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Robert Woody Peña ATTENTION FACEBOOK: Has ANYBODY received this message in their inbox? Am so pleased to notify you about the prize winning of $90,000.00 Dollars which your Facebook screen-name happens to be among those lucky winners that won from the New hot lotto p Read more ... rogram conjunction with the Facebook company Your account name was pick from the (ERPM) electronic random picking machine that picked your name as one of the winners of the category of $50,000.00 dollars. Firstly the necessary information will be needed in order to process your winning prize delivery to you at your front door. Your Full Address, Occupation, Marital status, Age, House or Apt, Email. Your prize will be deliver to you at your door step immediately after the information has been fill and process into the file form I THINK THIS IS SPAM! What do you think???
9 minutes ago
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