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People.com Everyone should be using this amazing 'dragon's blood' gel: http://peoplem.ag/qizGKZU (via Joyus)
10 hours ago
CollegeHumor Darwinism is more than just a fish turning into a dragon.
1 day ago
Kadire Shefkija Perfect Boddy-->http://goo.gl/9oxFO0<--Hot Ass
Eva Zuleika Shaw
Tomi Xherri Perfect Boddy-->http://goo.gl/7DyfKI<--Hot Ass
Ivan Cervantes Magikarp evolving into Gyarados was unexpected when I was a kid
Pamela Chipman Felix If you love original pikachu
Elias Cedeno Oh
Dũng Hương Hello all fans of CollegeHumor..If you are an intelligent people, Please answer these questions... ~~>http://goo.gl/KMmrJo
Shaun Turtle Burton Amy Gosano lasagne crab!
Tyler Stamm These are super cool.
Cameron McDonald Grandoge
TIME Photo Get an iconic LIFE photograph for 30% off at our print sale this Thanksgiving, including this photograph of Paris Puppet Theatre by Alfred Eisenstaedt: In Eisenstaedt’s image, the faces of young observers register sheer surprise as the mythical b Read more ... east in “Saint George and the Dragon” is slain. More than a moment in time, the photograph is a timeless and universal picture that reminds us of an age when the world could begin and end with the triumphs of a puppet, when seeing meant believing, and emotions emerged pure and unfiltered.
1 day ago
io9 NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration and SpaceX fans, take note
How the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft will bring us back to space
SpaceX just got its first crewed spaceship contract from NASA for the Crew Dragon spacecraft and it’s set to bring us back to space on American spaceships after so many years without. Along with the Boeing Starliner, the Crew Dragon will start maki Read more ... ng crewed space flights in 2017. For reference, the last flight of the Atlantis was in 2011. So it’s been a while!
4 days ago
9GAG "And kids, this is how I trimp a dragon" http://9gag.com/gag/aq2oYBj?ref=fbp
4 days ago
Sajid Mohideen How to trim your dragon
Nar Ood It's all gone after fall!
Gökçen Göbelez @cerengobelez
Daniel von Garrel Nice (sorry for my bad English)
Ognjen Janjic And then some kids jump in, the end
Joseph Salt It's how to trim a dragon whist watching Netflix and chilling. Saved you a click.
Heather Stewart Amy Gillies u one dat
Louay Kerdouss Deidara's dragon !
Bernhard BaumiBaum Thats sooo awesome :O
Jenna Zeller Nik Bakken
Mashable Don't mess with the Blue Dragon.
The prettiest, nastiest sea slug you've ever seen washes up on Australian beach
Everything in Australia could hurt you, and that includes technicolour sea slugs that look like they could be from outer space.
6 days ago
Jonathan Kuhn Fanny Danckwardt-Lillieström
Iam Albus Is it syrian?
Cindy Leonard Zachary
Cassie Dodd Tom Willis
Christopher Bolton Not good Jennifer Kim. Not good at all.
Laura Patton Gareth Austin
reddit Redditors pursuing their passion: A Q&A with two of the creators of 'Dragon Racer,' which hits stores next month after years of work. https://upvoted.com/2015/11/22/here-be-dragons-aussie-friends-put-school-on-hold-to-create-a-drafting-strategy-boa Read more ... rd-game/
7 days ago
9GAG Shenron, I want to eat Dragon Ball Hotpot! http://9gag.com/gag/aw7W07Q?ref=fbp
You Can Now Have Dragon Ball Hotpot In Japan!
Click to see the pic and write a comment...
7 days ago
Oliver Daiz Read later
David Ho Sai Man Li
Åwesømé Bøý Ãjeet 9dragon jelly.
Timo Kluth Sascha Jü :D
Pricop Cătălin Rodrigo Paiva
Arthur Girones Vincent Baretge
Amal Salih Hassan
Syarkina Nabila Shamsudin Siti Farrah
Jessica Sinclair Marcus Sinclair!
reddit The Voices Behind ‘Dragon Ball Z’s Goku and Vegeta did a must-watch AMA.
The Voices Behind ‘Dragon Ball Z’s Goku and Vegeta: Ask Me Anything
Dragon Ball Z is a cultural sensation that has spawned 291 episodes of television, 14 movies, and 148 video games. Created in Japan, Dragon Ball Z is an animated series that first aired on Fuji TV...
8 days ago
Ekeni Abakah Malik Cumberbatch
Alex Rodriguez Arthur Rodriguez
Funny & Interesting Things The 15 LOL Cats With Dragon Hair Cuts Looking So Dangerous
8 days ago
Shahnye Saidy Lauren Lemcke
Claire Lowe This I want to learn
Lydia Biernat Tahni Hay
Neil A. Smith Caz Cazwell Bella Schwetz
Helen Foster ridiculous
Jolielek Lek
Roberta Ames wtf no!
Charlotte Couzens Charlie Blakey
Lizzie Cox Jack Gray
Matt Dowden Michelle
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