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Davell Crawford MANAGEMENT OF DAVELL CRAWFORD: Tonight a concert celebrating Masters of the New Orleans Piano Tradition. A fundraiser to benefit The New Orleans Jazz Orchestra with special guest and honoree, Ellis Marsalis & special guest Davell Crawford Davell Read more ...
will perform a tribute to Fats Domino. Special presentation to Allen Toussaint & Dr. John Host Soledad O'Brian & Brian Batt The Royal Sonesta Grand Ballroom, 300 Bourbon St., New Orleans, La Cocktails 6:00 Dinner & show 7:00 Suzanne Mino Koga, personal manager of Davell Crawford
2 hours ago
Chuck McCanless Talking with Allen McCandless (the one who lives in beautiful, and really green County Derry, NI) about his list of the actual 'McCandless' clan ...... Here's his listing of all the 'McCandless' spelled cousins living either in Northern Ireland or t Read more ...
he US.........I know most of the ones in the U.S. because, when I'm not being banned for bad-mouthing the stupid British, I talk to alot of them. Also talk to just about all the ones in Ireland. If you don't see your name, send me a message please(just the "d" with 2 s on the end)...... Known McCandless' in Ireland/US Gary McCandless Leroy McCandless Patsie Mccandless Brian Mccandless Kayeigh Mccandless Romina Mccandless Roy Mccandless Julia Mccandless Diane Mccandless Milena Martinez Mccandless Andy Mccandless Houston Mccandless Debbie Mccandless Kyle Mccandless Tom Mccandless Marla Mccandless Leslie Mccandless Chase Mccandless Daniel C. Mccandless Sienna Mccandless Virgil McCandless Cathy McCandless Rick Mccandless James McCandless Arron Mccandless Devie Mccandless Devin Mccandless Jean Mccandless Christopher Mccandless Marilyn Mccandless Paulette Mccandless Craig Mccandless Sheri Mccandless Adam Mccandless Micaela Mccandless Eddie Mccandless Nicole McCandless Brock Mccandless Korene Mccandless Tersa Mccandless Karla Mccandless Lawrence Mccandless Judi Mccandless Richard Mccandless Christina Mccandless Virgil Shawn McCandless Kirsty Mccandless Robbie Mccandless Darren Mccandless Corinne Mccandless Chris Mccandless Joanne Mccandless Debbye Mccandless Margo Mccandless Mallory Mccandless Joan Mccandless Peggy Mccandless Cindy Mccandless Tasha Mccandless Charles Mccandless Sandra L Mccandless Clayton Mccandless Jessie Mccandless Billy Mccandless Mary Mccandless Liz Mccandless Kay Mccandless Fergus Mccandless Susie Mccandless Muhammad Mccandless Melanie Mccandless Carney Mccandless Lindsey Mccandless Jonas Mccandless Teresa Mccandless Emma Mccandless Dr Bart Mccandless Alison Mccandless Kim Mccandless Trevor Mccandless June Mccandless Kent Mccandless Joanna Mccandless Sam Mccandless Tracy Mccandless Carman Mccandless Anna Mccandless Art Mccandless Jenifer Mccandless Cynthia Mccandless Aaron Mccandless Deina Mccandless Jenny Mccandless Paul Mccandless Erin Mccandless Connie Mccandless Joel Mccandless Alastair Mccandless Brenda Mccandless Tina Mccandless Jackie Mccandless Elinor Mccandless Gennie Mccandless Shea Mccandless Paulina Mccandless Earle Mccandless Don Mccandless Dick Mccandless Keri L. Mccandless Lisa Mccandless Libby Mccandless Pj Mccandless Reva Mccandless Margaret Mccandless Rahe Mccandless Nancy Mccandless Betsy Mccandless Arthur Mccandless Amber Mccandless Albert Mccandless Steven Mccandless Kate Mccandless Betty Mccandless Toni Mccandless Millie Mccandless Michael Mccandless Rebecca Mccandless Douglas Mccandless Duncan Mccandless Robert Mccandless Lenora