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Ed Tinkertoy
          Thanks and blessings to all who came by to comment and wish me well during my brief Hiatus from Facebook.   I was just kinda sick of all of the negative stuff on here from people who are ignorant, stupid, racists, bigoted, and just Read more ... downright nasty.  For the most part it was not posts on my wall but people commenting on news stories. And the people have no shame and don't care that they got the facts wrong.   Yes, I am back but I want to explain up front why I took leave of Facebook for a while.  What I am going to say about me and my thinking some of you may not like. And that’s OK with me because if it bothers you that much you are free to click on that “unfriend” button any time.  And what I have to say is not subject to argument and discussion.  I will not accept any dissenting views posted on here.  If you don’t agree just keep it to yourself.   First, I am what people refer to as a Liberal and I am proud of it.   But on many things I am better characterized as a progressive person, and on some things I am even conservative.  And being Liberal is NOT a bad thing like the right wing nuts and people on Faux news, and the likes of Bill Reilly and Ruch Limburger like to portray us.  So if you have been calling Liberals dirty names and/or posting cartoons that cast a negative light on Liberal people, you are talking that way about me.   If that’s how you strongly feel about me then you can either leave my friend list or I can and will delete you.  In my opinion, people who are Liberal are much better for this country than people who have narrow minded conservative views that generally mean they don’t like people who are different from them, or have different points of view, or ways of doing things.  And they want everyone to conform to their idea of what is right.   As a liberal I am willing to accept people regardless of what religion they practice, be it Christian, Muslim, Judaism, Hindu, and/or even atheism.  I don’t care whether you are Black, White, Native American, Hispanic, Asian, or any other nationality.  I don’t care whether you are gay or lesbian, married or single, or even “shacking up”.  As a Liberal I generally vote Democratic in elections, but I am not averse to voting for a person who calls him/herself Republican, Independent or Progressive if I see fit.  I generally vote Democratic but that does not mean that I agree with everything the Democrats do.   So if you don’t like people who is not Republican and conservative then you need to leave my friend list.   I support fully our President of these United States, Barack Obama, and his wife.  The man graduated from Harvard University Law School, by anyone’s standards one of the most prestigious universities in the world.  And he not only edited the Harvard Law Review but also taught US Constitutional Law.  So the man is NOT ignorant and stupid as some of the comments have portrayed.  I have been highly pissed at the many people who have maligned him with disrespectful, untrue, racist, and ignorant comments, and have taken all manner of actions to discredit him.  And I know that there are a few of you on my Facebook friend list who have done this and thus far I have not said anything.  But that is likely to change by ME clicking on that “unfriend” button” if and when the occasion arises.     I realize that the President has made some mistakes but in spite of NOT having the support of 80% of the US Congress among both Republicans and Democrats, nor the politically divided Supreme Court, he has done a good job.  Not a great job but a good job given the circumstances,  All of the Republicans in the US Congress have done all they can to keep him for being a successful President and only a few of the Democrats have stepped up to support him.  Now just because I support him does not mean that I think he has done a good job on everything.  There are some things that I am disappointed about.  For one I do not think that he has been as forceful as he should be in defending himself against the numerous and vicious attacks.  He should understand by now that NONE of the Republicans in the US Congress and even in state governments, are going to support him on anything.  So he should stop trying to pretend that he is working toward bipartisan solutions to problems.  He should have been aware of and taken action on the problems with the Veterans Administration before it became a front page public issue and story.  I think he dropped the ball on the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. He should have had a pre-implementation trial periods for several states to detect problems and issues and make necessary adjustments before full implementation.     However, in spite of that and all of the untruths and negative comments about the Affordable Care Act and it’s impact, it is good for the country and a lot of people who never could afford health care, or otherwise could not get health insurance now have coverage.   So I don’t want to see stupid, ignorant, racist, untrue negative comments about the Act. You can take those posts somewhere else.  A part of the problem with the new health care program is that there are insurance companies that do not support it because they are only interested in making as much money as they can.  Some health care plans went out of business rather than meet the minimum standards required.  And, there are even some doctors who have not supported the health care program for the same reason, money.  So they have done things to sabotage the effectiveness of the health care program.  On the other hand, I do NOT think that the Affordable Care Act is THE answer for the country. But I understand that it’s a start.  In my opinion, as a Progressive, I think the country needs to go to a single payer system and get all of the insurance companies out of the health care business.  That type system is working great in many other countries in spite of all of the misinformation that is put forth as a reason not to go that way.   One of the reasons why I took a break was because there are a lot of things about this country that bother me right now and I wanted to take time to think about it and write about those things.  