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Daily Mail Now ISIS brings its terror to Egypt
ISIS release new video showing a drive-by execution of judges in Egypt
The brutal video comes just hours after a devastating car bomb injured one of Egypt's top prosecutors, Hisham Barakat.It is thought ISIS have carried out the failed assassination attempt.
7 days ago
Sully Zee Why is Isis attacking Muslim countries? They're clearly not Muslim either. Who is Isis and what is there aim?
Aisha Kabane Tushi Kill Isis kill Isis kill Isis we all need to get together and blow them up
John Keeling This should NOT be shown in a fashion edited by those responsible, and the ridiculous music should be removed, even if it leaves the footage mute. To show it the way those responsible want it to be seen, is to assist with their propaganda afforts. Come on Daily Mail, grow up a bit.
MacAllister Sandy hahaha No need for them in Egypt tell Natanyahu to keep them in Syria. The have better than ISIS \ its their piglet; the evil SISI.
Amany Elhassi May be not isis may be muslim brotherhood
Chloe Khan Where have Isis come from? And where is all there income coming from ? America could go In there and finish Isis . What is Isis aiming at ? World take over ? ( I don't expect an answer but these are my thoughts ) and what does the rest of the worlds leaders plan to do about this international crisis ?
Richard Williams Egypt now! Sounds like their plan is to ruin & suffocate these holiday destinations finical position and bring down the people/towns/city/country into poverty and disrepair then brainwash the people and take over in the process! This is beyond worrying now!
Brahim Zouggagh ISIS = America + Europe + Israel Attack Muslims make theim feeling fear so that you can controle them!
Wajib Anass To all who say ISIS is ISLAM let me ask you a real simple question : Why isis do not kill or brings terror to israel who kills plenty of civilians and child ? i think the answer is crystal clear ...
Eryk Ark Somebody please NUKED ISIS out of this planet! Where's US army when we need their sophisticated and advanced weapons to get rid of this scum!
Bored Panda Watch them with sound!
Wiener Dog Minions Look Ridiculously Awesome In These DIY Costumes
Crusoe the celebrity dachshund has done it again, this time taking to YouTube wearing an adorable Minions costume. The costumes were hand made by owners and Ottawa, Canada, residents Ryan and Lauren Beauchesne. The other dog in the video is likely Oa Read more ... kley, Crusoe's half brother.
7 days ago
Shaunta Merna lol this is hilarious!! http://bit.ly/1IGbVGl
Sharon Bramers That's my little minion..
Melissa Waligora Kari Dubie Waligora Friday is getting a costume!!!
Heather Thorn LOL!!
Renato Andrade Laura, olha isso para a Nina!!!!
Belinda Gstrein-Moraal Whahaha Leo en Lisa
David Mann My dog and I have a firm agreement; I won't dress him up and he won't dress me up. He is a dog and I am a human and we both quite like it that way.
Amanda Bliss This is my favorite thing that happened to me this month.
Marco D Zwo Nour :D :D
Sassel Pups Backe Małgosia für Maja ☺️
Salon Jake Tapper reduces Donald Trump to a stammering mess...
CNN host mocks Donald Trump: What’s “traditional” about having been married three times?
Trump explained his divorces, saying "business was just so powerful to me -- I don't know if that's a good thing" VIDEO
7 days ago
HuffPost Business This video is crazy.
SpaceX Rocket Explodes After Liftoff
An unmanned SpaceX rocket carrying supplies to the International Space Station erupted while in flight.
7 days ago
Robin Cotton Stay from up there!!
Salon John Oliver spent two glorious minutes trolling the right last night...
John Oliver celebrates 5 years of conservatives wrongly predicting “the end of Obamacare” with epic
With SCOTUS upholding the Affordable Care Act last week, Oliver gave a special shout-out to some of the naysayers VIDEO
7 days ago
Anita Schmedemann Love John Oliver!!
Brian Carr Now on to single payer, as was originally intended. Go Bernie Sanders.
