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Anson Lilienthal Quick question Facebook, does anyone have information on someone certified, or trained in personal training as well as a personal nutritionist that I could hire? Google is giving such mixed reviews, and I am the worst google searcher in the world. I' Read more ... m not talking about 24 hr fitness or LA I know they have personal trainers, but I am more concerned on someone telling me how to eat and giving tips on that end of it where I'm more lazy. It can be a business or person, but any help would be appreciated. Message or comment.
Kickstands on the Alcan Day #5 Edmonton, AB – Dawson Creek, BC 7 hours 382 miles. I awoke around 530, sleep eluded me so I got up and quietly packed my things. I tried to make a stealthy exit to load the bike, however as I slipped open the door I suddenly heard a subtle Read more ... beeping. Within seconds sirens and children were wailing and the entire house leapt to arms and Ted ran out to see who was burglarizing his home. I was immediately forgiven and we were served a delicious breakfast casserole as punishment for the disruption. We spent a nice time relaxing and talking after breakfast and did not end up leaving until almost 8 o clock. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, beautiful clear blue sky and the sun was already well into the sky which felt good on our backs as we headed west. Thanks to some help from Ted my egress from Edmonton went very smooth and I found my way to AB-2 west then north on AB-216 which lead me out of the city and onto the Trans-Canada Hwy (Yellowhead Trl.) AB-16. We followed this to Onoway where we split off on AB-43 North/West. It was about 60 degrees F as we crossed the Canadian countryside. That is just about the perfect temperature to ride while wearing a leather coat. The scenery was beautiful all predominantly flat timber or farmland. The road was wide and smooth and lined with fragrant spruce trees and Aspen groves the leaves of which waved at us as we passed. We saw lots of log trucks headed east and as always the Alberta drivers were as responsible, courteous and attentive as any we have ever encountered. Semi trucks would take to the shoulder to let you around on two lanes. And of course on four-lanes the left lane was always wide open. The pavement was really good until about 20 miles east of Grand Prairie and then it got very rough. Freezing must have buckled the pavement and work crews had ground the pavement down in these spots. It was like riding through a ditch every 100 feet or so. We tried the center line the left lane, the right lane the left berm and the shoulder. All the while being tossed around like a ship at sea. We stopped for fuel and food in Grand Prairie and ran into a couple fellow bikers whom we had passed in Montana and then saw at the border crossing. They had sheltered in Onoway the night before. We seemed to be knocking out about the same mileage per day and I’m sure we wills see them many more times since they are also going to Fairbanks. We made it to British Columbia around 2pm and immediately lost an hour. When we got to Dawson Creek we spied the last Wal-Mart we’ll see for a while and figured we should wander around inside. We looked at granola bars, cheese and crackers , various other snacks and bear bait, but settled on neck lanyard for my camera instead. Dawson Creek is a good size town with quite a bit of foot and vehicular traffic. We stopped at the big arching sign and set up the tripod right in the middle of the parking lot. We struck and held several 10 second poses waiting for the camera timer. Then of course it was time to try to capture the miracle of flight. Drew some attention from those passing by to see a 30 year old man repeatedly climbing up on the monument and jumping off while counting loudly ONE TWO THREE NOW!!!...Fortunately no one called the mounties on us. We checked in at the Ramada limited and the friendly desk clerk showed us maps, gave us coupons to a couple local restaurants and free postcards. We went by the Alaska Highway House about 15 minutes before it closed. It’s a really nice, very informative free museum. Call me stupid but I never knew why when how the highway was built. And I certainly didn’t know who built it. In hindsight I should have known based on the units of distance it is measured with. We ate at a real nice steak joint “Mr. Mikes steakhouse casual” as recommended by the (hotel desk clerk) and called it a night. Post, post challenge…….. Who can tell me who when and why the Alaska Highway was built? No googling!
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Jagdish Lund hum honge kamyab...
Elections are to be held in Maharshtra, Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir and Jharkhand in the coming few months. Everyone is asking, whether we will fight these or not. In a recent google hangout Arvind Kejriwal expressed his opinion on the issue. Though Read more ... the decision is still not final and there will be several rounds of deliberations before any final decision is made, it is important to hear what the party's national convener has to say about this. He talks about need of relating to local issues and raising issues related to the people. Must listen and share!
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