This democracy that we have is not working very well right now at all.  We now see that politicians are not very responsive to us and there is nothing we can do about it because they control the system and will not even consider changes to make it better. In some states, like my home state of North Carolina, they are even manipulating the election processes so that they can stay in power.   Now we also have the element of money creeping more and more into politics and the US Supreme Court sees no problem with that. So now it’s more the best politicians that money can buy rather than the best one that the people want.     Now on the positive side I took time from Facebook to break a cycle of spending so much time on the web site to the detriment of  other things that I like to do.  In short I was spending too much time in mindless browsing on Facebook.  And even though I love my favorite Facebook group, “All About Royal Caribbean Cruises”, and also enjoy keeping my other Facebook page, “Fans of Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises”,  I just needed a break from talking about cruises every day.   While some of you are very familiar with the fact that I like to travel and cruise, and that I keep a garden each year, there are several other things that I like to do that needed some time devoted to them.      I have about 50 video tapes that I need to go through to decide whether I want to keep them and also to extract single photo shots where I can.   I am now about half way through that project.  I love to read science fiction novels and if you notice on my Facebook page I do post the books that I have read.  And, I also go to the Goodreads web site  (www.goodreads.com) to list my books and post my reviews of what I have read.  I also collect coins and have a lot that I have collected from countries we have visited around the world.  I needed to take some time to organize some of them.   I like the adventure video game Zelda which some of you may have played ( www.zelda.com/universe/index.html ), among a couple others, and I needed to get back to that game and finish a couple of episodes that I have been in for a few years.  Then I can move on to the Wii version of Zelda, and maybe some other Wii games. Finally, one of the most important things I wanted to do was to put more time into writing my memoirs.  I have been working on writing them for about a year or so and the break from Facebook has given me much needed time to devote to writing.  I have made great progress while I have been away from Facebook.  I am not sure if or when I will publish it, but at the least I will have written down a lot about my life that others would not otherwise ever know.   Maybe one day my kids and grand kids will read and appreciate what I have written.
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Fresh Day Ahead by Debbie McDaniel I listened to the story of a friend recently, series of tragic events from childhood, it would have sent many down a long road of bitterness, but something was different from this story. God's care as a Father over our friend was, is still, so incred Read more ... ibly real, protecting, covering, caring, through all the years when a young heart was broken and seemingly alone. It sent my own heart here this morning - "Father to the fatherless, defender of widows— this is God, whose dwelling is holy. God places the lonely in families; he sets the prisoners free and gives them joy..." Psa. 68:5-6 Most all of us, at some point in life, have the felt the crushing pain of loneliness. Often times from circumstances that were never in our control. Life events happen. Hard stuff knocks us flat. Broken relationships or losing those we love too early in this life, leaves many finding themselves suddenly, and painfully, facing the future alone. We know the truth. That we're never really "alone." That God cares. But sometimes, like I was reminded from our friend, or like many of us have faced ourselves, you just need someone who is alive and breathing in this world, to show they care. To remind you - you're really "not" all alone. And to remind you of this..."God places the lonely in families." You know what made the difference for our friend in this story that may easily have gone a very wrong direction? Someone cared. Someone reached out. Over and over. Again and again. Even invited this broken soul to their church. And right smack in the middle of a bunch of people who aren't perfect, but just love God, there was this realization, for the first time ever, "I have a family. I'm not alone. I feel loved." Seriously, that's what church is all about. That's what it should be all about. Sometimes it means you have to open your own heart to be willing to say "yes," when someone reaches out. Or other times it means you have to be the one who offers help, who is willing to not be too busy, to open the door for a hurting soul to find refuge and care in your own family and home. On thing is true about family, God often puts families together, not by bloodline, DNA, or who looks like who, and shared family history, but by grafting together a beautiful picture of different souls who He has chosen to become "family." It's an amazing picture because it shows how He cares, and redeems, and has such purpose in it all. Our children may not share our DNA, but they were destined to be our family in this life. As much as I love words, I can't even form any words adequate enough to express how grateful I am for that truth. I live this truth every single day I look into their sweet faces. They are His grace to our lives, pure grace, His design, I'm so incredibly thankful for them, and for the way God has worked in bringing our family together. But in it all, as life goes on, I have to admit, I think I've often been too busy in my days, to look for chances to bless another soul. It's easy to get really focused on just our "own" family and maybe miss the opportunities that God sets before us, to open our homes, or hearts, or lives - for those who may be struggling through life - all alone. If He sets the lonely in families, then it means He's looking for places to set them. Choosing today, to live more open...more intentional...about living this life with love. Thankful for grace. And for another chance.
