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Heidi Parker Who give up a quarter ? Shame on us I must say if we can not even give up a quarter for online offline missionaries who serve by Faith Lord seeks the heart not amount given AMEN\0/ (So as like you like share reblog tweet etc ... stop give up that Read more ... quarter for missionaries ) www.paypal.com ucanbeasurvivorhappyfrog@gmail.com for remember offline online missionaries are hurting
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TranceFamily Sir Adrian Music and the globally recognised trance promotion team TranceFamily have joined forces to bring YOU, the trance faithful, a brand new digital record label called, wait for it...'Trancefamily Records'. With it's almost 350.000 strong fam Read more ... ily of trance lovers from every corner of the globe, TranceFamily fuses passion and power to promote the releases, DJ sets and trance related news they care about, and now they have their own label to showcase the addictive sounds they love to listen to, promote and talk about. From instrumental, vocal, orchestral styles across progressive to tech trance, uplifting to psy, 'TranceFamily Records' will release an exquisite selection across the wide spectrum of modern trance music, a selection that will satisfy your senses. TranceFamily owner says...''For me the Trancefamily page was a vision I dreamt about 5 years ago. In that time I decided to spread the love of such an epic music called Trance with millions of peoples around the word and i can finally say that after half a decade we are the number 1 special page for trance on social media (facebook). Now it's time to reach another goal and that is release the best quality trance music on our new label, exciting times here at Trancefamily!'' Sir Adrian says...''It's been a major focus to expand our company with more quality sub labels and to have joined with a global name like TranceFamily is a real pleasure. These guys work really hard to promote the music we all love and we can assure you, you wont be disappointed with the releases we have planned! Welcome to the family, Trancefamily!!!'' For demo submissions please send a PRIVATE! soundcloud link to either: http://www.facebook.com/siradrianmusic http://www.soundcloud.com/siradrianmusic trancefamilyrec@gmail.com
Sir Adrian Music
Sir Adrian Music | Labels: How Trance Works, TranceFamily, Aurosonic Music, Articulate Audio and Adrian & Raz.
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הילה דז'אלצקי שרון
"להנהיג את חיי"- קורס למנהיגות אישית
שלום, ראשית, תודה שהגעת לקרוא ולהתעניין :) שמי הילה, בת 40, בעלת תואר שני בייעוץ ארגוני, מפתחת ומנחת סדנאות,בתחומי הניהול והמנהיגות.    בעקב Read more ... ות שינויים ותהליכים שעברתי בחיי, שאת חלקם יזמתי וחלקם נכפו עליי, יצרתי את הקורס ״להנהיג את חיי״ - קורס למנהיגות אישית.    בקצרה עליי ועל הקורס: אני נשואה בשנית, אמא לאופק, שנולד לאחר טיפולי פוריות.  בהיותי נערה צעירה, איבדתי את אבי, נפגעתי מינית, וגדלתי להיות אישה צעירה, חסרת ביטחון, מנותקת מעצמה ומרצונותיה.    מאז ועד היום, הייתי ועודני בתהליכי התפתחות, בהם למדתי להקשיב לעצמי ולרצונותיי, לקחת אחריות על חיי, ולבחור את הבחירות המיטביות ביותר עבורי, בקיצור- להנהיג את חיי.    כתוצאה מכך, בחרתי להתגרש ויצרתי זוגיות חדשה ואוהבת; בחרתי לעזוב מקום עבודה יציב בבנק ולהפוך לעצמאית, והיום אני מגשימה את עצמי.   את הקורס ״להנהיג את חיי״ יצרתי מתוך המחויבות שלי להעביר הלאה,אליך, את הניסיון, הידע והכלים שצברתי בכל שנות התפתחותי.  הקורס הינו סדנאי-חווייתי ומשלב ידע אקדמי נרחב עם תהליכי מודעות והתפתחות אישית. בקורס נתבונן על חייך, על מה שחשוב לך, ועל מה שמונע ממך להשיג את רצונותיך. אתן לך כלים מעשיים שיאפשרו לך להתקרב ולהתחבר יותר לעצמך, ומתוך כך לקדם ולהשיג את מטרותיך.    אדגיש כי הקורס מתקיים באווירה אינטימית, במרחב בטוח ומאפשר, וכמובן, טומן בחובו את כוחה יוצא הדופן של קבוצה.   אני מזמינה אותך לשאול, להתעניין ולחוות דעתך בתגובות פה למטה- אשמח לענות על הכל :) כמו כן, לפרטים נוספים ולהרשמה לקורס, ניתן לפנות ליפעת, מנהלת ההרשמות: פייסבוק: Yifat Jan Ciubotariu דוא"ל: yifatjan@gmail.com טלפון: 054-4682093   תודה על הזמן שהקדשת לי בקריאתך, אשמח להשתמע ולהתראות, הילה :)
