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Cynthia Uju Raphael CAUTIOUSNESS The whites (foreigners) have made the world so simple for us that everything is at our beck and call but pals lets not loose our senses and not get it twisted. Please and please let us not abuse these made easy sites being channeled to Read more ... us bikonu. That you are on Facebook, whats app, Viber, BBM, Line, Vine, Skype, Badoo, 2go, LinkedIn, Afrointoduction, Palm chats, Google chat, Yahoo messenger, Instagram and a whole lots of them does not mean that you are catching your fun. l agree it is fun but we don't know when we are carelessly ruining our future and carrier. Now what do l mean by ruining our future. You are on Facebook , let us be careful of this Facebook thing pls, let us be careful of the pictures we post on Facebook, no matter how you see it, it matters a lot, its for public viewing. l have come across a lot of people pictures, some post pictures of their bedroom, looking so unkept , what message are you trying to pass through with that scenario you are displaying, you can meet your Mr right or Mrs right without knowing, someone is some where eyeing you for ages and one harmless picture of yours might send a wrong signal to the person. Facebook is a public place for goodness sakes, it is not only your friends are viewing it, billion of unseen people are viewing it too, your Facebook friend is someone else's friend too. That people are watching the picture of a scattered unkept bedroom and liking it calling you all sorts of sweet names, its not all of them that really mean what they utter out, amongst your friends there is someone somewhere waiting to stab you are the back in the me future, there is someone somewhere waiting to sell your information to your future rival and become a millionaire by doing so ( an enemy behind close doors). You see a guy on the internet and he tells you to Skype with him naked and you reluctantly did because he sends you money or you did it because of you are in love, are you so crazy that you have lost your manners and sold you dignity to the wind, do you know whether you are being videoed along the line or even snapped in the process. Let us be careful of the picture we do send to each other even when we are in love because a lot of ladies loose their minds by doing nasty things and they tend to regret it later, even if you are engaged to a guy, don't be so foolish to grant all his requests please, even if he is your husband, don't accept that at all, if he misses you, he should come home to you. Don't send out your nude picture for no reason whatsoever. Nobody knows who will be a leader tomorrow and your enemies will use your youthful mistakes of the past and blackmail you in the future, thereby crippling your ambition to move forward, your dreams will be put to a halt, don't give the enemy rooms to hunt your down pals. These are social networks sites and other new ones are still yet unborn, let us be careful of what we bring out in it, especially we women, cos we loose our brains a lot and think through our anus honestly. Tomorrow is yet to come, who knows the future President and senators, our luck might shine and just a careless mistake will deny us our political seats to move this great nation forward. BE WARNED! BE CAREFUL! THERE IS AN ENEMY IN DISGUISE IN FORM OF A FRIEND (HUNTERS OF DESTINIES I CALL THEM).
Esaa Mii Coronel
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Why did Instagram delete this teenager's photo? She WASN'T nude... http://aol.it/Ufomql
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