Mccandless Theresa Mccandless Keith Mccandless Trina Mccandless David Mccandless Kristopher Mccandless Stella Mccandless Larry Mccandless Veronica Mccandless Natalie Mccandless Kenneth Mccandless Pamela Mccandless Trent Mccandless Byron Mccandless Cara Mccandless Mary Beth Mccandless Wayne Mccandless Clifford Mccandless Cheryl Mccandless Jo Mccandless Veronika Mccandless Al Mccandless Sarah Grace Mccandless Jean Jean Mccandless Jerri Mccandless Carla Mccandless Alan Mccandless Kathleen Mccandless Larry McCandless Jenny Lee McCandless Terry McCandless Sean Mccandless Kristy Mccandless Raymond Mccandless Susannah Mccandless Miesque Mccandless Ethan Mccandless Dodie Mccandless Sue Mccandless Clare Mccandless Rachel Mccandless Caroline Mccandless Christine Mccandless Arin Mccandless Gina Mccandless Aileen Mccandless Justin Mccandless Shannon Mccandless Micah Mccandless Angie Mccandless Julie Mccandless Georgena Mccandless Sharon Mccandless Andrew Mccandless Geary Mccandless Jeniffer Mccandless Chelsea Mccandless Amanda McCandless Nick Mccandless Adrian Mccandless Pablo Mccandless Jaime Mccandless Tamara Mccandless Katey Mccandless Mary Ellen Mccandless Kirsten Mccandless Kev In Mccandless Trishia Mccandless Amy Mccandless Ray Mccandless Mike Mccandless Karen Mccandless Marci Mccandless Ian Mccandless Jeb Mccandless Maynard Mccandless Robroy Mccandless Dylan Mccandless Missie Mccandless Victoria L. Mccandless Alsaka Mccandless Kristyn Mccandless Linsey Mccandless Meghan Mccandless Conor Mccandless Robin Mccandless Vic Mccandless Patricia Mccandless Paige Mccandless Becky Mccandless Alanya Mccandless Brad Mccandless Caleb Mccandless Megan Mccandless Ellen Mccandless Elizabeth Mccandless Devon Mccandless Henry A. Mccandless Juanita Mccandless Connor Mccandless Pati Mccandless Dawn Mccandless Jane Mccandless Herb Mccandless Joe Mccandless Suzanne Mccandless Beryl Mccandless Laura Mccandless Katie Mccandless Kerry Mccandless Brittany Mccandless Melissa Mccandless Jamie Mccandless Mary Lou Mccandless Alice Mccandless Thamas Mccandless Gordon Mccandless Jason Mccandless George Mccandless Lucy Mccandless Barry Mccandless Reed Mccandless Eric Mccandless Chuck Mccandless Judith Mccandless Sophie Mccandless Austin Mccandless Erica Mccandless Murray Mccandless Alicia Mccandless Gregory Mccandless Whitney Mccandless Shawn Mccandless Leanne Mccandless Rob Mccandless Gail Mccandless Tim Mccandless Gerry Mccandless Janel Mccandless Alanmauric Mccandless Molly Mccandless Dennis Mccandless Samantha Mccandless Mickey Mccandless Marlene Mccandless Robert Nicholas Mccandless Ginny Mccandless Beth Mccandless Mary Katherine Mccandless Erik Mccandless Heather Mccandless Erick Mccandless Derek Mccandless Matthew Mccandless Bobbie Mccandless Lyndsay Mccandless Mike and Sue Mccandless Laci Mccandless Cyrus Mccandless Eva Mccandless Tyler Mccandless Gene Mccandless Timothy Mccandless Janet Mccandless Greg Mccandless Dean Mccandless Fory Mccandless Michele Mccandless Glen Mccandless Allen Mccandless Jennifer Mccandless Ed Mccandless Anne Mccandless Brandon Mccandless Claire Mccandless Ken Mccandless Kevin Mccandless Tricia Mccandless Ruth Mccandless Carrie Mccandless Shenette Mccandless Pam Mccandless Jeniece Mccandless Sara Mccandless Zachary Mccandless Debra Mccandless Bobby Mccandless Garry Mccandless William Mccandless Maria Mccandless Darin Mccandless Dan Mccandless Marty Mccandless Patty Mccandless Nathan Mccandless Martin Mccandless Mary Jane Mccandless Chad Mccandless Sandy Mccandless