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Entertainment Weekly Ryan Reynolds needs a more reliable sword.
It's Psylocke vs. Deadpool (a.k.a. Olivia Munn vs. Ryan Reynolds) in an Instagram sword match
Olivia Munn already said her character in 'X-Men: Apocalypse' would beat Wolverine in a match-up, but it seems like she’d also best the merc with the mouth.
Fida Hussain Khan
Humor Tattoo
Anin Mahya Kung Fu Panda 3 full movie http://freemoviecoek.blogspot.co.id/2016/02/kung-fu-panda-3-full-movie.html
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Lucija Jurić Vlatko Belas hahhah bice si ovo vec vidia
Kari Flarida Dan Flarida
Pallavi Vasireddi Ram
Anin Mahya The Legend of Tarzan full movie http://freemoviecoek.blogspot.co.id/2016/01/the-legend-of-tarzan-full-movie.html
Mykle Eli Who clicks on these stupid spam links?
Malik Myers I see a lot of parents saying they feel bad because they're kids see commercials for this movie and they really want to see it but they have to to tell them no. But the thing is you don't HAVE to tell them no. Just let them see the movie. I don't believe in sheltering kids and I think parents should just allow their kids to see it if they want to see it. Me and my parents aren't very close but one thing I've always appreciated about them is that they never micromanaged what I watched and they let me watch whatever I wanted to watch. Growing up, I saw a ton of movies with sex, bad language, blood, violence, gore, and I turned out alright. I'm 18, I'm about to officially join the Navy, and I'm doing just fine. I think parents should give the kids a little more credit. Just because they see something on a screen doesn't mean they're immediately going to start imitating it. Especially if they're taught from an early age that everything they are seeing isn't real and that they're not supposed to copy it. This is all stuff they are going to eventually see or find out about anyway.
Health.com #Monday
Health Magazine on Instagram: “How we feel in the morning Regram from @adamjk.”
“How we feel in the morning Regram from @adamjk.”
Keith Paul 3 Week Diet Plan - A Foolproof, Science-Based Diet Guaranteed to Melt Away 12 to 23 Pounds Body Fat in Just 21-Days.. Here is the link: http://healthfit2go.blogspot.com/2016/01/3-week-diet-plan-foolproofscience-based.html
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Gina Corrie I need this sign lol!
Soresh Achari Your choose I like thanks
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Lauren Dimsdale Hannah Joann Snoddy we need these
Desperate To Lose Weight Sweet :/
All About Natural Health And wellness I think stuff like this are fab who agrees?
Rebekah Wilson Alexandra Drake
Ferhat Rdek The Best Plan Lose Weight and Build Your Body In Just 6 Weeks :) : <== goo.gl/CMD53S ==>
CNN Meet the hijab-wearing Barbie who's taking Instagram by storm.
Nosair Nosair Isaoui CNN
Ambar Espinosa IMPACTANTE. EE.UU.: HALLAN RESTOS DE CUERPOS de víctimas tras choque de aviones. VER VIDEO AQUI:http://bit.ly/1T7qhJX
Alicia Ortegas Watch the video complete here http://hostingseguross.blogspot.com/p/4-tips-on-how-to-choose-right-forex.html
JacQuetta Dina Kindred America equals diverse cultures.
Dollie Jackson-Lord Douglas A. Jackson!!!
Phuc Le Love is what we are born with. Fear is what we have learned. The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and acceptance of love back into our hearts. The Law of Attraction/ The Secret
Adam Rosen Brace for the bigoted misinformed remarks
Dale F Jacobsen *face palm*
Stelio Nombe Oh No!
Sheryl Courter Marencik Her eyes are a tad unrealistic, but I like her.
Mic It's true...
Mic on Instagram: “A minimum-wage worker in California working 40 hours a week 52 weeks a year...
