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Jessie Odell Happens more than you might think.
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Newly released documents about the Lakeland, Florida teacher who was arrested for having sex with a 17-year-old student, reveal that she left her old job in Orlando after being investigated for an inappropriate relationship with an eighth grade stude Read more ...
nt six years ago. Read more: http://bit.ly/1ny2EYl
-88 seconds ago
V.C. Andrews Fan Page Petals on the Wind first trailer released: http://www.aceshowbiz.com/news/view/00070250.html
'Petals on the Wind' First Trailer Shows Revenge and Sex
A grown-up Cathy is seen dancing and having sex with her brother, while Corrine sets her mother on fire.
-12 seconds ago
Aria Maglalang Having sex in the pool doesn't make your baby a mermaid. Ψ(`_´ ")↝
37 minutes ago
Mista Hollywood I AIN'T EVEN GONNA LIE:: If a Man's having Sex wit a Girl & He.Nuts Fast & She Understands and DOESN'T GET UPSET!!!! (Dont say nothing) And STILLLL WIT HIS ASSS!!! AWW.MANEE. Datss #WIFEY #SheUnderstand #SheREALLYLovesUBoyyy
1 hour ago
Cholly Nyerere Jessica THIS LIFE GET HAS IT OWN OOO NO BE ME TALK AM SHA. 1. Going to your bf/gf without being invited = OFFSIDE. 2. Dating a girl today and having sex on the same day = FREE-KICK. 3. Condom = GOALKEEPER 4. Condom breaks = PENALTY 5. Abortion = RED Read more ...
CARD 6. A girl with lots of energy = CAPTAIN 7. Having sex without a condom = OWN GOAL 8. Taking a lot of time without coming = MAN OF THE MATCH. 9.Banging 3 girls in a day = HAT-TRICK. 10. Having many chicks and banging all = MVP 11. Having sex with your ex = FRIENDLY MATCH 12. 8 years of sex without getting a child = ARSENAL 13. After 2 rounds, u request for more =EXTRA TIME. 14. Taking it gently when having sex = FAIR PLAY 15. Biting her n!pples = SUAREZ 16.Two legs on shoulder = THROWIN 17. Asking her 'how do you want it' = Taking instructions on the sideline. 18. A lady using pills after sex and later still got pregnant = DEFENSIVE ERROR 19.Girl being pregnant = GoOoOoOallllll 20.Ur guy collect ur chick= True pass 21.Having sex with a girl..and your mum open d door= Injury 22.You and your girl break up= Game over 23. Girl tell u to stop= YELLOW CARD
2 hours ago
Kristal Lapontie If you can make me laugh, your chances of having sex with me are increased by 50%
2 hours ago
Chris Stegmeier If you like having sex while listening to music, always choose a live album. That way you'll get an applause every 3 to 4 minutes.
2 hours ago
Tiffany Elam I Like Smoking Weed 🍃🌾🍂🌾🍂 I Like Getting Flyy ✈✈, I Like Having Sex 🍆 I Like Girls Who Ride 🐎🐎.... MONEY BABY.....
3 hours ago
Chris Sno Eastling So according to most of St Mary Parish.....because a 16 year old girl is a bit promiscuous....that the 22 year old guy that was having sex with her shouldnt be charged with statutory rape...and she deserved the cracked ribs and concussion he gave he Read more ...
r....and all the rest dont believe he is that type of guy....even tho its his M.O. and he is now running from the police.....but yeah he is innocent Most of the guys his age feel that he did nothing wrong.....so their parents should be ashamed that they raised them that way.... Parents....talk to your sons about this....make sure they know its wrong....and talk to your daughters and make sure they know that their worth is not measured in sex...
3 hours ago
Christian Mann I like smoking weed I like getting fly ! I like having sex, I like girls who ride ... 😘Money baby
3 hours ago
Abrighter Palacios I head a lot of ppl who went to Kwahu be having sex in the bush, I dey wonder if dem be bush animals !!!
3 hours ago
Tammy Griggs Cannot believe the amount of 12 13 year olds around here smoking having sex drinking and drugs! Glad my daughter has bit more sense :)
3 hours ago
Belinda E. Oliver #TLDM why do singles who are having sex outside of God's covenant still expect Him to bless them? You speak of submission but refuse to submit your flesh. Sounds like a double standard to me.