Karolina Semaškaitė Hey guys! This is my new facebook page! Feel free to follow as I am moving all of my cosplay stuff and nerdy randomness here! OuO
Semashke Nerd-Land
Hey fellow cosplayers and nerds all around! I am Semashke - a Lithuanian cosplayer and craftsman! Nerdy stuff and cosplay all the way!
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Michael Anderson I wanna do a youtube series where I pretend to be an announcer on a game show, and then go up to random people who live nice comfortable lives and offer them free stuff if they can describe what a certain food tastes like to a group of starving afric Read more ... an children.
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Natural New Age Mum {HELP} SHARYN asks .......... hi I have a question - i am needing to get some new muffin tins/cake tins/bread tins and have been researching what is the safest ones to get (as i am little wary of nonstick stuff) - from what i have been reading stonew Read more ... are bakeware is one of the safest materials to make breads/muffins/cakes etc with (so long as you get ones that are lead free) - just wondering does anyone use stoneware bakeware and if yes, what brand and do they work well (or any other bakeware recommendations) - thank you :)
6 minutes ago
Amandalynn K. Sawyer Why don't we do cool stuff like this in L.A.?
We are looking for teams to enter the Brownton Area Resources for Kids (BARK) Human Foosball tournament taking place in Brownton on Saturday, August 9th. 5K run to start things out, Clown town, pony rides, inflatables, buffalo chip toss contest, bean Read more ... bag tourney, vender fair, and a street dance to follow featuring Papa Shaw! Check out the BARK Facebook page for details or feel free to contact me for questions or to register your team!
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Dennette Girtman-Tolliver they would've had to give me some free stuff for this prank.....lol
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Lucille Sims I absolutely can't believe I'm broke in tax free weekend but o well at least I had already got there school stuff out the way. Its official time to start back job hunting, VW taking too long and were I'm at now ain't making the cut. But one thing I w Read more ... on't do is sit on my ass waiting on others to provide for me. Good day
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Judy Jones Key For more great recipes join our awesome FREE RECIPE GROUP click on->https://www.facebook.com/groups/RECIPESandONEMORETHING/ Click **Share** to *Save* this Awesome Recipe to your Timeline! ITALIAN-ONION SEASONED GRILLED VEGGIES soooo good!!!! Here Read more ... 's what you need: 3 Med. ears of fresh corn, cut each one in thirds... 1 pound of med. red potatoes..quartered 1 cup baby carrots 1 large green pepper, cut in 1 inch pieces 1 large sweet red pepper, cut in 1 inch pieces YOU COULD Use any other veggies you have or want too.... 1 envelope onion soup mix 3 tbsp of fresh basil or 1 tbsp of dried basil 1 tbsp of olive oil 1/4 tsp pepper 1 tbsp butter Sprinkle with Italian seasoning if desired Here's how you do it: In a large bowl, combine the 1st 9 ingredients,..toss to coat, place on a double thickness of heavy duty foil... dot with butter... fold foil around the veggie mix and seal tightly. Grill over med. heat my grill temp was set at 325 for 25 to 30 min...or until potatoes are tender.. turning once.. Delicious!!! **Feel free to send me a FRIEND REQUEST or FOLLOW ME. I am always posting awesome stuff!**
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Kissinger Ikeokwu
#OMENKEAFURUNANYA We are talking about Free and Qualitative Education and not "Free and Achikota Ekwe Onu Education"
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Cheryl Baker - State Farm Agent Tax free weekend starts today, right? School supplies, computer stuff, clothes under $100 - can't remember the entire list. Is it worth joining the crowds?