6 minutes ago
Constantina Constantinou DOG TAGS Now there is a new way to help the stray pound dogs in Cyprus helping your own dog too! You can now order a beautiful dog tag for your dog and help the S.P.D.C group afford the vet care and feeding of helpless pound dogs. They come in “bon Read more ... e” shape, in two sizes and five lovely colours are seen below. Size: 4x3 (There is space for dogs name in capital letters and a phone number) Price: 5euros, Size:4x5 (There is space for dogs name in capital letters and two phone numbers) Price: 6euros. The price for the dog tags is lower than the market price in many countries (payable by paypal) and they can be sent by post to any country (with an additional 1 euro for postage costs in Cyprus and 2 euros for other EU countries). You can also buy tags as gifts or tell your friends and make a group order, saving on postage costs. You can also help an animal shelter by donating some tags with the shelter's name and a contact number for animals who go to foster homes or adoption events. So please consider ordering your dog tag today. The orders of each week will be gathered on Fridays and forwarded for preparation. The tags will be ready and sent a week later. If you want to order please send to spdcnametagsorders@gmail.com the following information: Size of dog tag, colour, Dog name, tel. number(s), your name and address and the total amount you will be paying by paypal. Important notice: When you make the payment to our paypal account: niclakpoundogs@gmail.com. please mention your name (or names, if it's a group order) and write in comments box that it is for “dog tag order”. Please have in mind that no tag will be prepared if not paid beforehand.
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Kasia Gnatowicz URGENT !!! < GCDP IN POLAND !!! > Are You looking for an awesome internship starting in September? I have a great proposal for You: GLOBAL CITIZEN HIGH SCHOOLS project TN-In-PL-UM-2014-1916 and GLOBAL CITIZEN SCHOOLS project TN-In-PL-UM-2014-1932 Read more ... Realization dates : 5.09- 17.10.2014 Join Us !!! Lublin in Poland is calling You ! :) Contact me on: kasia.gnatowicz.aiesec@gmail.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXPeofkW-Pw
22 minutes ago
Kokoa Hewitt Hedge Would you like #Gurlnewz to cover your event? Email gurlnewz@gmail.com for details or call our gurlnewz hotline number 203 821 1441 leave your name number a brief message and we will get back to you.Arizona Vicki Harris Antoinette Seductress Almeid Read more ... a Nyomie Greco
25 minutes ago
City of Hartford Animal Shelter URGENT DATE IS TUES 9/2 Bus Stop AKA#117 **** TODAY !!! **** Always a Smile on his face... Every picture, Every day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NgX4BSPQQQ Male lab/pit mix Approx 10 months old Approx 50 lbs Lap dog alert! :-) Very, very sweet b Read more ... oy who wants to sit in your lap and give you kisses all day long! ♥ He never stops wiggling, happy to see everyone he has met!!! Wonderful dog who is extremely affectionate and outgoing He did great with dogs he met - there were only two to test him with, a large dog and a small dog. The large dog did growl at him and tried to dominate and he had no reaction whatsoever - just kept on smiling and trying to play. :-) The small dog he met was disinterested in him. He is a goofy boy who would love a buddy to play with! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odYwHTe2Sro LEGAL DAY OF ADOPTION IS TUES 9/2 IF INTERESTED IN ADOPTING PLEASE EMAIL CTSHELTERDOGS@GMAIL.COM PLEASE TAKE ADOPTION SERIOUSLY, DOGS CANNOT BE RETURNED TO THE SHELTER. THANK YOU.
