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Colin F. Watson I'm and Genius... What???? LOL New Phase 3 -2.0 Testimonial.... It works people, even for the ladies! Colin....you are a genius!!! And I am sure you Jayne had a big part in this too! I have finished the new phase 3-2.0 about a week & 1/2 ago....we Read more ... nt on a 4 day weekend away and maintained my regime ....had to share my results. I maintained my weight after phase two of the HCG protocol within 5 pounds...but lost an extra 4% body fat ( I am 19% total body fat) almost lost 6 more inches over all. I weight more than I do usually....due to lean muscle mass....but wear the same size clothes as I do at a lower weight.... At...58 yrs young this month. ( if you recall yourself,Jayne and myself celebrate August as our birthday month) and after a hip replacement....not too shabby...I think. I have phase 4 life cook book and enjoy browsing that but I think I will stick to this for the next little while ( you mentioned... 6 months right )for I really to love my load nights....I am planning my next one as I email you....hahaha.,,,I think Mexican .... Anyways, Colin and Jayne....you have done it again .....you are the best....you have come up with a awesome new phase 3-2.0..... That I will be honored to pay it forward on your behalf. One question....Colin ....do you stay on this for 6 months at a time....and then go back on phase 3-2.0 after a month off?.....or do you do a round of HCG again?....( on your month off ....do phase four eating). Love you guys Xoxo Shauna Goshko
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Debbie Arizaga Valdez Order your extreme weight lost kit today. Loss 30 to 40 lbs in one month.. WWW.LIVINGWITHIASO.COM WWW.TOTALLIFECHANGES.COM/LIVINGWITHIASO
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The intense weight loss kit is the only way to go when you want to lose weight quickly!!! Lose 30 to 40lbs in one month with this kit. This kit includes: Nutra burst a liquid multivitamin that is all natural certified organic and give you a 98% abso Read more ... rbency immediately in the bloodstream, the HCG drops that suppress the appetite and burn 3500 to 4000 calories daily without exercise, the detox tea remove undigested waste, parasites, and toxins and help control carvings. LOSE 1 TO 2 POUNDS DAILY WITH THIS KIT? www.teamakeover.com
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