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Funny Videos This man do this on her wife birthday http://roflpot.tv/videos/this-man-do-this-on-her-wife-birthday/
This Man Do This On Her Wife Birthday
Happy Birthday Honey - Best Funny Video
13 hours ago
Refinery29 You NEED this for summer
This Perfect Exfoliator Tailors Itself To Your Skin
Certain beauty products — think NARS blush in Orgasm, Clinique's Black Honey lipstick — are so good, they're practically famous and have devoted, loyal followings. While we love many of these, we've been wondering why others have been quietly fly Read more ... ing under the radar. With that in mind, meet our
15 hours ago
Crystal J. Sage $150/bottle? Umm, no thanks!
I fucking love science Watch bees hatch.
Watch This Fascinating Time-Lapse Of Hatching Bees
Have you ever seen a baby bee? Unlikely, as encased deep inside a beehive, bees use honeycombs to store pollen, honey, and incubate their eggs, larvae, and pupae. Photographer Anand Varma carefully created a temporary mini-beehive in his outdoor work Read more ... shop to reveal the secret lives of bees.
1 day ago
Joshua Salgado Woot!
Eddie Boy Bruce Nope.. I detest the sight of those things. Any more than 2 is a swarm to me
Cristina Vilas Bôas Alex Teixeira
Andy Saenz watch.bees.hatch. is the best headline ever.
Kevin Lin Bee excited!
Alison Beaty Anthony Malig
Erin Bisceglia Tracy Dile
Yutzil OG Lora Alejandra Naranjo....te acuerdas cuando te conté de la tripofobia? *ataque de escalofríos* >:(
John Medley wish I could unsee that
Ieuan Jones No, Buzz off
Randy Ledford Here are the latest numbers about 250 Billion dead Honey Bee's in 1 year.. could this be true? /~https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=12&v=gZhqI-VIiKI
Earthcast SOS - 250 Billion Bees Dead Across America
Join me for another eco-bite and discover that honeybees are dying at an astounding rate across America. Please support http://TheOchreProject.org
1 day ago
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George Thomas CBN News
TV Anchor & International Correspondent
2 days ago
Sandie Elliott Honey~Badger say's crazy human!
2 days ago
Rosemary Dalton http://snn.bz/bases-for-termination-cps-corruption/
Bases for Termination CPS Corruption
Honey Lee/Tami In the beginning when as parents we walk into that doctor’s office the first time and are told “you are pregnant”; thoughts of pride, fear, love, compassion, and that bitter sweet moment in time when the thoughts of “will I be Read more ... good enough for my child”, all come flooding...
2 days ago
Rodney Willis Kibizoff Whats going on in the underground caverns nowadays? How many of these modern technology nuclear devices you have? Or just one big nuclear device? You always wanted to split this planet in to two pieces? Half for you and half for me, wasnt enough room Read more ... for the both of us! Remember just like a fortune cookie! 18000 or so of those nucler devices around the world now? YHVH wants global world peace! What do you want? Battle against me again? Ok...not a problem for me? You? Total world/planet anialation or global world peace? Bee honey-royal jelly/human blood? Be specific!
2 days ago
mindbodygreen Talk about de-stress: Together with Refinery29 , we're giving one lucky winner a trip for two to the beautiful W RETREAT & SPA - VIEQUES ISLAND.
Win A 3-Day Getaway To Puerto Rico!
Enter, grab your honey or BFF and prep yourself for a trip to paradise!
2 days ago
Rodney Willis Kibizoff MING is that you? Ming-Dynasty.?.what you up to now? Population at 1.7 billion in china now? How many anchor babies you got around the world? You know the old dual citizenship game! Get pregnat in one country, go mid-pregnancy undetected then back to Read more ... china have a child. Then get repregnated and back to another country and have an infant. You still eating the babies born in china for the dual citizenship switch? You still messing around with the bhoride chemical death squad? I seen them on facebook after the family in the virgin islands with the ?chemical bhoride? What you got going on ming? I showed you the regenaration techniuqe/dna human cloning! Remember...human blood mixed with royal jelly/bee honey. I liked your concept in the ancient days? But i told you it was taboo...then you went and used it improperly (evil)! Remember what happend the last time we did battle? You still trying to build your forces back up? You know recouperate from your losses? Refreshing your memory now? What else you cooking up?
2 days ago
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