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TIME The space adventure film beat out 'Interstellar's' opening weekend
'The Martian' Has $55 Million Opening Weekend
The film drew in a large audience
Tong Zou Ironically, Matt Damon also acted in Interstellar as well
Risha Since Good movie and Matt demon.
Emmet Cole Interstellar paved the way for it and people were eager for more in the genre... Hence The Martians opening weekend success. Both excellent movies IMO
Toni Frisby First Saving Private Ryan, then Interstellar, now The Martian...a hell of a lot of cash is being spent on saving Matt Damon.
Alana Edwards Is The Martian a continuation of Interstellar?
Glory ZM Great movie!! Congrats Matt.... I hope he wins an oscar for The Martian. He deserves more an Oscar than modelizer actor LD. A 40 year old man who still dating young models??f@#!ck!! You go Matt Damon
Daniel Agnesmed Even though I'm a huge Nolan fan, "The Martian" has a far better story. "Interstellar" was way to complex to get.
Jeremy Doherty Intersteller helped open the door for martians box office success
Natalie Luther This was a great movie!
Cumhur Babaoğlu Where are Nolan fans?
CNNMoney Mars is having a great week.
'The Martian' opening rockets near October box office record
The Matt Damon film was a huge hit with both audiences and critics bringing in near record box office numbers.
Carlos Sanchez Saw it Friday. Mars looked great on the big screen. Really great movie.
Alex M. Maya Watched it yesterday. Excellent perfomance!! Magnificent views from mars!!
Kayla Miller Watched yesterday and was spectacular !
Landon Davila Must see
Matt Domenech Billy Luong
The Economist Ridley Scott's "The Martian" is suspense-free, and Matt Damon is its terribly sanguine, resourceful hero.
With some pluck, anyone can live on Mars
RIDLEY SCOTT'S “The Martian” is one of those rare science-fiction films that puts an emphasis on science, so its release date is awkward. Just when the film was...
Katherine T. Tyson I really enjoyed it - a positive but not cheesy movie. No deux ex machina. First time I've enjoyed a movie in a long time. It can be nice to just have a realistic but not soul crushing plot. Or super heroes. (I love superheroes but the saturation in movies was starting to get tiresome)
Steve Codman With some pluck anyone can live in Luton.... But who the hell would want to?!?!?!? :-)
No Mey I was expecting a bit more from this film, a good decent one time watch, but does not compare to Apollo 13 as people have been loosely comparing it to. I gave it a 7.5/10.
Jorge Escandon Great film.
Danilo R. Quinonez Lol
Alberto López-Gómez Daniela Arias
HuffPost Crime "The allegations of sexual discrimination, harassment and deprivation of the student athletes' academic and social activities at Nyack College are profound and pervasive."
Softball Coach Groped Players, Offered Porn Connection, Suit Says
Adult film actress allegedly invited to practice for "life-counseling sessions."
Joseph James Trepanowski That's hot!
Tattoos : Beauty Of Soul Hey Guys.The Body Is A Temple.Let's Decorate It's Walls.If You Like,Please Push The Thumb Up (Y).
Lucas Lueloff I PREACH THE TRUTH OF THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST! How Ridley Scott took an exasperating novel and turned it into an exciting, funny film.
The Film of The Martian Gives The Bestselling Novel What It Needs Most: A Dose of Wonder
When Ridley Scott’s exciting and funny film of Andy Weir’s hit novel The Martian comes to theaters this week, it’s going to be wildly popular and make hundreds of millions of dollars. Or let’s be more precise: According to the Congressional R Read more ... esearch Service there were 6.2 million scientists and engineers...
38 minutes ago
Justin Voss The book's mathematical explanations were the best part! I disagree that the novel's science took away from the excitement. The plans of how much oxygen or water he would need, how he would Make it, how much he would yield....those were the parts that made it most fascinating! His calculations made it more accessible and added to the danger. And I almost failed algebra and am definitely not an engineer. You don't need to be to understand "I need 3 to live and I only have 2". It basically was that simple concept repeated over and over again with this book. Great novel. Can't wait to see the movie.