“A minimum-wage worker in California working 40 hours a week 52 weeks a year would see $2,080 in extra income with a $1 minimum wage increase. (via…”
1 hour ago
Leonard Emerson yeah and why should a fast food worker make more than a person that puts his life on the line so the rest of you can be safe. Or a person that earned and worked and learned a trade or skill , other than flip burgers. If you raise the minimum wage by 50 0or100 % then every one should get the same raise in pay by percentage. The trick is get control of the cost of living. Not the wage . Get control of that then bring the wage to that level... or don't you understand economics . Personally its all politics they [promise this and that . Create an issue that is irrelevant then everyone jumps on board the BS train for a ride. when the fact is some thing much different and the solution is much more complicated . They believe we are that stupid and guess what most of you are. But a few of us get it the truth is we don't have the means to tell everyone because they control the media, So wake your stupid asses up you bunch of stinking sheep before they sheer your stupid ass and your left with nothing in the cold
Jeremy Gill Jo McDonald
Jacob Lloyd Basch Although on some levels I agree we need to raise minimum wage, no job/career should be done at less of a quality because of what you get paid.
Cassandra Edblad Who said the fast food worker would make MORE than the person putting his life on the line? The idea of raising MINIMUM WAGE is a the federal wage, and it's gradual, even Bernie Sanders knows we can't jump to $15, that's a ten year plan, and with that would also come the wages of jobs that are of deserving high salaries would go even higher.
David Maximous Who puts artists and fastfoodworkers/janitors on the same level
Huffington Post UK Sport Lady Gaga nailed it! #SuperBowl https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyqkN3zezso
Lady Gaga - National Anthem - Super Bowl 2016 (HD 1080p) Full Video
FOLLOW ME instagram.com/miguelmjulio twitter.com/miguelmorenoj Lady Gaga - National Anthem - Super Bowl 2016 (HD 1080p) Full Video
1 hour ago
The Huffington Post #NoFilter
2 hours ago
Learn the Hidden Truth Follow us to learn the hidden Truth !
Gentry Harms Point camera. Press button. Post. The end.
Daniel Ibarra How is this news? Stop posting clickbait
H-raf Tigha All celebrities s*xy nak*d pics, enjoy in: #NoFilter http://goo.gl/uyvael
Recruiting recruiting
Brian Eubanks Maybe I don't want to clone your Instagram style.
Reece Lewandowski I'm too ugly for Instagram
Warren Grieve Don't you dare Hufpo, tell me what to do...digital manipulation is the new norm.
Kyle Baird Stop. @secretplans
Us Weekly Oops! Taraji P. Henson thought Coldplay was Maroon 5 during the Super Bowl 50 halftime show.
Taraji P. Henson Mistakes Coldplay for Maroon 5 at Super Bowl
Taraji P. Henson thought Coldplay was Maroon 5 at Super Bowl 50, according to a post she shared and then deleted on Instagram on Sunday, Feb. 7 — see her post
6 hours ago
Angela Beard Kristen Clark
Sarah Jane Sopa So what some idiot called them Macklemore
Kelly Mcvey she must be related to Steve Harvey;) lol
Daily Mail Meet Hijarbie!
Barbie sweeps Instagram in a headscarf
Nigerian student Haneefah Adam, 24, created the account - which has 12,000 followers - and makes all the outfits herself. She wanted a doll that inspired young Muslim girls.
7 hours ago
Mike Speake So when will we be seeing ISIS Ken.
Oleg Novitski Stop the propaganda of this vile ideology called Islam.
Lisa Swearengin Russ Marks....now I have seen it all, lol
Marie Smith Ken moved to Cologne Mike ;)
Liz Perry Garner
Tracey Baldwin Moosh Mercuri
Pamela Yvette Warner Budd Now there are religious Barbies???
Brandon Pichichero Oppression and hypocrisy!!!!
Micheal Mills Barbie joined ISIS?
Donald Henley
HuffPost Entertainment Salma Hayek had a memorable trip to the hospital on Friday night.
Salma Hayek Laughs Off 'Inappropriate' Top After She's Rushed To ER
The actress shared a snap on Instagram following treatment for a minor head injury.
7 hours ago
Lurelia Freeman Another reason to love her
Missy Peterson OMG that's a funny photo. What a great sense of humor.
Inc. Magazine This is a mistake you definitely don't want to repeat.
What You Can Learn From The CEO Who Body-Shamed Her Own Employee
The owner of a fashion boutique chain tries to stop employees who aren't small from wearing the boutique's clothes on Instagram.
8 hours ago
Đông Van Thank fans of Inc. Magazine...Do you know your what is your IQ? Try to answer all the test and you'll find out whats your IQ... fhpDD0h play here
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