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Sandra OOPS! While not a HOAX, it is ease to see why this has been misreported. Read the link in the comments.
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Zombie drug called "Krokodil" kills you from the i
6 months ago
Sandy This is NOT a hoax.
10 Facts About Flesh Rotting Drug : KROKODIL
Source: Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Desomorphine Music by: http://www.audionautix.com Sound Effects: http://www.soundjay.com/ thumbnail: http://co...
6 months ago
Valentina Just of of curiosity, i googled about the Krokodil drug... I regret it now. I wish it was an internet hoax, but aparently it isn't... A drug that turns a human body into a walking rotting body... Awfull.. How desperate can one be to take this drug wh Read more ... en he/she knows that the side effects are rotting flesh... I think these people are so depressed and addicted, that they don't care what happens to them anyway...
7 months ago
Isa WHAT IS 'IT' THAT THE GOV'T wants to HIDE FROM US? After TV Bandila released their interview with 2 people inflected with 'flesh eating desease" in Pangasinan, DOH released a statement that it's just a "HOAX". This is my own view and in connection w Read more ... ith my post re "self proclaimed" Indian prophet's prophesies, "a flesh eating disease that will START from Pangasinan, and WILL SPREAD throughout the world' -quote unquote. As for the government - Why would they deny such existence when there was a record supporting it? As for the self proclaimed prophet : Please take note the word "START. This is a horrifying effect of a DRUG called KROKODIL (Desomorphine), started in Russia, and spread throughout American continents. And this is prior to the coming here of the so called Indian prophet. Pangasinan could not reach the devastating drug. But the drug can literally "fly" to them in the form of a crumpled white straight clouds in Heaven. Religious? No, Scientific! HAARP! A machine that can spread horrible illnesses. The same machine that can create man made calamities. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1c5gql_horrific-highly-addictive-zombie-drug-wreaks-havoc_news?from_related=related.page.int.behavior-meta2.98bfebaa23482abf240f30605132c1d6139341577
Horrific! Highly addictive 'zombie drug' wreaks havoc
WARNING! Some images in this report could be disturbing for some users.It's a narcotic that's ravaged parts of provincial Russia. Named "krokodil" - because of the scaly marks it leaves on the body where it's injected - the concoction is highly addic Read more ... tive and the ingredients are dirt ch…
8 months ago
Joey Yan ung sakit cmes from drugs. Us and rusian called KROKODIL
‘Mysterious flesh-eating disease’ in Pangasinan a hoax–health exec
The so-called "mysterious disease" in Pangasinan that is eating the flesh of its victims is no mystery at all, the provincial health officer said on Tuesday.
8 months ago
Teresa guys and gals in Clyde and the surrounding areas it's been noted that Krokodilhas been located in Clyde vicinity. If you do not know what this is here's a link below it's disturbing and scary. It's a really bad drug from Russia. It could be a rumor Read more ... and hearsay, but it was mentioned in class that there's been reports of it.. The Ugly, truth! These pictures are disturbing and hard to stomach. This is very real this is not a hoax. If there's any reports in the area people should be notified... in my opinion. I haven't seen anyone talk about it on facebook news sites so I am linking it here. These images will break your heart... Please, pray that this substance is eradicated from our area, the land, and our country as well as the the world. Please, pass this along the horrific images could save someone's life... The way the drug works is hit hijacks the basic functions of the brain that tells us when we need to eat and when we need to sleep and the pleasure sensors in a nut shell... so this drug takes the basic reward system that we have within our bodies and makes you think you need that drug to survive while it rots your flesh from the inside out. All addictions are horrible. This one is the most insidious and heart wrenching because their life expectancy is so short and once hooked even by chance if they get clean they have irreversible damage to their body and system and brain. I can't help but cry when I see this or hear about this drug... so many peoples lives are destroyed. http://www.vocativ.com/10-2013/krokodil-flesh-rotting-horror-coming-plague/
KROKODIL: Flesh-Rotting Horror and Coming Plague?
How "home-brewed heroin" could soon be the end of the road for young, penniless American drug users
9 months ago
Lora In the future, maybe we will be able to tell all the drug users at a single glance... how cool would that be? MWAHAHA! pictures were too graphic to post due to my young user friends... but this is important information for you too. There is a drug ci Read more ... rculating which looks a lot like heroine but is called Krokodil (also called Krokodil meth). If injected it causes your flesh to rot off. All Heroine needs to be replaced with this so we'll know who the drug users are. XD I checked with the hoax database just to be sure this was real, because I was like "can't be real" but it is! I was surprised. It started in Russia but is spreading to the usa. Quote: "Krokodil is a real drug concoction popular in Russia that can produce necrosis in users who inject it, causing skin to harden, slough, turn green, and rot" Safe for children link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2458777/Has-flesh-eating-drug-krokodil-claimed-victims-US.html Too Graphic for children, parents open when safe- children leave this site alone: http://www.snopes.com/medical/drugs/krokodil.asp They should just make all Heroine do this, it'd make some job openings and scare kids away from it.
9 months ago
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Just in case anyone is thinking about using the ne
9 months ago
Planned RED ALERT-Krokodil: a dangerous drug or just a hoax? http://conta.cc/1iYcwLj
RED ALERT-Krokodil: a dangerous drug or just a hoax?
The horrifying images of "zombie" flesh have hit the media in recent months - depicting the use of krokodil, a drug similar to heroin.
9 months ago
Doctors confirm: Use of flesh-eating opioid drug krokodil is spreading in U.S. | The Raw Story
The extremely addictive, injectable opioid is made by mixing codeine with some combination of gasoline, paint thinner, iodine, kitchen and bathroom cleaner, hydrochloric acid and red phosphorous from matches.
10 months ago
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