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Fast Company Facts < Metaphors.
Why Metaphors Beat The Snot Out Of Facts When It Comes To Motivating Action
Douglas Van Praet returns to tackle the magic of metaphors, and why they beat facts when it comes to creative persuasion.
4 hours ago
Doug Millison But it doesn't work in headlines like this one.
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Student Net Alliance Get the facts on the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA), ask the experts "AMA" happening now on reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/3f13sf/cisa_a_privacyinvasive_cybersecurity_surveillance/ ft. Fight For The Future, Electronic Fro Read more ... ntier Foundation (EFF), ACLU Nationwide and Accessnow.org. #StopCISA #StudentsAgainstSurveillance #privacy
5 hours ago
Alexander Caro Perez Thank you for your awesome facts I Fucking Love Science
6 hours ago
HuffPost Entertainment Garfield is a snoozefest and, deep down, we all know it.
4 'Garfield' Facts To Explain Why He Makes You Feel Nothing
He loves all food, but particularly lasagna. He hates spiders, dieting and Odie the dog. He sheds a lot, and then he sleeps a lot.
7 hours ago
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Paul Elertson
10 Facts // Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII 8
1) The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8 is a front engine, all wheel drive car that was made from 2003-2005. 2) It is powered by a turbocharged 2 liter inline 4...
7 hours ago
500px Till Death Do Us Part by Adrian McDonald: https://goo.gl/89DfXI #photography
8 hours ago
Vincent Spratling He thinking what for pudding
Funny Videos #7 Fact Will Shock You :O
Sleep Paralysis: 9 Facts About Waking Up And Being Unable To Move
1. You feel like you’ve woken up dead. Basically your mind wakes up but your body doesn’t, so you essentially feel trapped inside of your body unable to move...
12 hours ago
Frank Donaghy that happen to me scary shit!!
John Seybi see more-->>http://goo.gl/yRLftp
Marty Person ok
Jayde Bamford Emma Tyas
Sammy Peters Eden Kate Peters
Yahoo Did you know that Dermot Mulroney plays the cello on the Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol soundtrack?
16 hours ago
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Los Angeles Times Dr. Seuss sold hundreds of millions of children's books but never had children of his own: "You have 'em, I'll amuse 'em," he said. His long-lost book "What Pet Should I Get?" hit stores today -- and it's already a bestseller. Read more: http://lat. Read more ... ms/1KvFHUo
16 hours ago
Michael Klevens Icon!!!!
Kim Kutscka Kim Cobelo
Ilnaz Delvarani Patrick Vanessa Pacheco
Brooke Diane Perla Sandoval
Roberto Becerra I will always remember green eggs & ham like no other book all time favorite as a kid
Aaron Meiojas I wonder how many people would think the same of him once they knew about the cartoons he used to draw when he was first starting out?
Jay Padilla Rochielle Garcia-Padilla
Joyce Lee He himself is the grinch >:)
Gaby Rodriguez Vee Hood
Jill Spriggs I grew up having him sign my copies of his books as he lived on my neighborhood. He hated kids, cussed out neighbor little girl for accidentally stepping on his lawn, sent his step daughters away to boarding school. His first wife killed herself and he married his girlfriend immediately. Reading scores dropped like a rock once schools adopted his "early" readers. Yes, I still like some of his books. Not a fan of the man though.
Health.com An RD weighs in.
What’s the Deal With Activated Charcoal? 3 Things to Know
Learn the facts about this supposed "detox" tool.
19 hours ago
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Chicser Facts Clarence Adrian Villafuerte | You and I for Clarence Adrian Villafuerte- Chicser :) | You and I By Chance cover Mitch Sampaga this is for you Cav, chicser44 and also chicser. :) hope you\'ll like it! :D *Sorry for the fail voice xD.*HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLARENCE ADRIAN VILLAFUERTE (Chicser) | Happy Birthday CAV! Wish you all the best and more blessings filled with more shows and albums :)Clarence Adrian Villafuerte singing Be Alright! Chillin\' with CHICSER A Breakthrough Concert | Chicser Clarence Villafuerte accident | Not so funny #Aprilfools parin.Ang Zipper Beatbox ni Chicser Biboy | Ano daw ang masasabi niyo sa bagong Beatbox Basics ni Chicser Biboy? For more Chicser ...
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