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Irene's Bracelets Into work, outta work, at Wal-Mart, HEB, La Pulga lol
Photos from Bob Sailinuu's post in Cowboys Family
6-1 Baby...yall have a Blessed Monday.
16 minutes ago
I Believe In Leo Messi Courtesy: "FC Barcelona - Trolling clubs since 1899"
Let's take a look back at the 7 goals D10S has scored and the 8 goals he has assisted in the first 8 La Liga games he's played in, with the excellent commentary provided by Ray Hudson and Phil Schoen. La Pulga Atomica's new play style is a beauty t Read more ... o watch. He's the same Messi, in an entirely new position. Just as we enjoyed Messi's transformation from an RW to a False 9, we'll love his transformation from a False 9 to a CAM. Simply the greatest player to ever take to the football field. -MAK
54 minutes ago
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