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BuzzFeed Trending "If anyone is capable of cracking the glass ceiling of female muay thai in Thailand, it’s Phetjee Jaa.”
This Amazing 13-Year-Old Fighter Isn't Allowed To Compete Against Boys Anymore
Phetjee Jaa is known as the girl who beats boys.
Hilarious Facts Hey Everyone :-). I am jessica <3 I am 18 yrs old :-D I live in usa California I love making new friends please like my page (Y) I will send you a friend request and inbox u I promise thnx much <3
CBS News UPDATE: 24 hours after she vanished from her mother's Houston home, Alexis "Lexi" Lynn Johnson, 6, was found in Sabine Parish in western Louisiana. Her mother's ex-boyfriend is suspected of abducting her.
Texas girl subject of Amber Alert Monday found safe, suspect in custody
Police say Alexis "Lexi" Lynn Johnson, 6, was kidnapped by her mother's ex-boyfriend
Reba Paige Glad she was found and be home with her mom, discard ex boyfriend out to jail for abducted
Michael Hales A prayer answered.
Matt Matticus Thomas good she is safe `https://www.facebook.com/groups/Pilloew/
Darleen Smith Glad she is home
Merceda Goodwin Thank God safe return
Max Elliott Bebber So happy she was found!
Angelina Harris Hallelujah
JoAnn Mounsey I'm glad she is found
Ralph Wells Thank goodness.
Edith Green Thank you God !!!
SCAD - The University for Creative Careers From the Sierra Leone Civil War to SCAD, 'Peace Girl' Memuna Mansaray McShane is finding her place. Refinery29 is following her on her journey.
Memuna McShane Sierra Leone Peace Girl SCAD Freshman
A four-year-old Memuna meets then-President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton in 2000.
Salon "Just be yourself" is scientifically proven advice...
Men are attracted to nonconformist women: The science that explains the “manic pixie dream girl” cli
New research refutes one of our oldest (and dopiest) stereotypes about what men find attractive in the opposite sex
Rob Waldeck The manic pixie dream girl has nothing to do with women, but with men who look to women for validation and approval. Men who share particular interests and date women who also share those interests are sometimes seeking to validate themselves via women who like those interests. Problem is you are dating the interest, not the woman at that point. See also: Liz Phair's description of Guyville: "This kind of guy mentality, you know, where men are men and women are learning." All a product of the advertising culture's insistence that we all have an identity we must belong to.
Chris Whittington alpha males are attracted to alpha females. only failures want submissive women.
Liz Schuelke "Just be yourself" so men will like you. Riigghhhhttt
David Peak But this conflicts with your claims that men only want compliant,submissive, subservient waifs. Especially if it's a white guy, with his white, fragile-male ego. Remember?
Miguel Mun This reminds me of the questionnaire my evolutionary psychology professor made us take in what we desire in a partner and one of the top three choices was intelligent women for the men. Of course, there are less men in the course. I'm sure many men don't really fear intelligent women nor should we but it's clearly a good thing that these outdated views of viewing women as lesser being will eventually go away for good.
Gerwyn Petty So, according to this, by not conforming, all girls are "manic pixie dream girls," thereby conforming to a stereotype. Seriously, how do you guys publish articles? Just mash your fingers on a keyboard for a few minutes, then click "send?"
Nichole Yachtwolf as a female born and raised in the American south I can empirically call bullshit
Jack Sack Well, I am pretty non-conformist, and yet I am still single. Hmmmmm. *rollseyes*
Candy Clouston Some are, some aren't. Stupid overgeneralization.
People.com And that's not even the worst crime he's been accused of.
Florida Man Sentenced to 885 Years in Prison for Possessing 'Massive Amounts of Child Pornography'
Shawn Ryan Thomas, 31, is also accused of plotting to kidnap a 9-year-old girl and kill her parents
Heather Miller Fierke 885 years? Why? what a waste of money! he doesn't deserve to wake up every morning!
Erin Cross He won't make it more than a year in prison, good riddance.
John Furman Dont . Understand rapist n child molesters get less than some faggit lookin at pics
Sheila M Wilder Yeah, he wont make it long in Prison and I say a Great big Fricking YEE HAW..
Toni Revard Put him down and save the tax payers $$$$$
Erika Rodriguez Just dig a hole and throw him into it so he can die a slow death!!!!!