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Lisa Musgrove ALL FREE new party bag stuff and hoops for curtain pole collection only union mills
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Tony Adams We'll I'm glad to say that when I get back to London I have retired at the ripe age of 38 Made what I needed to make time to move on to more stress free things and enjoy stuff that I like but never had the time to do
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P.j. Germain Calling the hotel front desk.... ME: "Hi is the stuff in the mini bar free?" HER: "No sir, you will be billed for any---" ME: "SOMEONE ROBBED MY MINI BAR!!!"
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Chicago Reader You should totally come to our #MadeInChicago Market. All sorts of locally made stuff, from beer to baubles. 8/10! https://www.facebook.com/events/788948601150473/
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Marcella Spence Haynes soooooo..... last evening.....put some stuff out at the curb....free for the taking....with a cardboard sign , with the word "free" on it,,,wake up this morning....1/2 the stuff is gone....and so is the sign!!!!! seriously, people??????....you take Read more ... a sign?????/...SMH
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Crystal Robins Smith After 5 hours of drawing and redrawing maps, I finally don't feel lost!. I am a hands on and visual learner. I always have been. So maps and new places make me feel like a monkey doing a math problem. ( You know, like when Jeff Fox worthy's wife is Read more ... trying to give him directions. She tells him to go up a tiny bit and turn down. :) ) So last night I drew all of my visual references on a bunch of papers taped together. Then as I understood each section, I drew them on a smaller scale. Then I added in one main road at a time, redrawing each time, following each road through the next few towns. At 3:00 a.m. I finally understood where the main highways connected in my town and the surrounding area. I can find the hospital now! Dennis Denise Rich there are 8 animal hospitals to one people hospital. You would love it here. :) I "binged" thrift stores and there are 15 thrift stores in my driving area Janet Wiles Gorham Gloria Young. Save your money and when you guys drive through we will have to go on a thrift store expedition. Yolanda Ellis Heath we have been to every health food store in our area. There is no all- knowing, all-dependable Yolanda or Mrs. Barbra that works here at these health stores. They remind me more of GNC 's. I know, eventually, we will be looking up a naturopathy so I will find someone like you here. Tywatha Lee Dyson after stumbling into a lot of way over priced salons, I found a Great Clips. Crystal Davidson Engler I am in the Enjoy Life, Ivan's, and Rudi's Udi's MECA! I can walk in just about any Publix and get my son a gluten-free, dairy-free candy bar! I have so many soy-free options here. Their is a pizza place here with gluten-free soy-free pizzas. KeithandAmy Hamilton you were right about the Aldis! Aldis, at home, carry soy-full alternatives. Here they have true gluten-free and soy-free alternatives. I even bought some Bolthouse dressing for $.75. We were able to pick up local honey and now my throat no longer has that tickle. The asthma-feeling went away! So I can sing out with out sounding like a teenage boy Barbara Williams . Marcy Young Lynch and Valerie Beals Mordecai and Kasey love their Sunday School teachers and the children. Bro. Steve, the first time that Bro. Lawrence cracked a joke, Michael and Levi said, " Oh good, he is like Bro. Steve! The interesting thing is that you were both former youth pastors. Mordecai, got his first real spanish lesson at the health dept. Everytime they called out over the intercome, they spoke first in English and then in Spanish. Mordecai responded with, " What the HECK did she just say ! I don't think she knows what she is talking about, Mom. " ( We are going to have to quit that fake spanish stuff before we hurt someoneone's feelings ) And just for irony.....we like a country style restaurant that is run by an Asian family.
