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9GAG TV Oh my god, my childhood is back!
1 month ago
Daniel Ventura
Taste cooking
Ayúdanos a crecer !comparte nuestras recetas! Deliciosas Rectas para compartir con la familia...Taste cooking Encontraras la Recetas en cada foto, Compártela para que se guarden en tu muro! Si deseas más recetas de aperitivos y tienes algún comen Read more ... tario o inquietud, escríbenos. ¿Y tú como lo preparas? Cuéntanos tu receta. :D No olvides Compartir la pagina para seguir Creciendo... :D ¡Disfruta!
2 months ago
Frank Dusoswa Spiderman
Frank's Funny Foto's
Spiderman ;-) Meer leuke foto's en spreuken vindt je op:
2 months ago
HuffPost Entertainment Kirsten Dunst's new movie looks beautiful.
Kirsten Dunst Trips Out In The Trippy 'Woodshock' Trailer
We bow to you, Kiki.
3 months ago
Washington Post Sports "You can't retaliate in that type of manner," Kiki VanDeWeghe said of Kelly Oubre Jr.'s charge at Kelly Olynyk.
‘Discipline was really necessary’: Why the NBA’s top cop suspended Kelly Oubre
Kiki VanDeWeghe, the NBA's executive vice president of basketball operations, discussed the decision behind suspending the Wizards reserve.
3 months ago
Fox News "We’re going to make sure that you’re always looking over your shoulder." New Mexico Sheriff Enrique “Kiki” Vigil says it's only a matter of time before law enforcement knocks on doors.
New Mexico Drug Cartel Bust Shows Law Enforcement Feels More Empowered
The arrests underscore the tough stance law enforcement officials are now taking when dealing with Mexican drug cartels and street gangs.
3 months ago
Tim Helms These criminals should be executed. The price of bullets are much cheaper than deportation. Just pile the bodies on the Mexican side of the border. Illegal is illegal. Entering a country illegally make you a threat to national security. You have no rights.
Bonnie Boland That guy doesn't understand you must identify the problem people. Sessions in no way was lumping all immigrants in one basket!
Edwards Greg MS-13 came about in El Salvador and Honduras as a result of Reagan's foreign policy in the 80's of creating death squads in Central America. And here we are still dealing with the mess he made 3 decades later.
Patrick Connor you should start at 47 rainbow road edgewood N.M.the Trnka's they haul tons of coke all around the U.S.becareful they always seem to be high or at the very least drinking
Jason Cunningham Who thinks it a good idea that employers give it's employees time off instead paying them time and a half? If I'm making $10 a hour and got the chance to make $15, going home isn't a consideration.
Jesse Nelson If you would like to report illegal aliens, please call Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) at 1-866-DHS-2ICE (347-2423). They will need to know names, locations (either work place or residence) and any other specific information you can provide.
Melinda Larsen Perna Why don't they start with bank accounts! Now that Trump deregulated banks how can we find the money? What a mess!
Wesley Andrew Hightower Translation: "We think that creating a Police State is now possible without any push back from Washington." That whole "innocent until proven guilty thing was just a bunch of archaic Constitutional noise. Shootem' and blowem' up like Judge Dredd. That is what Republicans love. Especially if they are POC.
Robert King Barrett Please hire Stacy C Washington for being suspended from her job at the Saint Louis news for supporting the NRA. She's a black lady who isn't afraid of standing for her beliefs. FoxNews needs more minorities and she would be great.
Kurt IronForce Unrelated but Deborah "Debbie" Wasserman Schultz is one of the ugliest shits I have ever seen in my life.
Jezebel Jordenö calls the kiki scene, where the house mother is at the top of the social hierarchy and praise can come in the form of repurposing the words “cunt” and “pussy,” the “absolute opposite of the toxic masculinity of the Trump administra Read more ... tion.”
Kiki Is the Ballroom Doc This Woke Generation Deserves
Swedish director Sara Jordenö was terrified at the prospect of making her first feature. Around the beginning of 2012, she was presented with the opportunity to chronicle New York’s kiki scene, a younger and activistic offshoot of the ballroom sce Read more ... ne. Entry into that insular world—which is known in t...
5 months ago
Quinn Dunlea Ray Uyeda
Ashley Obo Cecily Marie
Jana Kelnhofer Britt Edelen
NPR Esta semana en Radio Ambulante​, la historia de amistad entre dos hombres con el mismo nombre y apellido: Eduardo Bechara. Uno es colombiano, y el otro argentino. Tienen intereses similares, un parecido físico sorprendente, y descubren que están Read more ... unidos por una serie de coincidencias casi inverosímiles (Foto por Eduardo Bechara Navratilova)
5 months ago
Jeff Slater They were grown in the same test-tube also.. the correlations are uncanny!
Oxama Bhatti FOR BOT CONTACT <3 #Waqas_Ul_Qamar <3 <3 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ <3 <3 BOT BY #Oxama_Bhatti <3 <3
Reuters A child sits on a chair as flood hit his house at Sidakaton district in Tegal, Indonesia. Antara Foto/Oky Lukmansyah/ via REUTERS See more Editor's Choice photos from around the world:
5 months ago
Luz Rendon May God protect him and everyone in this catastrophe.
Adibwe ManUtd FC So instead of helping the kid y wanted to take pictures first? 2017
Johanna Götesdotter
Arlindo Silva Fotografia Olha que legal! A importância da fotografia na vida. #fotoempapel #fotografiaimpressa #lembrancaguardadaparasempre A equipe do MUSÉE FOTO foi até uma casa de repouso para idosos, e pediu para registrar seus moradores enquanto seguravam seus próp Read more ... rios retratos de quando ainda eram jovens. Veja o resultado: [Fonte: Bored Panda / Foto: Musée Foto / Musée Foto] [Fonte: Digipix]
Aaah, a Fotografia! O que seria de nós e nossas histórias sem elas? A equipe do MUSÉE FOTO foi até uma casa de repouso para idosos, e pediu para registrar seus moradores enquanto seguravam seus próprios retratos de quando ainda eram jovens. Veja Read more ... o resultado: [Fonte: Bored Panda / Foto: Musée Foto]
6 months ago
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Video Foto Kiki Coboy Junior di Cium Cewek | Video Foto Kiki Coboy Junior di Cium Cewek.FOTO-FOTO BUKTI KALAU CJR ITU MEMANG BERISI COGAN MASA KINI | Dibentuk pada 23 Juli 2011 saat masih menggunakan Coboy Junior, CJR adalah boyband idola remaja. Lima tahun berlalu, ketiga member CJR pun tumbuh ...Kiki CJR Pamer Pacar | Lipstik TV - Menginjak usia belia, tak sedikit selebriti remaja yang mulai memberanikan diri untuk pamer kedekatannya dengan kekasih di depan media, tak ...Kiki CJR | Foto.Kiki CJR Lebaran Nyekar Ke Makam Ayahanda @ Insert 7 Juli 2016 | Kiki CJR Lebaran Nyekar Ke Makam Ayahanda,Kiki Foto Bareng Fans Sebelum Ke Pemakaman.CJR: Saling Bongkar Rahasia Seputar Cewek dan Paca | Kira-kira, siapa di antara Aldi, Iqbaal, dan Kiky yang pernah gagal romantis di depan cewek? Atau ketahuan bohong sama ceweknya? Di video ini, CJR saling ...
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