3 hours ago
Jonathan DamnFoolsteelersfan Moore Dnt think I ever screamed so loud in my life I pull up at the Chinese place two big ass bees having sex come towards me so I jump back in the car like I heard some body shooting screaming like chris tucker on the fifth element so I waited until they Read more ...
flew off an rain in the store so the Chinese man come and say oh you scared of bee bee not harm you bee yo friend an he killed iT MY HERO KMSL
3 hours ago
Abhijith Shuja Dear Mr Abhi Handsome, 3 poeple having sex is called a threesome. 2 people having sex s a twosome. so next time someone calles you HANDSOME, dont take it as a compliment :D :D :D :D
3 hours ago
Kelvin Wellington Having sex on a regular basis can make u both look and feel younger.
3 hours ago
Prentis Trunell Lampley Today message :ppl value yourself more ,having sex with everybody isn't gone make you more of a man or woman it will only make you less of one. Respect yourself,you shouldn't wanna be that person that when you name come up everybody has a sexually s Read more ...
tory about you. It's sad nd it destroys your reputation. Think of the risk you take when have sex with different ppl. The risk of getting rapped,getting pregnant by a dead beat dude ,catching a std/std's, or even killed ,and yes it can happen cause we hear about it everyday. Ijs anybody can say they love they're self but your actions speak louder than words.
4 hours ago
4 hours ago
Ïtü Bårçâí Cüttër Question: What's The Naughtiest Thing You've Done And Would Do It Again? Answer: Having Sex On The Lawn During Night Times And After That We Started Scratching Each Other :) :v :P
4 hours ago
Andy Och is pondering the fact that from the very beginning of Rock and Roll - one of the greatest challenges - that still exists today - is singing about having sex without coming right out and saying it.
4 hours ago
Creasy Liberty Yea having sex is cool but you ever get your back scratched? #WhereOrgasmsHappen
5 hours ago
Julie Fuggin Chambers "There are like, ten freaking cats outside and they're all over my Camaro, you know, hanging out. Having sex." Good morning
6 hours ago
Tuesday Petrie So, I fell asleep in the hospital and I had an odd dream. I dreamt I was on Grindr and I put it out there that I was into "having sex while the kitties are watching" and someone close by said they were interested. I went to the cafe where he was and Read more ...
noticed he was someone I knew and I liked. He noticed me at the same time. I went over to sit down but as I did, this super skinny girl wearing horn rimmed glasses walked by giving me a deadly side eye. I knew her. She was the alcoholic yoga master that was in my drug rehab over 15 years ago. What's she doing here in my dream ? I haven't thought of her in just as long. Oh, well. So, I sit across from the attractive guy who responded. The guy I knew, the guy I liked, that fancies having sex while the kitties watch. My thoughts are, this is exciting we have something in common but I was looking for a random person. I want to get to know him better and maybe go bowling or something. If I say lets go bowling instead he might take it the wrong way. I know what I'll say ! When was the first time you realized your arousal from the kitties watching you ? Or was that too forward ? He looked calm and pleasant sitting there. I smiled. He smiled. He started to say something but I got woken up by a nurse wanting to take my vitals. So, what do you think he said ???
6 hours ago
Bishop King Men wearing stretch jeans. Women wearing baggy jeans. Men with rolls n dreads ok cool but women got boosie fades. Men talkin n walkin and actin like women and women like men. Men having sex changes n poppin hormone pills n women jus str8 men.(nothing Read more ...
against gays ijs) Nobody really teaching their kids just sayin they love them n live for them wont educate. Snow showers in da spring along with freezing temps. Niggaz dying everyday. Kids missin. Zimmerman walks n da lady who actually defends herself gets 20yrs. Homeless ppl here in da USA suffer but yall send money to other countries rather than help. Yall smoke n drink but cant help. Fb became the existance for most nobodies.
7 hours ago
Marelyn Helava Irwin My EX sent me a picture of him having sex with he's new biarch -_- I sent it to he's MOM & DAD :P
7 hours ago
Naija Comedy Zone Little Johnny is in his closet when he hears a noise. His mom comes in and starts having sex with someone other than his dad. He hears a door slam and his mother say "Oh no, my husband his home! Quick! Hide in the closet." ....Continue reading *once Read more ...
you like Mr 2KAY page you will get the full story
9 hours ago
Khalifa No Wiz I like having sex 😼 , I like girls who ride 🏇
15 hours ago
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