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HuffPost Weird News Cat Found Alive Aboard Sunken Boat The cat was in the water at least an hour before being discovered.
Cat Found Alive Aboard Sunken Boat
LAKE HAVASU CITY, Ariz. (AP) — A trapped, hungry, wet and scared cat is now safe after it was found tucked away in a boat that had sank to the bottom of Lake Havasu. Today's News-Herald reports (
Johnny Rios What if the cat caused the boat to crash and it is really an evil demon in disguise? LOL
Paul Alex Prince III "..a boat that had sank..." SMH.
Heather Hill Wow!!!
Bailey Annan Sonday 9 lives
Amm Abdull 9 lives man!
Serge Bellemare that's so sweet the ppl that saved him,ty
Negamonte Firestone Poor baby
Teddi Sanchez I want her!!!!!!!!
Mary Ellen Morris Bless that cats heart.
Jay Slayton
Fox News Politics Rick Perry: America's about second chances |
Rick Perry: America's about second chances
Former Texas governor on running for president again, 'sketchy' indictment
Mashable - Video Check out this gorgeous 5 year time-lapse of the sun.
9GAG The Pluto-Queen Connection.
Boben Barcelo Is this the real life?
Greg Heffley I am a queen and I found these pluto.
James Jam Is What is connection betwn pluto and guitar ? !!
Michael Tukker Had my Queen explore my Pluto once. May never let her do that again.
Ged Bobier Romblon maybe Freddie collaborated with the people who explored Mars...
Adrian Soriano Alcantara and their vocalist is mercury?
Onur Karatay He is an astroguitarist!
Slade Garrett Wilson So thats how Freddie mercury got his nickname
Fahim Faisal And next: to Mercury!
Brian Bayaras I'm Pluto and I find this offensive
CNN Kipenzi, a baby giraffe that captivated an Internet audience with its live birth at the Dallas Zoo a few months ago, has died.
Internet-famous giraffe dies at Dallas Zoo -
Kipenzi, a baby giraffe that captivated an Internet audience with its live birth at the Dallas Zoo a few months ago, has died.
JeNae Waterfield Maybe giraffes can remain in their natural habitat when something as natural as running doesn't result in death...? IJS
Fernando Arrioja i know this is irrelevant but why aren't we doing more to stop people from poaching in Africa?
Looney Quevedo Nedrow Awww...... I know to some this might be a silly story, but to some of us animal lovers it's sad. Love giraffes
Nancy Anderson Guthrie No Zoo ...No Circus ...freedom for our wild life ...
Corina C James Why are people laughing? This is so sad! RIP Kipenzi.
Kaitlyn Davis So sad. This could've happened to any giraffe, whether in a zoo or in the wild. My heart goes out to the staff at the Dallas Zoo and Kipenzi's giraffe family.
Ron Skinner You mean you can't keep a giraffe penned up in a zoo and expect it to lead a normal like? Well there was some good animal science.
Michelle Zaza Awww, poor baby giraffe. Jesus has her safe in His arms now. It is sad she had to die so soon though.
Marla Stults That's so sad. I watched that giraffe being born, maybe they could give the giraffes a bigger pen.
Yvette Aguilar Robles Very sad, what a tragic accident. RIP in giraffe heaven Kipenzi
The Economist In the 25 years before Lehman Brothers collapsed, new banks were licensed at an average rate of 164 per year. But in 2011 no new banks were licensed, making it the first such year since at least 1934. Has anything changes since? Read more ... Qi
Bank free or die
BARREN, dry, desolate. These are words you might choose to describe the terrain left by California’s ongoing drought. But they apply just as readily to the...
Rae Saunders Has anything "changes?" If you can't be bothered with spell check then surely your fact check is suspect.
Baris Ertan "Has anything changes since" yes, the grammar knowledge of economist reporters.
Martijn Govert Koldijk One group that will always have my empathy and support are bankers, if only they would receive billions in government relief, than those hard working people could finally pick themselves off the street.
Tim Strimenopoulos Lehman also started from humble beginnings , what's the point? Eventually greed takes over!
Jack Pierson Well here is Papa Dollar and MAma Dollar and if you want this old Building & Loan to stay in business you'd better make alot of Little Dollars real fast.
The Economist Giving sight to robots is an important goal, but a tricky one. Most attempts use cameras that produce the sort of image a human being is used to, and then apply computing power to simplify it in ways that tell a robot what it needs to know. A new stu Read more ... dy suggests that an artificial version of an insect’s compound eye may help drones find their way around
Seeing triple
Compound eyes like those of insects may help drones find their way around
Paul Sallaway I welcome our robotic SkyNet overlords!
Pamela Perez Abuso sexual de padre a su hija video aqui ⤵ Father's sexual abuse of his daughter video here >
Fox News Politics Clinton dodges questions over position on #Keystonepipeline |
Clinton dodges questions over position on Keystone pipeline
Democratic presidential candidate rebuffs question as she unveiled new energy proposals
Neil Jerominek She is like a spoiled 5 year old that never grew up.
KoralDasgupta "We don’t see art as an integral part of growth or development or evolution of societies, or in our regular lifestyles. Role of art is unfortunately undermined." A long conversation with Sumant Batra becomes my next blog, #WalkWithTheArtist Post 8 Read more ... . I personally learnt a lot while working on this :) Art Times The Art Newspaper ART news & views Art Therapy Without Borders Art Therapy The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York National Women's History Museum Artist Daily The Daily Beast Daily Mail Artists And Illustrators Magazine Artist Paintings Poem & Painting by Grace Patricia Pani Painting The Painting Experience
Koral Dasgupta's Blog : Beyond the Institution and Behind the Artist : Sumant Batra
How important is it to be economically stable otherwise, if you have to invest yourself in art?
Fox News Politics Poll: American public split over nuclear deal with #Iran |
Poll: American public split over nuclear deal with Iran
Reaction from The Hill's Kevin Cirilli
20 minutes ago
Linda Naglreiter Hoskinson Split where. There is just a small Percentage of us who knows what is going on. The rest interests is what's happening on the weekend bowling or getting a pedicure.
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