to-say-their-point-of-canadian-people-moroccan-french-and-anyone-in-the-world-who-wish-to-help-amal-hicham?recruiter=376723956&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink Thank you. Please help Amal by liking and sharing her page: https://www.facebook.com/AmalHichamStory
Amal Hicham Story
I need your support in order to live with my children in security. I'll write my story here regularly. My facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/support.amal.hicham
48 minutes ago
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HuffPost UK Politics Not The Onion...
'I Imagine Boris Johnson Wrestling Fish Naked With Putin', Says Tory MP
A Tory MP has launched an extraordinary attack on three of her colleagues who could replace David Cameron as Conservative Party leader. Heidi Allen claimed that George Osborne was "too smooth&
13 hours ago
Liz Weaver Surely she meant Gideon is too stupid and Boris is a national embarrassment.
David Owen He's clearly the media's next Prime Minister, but I don't think Osborne's problem is being "too smooth". Any grown man who cried like a baby at the funeral of Margaret Thatcher has to have something seriously wrong with him. These people are completely abnormal, they just have North Korean amounts and levels of propaganda, otherwise almost nobody would vote for them.
Dave Clark ""I want to see somebody new because I want a different kind of politics."" Does she know that she has joined the wrong Party?? :)
Alexander Harrison Pretty sure they come out with this shite just to sound like they have a speck of personality.
Don Tucker That is her secret sexual fantasy To mud wrestle naked with both of them
Dave Smith She probally should of kept her fantasies to herself.
Bob Taylor She really should refrain from indulging in those "substances". They obviously don't agree with her.
Jim White i think one ninjitsu punch from putin will send that fat sack of shit to the floor in a second
Peter Rasta Howarth Imagin him pig fuckin with the bullingdon pig fuckers .yuk
Byron Horne Forget The Onion, The Daily Mash is King Of Satire.
Sports Illustrated Michael Bennett thinks Kam Chancellor deserves a pay raise. So, he called out Seattle Seahawks owner Paul Allen on national TV.
23 hours ago
Jeff Segawa And to give Chancellor his raise....Seattle cuts Michael Bennett
Matthew Zebari But the refs need to get paid too, it's not cheap winning games you shouldn't.
Brad Schwartz Cool,maybe Bennett will give chancellor some of his money
Jet Tormon Bennett is the man!lol
Ryan Paul Conlin Bennett is worthless! He's mediocre, that's right mediocre!
Andrew Auger Perhaps the refs should give Chancellor his raise for blowing that call
Sam Whitworth Ever hear of a salary cap Mike?
Blaine Ardeneaux He already got paid and signed a front loaded contract
Ernest Hernandez Restructure his contract and give him his due raise!
Andrew Daniel Berry You think he would be the same player we are seeing this year if he got paid more money? I guarantee he wouldn't be the same player.
Daily Mail Sport Brendan Rodgers has been responsible for some of the best football quotes in history...
Brendan Rodgers' top 20 quotes: 'Joe Allen's the Welsh Xavi'
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Emeka Oluigboka Brendan rodgers knows only how to speak big english. Pls was he ones a lecture? #onyegrama
Pentti Sandelin the greatest joke in liverpool history.
Fairuz Ramli Senthil Kumaran No Doubt Brendan Rodgers is a Genius...
Kanny Anozie And bale the welsh bendtner
Prince Smitho Vega This is what mourinho hates. When would the media start minding their businesses? Rodgers is not dead so stop actx like he is no more
Alex Michael Brockett He'll be better at his next club. He fell out with too many players.
Yavşak Abiler, ablalar... Şu elimde görmüş olduğunuz.... 25 yıldır elimde.
Bennett Bamabutho Best quote "We showed great character"
Kofi Owusu Rogers>Moyes
Maigraj Goomany Arya Bhushan Good luck my friend,you have the talent.
Yahoo Movies There are a slew of stars in John Hillcoat's upcoming heist thriller Triple 9, starting with Woody Harrelson, Kate Winslet, and Anthony Mackie. See who else you can spot in the film's first trailer!
Watch Woody Harrelson and Kate Winslet in Gangster-Cop Action Thriller ‘Triple 9’ (NSFW Trailer)
Hard-nosed police Sergeant Jeffrey Allen (Woody Harrelson) has to negotiate a modern-day Atlanta overrun by crooked officers and Russian mobsters.
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Lifehacker A few seconds of effort will save your seat.
Fill in Allen Bolts with Wax to Deter Bike Seat Thieves
Coming out to your bike and finding the seat missing or a wheel gone is the worst, and replacing it is expensive. You can make it a little harder for would-be thieves to pilfer your seat by filling in the bolts needed to remove it with a little wax.
2 days ago
Dallas Neal Calvin Barr-Hagan got space on my mind, i read 'alien bots'
Sarah Moore Now You can get rid of bed bugs just follow the method in my profile
KC Duggan Jonny Martin - genius!
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