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Right of Center NEW YORK – The Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday conducted a two-hour session with HSBC whistleblower John Cruz in its investigation of attorney general nominee LORETTA LYNCH's role in the Obama administration’s decision not to prosecute th Read more ... e banking giant for laundering funds for Mexican drug cartels and Middle Eastern terrorists, WND sources have confirmed. Read more at
HSBC whistleblower spills Lynch evidence to Senate
A Free Press For A Free People Since 1997
5 hours ago
WSJ Live Yes. No. Maybe? WSJ asked attendees at the Conservative Political Action Conference what they thought of potential 2016 GOP candidates:
Yes. No. Maybe: CPACers on Potential 2016 Candidates
WSJ asked attendees at the Conservative Political Action Conference what they thought of potential 2016 GOP candidates like Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.
2 days ago
Salon "They refuse to engage with facts and instead simply demonize anyone who disagrees with their ideology..."
It’s worse than Scott Walker and Ted Cruz: Secrets of conservatives’ decades-long war on truth
The right knows that facts and reason have a liberal bent. That's why their decades-long strategy is to lie
2 days ago
Tunnell Christopher
Ted Cruz Senate Dems to Repeal the First Amendment
Via CNS http://SavingtheRep...
3 days ago
HuffPost Education Whether it was Sen. Ted Cruz's (R-Texas) crude Bill Clinton joke during CPAC, or a senator throwing a snowball on the Senate floor, we're rewinding the must-see happenings in politics.
The Best Stuff You Didn't See Live This Week In 120 Seconds
In this week's edition of "Policlips Now," we're highlighting the best political clips you may have missed while you were working. Whether it was Sen. Ted Cruz'...
3 days ago
Jezebel Celebrities like Jessica Alba and Kristin Bell
Michelle Obama Fighting Junk Food with Other Celebrities
The first lady is getting celebrities involved in her excellent campaign to promote healthy foods to unhealthy America. According to Politico, participating celebrities for the campaign to get mothers and teens to eat better includes actresses Jessic Read more ... a Alba and Kristin Bell, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz.
3 days ago
Cheryl Bradshaw I've never understood the backlash from a campaign promoting healthy eating. Murica
Erin Paige Dictate to your family what they can eat. Stfu about what any other family eats.
Kara Shaw I wish she could see the amount of food thrown away in schools every day. Our city composts food scraps, and the amount that is not eaten is astounding. Kids will eat fresh fruits and vegetables, but I mostly see canned foods fed to out students. They rather starve than eat cubed beets and bean salad from a can.
Amy Lee Campbell After seeing the garbage the kids at my daughter's school are being fed now, I prefer that she packs. I'd rather she eats the leftover spaghetti I made the night before or a ham and cheese sandwich than the garbage I saw on her tray a couple weeks ago. Prisoners at the local jail eat better than that, and that is sad. My kid should not be coming home hungry because lunch was too gross to eat.
Evan Gershbein She's a fraud
Samantha Schmidt GMOs are not healthy. She's a wolf in sheep's clothing and she's coming for your kids. #BoycottMonsanto
Alison Bradshaw
Krystle Berger People eat unhealthy food because of ads. That's right. Let's just totally dumb down the entire issue. If Anna from Frozen tells you to eat carrots, all of a sudden...there you go. Carrot eating champ. This is an extension of elites believing that the only possible reason someone could EVER live their lives differently than they is that they are totally ignorant and uninformed of the glory that is having enough money to buy whatever trendy health food is on the market.
The New York Times Quotation of the Day: "It is deeply troubling that President Obama’s national field director is helping run the campaign to defeat the democratically elected leader of one of our closest friends and allies, the nation of Israel." — Senator Ted Cr Read more ... uz, Republican of Texas, on the involvement of Jeremy Bird, a former campaign strategist for President Barack Obama, with a group in Tel Aviv working to oust Israeli Prime Minister @[Benjamin Netanyahu - בנימין נתניהו].
Former Obama Campaign Aide Now Works to Oust Netanyahu
Jeremy Bird, a former Obama campaign organizer, has drawn fire from Republicans for his consulting work on an effort to unseat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
3 days ago
Andrea Serna Glad someone is.
James Pope I hope he prevails
Mark Borok Democratically elected leaders should never have anyone running against them. That's how Democracy works.