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John Joe Camacho "... Or you can just sit on your ass and watch American Idol while your child plays games on your phone as you both stuff your face with saturated fats... But that's none of my business" Kermit the Frog
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Downtown Greenville, SC A Rainy Weekend…But Still Fun…Friday, August 1 & Saturday, August 2 Happy Weekend, Downtownies ! I know…it’s been raining a lot outside and all you want to do is curl up under a blanket on your couch with the TV remote! But, if you do find Read more ... yourself willing to venture outside, braving the elements, check out all these wickedly wonderful weekend things going on Downtown! (And no...I don't know what's been cancelled due to weather) Have Fun, Be Safe! FRIDAY, August 1 Friday Fun For One & All... ■Treasures in the Sand (11AM & 1PM) Open Art Studios (2:30PM) @The Children's Museum ■Ghosts of Greenville Present Tour @Army Navy Store (starting point), 7PM (For tix: http://greenvilleghost.com/) ■Greenville Cultural Exchange Center@Arlington Avenue ■” Star Spangled History” & “The Amazing Castle”” Exhibits@Upcountry History Museum, 10-5 Feeling Ever So Refined This Friday... ■Wine Tasting@Northampton Wines, 6:30-7:30PM ■Art Class: “Beach Attire”@Sassy Paints, 6:45PM ■Upstate Shakespeare Festival- “Antony & Cleopatra”@Falls Park, 7PM ■”SHOUT! The Mod Musical”@Centre Stage, 8PM ■”Duck Tape Dynasty”@Cafe & Then Some, 8PM ■2014 GLOW Lyric Theatre@Peace Center ■Photography by Blaine Owens@Henderson Gallery & 10 Central Avenue Studios ■1st Friday Art Receptions@Various Galleries including Artists Guild Gallery of Greenville, Matthew Campbell Gallery, Riverworks Gallery, 10 Central Avenue Studios, McDunn Gallery, Art & Light Gallery, Village Artists Gallery& other Galleries of the Pendleton Arts District (Village of West Greenville), 6-9PM ■"Content of Our Characters: From States’ Rights to Civil Rights; “Michael Mathers Photography”;Sigmund Abeles: “Pastels”; Andrew Wyeth Greenville Collection@Greenville Museum of Art Feelin' Fun & Funky This Friday Night... ■MAIN STREET FRIDAYS: The Bad Popes@NOMA Square (in front of The Hyatt), 5:30-8:30PM ■Open Mic Nite@ Tealoha Tea & Eats (on E. McBee), 7PM ■Erica Berg Collective (E ), Stereo Reform (L) @Smiley's Acoustic Café ■Antonio Edwards@Blues Boulevard ■U-Phonik@Wild Wing Cafe ■Live Music@ Mac Arnold’s Blues Restaurant, Connolly's Irish Pub, City Tavern, REYs & possibly at The Wheel (Pendleton Arts District), IPA-Independent Public AleHouse ,O-CHA Tea Bar, Velo Fellow, Nose Dive & Ford's Oyster House ■Live DJs@ 21 East, Blu Martini, The Lazy Goat & On The Roxx ■Karaoke@Park Avenue Pub ■Watch the Game / Race/‘Tournament@ Sharkey's Pub, Sky Sports Bar, On The Roxx, Corner Pocket, Carolina Ale House, Ford's Oyster House, City Tavern, Park Avenue Pub, Nose Dive & Wild Wing Café SATURDAY, August 2 Start Your Saturday Off Right... ■Brunch @Nose Dive (10-2), The Green Room (9-5), Mary's at Falls Cottage (10-2), Mary Beth's Restaurant (7-2), Spoonbread Restaurant at The Westin Poinsett (11-2), Tealoha on E. McBee (10-2) ■Brunch, Bloodies & Bubbles@The Lazy Goat, 11AM-3PM Saturday Stuff For All Ages...... ■TD Saturday Market w/ Live Music from West End String Band@Main Street at McBee, 8:30AM- 12:30PM ■Treasures in the Sand, Rad Lab, Open Art Studios@The Children's Museum ■ “Star Spangled History” & “The Amazing Castle” Exhibits@Upcountry History Museum, 10-5 ■Ghosts of Greenville Present Tour @Army Navy Store (starting point), 7PM, For tix: http://greenvilleghost.com/ ■Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum@Field Street, 10AM-2PM ■Greenville Cultural Exchange Center@Arlington Street, 11-5 ■American Legion War Museum@Legion Post #3, Corner of Main & Academy, 10-5 For a Sophisticated Saturday (Well…Sort of…) ■At The Chef's Table Culinary Tour@Soby's, 1:30PM (For Reservations, Call 467-3940) ■Art Classes: “Family Flip Flops” (1:45PM), “Glass Half Full” (6:45PM)@Sassy Paints, ■Stand Up Comedy@Tealoha, 7-8:30PM ■Upstate Shakespeare Festival- “Antony & Cleopatra”@Falls Park, 7PM ■”SHOUT! The Mod Musical”@Centre Stage, 8PM ■”Duck Tape Dynasty”@Cafe & Then Some, 8PM ■Gringos Comedy Night@Gringos in the West End, 10PM ■Works by Regional Artists@Artists Guild Gallery of Greenville, 10 Central Avenue Studios, Riverworks Gallery, Matthew Campbell Gallery (new Pendleton St location), McDunn Gallery, Village Artists Gallery & Studio 220 at The Hyatt ■Photography by Blaine Owens@Henderson Gallery & 10 Central Avenue Studios ■"Content of Our Characters: From States’ Rights to Civil Rights; “Michael Mathers Photography”;Sigmund Abeles: “Pastels”; Andrew Wyeth Greenville Collection@Greenville Museum of Art Saturday Booty-Shakin'... ■Summer Saturdays w/ Live Music @NOMA Square ■Cheap Blonde(E ) Doug Jones(L)@Smiley’s Acoustic Café ■Stereo Reform@Corner Pocket ■Shannon Hoover Bass Clinic@IPA-Independent Public AleHouse ■Mike Frost Band@Blues Boulevard ■DJ Nate C@Wild Wing Cafe ■Live Music@ Mac Arnold’s Restaurant, Connolly’s Irish Pub, Corner Pocket, REYs & POSSIBLY at Chicora Alley, Nose Dive, On The Roxx, The Velo Fellow & Blue Ridge Brewing Co ■Live DJ's@ 21 East & Blu Martini ■Watch the Game/ Race/Tournament@ Sharkey's Pub, On The Roxx, Corner Pocket, Carolina Ale House, Ford's Oyster House, City Tavern, Park Avenue Pub, Nose Dive & Wild Wing Café Outdoor events may be cancelled due to bad weather. Other events may be cancelled, delayed, changed or rescheduled without notice...call ahead. Although some of these events are free, others may have a cover charge, contact venue for details. And…I cannot stress this enough - if you've had too much Fun of the alcohol-related variety, please, please, please take a cab home! Have Fun, Be Safe!
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Scott Roth Events
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WARNING- these images are extremely emotional. The family wishes for these to be shared so if anyone has anything negative to say DO NOT do it on this page. I will ban and remove you. Your negative opinion is not needed nor does anyone want to hear a Read more ... nything that is not uplifting. There is enough negative stuff in this world and this post is meant to be positive and beautiful. If you do not like these images or feel they will be harmful to your day, then please do not proceed in reading the rest of this posting. I have built my business on LOVE and I do not expect that to change now. This family has been bold enough to share their emotional story with you all and would be ever so grateful for your support. I AM NOT AFFILIATED WITH NOW I LAY ME DOWN TO SLEEP (NILMDTS), MANY of you have asked that. I am actually VERY different and I have done this type of work for my clients for going on 4 years. I am a photographer- one that loves people and caters to all ages for my "forever loved sessions." I also own my own foundation for woman who have been diagnosed with cancer and I love to photograph everything under the sun…. with that being said, Thank you for listening. Lindsey PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SHARE.