Jen Bruski He'll be lucky to Live 8 days in jail once the other convicts find out why he's there.WORTHLESS POS!!!!
Matthew Marrett Glad they got this monster off of the street but they should have cut his cock off
Stef Elizabeth You know what would save the US government this guy's remaining lifetime worth of living costs? Setting him on fire.
Denise Barnes Finally they are throwing the book at these disgusting monsters.
ABC News Baby with 'inoperable' brain tumor is going to live, doctor says: "My girl. I get to keep you!" http://abcn.ws/1LiO3dM
Britt Ventrice My sisters friend was diagnosed with inoperable brain tumor at 18months she's 17 years old now.
Kyle Ann Stesney God Bless precious little one.
Pamela Bostic God bless you prayers
James Lott Of course those idiots credit their imaginary friend and NOT the doctor that saved her life. It was modern medicine, NOT their imaginary friend.
Betty Pederson God bless
Deborah Bennett God bless her
Lorrie McCleary AMEN!!
Emmanuel Ezenwa Ohizu For the record, "God doesn't exist" I'm glad we have doctors and the technologies she may need. Good luck lil one.
Linda Webb Praise the Lord
Mother Nature Network If you're an Emma -- or a Liam -- expect to have lots of company in the coming decades.
The most popular boy and girl baby names in every state
Want to know the top baby names in your state last year?
21 minutes ago
ABC News 13-year-old is not just the only girl on her school football team; she's also the co-captain: http://abcn.ws/1jv3ckV
27 minutes ago
Anthony Evans Save the cheerleader.. oh wait the football player save the world.
Samkelo Key I wonder if she deserves to be Co captain or its because shes a girl .Football is just for Man, woman must stay in their lane.
Chloé A H Lewis yes!!! CONGRATS YOU GO GIRL!!!
Dontel Alexander I was once challenge by a female football player in the Gauntlet in High School, as a RB Myself let's Just say it didn't end well for her lol!!
Gloria Tilson Good job you go girl girl power
Michael Noriega Sooooo..... how does that work in the locker room? I mean.....
Eugene Butler This is all fun and games until some 6'5" 240lb boy knocks her on her a**... but more power to you!!!!
Carmella Ealom Go girl....
Corwin S Curlin Jr. Not even news NEXT!
Dianne Alford Shaw she's cute... no wonder.
Daily Mail The terrifying rise of breast ironing
Girls are having their breasts IRONED OUT to disguise puberty in Africa
Breast ironing - the brutal flattening of a young girl's developing chest to 'protect her from rape and sexual harassment' - now affects 3.8 million women around the world, according to a UN report.
35 minutes ago
Tracie Doyle Here's an idea why don't they chop off men's dicks instead
Kapangala Masangala WHEN you say 'in Africa" you make it sound like this barbarism is practiced by every African country. There are over 50 countries in Africa, so be specific cause Africa isn't a country, DM.
Sonya McKinney That is terrible. What a horrible place for a child to grow up. Girls are treated like cattle and boys are taught to treat them that way. So sad.
Valse Meg main while , somewhere on same country and Islam community, across the world, 130 million women and girls start the age of 3 years old are said to have been "circumcised"
Julie Van Dooren men over there are such pigs and perverts!!!
Gaurav RK Sharma Men's dicks should be chopped off instead of women ironing their breasts..Why should women suffer because of dirty , ugly men ?
Jan Bailey For heavens sake take these children into care
Kev Waterhouse Now she has a chest like an ironing board
Kema Daniels I'm an African and a Nigerian and how come I'm just hearing this for the first time? Lies lies lies just to make money and paint Africans more bad. Y would a mother with full breasts want to stop her daughters best from growing? Where is mothers love? Pls find another story
Ismail Malycki Sylla Stupid lies!!!! Who told you guys it happens rampantly. That's similar to saying all girls in the west are subject to paedophilia and incest ... stupid article. Never heard of this in all the African countries i know. Like everywhere girls reaching puberty mainly are safe
Amazing world Pictures WTF Tour Photos OF Miley Cyrus Which Got Leaked.. 4th Is So Shocking!
WTF Tour Photos OF Miley Cyrus Which Got Leaked.. 4th Is So Shocking!
Miley Cyrus is making more than noise all over the world. Her infamous twerking and really long tongue has been the face of so many magazines and yet after so long, she still manages to surprise. This girl really is taking it to the next level. Let's Read more ... find out how!
1 hour ago
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