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Alland Byallo FAO up and coming music producers: Sending an email with your name as subject and your Soundcloud link as the only email body text is not a demo. It's lazy and one could easily infer that you put just as much energy and interest into your music. If Read more ... you're going to send your music to labels, here's some ideas: 1) Do your research. Make sure the label you're sending your music to would like to hear it. I've been sent so many demos from rock bands, Southern rap artists, vocal "electroclash" (is that really still a thing?) producers/bands... Don't blanket the world with your demos, don't play the numbers game. One of the greatest resources on the net is discogs.com. Find the artists you like that make music somewhat similar to yours, find the labels they work with, contact them personally. Which brings me to... 2) Send an email that's personally targeted at the label. Be nice, be friendly, don't be too wordy but show that you have a serious interest in being on the label. We all like to feel special. Imagine receiving an email written directly to you, asking you for music. Wouldn't that make you feel better than just some cold email writing nobody in particular asking for music of any kind? It's kind of a golden rule, I suppose. Be polite, don't run on about your expectations from the label, how amazing you are, so forth. *I'M* embarrassed for the people who send me demos telling me that they're making the best techno in the world. Humility is rare, wonderful and to be perfectly frank I've found it's usually reserved for those with actual talent. I also recommend just writing a quick email about yourself and the music. No long bios, no wordy diatribes about the state of dance music or your aspirations for fame, who you've shared decks with, so forth. If you have your bio and info otherwise available online, provide a link, or consider typing up everything into a text document and uploading that to link to. Just two to three sentences could work just fine for the first contact. 3) Send three tracks, maaaaybe four. If you have more and feel that the tracks REALLY need to be heard together, as a package, then say so and give a nice reason why. Most people running dance music labels are running DIY, out of their home, wearing MANY hats at once. The ones that aren't are even more busy and inundated with exponentially more demo submissions. Pick your best works, engineer them as best as you can and arrange them in an order you think works best. Once the label hears them, they will tell you things like "Wow these are great. We love the first two, do you have another couple we could hear?", or "Let's do these two first tracks. The third doesn't fit but we could do a remix on the B-side." If you send too many tracks at once, many people may just not even take the time to pay attention. It's overwhelming, just as a super wordy email would be. People just shut off before starting up. Now this is SUPER IMPORTANT: ONLY SEND LINKS TO 320kbps MP3s. Don't attach tracks to your emails. Never, ever. You'll only make the recipient hate you right away. Lots of labels use mail apps like Apple's native Mail or Outlook. Comes with having your own URL and so forth. Nobody wants their email frozen for 5-20 minutes downloading Mr. I-Just-Found-Out-About-Internet's emails. Soundcloud links work best if possible. 4) Make your tracks private, theoretically and practically. I don't want to know that 324 people have already downloaded your demo tracks on Soundcloud. That's 324 lost sales, and unless it's part of a little promotional strategy to help your potential EP, you're better off just sharing them everywhere on a bigger scale and making new music to submit as a demo. 5) Name your tracks with great care. Make sure to include your artist name on every track. "Track3-newbassline.mp3" will just get lost and we'll just be wondering who that amazing track is by for ever and ever. We'll send it to our buddies and say "Dude, who made this? I have it on my hard drive and have no idea. Wish I could release it!" and that doesn't help anybody. You don't have to go nuts with the metadata, just make sure the filenames include your name and that you include your contact info somewhere. If you're sending a link to a zip file of tracks, rather than Soundcloud, then I suggest including a little text file with your real name, email address and pertinent links (soundcloud, facebook, et al). 6) Give the label some time. Don't freak out and write a million emails after three days of not hearing back. If it's been a month, then maybe send a very polite little nudge, like "Hi this is Stacy Technoladyperson. I sent you a demo a few weeks ago. I know you're quite busy, but as I really admire the label I was hoping to get even a little feedback at your earliest convenience. Thanks!" This is where that initial personally targeted email also works in your favor. We all like to know that our labels and our A&R ears are actually appreciated. If you show care, you're more liable to receive it. Truth be told, most labels these days don't even answer 95% of the time. Don't take it personally. Non-responders are a pet peeve of mine to be perfectly honest, but in the end nobody really owes us anything. What I may think of as basic decency and professionalism, may not be the same as the next guy's take on it. Don't get mad, get productive and move forward with new music, greater enthusiasm and determination. There's more for sure, but this is a good list of basics, and about all I can handle at this early an hour with no coffee! :) Best of luck to you!
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Dave Chase Any FastMail users out there? FM just made a service announcement for all users. "FastMail Announcement Dear FastMail User, On Thursday, 23rd October 2014, we are moving the main FastMail website from fastmail.fm to fastmail.com. We intend to make Read more ... the transition as seamless as possible, but we wanted to give you advance warning. Below are some more details for users regarding this change: Does this affect my @fastmail.fm email address? Not at all, this will continue to function exactly as before. The only difference is the web address you'll see in your browser when you log in to our website. Email client users (e.g. Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Outlook, etc) If you access your email through an email client, there's no change. Everything will continue to work exactly as before. Web interface users If you use our web interface, from Thursday when you go to fastmail.fm you will be redirected automatically to fastmail.com. Any existing sessions will be transferred across, so if you were logged in at fastmail.fm, you'll be logged in at fastmail.com. The only difference you should see is in the address bar in your browser. Password manager users If your password is normally filled in automatically for you by your browser or password manager, you'll need to make sure you know what it is. For security reasons most password managers will only fill in your password on the domain where it was first used, and since we're moving domains from fastmail.fm to fastmail.com, they'll fail to work automatically. If you don't know what your password is, we've got instructions on how to find it in all major browsers. Your password manager should prompt to save it again the first time you log in at fastmail.com, so don't worry, you still won't have to memorise it! How can I get an @fastmail.com email address? With the exception of legacy guest and member accounts, you will be able to add an alias (additional address) to your account, or you will be able to rename your account to a new username @fastmail.com. All addresses will be available on a first come, first served basis starting as soon as the transition to fastmail.com occurs. We decided on this approach because we already offer many domains, so there might be joeblogs@fastmail.fm, joeblogs@fastmail.us, joeblogs@fastmail.net, joeblogs@myfastmail.com, joeblogs@eml.cc, etc. and we don't think any particular user and any particular domain should get priority over another. In the interests of fairness, we are only allowing each account to register one alias @fastmail.com. New users will be able to sign up an address @fastmail.com as well. When exactly will @fastmail.com email addresses become available? An exact time on Thursday hasn't been decided yet. Please keep an eye on our blog for further details. Thanks for reading and as ever, thanks for using FastMail. Regards, The FastMail Team" This is one email provider that is actually "TOUGH ON SPAM"!!! Even with a free account over a subscribed the junk mail that you get if any is extremely light compared to GMail, Comcast's freebie spam junk collector, and of course formerly Live Hotmail now Outlook.com may see the block option but the crap keeps on a comin at you!
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