Cathy Mccandless Linda Mccandless Katina Mccandless Sanders Mccandless Georganne Mccandless Kristin Mccandless Gayle Mccandless Sandra Mccandless Richard Henrietta Mccandless Jan Mccandless Johelen Mccandless Sigrid Mccandless Morgan Mccandless Cherie Mccandless Petra Mccandless Wendy Mccandless Yolanda Mccandless Charlene Mccandless Jessica Mccandless Kathy Mccandless Patrick Mccandless Ron Mccandless Jay Mccandless Sexyasheeka Mccandless Peter Mccandless John John Mccandless Elvira Mccandless Samuel Mccandless Derick Mccandless Melodie Mccandless Nadine Mccandless Jeanette Mccandless Shaun Mccandless Mark Mccandless Lyndal Mccandless Pat Mccandless Harry Mccandless Mariko Mccandless Angela Mccandless Tonya Mccandless Teagan Mccandless Donna Mccandless Dori Mccandless April Mccandless Adrienne Mccandless Kimber Mccandless Valerie Mccandless Henry Mccandless Luke Mccandless Maureen Mccandless Bruce Mccandless Amy Thompson Mccandless Margarite Mccandless Carol Mccandless Derrick Mccandless Marijke Mccandless Kc Mccandless Joshua Mccandless Deborah Mccandless Jonathan Mccandless Victoria Mccandless Stephen Mccandless Wolfendogfather Mccandless Dianne Mccandless Carolyn Mccandless Rickie Mccandless Daiva Mccandless Aubrey Mccandless Shelly Mccandless Josh Mccandless Jacob Mccandless Kert Mccandless Jake Mccandless Terry Mccandless Pia Mccandless Shirley Mccandless Donald Mccandless Deb Mccandless Alex Mccandless Jeremy Mccandless Elaine Mccandless John Mccandless Sylvia Mccandless Amy Casarotto Mccandless Jim Mccandless Jeanne Mccandless Sarah Mccandless Mac Mccandless Michelle Mccandless Sheena Mccandless Ryan Mccandless Kris Mccandless Arianna Mccandless Drew Mccandless Hugh Mccandless Joseph Mccandless Kathy Casey Mccandless Tammy Mccandless Bonnie Mccandless Iris Mccandless Cameron Mccandless Lauren Mccandless Thomas Mccandless Jeffrey Mccandless Rebecca Kingsley Mccandless Daniel Mccandless Holland Mccandless Joyce Mccandless Barbara E Mccandless Alexander Mccandless Doug Mccandless Kerri Mccandless Jerry Mccandless Alejandra Mccandless Shane Mccandless Stephanie Mccandless Melinda Mccandless Gary Mccandless Dustin Mccandless Stuart Mccandless Charlie Mccandless Marie Mccandless Leonard Mccandless Barbra Mccandless Emily Mccandless Lesley Mccandless Frank Mccandless Vanessa Mccandless Lorrie Mccandless Dale Mccandless Sally Mccandless Ykeca Mccandless Steve Mccandless Lucy Pena Mccandless Isobel Mccandless Monica Mccandless Darcy Mccandless Courtney Mccandless Jack Mccandless Ronda Mccandless Susan Mccandless Alexandra Mccandless Ben Mccandless Bridget Mccandless Bryan Mccandless Cathleen Mccandless Lynne Mccandless Casey Mccandless Dave Mccandless Jeanie Mccandless Helen Mccandless Kelly Mccandless Tio Bruce Mccandless Bob Mccandless Ronnie Mccandless Eileen Mccandless Rhonda Mccandless Jesse Mccandless Jennifer N. Mccandless Barbara Mccandless Sherrie Mccandless Anthony Mccandless Tommy Mccandless Lillian Mccandless Meredith Mccandless Amanda Mccandless Erich Mccandless Heidi Mccandless Margie Mccandless Norma Mccandless James Mccandless Colin Mccandless Phyra Mccandless Danny Mccandless Edward Mccandless Bonniejean Mccandless
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Clint Allen Urgent Prayer Requests: Very Special UNSPOKEN requests; Dr. Daniel M. Stewart family; Adam & Suzanne Sears; Brenda Shields & family; Jessica & Debbie Durham; Kenny Frames; Kim Allen; Kelly Chinn Gilstrap; Shannon Flener Napier; Jeanie Howard; Missi B Read more ...