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Commissar Franklin Bowker Another day, another enemy: on an otherwise quiet Thursday morning, EFF MP Andile Mngxitama went to war with food. Between shout-outs to Palestinians and calls for “our” land back, Mngxitama decried Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) as the ene Read more ... my of poor black people. “GMOs are the racist capitalist scheme to poison the world for profits. There is no need for this type of genetic alterations,” he Tweeted. “In SA GMOs are part of the anti black agenda to poison blacks for profits. Maize (+70% GMO) is staple food for blacks. We eat GMOs everyday!” There’s a Yiddish word for trouble: tsoris. South Africa has plenty of it. Do we really need to pick a fight with our mielie meal? Strange as it may seem, the use of GMOs has never properly been debated in South Africa, mostly because there always seemed to be something more urgent to print on a t-shirt. Nonetheless, there’s been a fortune of backroom lobbying, academic studying, and concerted NGOing while you were enjoying your morning Franken-toast. When the Genetically Modified Organisms Act of 1997 was passed, nary a maize-eating locust stirred in opposition. In later years, however, critics would come to insist that the legislation was massively skewed in favour of (white-owned monopoly capital) agribusiness. Ergo, the EFF is unhappy. In South Africa, all GMOs grow in the shade of the vast Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF). According to DAFF’s mission statement, “[D]epartmental values are underpinned by the ethos of ‘Vuk'uzenzele’ [meaning “wake up and do it yourself”]. The direct interpretation of self-reliance is built upon to capture the spirit of South Africans as people who want to help build a better life for all.” Many things can, and have, been said about GMOs; they don’t quite tap into the individualistic spirit evinced by the soil and the rain and a sturdy dray horse. Nope, the GMO farmer is plugged into the terrifying pace of postmodern technological Progress, tied to a seed brand that comes with a host of necessary accoutrements: fertilizer, insecticide, instructional DVD, etc. In this, GMO’s by their very nature are designed for Big Farming—one doesn’t sow, so much as upload an app. According to Zakiyya Ismail, consumer campaigner for the African Centre for Biodiversity, every new GMO-shilling hopeful applies to the registrar at DAFF’s David Cronenbergian Biosafety division in order to put a new product to market. They must then follow what anyone in the agribusiness industry would insist is an unnecessarily convoluted procedure of public consultation. Ismail, however, claims that this mandatory process is bogus because of the enormous number of applicants and the lack of meaningful information included in their dossiers. “Everything is confidential,” she told me over the phone. “There’s just too little information for us to consult on it properly.” There has always one principal argument in favour of GMOs—they solve food security issues by increasing yields while decreasing the cost of production. (That’s mostly by saving on labour, which in this country remains enormously contentious.) But South Africa, along with almost everywhere else on the continent outside of the Sahel, doesn’t suffer from a lack of food per se, but a distinct lack of being able to eat it. According to Ismail, “We had a bumper maize crop in 2012, but that did nothing for hunger alleviation. It doesn’t get distributed to everyone who needs it. There’s lots of unemployment, farm workers are not working, so how can GMOs address hunger in any way?” In other words, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. We can hardly blame South Africa’s systemic economic dysfunction on a few super-soya beans. But Ismail’s argument is that GMOs are part of a system in which everything is skewed in favour of industry at the expense of the little guy, who simply can’t afford to get into the game. (And lest we forget, under Mngxitama’s liberated Mzansi regime, industrial farms would last about an afternoon.) Yes, Big Something has always had it out for Small Someone. But are GMO crops poisoning us? Are we going to die because we eat some iGrain? Well, there are all those billion-dollar “organic” industries devoted to keeping hipsters from consuming so much as a blueberry tainted by pesticide or technology. But the Monsantos of the world, while still profiting from the organic “revolution”, insist that their products are entirely safe, and they have found an inadvertent ally in French scientist Gilles-Eric Séralini, who massively overinflated the conclusions of his (horrendous) study of tumour-infested, GMO guzzling rodents. This scandal handed agribusiness a larger version of the cudgel they’ve been using for years: their opponents are pseudo-scientist neo-hippies who couldn’t