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Conquer The Gauntlet
TULSA!!!!!! CAN YOU CONQUER THE GAUNTLET? Continental Divide, Tiger Trap, Boardwalk Boulevard, Nemesis Enforcer, Swamp Crawl, The Labryrinth, The Bog, Net Scrambler, Horrible Hurdles, Barrels Beneath, Tire Traverse, Sherwood Forest, Wall Scale, Gate Read more ... way to the West, Dead Man's Drop, More Cowbell, Barbed Wire Boulevard, Conqueror's Carry, Hay Bale Haven, Tight Rope Walk, The Rockies, Flying Flames, Stairway to Heaven, The Gallows, Tarzan Swing, Slippery Slopes, Hills from Hell, Walls of Fury, TOP SECRET MYSTERY OBSTACLE, Cliffhanger. 4.15 miles. 30+ obstacles 12 mud/water pits THE GREATEST COURSE EVER! FREE PARKING! FREE SPECTATING! GAMES AND GIVEAWAYS ALL DAY! FREE WATER! CLEAN OFF STATION! SHORT LINES AT REGISTRATION AND OBSTACLES! And soooo much more!!
29 minutes ago
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