urden; Mona Nelson; Mary Guinn Haney; Wayne Rather; Janeen Hurley; Tiffany Appell; Brice Morphew; Kenneth Brashars; Shonya Barradas; Shelia Hodges; Jeannie Mcpherson; Amy Doty; Neville Green; Greg Embrey; Starla Ball; Chris Hart; Karen Loi; James Leach; Shelby Bechtold & Emmitt; Lawrence Rose; Cathy Bechtold; Eva Green; Tracy Rocke Lewis; Doris Brown; Wilma Farmer; Jackie Tarrance; Zak Embry family; Chelsea Cooper; Christy Ward; Shirley Hartman; Bonta Buckner; Susan Berry; Brenda Bloomer; Taya Vaught; Harlie Bryant; Cheree Herring; Stacie Lynn Rucker George; Julie Griffith Embry; Cheryl Griffith Hunter Pendleton; Carol Kessinger Miller; Christy Brown; Laura Perkins; Sarah Stacy; Donna Carter; Linda Barber-Carter; Willodene Smith; Kim Carter-Felty; Shetkiah Flake; Trisha Pendley; Natalie Cook; Alice Abell; Amy Pharis; Haley Fredrick; Brayden Matthews; Becky Horton; Tabetha Wright; Kandi Brown; Lisa Jones Sandefur; Hillori Allen; Shannon Little; Renee Seaton; Kenyun/Christi Stewart; Misty Rigdon; Michelle Johnson; Kaiden & Leon Abney; Keri Baize; Shana Abney Drake; Sherry & Roger Frizzell; Len Nanney; Wanda Hawes; Korinn Faith Jewel; Sarah Peach; Diana Jones; Cathy Mullins; Paulla/Ira Felty; Helen Hendrix; Georgina Midkiff; Jodi Sumner; Anne Abenroth; Betty Wright; Frank Clark; Heather Geary Stone; Gay Santamaria; Amanda Tate; Kimberly P. Mattingly; David Frames; Luke Holland; Regina Lindsey; LeeAnne Hohimer & Layla; Josh McCoy; Milton Sickles; Sam Miller; Bobby Warren; Thomas Hancock; Lanny Basham; Beth Burden; Oakley Bratcher. And all cancer patients. Thanks!
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Davell Crawford MANAGEMENT OF DAVELL CRAWFORD: Tonight a concert celebrating Masters of the New Orleans Piano Tradition. A fundraiser to benefit The New Orleans Jazz Orchestra with special guest and honoree, Ellis Marsalis & special guest Davell Crawford Davell Read more ...
will perform a tribute to Fats Domino. Special presentation to Allen Toussaint & Dr. John Host Soledad O'Brian & Brian Batt The Royal Sonesta Grand Ballroom, 300 Bourbon St., New Orleans, La Cocktails 6:00 Dinner & show 7:00 Suzanne M. Koga, personal manager of Davell Crawford
1 day ago
Jim Strohl CJ Lincoln College SO Bolingbrook, Illinois GOV.IL Sameh A. Habeeb JAJAJAJAJA Butterflymom Robertson Coming SoonSHADOW gov.il Lollypop UI/UX Studio HUMANE TREAMENT OF MUSLIM IN INDIA Berwyn Masonic Lodge MO-Nika Starbała Buckminster Fuller quote-Whe Read more ...
n I am working on a problem I... StarbucksUCKS Boycott Starbucks in the UK untill they pay Full Taxes Boycott Starbucks and Expose the evil's of Corporate America starbUK Freemasons INTO TEA MARKET Occupy Indianapolis President of India ghandi gone Palestine must be arabian and in arabs handsends quote? Ghandi 2 President of the World Tea India SamplesawbUK Ghandi QUOTE Window Into Palestine NO! to The Int. Monetary Fund(IMF) in Libyaلا لصندوق النقد الدولي بليبيا Lara StarrBbbbbbUK TEA CODA Champions Of Dignity Association Jerome Coffee The British Government is a Terrorist Orginization Occupy Wall St. The Historic Town of Jerome, AZIONIST Marcel Feeblebunny Bringing Funny Back Black Jack PUB DUB Dave WhiteLL Riddle Stones Throne Rush Hush Bar Samui The scientific,logical and reasoning discussions on comparative religions. Nominee SmashMouth THEPOW.NET In the end we only regret chances we didnt take.The relationships we were scared to have and the decisions we waited to long to make there comes a time in your life when you realise who matters, who doesnt, who never did and who always will. love a rich girl >/??? Dj Richie-Rich Orwa Ebn Alward 2 Grat PRESIDENT OBAMA - RESTORE JUSTICE and grant the 52-part Pardon and Reprieve I love it when I wake up in the morning and Barack Obama is President. Egyptian Lover Anisa Abd El