Michael Oleaga a job is a job.
Erin Bowman Shows what a scumbag Oloser really is that he would try to undermine an Ally.
Chris Evermore what others choose to do in their next job isn't the fault of their previous employer
Rubicondo Fugacis The irony of turnabout politics.
Nick Lloyd Not 'foreign leader using a political party to hijack US foreign policy' troubling, but troubling nonetheless.
Bryan Faulkner The USA'd better stop supporting Israeli aggressive rhetoric!
Juan Andrés Misle Good. Hope it works
Yahoo News #TedCruz dazzled conservative supporters at #CPAC with tough anti-establishment talk, but inside the Capitol, is he softening his approach? Yahoo News' Meredith Shiner reports.
Despite fiery CPAC speech, is Ted Cruz changing course?
Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas used a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday to rail against the party establishment, calling himself a “disruptive app” like Uber that would upend the political system. Delighting th Read more ... e assembled conservative shock troops, Cruz castigated the Republican leadership for selling out their principles by separating a funding bill for the Department of Homeland Security from a measure that w...
4 days ago
Bruce Smith He just looks disturbed !!
Marin Manny Rodriguez He's a windbag.
Brian Berdine Spaz.
Mike Mcguire He hasn't changed course, still running in circles chasing his tail.
David E. Boos He's just a phony!
Sharona Rona Shirley What change of course? Per the GPS,this party direction is on the path to hell.
Kevin Holton I am cornholio!!! Ha
Constance McAllister Cruz flipped on Obama amnesty. He is out as far as I am concerned
Dan Burdge America needs Cruz Control
Matthew Romero Why is this guy in charge of NASAs budget?
Newsweek Bush had plenty of eager supporters at the Conservative Political Action Conference, but others in attendance were hard-nosed conservatives—Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are very popular here—and Bush got heckled a bit when he took the stage.
Jeb Bush Gets Heckled at CPAC
Many at the Conservative Political Action Conference were not pleased with Bush’s views on immigration and education.
4 days ago
Isa Yazd Ted Cruz was born in Canada! He can't be President!
Eman SemBreyk na! O wala kang magawa. Kesa maghapon kang naka-online, bakit hindi mo subukang magbasa ng libro. Ilang recommended title: 1. Para Kay B ni Ricky Lee “Mas matinding nakakaalala ang puso kaysa utak.” ― Ricky Lee, Para Kay B 2. Anim Read more ... na Sabado ng Beyblade at Iba pang Sanaysay ni Ferdinand Pisigan Jarin “Huling sabado ng Pebrero ang ikalimang sabado. Eksaktong katapusan. Kasabay ng pagtatapos ng Pebrero ay pumanaw ang aking anak. Ilang sandali matapos ang sabay na paglaglag ng luha sa kanyang mga mata at pagtirik ng mata, ibinuga niya ang kanyang huling hininga. Namatay siya habang tangan ko sa aking bisig. Hinintay lamang niya ang aking pagdating. Di na kami nakapag-usap pa dahil pagpasok ko pa lang ng pintua’y pinakawalan na niya ang sunod-sunod na palahaw ng matinding sakit na di nais danasin ng kahit sino.” - Ferdinand Pisigan Jarin 3. Dekada ’70 ni Lualhati Bautista "Habang nakagapos sa kaapihan at kahirapan ang malaking bilang ng mamamayang Pilipino, hindi tayo malaya." - Dekada ’70 ni Lualhati Bautista 4. Tutubi, Tutubi, Huwag kang Magpahuli sa Mamang Salbahe ni Jun Cruz Reyes “Mas madaling mamatay kaysa mabuhay, tumataas ang halaga ng pagkain habang bumababa naman ang halaga ng buhay.” ― Jun Cruz Reyes 5. Ligo na Me. Lapit na U ni Eros Atalia “Bakit kahit simpleng pagmamahal ay kinakailangan ng materyal na kapital?” ― Eros S. Atalia, Ligo Na U, Lapit Na Me PS. Sa pagbabasa natatagpuan natin ang ating mga sariling emosyon. Siguro’y marapat na sa panahong nagiging dependent tayo sa mga instant explanation sa ating kapaligiran, makakabuting matagpuan natin ang ating mga sarili sa mga kwento kagaya nito.
17 months ago
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