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Newsweek Quaaludes have reentered public discussion in the wake of the Bill Cosby revelations, but do people still take them?
Do People Still Take Quaaludes?
In wake of Bill Cosby revelations, "Newsweek" checks for evidence of drug's use.
2 hours ago
KateFrances Hege Hey Newsweek, Why are you running multiple pieces that were originally published on the Foundation for Economic Education site? First, I was unlucky enough to read that piece of poop misconstruing Sanders as anti-immigrant from FEE, and I just came across another one on Donald Trump's fascism. Startled by the seeing the same source, I did a quick Google search and found several more articles. Is some Libertarian Koch abomination pimping your publication as a propaganda mouth-piece? Pretty creepy stuff.
Sam J. Cataldo Cosby does
HuffPost Live "If you actually saw the truth on a label -- of what percentage of sugar for your daily intake [it] would be -- all those products are going out of business"
Laurie David Says Added-Sugar Labels Will Never Happen
The Food and Drug Administration recently proposed that packaged foods indicate their quantity of added sugar in relation to recommended daily calorie intake, but Laurie David isn't buying it. The "Fed
3 hours ago
HuffPost Sports Another banner offseason for the NFL and Roger Goodell.
NFL Troubles Continue With Deflategate, Fireworks, Drugs
Shattered cellphones. Fireworks accidents. Failed drug tests. The NFL's endless aggravation raged through an offseason marked by more crime and punishment, rules violations by owners, and the never-ending
4 hours ago
BuzzFeed News The man accused of fatally shooting a Memphis police officer during a drug deal has turned himself in.
Suspect In Memphis Police Officer Shooting Turns Himself In
Tremaine Wilbourn was in custody Monday after police said he fatally shot Officer Sean Bolton, then fled.
5 hours ago
Bee Norbury now, lets get all those cops who shoot and kill those who are unarmed to turn themselves in!
Daniyal Gauba I hope he gets mauled by a lion.
Wes Medina so if weed was legal, this wouldn't be?
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Jack Horner May he burn in Hell.
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NBC News The Ohio-based company says its printing system can package potent drug doses of up to 1,000 milligrams into individual tablets. It expects to launch Spritam in the first quarter of 2016.
FDA Approves First 3-D Printed Pill
The FDA has approved the first prescription drug made through 3-D printing: a dissolvable tablet that treats seizures.
5 hours ago
Brian Moore Holy Crap, take a pill.
Jon Foreman I can foresee nothing wrong happening with this.
Patricia Leah 100 innocent people are getting killed in Syria and middle east every hour. HELP
Jon Stevens But people want marijuanna to be illegal..??? Dafuq?
Deda Bakir Help Syria and middleast please 100 of innocent people get killed every hour.
Lay Low
Cathie Chansamone I see cheaper easier access to meds.
Todd Borthwick
Vlad Gresser Does it contain THC?
Ana Garcia Se agradece el dato, Yo publique algo parecido en mi Perfil
Los Angeles Times Entertainment The American rave scene has expanded dramatically in recent years. U.S. rave festivals have grown in capacity by 50% since 2007, according to the dance music trade group IMS. Organizers of electronic music festivals have generally said they try to ma Read more ... ke their events safe and don’t want their attendees taking drugs
Overdoses suspected in deaths of 2 women at HARD Summer music festival
Two young women died of suspected drug overdoses after collapsing at the HARD Summer music festival at the Fairplex in Pomona, authorities said Sunday.
6 hours ago
Allie Bvlgari Yes but that is what they are going to do and everyone knows it.
The Next Web The first FDA-approved 3D-printed drug
6 hours ago
Business Insider Exercise literally saved Eminem's life.
6 hours ago
Giorgos Fotiadis junkie
Asllan Sallauka actually what made him start exercisin saved his life
Branden Bennett Alexander Bennett
Upworthy Not only that, but we'd save a LOT of money. So here's some facts to keep in mind since reform miiight be coming soon!
A funny thing happens when drugs are legalized: Violence and crime happen a lot less.
Heroin use and HIV infections went down in one country after the drug became more available. Not kidding.
7 hours ago
Jahnna Margaret Tully Certain drugs are destroying communities. And never should be legalized for every bodies sake
Stephen Ierardo Yup and addiction and overdose happen a lot more !!
Scott Esse Cannabis is a life enhancer. Not a drug. :P
Darryl Brashier I wrote about this back around 2002 or so. We learned *nothing* from Prohibition.
Jonifin Marvin Weed is not a drug
Yahoo News A woman who identified herself as the girlfriend of the suspect, a former firefighter, said, "He's a good guy. I don't know what happened."
Man shot to death awaiting court appearance in Mississippi
CANTON, Miss. (AP) — A man got out of his pickup, walked up to the defendant in a drug-dealing case and fatally shot him in the chest, then set down his gun and surrendered as deputies confronted him outside a Mississippi courthouse Monday morning, Read more ... law enforcement officials said.
8 hours ago
Dara Leigh Nunn How can someone who was shot to death be awaiting an appearance in court.
Jessica Williams "But on Saturday night, the chief said, Wells' mother was shot and wounded while in her car. She drove herself to the Canton Police Department, reported that she'd been shot, and was transferred to a hospital in an ambulance, according to police. The chief refused to give her name, citing the ongoing investigation. Earlier, Guest described the relative in the Saturday shooting as a female "informant." He said officials didn't know whether the shootings were linked." The article states that the firefighters mother was shot Saturday, and she was likely an informant. Perhaps he shot this drug-dealer due to being associated with the shooting of his mother.
Kimberly Marie I just read another article which states Wells' mother was supposed to testify against Brown and she was shot in her car two days ago. Seems like Wells was not going to let this thug win. http://m.wapt.com/news/shooting-reported-at-madison-county-courthouse/34504460
Steve Watson Would you rather advocate the drug dealer and one of his buddies or even him shooting the firefighters mother because she was suppose to testify in court against the dealer .....
Marc Robinson Shane, this guy shot a prisoner then put his gun down and waited to get arrested. He's taking responsibility for his actions.
Jagindar Singh The firefighter did right.
Tim Davis Sounds like a man who was sick and tired of drug dealers getting away w things. That, and when you go after and shoot a mans mother because she may have been an informant, you've dug your own grave.
Shirley Gibbins Shank Who writes these lines? Give the poor dead guy his day in court! Lol!
Nick Duke Foster It makes me sick that these murders are always said to be a good guy by their friends and neighbors... In the story, the shooting of the ex-fireman's mother was not related...
Jim Bond
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Krokodil, fake pot and the real chemistry of drugs | Time Magazine has called it \Krokodil - [New fake heroin] drug raising eyebrows in america! | Dont do drugs you could make at home! [new heroin]Krokodil, fake pot and the real chemistry of drugs | Don\'t do them. Fox business news, fox cable news, uk news, abc news, nbc news, reuters news, canada news, world business news, cnn student news, cnn ...Drugs Inc Season 6 Episode 1 Flesh Eating Krokodil National Geographic | drug inc,drug incarceration rates,drug inc boston,drug incompatibility,drug incarceration rates by race,drug inc molly,drug inc dc,drug inc fake,drug inc mem.Krokodil: Russia\'s Deadliest Drug (NSFW) | Like VICE News? Subscribe to our news channel: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE-News For more videos from VICE News, click here: http://bit.ly/PILfBe A ...Drugs, INC ᴴᴰ S06E01 Flesh Eating Krokodil Full Episode | drug inc,drug incarceration rates,drug inc boston,drug incompatibility,drug incarceration rates by race,drug inc molly,drug inc dc,drug inc fake,drug inc mem.
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