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Business Insider Forget everything you thought you knew about water.
17 shocking facts that could change the way you think about water forever
Neil deGrasse Tyson and other top scientists weigh in.
Fox News Leisure The first Friday in June marks the sweetest of America's holidays: National Donut Day. In honor of National Donut Day, we're bringing you nine little-known facts about the circle-shaped confection, courtesy of food writer Michael Krondl. Take a look Read more ... : http://ow.ly/NLrRr
1 hour ago
Amazing world Pictures 32 Fun Facts About Famous People, Places And Brands (32 Photos)
32 Fun Facts About Famous People, Places And Brands (32 Photos)
32 Fun Facts About Famous People, Places And Brands (32 Photos)
1 hour ago
Mother Nature Network Like goats have accents. And a group of parrots is known as a pandemonium.
36 random animal facts that may surprise you
From proposing penguins to voting bovines, here are three dozen randomly interesting facts about animals.
3 hours ago
Amazing world Pictures 10 Surprising Things You NEED To Know About Birth Control
10 Surprising Things You NEED To Know About Birth Control
The birth control pill is one of the most popular methods of contraception, but you probably didn't know these important facts about it. | From wonderfuldailygalleries
4 hours ago
Stop Telling Lies About Liberals And We'll Stop Te The #Republican #TeaParty #Rightwing May Be Many Things, But Christian Is Not One Of Them . https://www.facebook.com/4wardUSA/photos/a.339299709494695.79431.339251532832846/839711532786841/?type=1&theater
#RightwingBS The #Republican #TeaParty #Rightwing May Be Many Things, But Christian Is Not One Of Them http://www.huffingtonpost.com/bob-burnett/republicans-arent-christi_b_3292022.html http://www.thenewblackmagazine.com/view.aspx?index=361 Long Read more ... before the Bible had been written Religion was being used to manipulate & control others. Those being manipulated never seem to notice the hypocrisy displayed by their manipulators. Hence the controllers become more & more brazen. Truth is the Republican/Tea Party follow the philosophy of Selfishness & Greed taught by Ayn Rand... Not the teachings of Jesus Christ. When signing the Civil Rights Act of 1964 Johnson turned to Sargent Shriver, who was sitting next to him and said "We just lost the South." That was the moment when the mass exodus of the last remaining Dixie Democrats happened. They leaped in the arms of the Republican Party and the transformation of the two parties occurred. Republicans were overtaken by the "conservatives" (code name for selfish, backwards bigots) and the Democrats became the new liberals, the stand for civil rights and progressive Government. 1%ers like the Koch brothers & corporations fund the right wing campaign of hate for one simple reason. When people are filled with hate they are easy to manipulate. The truth is that for some it is not, nor has it ever been about facts, honesty or truth. Logic is wasted on them. For you cannot reason with the unreasonable. They claim Voter ID Laws are needed to stop the nonexistent voter fraud problem. But Common Sense Gun Laws that could save thousands of lives are not. http://www.brennancenter.org/analysis/policy-brief-truth-about-voter-fraud They say women should not have the right to make their own healthcare decisions. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/05/20/opinion/sunday/the-attack-on-women-is-real.html?_r=0 They have called President Obama incompetent & dishonest. But found George Bush competent & truthful. http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-628069 They are inconsolable over Benghazi. Yet have found a way to live with the 53 people killed in the 12 attacks on our Embassies under Bush. Along with the almost 3,000 men, women & children who died horrific deaths on 9/11. And the well over 900,000 & counting who’ve died in Iraq & Afghanistan. http://www.unknownnews.org/casualties.html Many of you have posed the question -"Why do they continue to vote against their own best interest?" The Answer… There is a portion of the population who are tribal by nature. Who are only comfortable around others they consider to be mentally, physically & spiritually like themselves. In some cases a feeling of superiority is derived from the low rating of those outside of their “Tribe.” They thrive on the us vrs them mentality. Give them someone or something to hate and they are as happy as a hog in slop. And as long as you are seen to be a member of their “Tribe" almost anything you do will be accepted. Which is why the Republican/Tea Party uses cultural, regional & religious differences to widen the divide between Americans. Republicans have concocted a “Tribal Cocktail.” This vile Tea is a mixture of False Religion, Bigotry, Fear & Lies. It makes their base vote against all they hold dear. Their Families, their Country, their GOD, & Themselves. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=willful+ignorance Conditioned to hate, they are the ultimate single issue voters. Which is why these very same people did nothing during the Bush years. But now feel the need to wear tea bags & wave snake flags. Hate is a powerful emotion. Unless kept in check hate can cause an avalanche of destruction. It wreaks havoc on relationships, breaks up families & even takes away innocent lives. With hate dark thoughts of revenge and destruction can cloud the mind. Hate not only harms the people around us; it also erodes our own character. And can even destroy Nations.