Kirsten Baxter The novel was great exactly the way it was. That's why it was a self published bestseller that inspired a movie that countless people were waiting anxiously for after reading the book.
Jim Coleman In a World (well, the USA, anyway) where Science is utterly devalued, the book was a welcome breath of fresh air. I found the hard science and calculations intriguing. They wouldn't be at all annoying to anyone raised on Star Trek's non-stop battle with delithium crystals!
Hope Armstrong Mission To Mars! The Martian is a RIP off!
Brendan Murray You didn't like the book because "Math is Hard?" Come on. The science was just one part of it. You didn't need to FOLLOW every bit of it. You just had to "get" that he was using his brain and his knowledge of chemistry, biology, and botany to meticulously work his way out of jam after jam. It was tremendously original and enjoyable.
John Wysor Best selling is now a compound word?
Tattoos : Beauty Of Soul Hey Guys.The Body Is A Temple.Let's Decorate It's Walls.If You Like,Please Push The Thumb Up (Y).
WSJ Speakeasy Matt Damon and The Martian easily topped the box office this weekend.
‘The Martian’ Blasts Off With $55 Million at the Box Office
Millions of Earthlings sought out “The Martian” this weekend, easily rocketing the film to the top of the box office.
2 hours ago
The New York Times What kind of a snob are you? What makes someone else a snob in your eyes? For film critic A. O. Scott, foreign films are great and contemporary art is terribly misunderstood, but he falls asleep at the ballet and thinks people who claim to like exper Read more ... imental theater or not to like "The Mindy Project" are lying to themselves and the world. What about you? Share your tastes and your theories of taste. And make no mistake: You will be judged, primarily by Scott, who will respond to some of your snobbery.
Film Snob? Is That So Wrong?
A. O. Scott offers a challenge to the Yelp era, when everyone is a critic.
2 hours ago
CNN International In the ruins of a once-great city, this film finds new life.
The lost voices of 20th century's first genocide return -
Francis Alys' film The Silence of Ani begins with the rustling of wind through a breathtaking city that now lies in ruins. In the ancient stone, we see eagles carved out, and slowly a melody of birdcalls rises to crescendo -- revealed to be the sound Read more ... of flute whistles played by children darting betw…
4 hours ago
WSJ Speakeasy Chiwetel Ejiofor, who co-stars in The Martian, talks about working with director Ridley Scott.
Chiwetel Ejiofor on Ridley Scott, Matt Damon and Rescuing ‘The Martian’
The actor shares his experiences playing the head of NASA's Mars missions in the sci-fi film.
5 hours ago
NPR “I probably cried more for this story than any other stories I've done," says the photographer. “There were some film producers and editors that I wanted to work with. I showed them [my] footage and they were like, ‘Oh, this is unusable. There' Read more ... s so much shaking and sobbing in background.’ That was just me. It was a very emotional experience.”
What It's Like To Take Photos Of A Dying Man
Like millions of Chinese gold miners, He Quangui was stricken with the lung disease silicosis. At first he didn't want his story to be told, but over time he came to trust the photographer.
5 hours ago
Jeannie Capone Looking at the picture of his son, Fanning him with cardboard and reading the caption that he tried to commit suicide the next day: I can't imagine how traumatizing it must have been for that boy to witness. I hope any fundraising $ left can go to his mental health.
Natalie Stover Miele A pat on the back for a job well done. Maintaining objectivity and still feeling the feels, and balancing it? I can't imagine.
Sam Hurley Anyone who owns or plans to own an inexpensive, Chinese-made consumer electronics product containing gold should read this. (NB: That's about everyone. Gold is used in most electrical connectors and printed circuit boards) I am all for international trade, but we need to stop and think about the impact the mass-production of extremely cheap goods has on people's lives.
Kathy Torres So sad, I hope this issue gets resolved soon. Great piece of work from the reporter. Documentaries are the best films in my book.
Christina Young Bundenthal Terribly sad and tragic, yet so important to document. Kudos to this reporter. I have the highest respect for anyone who helps bring awareness to this type of circumstance.
Courtney Beth Brutal read. Hope it raises awareness in China to the importance of worker protection and safety.
Remo Shen :(
Alexander Wright Powerful pictures
Nancy Miller Kris
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