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The Next Web If you can't trust a man named Phuc Dat Bich, who can you trust?
VICE News How the "Wikipedia of drugs" changed the way we trip.
This 90s Web Forum Shaped Today's Drug Culture
Tripping on the information superhighway.
Tattoos Hy i'm katherine from Canada follow me if you want to good friendship with me....
Craigy A. Williams Police Lives Matter, George W. Bush was better than Obama, Fox News is the best news station on TV. God Bless you all!
Nate Goeman Erowid?
Gail Michell Erowid<33
Mike William Gur Don't b mixin yer SJW in my errowids, vice
Lee Bricks Hawthorne Always been a big fan of Erowid.
Michael Paul It was an invaluable resource when I worked in inpatient psychiatry
David Petersen https://youtu.be/46m_1GDgICs
Dimitri Kay Good way to get "keyed."
Lawrence Engel Recreational drugs use is a complete waste of your talent and time.
Sara Radfar Help my best friend AYTA
Click here to support Help My Dear Friend AYTA by Sara Radfar
Hello this is story of my fried AYTA I’m a refugee victim of the Iranian government cruelty and I’m suffering from M.S disease. I provide my treatment cost by my art skill work, because of my illness, I’m not able to perform other tasks. My mo Read more ... nthly drug costs $5000. My injecting drug is Interfe...
33 minutes ago
HuffPost Science & Tech WHAAAAAT.
'Phuc Dat Bich' Facebook Name Complaint Reportedly A Hoax
The man originally claimed that he was been banned from the site for being named ... well, you know by now.
41 minutes ago
CBS News Health "This isn't for sympathy or anything. This is for awareness," the 20-year-old stuttered in the video as his body shook with muscle spasms.
Ecstasy victim's plea to avoid party drug goes viral
Taking a party drug seems like a "fun option," but...
54 minutes ago
I fucking love science Your brain on coke.
Study Reveals How Cocaine Affects The Brain
A new study into the effects of cocaine has revealed that the drug induces long-lasting remodeling of brain cell connections which alters the brain’s sensitivity to future doses. The findings provide a new insight into how persistent cocaine use le Read more ... ads to increased tolerance and desensitization, and…
2 hours ago
420 handpainted jars Yum!
Peter Diaz Cocaine is a hell of a drug ...
Crammie Hamilton rofl
Adrian Patata I know how it affects my wallet, e______e too expensive
Kayleigh Graham Patrick Steam Graham
Mélodie Tamer Nabih Zakhour
Ty Perry Kristal March
Andrew McCullough
Robert Carbajal Luis A Lara
Patrick Hale AWESOME!
Salon Spoiler: That "Don DeLillo" tweet was totally fake...
Why I believed that dumb Pynchon death hoax: The elusive novelist is tailor-made to be the butt of b
Thomas Pynchon is still alive—but he might fake-die a few more times in his lifetime
3 hours ago
Allan John Sluis Jeffrey Thomas Bagdon
The Wall Street Journal Pfizer Inc.’s Lyrica was originally developed to treat general anxiety disorder and epilepsy. Pfizer later discovered it was able to treat certain types of nerve pain. But the company said it failed to reduce pain for those suffering from chronic n Read more ... erve pain caused by traumatic accidents or surgeries.
Pfizer’s Lyrica Fails to Treat Traumatic Neuropathic Pain
Drug maker Pfizer Inc. said Wednesday that its drug Lyrica didn’t reduce pain any more than a placebo for those suffering from chronic nerve pain caused by traumatic accidents or surgeries.
3 hours ago
AP Sports Summer Olympic federations set up anti-doping task force: http://apne.ws/1PYOqzB
Summer Olympic federations set up anti-doping task force
LAUSANNE, Switzerland (AP) — Summer sports federations have set up a task force to study their anti-doping programs as Olympic officials consider turning over all drug-testing to an independent body. The Association of…
3 hours ago
National Committee to Preserve Social Security and "In fact, a Kaiser Family Foundation poll found a large majority of the public (72%) view the cost of prescription drugs as unreasonable." Please SHARE this with your friends! http://bit.ly/21fXdm2
High RX Drug Prices Certainly Not News to Seniors
Once simple solution to rising drug costs is to allow Medicare to negotiate prices for prescription drugs which could save the program and its beneficiaries billions of dollars.
4 hours ago
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Krokodil, fake pot and the real chemistry of drugs | Time Magazine has called it \Krokodil - [New fake heroin] drug raising eyebrows in america! | Dont do drugs you could make at home! [new heroin]Drugs, INC ᴴᴰ S06E01 Flesh Eating Krokodil Full Episode | drug inc,drug incarceration rates,drug inc boston,drug incompatibility,drug incarceration rates by race,drug inc molly,drug inc dc,drug inc fake,drug inc mem.World\'s Scariest Drug (Documentary Exclusive) | VICE\'s Ryan Duffy went to Colombia to check out a strange and powerful drug called Scopolamine, also known as \Krokodil: Russia\'s Deadliest Drug (NSFW) | Like VICE News? Subscribe to our news channel: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE-News For more videos from VICE News, click here: http://bit.ly/PILfBe A ...The Effects of Krokodil - Real Life Zombies | The Drug Krokodil is a cheaper version of Heroin and is easy to make. It first surfaced in Russia and now is appearing all around the world including North ...
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