5 hours ago
Ric Stormer Love The Picture. I would caption it. Damn Bill You Bust Already? Shit!
Yahoo Movies Adrian Grenier, Jeremy Piven, Jerry Ferrara, Kevin Connolly & creator Doug Ellin gave us the scoop on turning Entourage into a movie.
The ‘Entourage’ Crew Talks About Fans Calling Them By Character Names and Superstar Athletes...
Creator Doug Ellin and stars Adrien Grenier, Kevin Connolly, Jerry Ferrara, and Jeremy Piven talk about bringing their TV characters to the big screen.
5 hours ago
Fox News On "The Five" today, Greg Gutfeld blasted Piers Morgan's reaction to the remarks actor Vince Vaughn made about having guns in schools.
Gutfeld Rips Piers Morgan's Gun Comments: 'Only a Dumb Person Responds to Facts Without Facts'
"The irony is lost on Piers," said Gutfeld. "Only a dumb person would respond to facts without facts.
6 hours ago
Kiva Jones Piers Needs to GO HOME.
Dick Butt No one ever will take my gun!!! I don`t believe that administration headed by a terrorist can secure me. Our founding fathers gave me the 2nd amendment and don`t you dare take it from me!
Jenna Huehansson Wow! I've always loved Vince Vaughn, but This puts him in a new light and I'm loving it
Laura Strobl Sounds like a paul supporters!
Kenneth Beck Who cares what a Brit thinks of America... Worry about your own country!
Steve Franklin Schools and airpports are the most dangerous places in the world. Gun free zones are the devil.
Vesta McKinney Piers can go back to where he came from. You see how being unarmed works there.
Ahmed Anssaien CHECK OUT THIS PERFECTION <3 : http://bit.ly/1JiOCHT
Abrar Memon Ai Tương Tác
Sports Illustrated “I made a mistake and I know a lot of people don't view that way ... But ultimately that's what it was.”
6 hours ago
Jack Vict Admit your mistakes, apologize Is that so hard for the patriots?
Cameron Podgorny owned up to his mistakes, took responsibility now time to get back to playing football
Patrick Johnson Just glad to see him back.
Marian Martinez Gando Ver el Ver el Video de Esta Noticia Aqui en Link azul http://goo.gl/F4AYCh
roadtoys https://www.facebook.com/840910282622005/photos/a.840931172619916.1073741827.840910282622005/891021774277522/?type=1&theater
Koenigsegg One:1 with Robert Serwanski and Adrian Sutil. #Koenigsegg #ModenaTrackdays #PaceGermany #AdrianSutil #Francorchamps
7 hours ago
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Chicser Facts Clarence Adrian Villafuerte | You and I for Clarence Adrian Villafuerte- Chicser :) | You and I By Chance cover Mitch Sampaga this is for you Cav, chicser44 and also chicser. :) hope you\'ll like it! :D *Sorry for the fail voice xD.*Clarence Adrian Villafuerte singing Be Alright! Chillin\' with CHICSER A Breakthrough Concert | HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLARENCE ADRIAN VILLAFUERTE (Chicser) | Happy Birthday CAV! Wish you all the best and more blessings filled with more shows and albums :)Ang Zipper Beatbox ni Chicser Biboy | Ano daw ang masasabi niyo sa bagong Beatbox Basics ni Chicser Biboy? For more Chicser ...Chicser facts Biboy Chua Cabigon |
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