Fattah EL أنا بحبك يا مصر | I Love EgypTODD FELLOWS :ER AXEVIL Black Veil BridesEX The Heart of St. Charles Banquet Center Realistic Sparring Weapons RSW 擬真兵器 MATURITY Amanda LeveL Jérusalem - Jerusalem - القدس McGaughy's Suspension LIST ? FIST KNIGHTS BOXING PROMOTIONSHAW MIKE CheckPoints MARY MAXWELL ? Wheel of FortuneDUCATOR Occupy Decatur, il GOV.IL Thrill On MASS MURDER? Freemasonery - Masoneria BS BABYSPAT ? Face Book Boxing Community (The Koncrete Jungle) @ sTATUE CASE !!! FOUL , IWAS WRONG Lincoln College Wrestling Jim Strohl More Stories The scientific,logical and reasoning discussions on comparative religions. Occupy Wall St. TURKEY Add Friends Fast We Like the United States of America Mark Sheriff ? Shareefa Energy LIFE FREE???? OR CONTINUE WAGE SLAVERY Garena Talk DJ's Supporters of Egyptian president Prof. Dr. Morsi against military coupER Official Fan Page of King D.R.E.AM The Big Campaign - Boycott Israeli Goods LIKE SHARE IF ? CARE I love it when I wake up in the morning and Barack Obama is... Back To Africa Global Community South African Friends of Syria NEO A&M CollegeNERALS Wellington Nyawo Make Wall Street Banks Pay in California Dump Veolia LA Tribunal Popular Internaciona de Opinión y Ética en defensa de la Humanidad Jake LahniersHARE BROTHER The Heart of St. Charles Banquet Center @ bROOZIO Melony Brozio DeJesus Customs Occupy Chicago Amma Bloomington Abuse an Animal, Go to Jail! Face Book Boxing Community (The Koncrete Jungle) Coco Logan County Sheriff's Office NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) is NOT Constitutional SILENCE AND YOU !!!! Campaign of Exposing Israeli Crimes via Social Media ComplicityLER SILENCE AND YOU Orwa Ebn Alward Berwyn Masonic Lodge UN Occupy the World Bank / I.M.F. (International Monetary Fund) Unable to post comment. Try Again Jim Strohl Anna ArderiuWE ARE ALL PALESTINE 2 15 mins · Düsseldorf, Germany · http://youtu.be/V8u7yBhaUMI G4S: Securing War Crimes G4S is a British-Danish private security company that profits from the imprisonment of Palestinian political prisoners and systems of Israeli occupation and ... YOUTUBE.COM Like · · Share Jim Strohl Rob Evans 1 hr · I'm very sad Miley Cyrus concert canceled I've never felt so alone I danced in my room wearing only one sock cranking Miley Cyrus until my mom and dad and my aunt and grandma cousins told me to turn if off but I under stand living in a I bed room mobile home sound really travels Miley if your looking at this may God have mercy on your throat hole get better and I hope they do extra surgery were you don't look like a young boy or Justin Bieber Like · · Share Rob Evans and 13 others like this. Kevin Enger Dude you really are a mess! 1 hr · Like Larry Hamilton Lol 54 mins · Like Jim Strohl Barry Laycock shared Being Latino's video. 19 hrs · A real ghost caught on film! #digilatino #belatino Like · · Share 17 people like this. View 9 more comments Suzanne Bradford Johnson lol 8 hrs · Like · 1 Cindy Sullivan LOL ---- 7 hrs · Like · 1 Cindy VanHorn Just as real as the LI Medium too. 6 hrs · Like · 1 Allen Oney LOL ! Re-posted * 5 hrs · Like Jim Strohl Ed Rynearson and Travis Broes shared a link. Sandy Hook Elementary School: closed in 2008, a stage in 2012 As Wolfgang Halbig prepares to head to Newton to pursue the truth about Sandy Hook and confront the Newtown School Board with questions, more... VETERANSTODAY.COM Ed Rynearson Yesterday at 11:40am · operation gladio > the shock doctrine > ewen cameron Like · · Share · 713 Travis Broes via Francis Mark MacMillan Yesterday at 9:38am · Like · · Share · 41 ProphetAahrown Wilder Bey 17 hrs · Its My Son b next Week Sexy Leroi Aydin J Wilder Bey Its My Son b next Week Sexy Leroi Aydin J Wilder Bey Like · · Share 28 people like this.
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