tell an ear of corn from a hydrangea. When I reached Mngxitama by phone, he wasn’t buying this line. “My son likes pap,” told me. “Everyday that he eats it, I worry. I am poisoning my own son!” He reminded me that the EFF’s election manifesto clearly stated that, “part of the transformation of food production sector must be driven by a new paradigm—situate the feelings of the people first, and sensitivity to the environment first, before corporate interests.” His Thursday morning Twitter rant was prompted by a Reuters’ article titled “Brazilian farmers demand Monsanto refund their money for GMO crops that don't work”. “Those farmers were duped into using GMO,” Mngxitama explained. “This is what those companies do, they dupe you into using pesticide resistant monster wheat, and you must pour more of this stuff into the soil, and soon you are trapped into the seed colonialism of these corporations driving production. It cannot be right for food production to colonized by a food companies.” The Brazil story is indeed a familiar one: Monsanto and their like are vicious when their interests are threatened, and regardless of the safety of their product, their corporate bedside manner is, basically, a mid-weight knife fighter on four lines of speedy coke. It troubles the Brazilians, just as it troubles many GMO critics, that glyphosate, the main herbicide in industrial production, exacts a hellish toll on the environment, poisoning ground water for future generations while turning the present one into lard-ass butterballs. And as those Brazilians learned, this isn’t so clearly a right versus left issue. If the neo-libs live and die by open markets and consumer choice, GMOs must be a downer. “Eighty percent of maize and 90 percent of soya in this country are GMO,” Ismail told me. “That means that our food chains are saturated, it all goes into one food chain, it all gets mixed, which then takes away the producer’s and the consumer’s right of choice. And we don’t know that, because labeling is not being applied consistently by producers.” Welcome to the twenty-first century. But is this genocide by a bunch of guys on John Deeres? “Oh yes,” said Mngxitama, “this is the systemic mass poisoning of people over time. Capital does not care for lives, and is driven by shock and disaster. If they don’t bomb you, they poison you.” One thing is certain: as with so much in South Africa, the debate on GMOs needs to be cracked open and a fairer deal needs to be negotiated. At the very least, consumers have the right to know what they’re consuming. And if they happen to feel the better option is starving to death, hey, that’s democracy! “The issue is not being ventilated,” Mngxitama reminded me. “The EFF is the only party that speaks very clearly on banning GMOs. All progressive governments have said no to GMOs. It’s no longer a debate. It’s a question of taking a position. And the ANC and DA have taken a position in favour of multinationals.” That sound you hear is Cyril Ramaphosa cooing sweet nothings to his fields of alfalfa sprouts. “You see,” Mngxitama said, by way of signing off, “we are not just people wearing red overalls. We have a clear environmental and ethical policies. We will take this issue to our people, and we will ban GMOs.” Until then, death by pap. And the less said about the wors, the better. DM Photo: Corn tassels, which sprout from the top of corn stalks, are silhouetted against an early morning sun outside Eldorado, Illinois, USA, 22 July 2012. EPA/JIM LO SCALZO
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Manor Villages Ltd Festival Alert!
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Wondering how to entertain the kids this weekend? Come down to the Riverside Festival for loads of brilliant FREE stuff to do, including sporting activities, face painting, have a go at archery, live music and other fun entertainment! http://bit.l Read more ... y/1rVBuzP
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World Vs. World 2 (The Band Profile!) And not forgetting, tomorrow sees us down Mynydd-Y-Garreg for some Mayhem! Our first outdoor appearance of the year, joining the likes of Dai Sharkey Music, Three Smiles Wide, King Goon and more! There will be local food stalls, childrens' entertainm Read more ... ent, camping facilities, hell, they even had archery going on last year! Fiver on the gate, kids under 12 go free! And rumour has it that the sun will be making an appearance!!! Come on down for a great day out! We should be hitting the main stage by 5pm-ish. Great stuff!
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Rachel King Look what you can now order!!! Or host a party (home, basket, online) and Earn it for free or 1/2 price with a minimum 150 party :) Almost everything is 10% off this month and bunches of stuff going away. www.rachelg.scentsy.us
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