28 minutes ago
Tatiana Kosova PLEASE, HELP TO SAVE LIFE BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!! Marina Zelenyuk, 28 y.o., REFUGE FROM LUGANSK, UKRAINE. URGENT FUNDRAISING FOR A KIDNEY TRANSPLANT!!! THE PRICE OF LIFE IS $60 000! The doctors do not hide the fact that without kidney transplant Ma Read more ... rina will not live for more than a year! On August 31 , the amount raised is $30 563. We need to raise $29 437 more! Marina has been on dialysis for over 8 years, which becomes less and less effective for her. Marina has good prognosis if kidney transplant is performed but she is going to die without the surgery. There is still time to help the young girl! Marina understands everything and she wants to live! Marina Zelenyuk has two serious diagnosis - kidney failure end stage (both kidneys do not work) and oncology - cancer of the thyroid gland stage 1. Also, Marina with her family had to flee from her native city Lugansk, Ukraine, where their apartment building was hit by a missile. Currently, Marina lives in Kharkov, Ukraine. Thyroid cancer (papillary - follicular variant) of T4 N0 M0 1 degree 2nd clinical group (from May 2014). She had a surgery to remove her parathyroid and a part of thyroid gland. In August, 2014 Marina successfully completed the first course of radiotherapy in Kharkov, Ukraine. The the second course of treatment is scheduled for October, 2014. The doctors say that cancer was diagnosed early during stage 1 and the prognosis is good. Marina has been on peritoneal dialysis since the age of 19 years old. But it soon will stop working, and she has to go for hemodialysis, which is bad for the heart. But Marina is disabled (the first group) due to hypertension and joint destruction. It is possible to save the young girl in Minsk, Belarus where she was offered a kidney transplant. It can restore her health and even allow Marina to become a mother in the future. They can call for an operation at any time, but Marina and her family was not able to collect necessary amount for the surgery. Her parents are retired and they sold the car with the garage, and wanted to sell the house, but it burned down. Then Marina was provided government subsidized in Lugansk but she had to leave it due to the war and shooting. Marina has been doing fundraising for her lifesaving surgery for three years already. Since that this the price of surgery doubled and now it is $ 60 thousands. OFFICIAL BILL FOR OPERATION:http://savepic.net/5240974.htm And after New Year, the price can still go up to $ 70 thousands. Marina lost some money raised because the value of Ukrainian money (hryvnia) fell down. On August 23, 2014, the amount raised is $23 554. We need to raise $31 446 more (the fee for money transfer is not included). The doctors do not hide the fact that Marina’s body can’t sustain for more than a year without kidney transplant. But most of all Marina wants to live a normal life and be healthy. Documents of Marina Zelenyuk: http://vk.com/album-24409159_128967614 Marina's support groups: vk.com/save_marina_zelenyuk https://www.facebook.com/groups/savemarinazelenyuk odnoklassniki.ru/savemarinazelenyuk Any amount of donation no matter how small is greatly appreciated by Marina and her family. Requisites for donations: http://vk.com/topic-24409159_29247893 PayPal(USA account): marinazelenyuk@gmail.com (Please make a note "Kidney" or for Marina Zelenyuk ) If you wish to make a donation directly to the clinic in Minsk, please let us know. It takes a few days for the money transfer. Marina just needs to be aware of the transfer and check back with the clinic to make sure the money is not lost.
46 minutes ago
Raju Rai Thanks nimtochasabailai@gmail.com
1 hour ago
Gampa Nageshwer Rao Dear wellwishers, Please watch me live at MahaaTv (Telugu news channel) Tomorrow 3rd sept wednesday at 7.30 am request to give your feedback by sms on 9849000026 or gamparao@gmail.com thank you Pradeep Kondiparthi garu for referring my name. www.m Read more ... ahaanews.com
MahaaNews- news channel in telugu.
NEWS IS LIFE. India's No 1 fastest growing news channel in Telugu.
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