Robert McElroy Check out this video on YouTube: http://youtu.be/7VBAEJlR4pk
Lori Nicocia They forgot that the "repeat it until it's true" strategy doesn't extend to the Supreme Court.
Allan Kelly https://youtu.be/F-5oGnvfUEU
Bill McCarthy My premiums went up.
Sean Cameron John Oliver is my hero.
Robert McElroy Must be a night time comedian so good source of news for libtards when not watching Fox News. Libtards are Fox News experts
Keith Seddon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YfgKAXQLRY
Scott Cleghorn In the same-sex-marriage case recently argued in the Supreme Court, the petitioners have claimed a “fundamental right to marry” protected by the Constitution and unmoored from biology, the complementarity of the sexes, or the universal understanding of what “marriage” has meant in every culture in human history until the last 15 years. Their most persistent and compelling comparison of their legal situation has been to the laws that once banned interracial marriage in many states, until they were overturned by the Supreme Court 48 years ago in Loving v. Virginia. But a closer look at that precedent reveals that it is no help at all to their case — quite the contrary. And the advocates of same-sex marriage are deluding themselves if they think that a judicial victory for their side would be widely greeted as a triumph for justice, as the Loving decision was. Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/419441/supreme-court%27s-gay-marriage-case-unlike-1967-ruling-on-interracial-marriage
HuffPost Lifestyle Happy Monday!
Puppies Run For Dinner In Time-Lapse Video, Get Cuter Every Time
Hungry for a super-cute dog video? Check out this time-lapse video of two puppies running for dinner. The video covers about nine months in the supper-chasing lives of golden retrievers Colby and B
7 days ago
TreeHugger San Diego-based activist Rob Greenfield, known for his cross-country cycling campaigns to end food waste, believes that changing one's life and reducing one's environmental impact takes small, gradual steps.
Man lives rent-free in $950 home on tiny urban homestead (Video)
In exchange for cultivating someone else's backyard for a year, this activist is experimenting with an increasingly simpler lifestyle, documented step-by-step online.
7 days ago
Holly Polich Tiny houses are not long-term freedom. They fit right in with the plans of the 1%. They'll own all the land, and we'll be their surfs once again.
Joshua Eric Turcotte Humans are fearful creatures... it served us well in the wild... but in civilization, it does more harm than good. And, he's right... because of this, steps of reform in any direction need to be small if folk are going to go along with it (which is a double-edged, sword, I'm afraid, since incremental change toward terrible things has also been known to happen.)
Holly Hamilton Rain water collection is fine in Louisville Kentucky.
Diane De Martini No thanks.
Jordan Russell Its against the law in the US to collect rain water ...
Holly Crocker This guy is my spirit animal.
Nichole Taylor Jordan, not in wash state it isn't
Hilda Rose Acord And so in NC. I want to know how to do something like this here but it gets so cold in these mountains.
Steve Bowcutt I'm pretty sure we'll find out sometime in the next 10 years that wearing scarves like that somehow really hurts the environment.
Valerie Janette Devin Sullivan!
Fox News Politics Marriage ruling gets personal | http://video.foxnews.com/v/4327919138001/marriage-ruling-gets-personal/
Marriage ruling gets personal
Right denounces John Roberts
7 days ago
Art Parra Hey CNN why didnt you report on a incident of black on white crime? Seems like your bias and only will report when it is white on black crime. This is why you as a media outlet cannot be trusted as you are very bias in your reporting.
Teen rips another girl from toddler by the hair in video
A Texas teen administers a beatdown on another girl as other teens cheer in disturbing footage that has surfaced online.
7 days ago
minus L Lovely night shoot with our CNN friends and Mr. Walsh. http://www.cnn.com/videos/tv/2015/06/26/the-hunt-with-john-walsh-launch-trailer.cnn
The Hunt with John Walsh New Season Trailer - CNN Video
The Hunt with John Walsh Season 2 starts July 12 on CNN
7 days ago
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