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The Spudd https://www.facebook.com/thespudd/posts/707025912760066
Anti-vaccine doctor Bob Sears uses 3D printer to print anecdotes
ORANGE COUNTY, CA - Dr. Bob Sears was running out of anecdotes from parents who follow his alternative vaccine schedule and buy his books and dvds. He appears to have solved that problem.
16 hours ago
Murad Elhelow https://www.facebook.com/BradfordBoycott/posts/1623638981207721
17 hours ago
Murad Elhelow https://www.facebook.com/BradfordBoycott/posts/1623638981207721
17 hours ago
Murad Elhelow https://www.facebook.com/BradfordBoycott/posts/1623638981207721
17 hours ago
Darius Caridine Thelaw https://www.facebook.com/alia.wilson.351/posts/1448525162118871
17 hours ago
Distractify Guessing your political party by your Facebook comments is easy, guessing your age based on your political party, not so much.
Can We Guess Your Age Based On Your Political Opinions?
40-year-old Republican is the new 30-year-old Democrat.
17 hours ago
Nan Bovingdon I'm 26! Reversing that number wouldn't even be enough.....being a little old lady doesn't have to mean short sighted and stupid......
Alesia Lamar Bickford 26. I will be 54 this Fall.
Tomas Mann That's easy, under 40 your brain has been stuffed with liberal bulls**t, if you are under 30 you are almost totally helplessly full of liberal garbage and only dying of old age will cure that...25 & under you are starting to realize that the liberal lies are just that lies...if you are over 40 you have seen some of reality and if you are 50 and over you have spent years uninfected by the liberal mental disease now destroying the US. Feel free to flame me all you want, this is just reality as seen from a person who lived for years before the liberal lies took control of the failed US educational system and before minority whiners got far more than acceptable power due to political greed and stupidity...have fun..flame away
Cristian Andres Suaza I got 26
Catherine Constantelo I got 26 yrs. Old
Anne Digby Wow! I'm only 47!!!!!!
Cindy Cunningham Said I should be 33....that ship sailed!
Cam Robertson 1 year off...not bad.
Katy Varlan 33
Sagar Bajaj 47 -_-
Yahoo Tech Facebook is Snapchat creeping again.
Facebook Adds Snapchat-esque Photo Editing to Its iOS App
It was reported that Facebook tried — and failed — to buy Snapchat for $3 billion in 2013, but since then, the world’s biggest social network seems to have decided instead to simply adopt some of the app’s best features.
18 hours ago
Just For Fun and Laugh https://www.facebook.com/funnyfunny23?fref=nf LIKE THIS PAGE! PLEASEE! Funny quotes, pics, videos, illustrations, facts...=D =D =D =D =D (y) (y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y)
Just For Fun and Laugh
Funny pages, pics, illustrations, games, quotes etc.
18 hours ago
World best https://www.facebook.com/pages/World-best/1449618625341204
World best
World best
18 hours ago
Amazing world Pictures 7 Reasons To Make Sure You ALWAYS Log Out Of Facebook
18 hours ago
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