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Los Angeles Times Entertainment The U.S. premiere of Esa-Pekka Salonen's "Karawane" by the L.A. Phil shows it really does make a difference when new music is treated as a family affair.
It's nice to have L.A. Phil 'family' like Yuja Wang, Salonen
Symphony orchestras operate on many models. Corporate is increasingly common. Some are collectives; others resemble sports teams. There are monkish ones on spiritual missions and academic ones with a musicological bent.
2 days ago
ClickHole Neil deGrasse Tyson said WHAT?!
Find Out What Alexander Wang, Neil deGrasse Tyson, And Mila Kunis Have To Say
Ever wonder what’s on the mind of today’s most notable people? Well, don’t miss our unbelievable roundup of the best and most talked about quotes of the day.
2 days ago
Wil Mitchell Neil deGrasse Flyson.
Danny XD 1 like = 1 feather for mr Scientist
Ernesto Araica Neil deGrasse Tyson Chickens
Karol Sekhon Jayson Sekhon
Tabitha Huff that vixen jo-ann has been fabricating the details surrounding her life for far too long
Aaron Duncan "Scientific Accuracy is Important, even in film." - Neil deGrasse Tyson
Pedro Luis Rueda Really makes you want feathers
Kalki Avatara Some say, there are no accidents... About, 2,500 years ago Lord Buddha, 2,000 years ago Lord Jesus Christ, 1,500 years ago Prophet Muhammad, etc. Was Lord Jesus Christ mission, successful? December 1945, the Gospel of Thomas was discovered following the end of WWII, and the United Nations formed... Welcome to the Iron Age or the Age of Quarrel or The Age of degradation of human civilization... The Supreme Being of ALL living entities have a Master Plan, and it's bewildering for some individualists
Stefanos Despotis Anetta Pangea
Jackie McKeon Meaghan Lee
Refinery29 ALEXANDER WANG's designs are going to include lyrics by The Weeknd
Get Your First Peek At The Alexander Wang x The Weeknd Collab
We've been eagerly awaiting to see what The Weeknd, a.k.a. Abel Tesfaye, and Alexander Wang have been working on (and teasing) under the hashtag #WANGXO. Now, we're finally getting a first look at their collaborative capsule collection. The WANGXO li Read more ... ne — a reference to the singer's own brand —
13 days ago
Lifehacker Yes, sometimes it pays to spend.
Cut Back on Expenses With the Upgrade and Save Strategy
Sometimes spending money can actually save you money. For example, if you’re buying cheap boots and replacing them often, you’ll save money in the long run if you buy a pricier pair of boots that last. In line with this concept, money writer Jim Read more ... Wang suggests the “upgrade and save” strategy.
13 days ago
Reuters China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi said the Philippines' case against China at an arbitration tribunal over rival claims in the South China Sea had strained relations between Beijing and Manila, and that it was up to the Philippines to improve ties.
15 days ago
Eiza LD *middle finger*
Alejandro S. Arashi Was there a "wink wink" after the Chinese FM's statement?
Darthress Viel Shout up China, one day the whole world will slap you to see your hegemony which you've been blind of.
Kashmir Jr Ferrer It's actually up to China to heal rift over it's island grabbing activities in Asia.
JR Heim Philippines better look at the future and not put all their faith in the USA. In 15 years, the region will be the power house of the world. Its time to pick new friends.
Lee Love Boycott Communist Chinese goods. Your Walmart and Apple dollars fund their aggression.
Cihan Abay Turkish army has been scuppering in Diyarbakır/Silvan for 8 days. Please announce this murder in Turkey to the world #SilvanUnderAttack
Gaylord A. Espanola Philippines: Insect, magsilayas Kayu sa bakuran ko..
Kc İbrahim Oğuz Turkish army has been scuppering in Diyarbakır/Silvan for 8 days. Please announce this murder in Turkey to the world #SilvanUnderAttack
Judy Clue China scared? LMAO,!
CBS News As China grapples with an aging workforce and a gender imbalance, many welcomed the elimination of the deeply unpopular one-child policy, like ten-year-old Wang Shubei, who always wished she had a sibling.
Chinese welcome change to controversial one-child policy
One family is finally preparing to have their second child, after years of protesting for the right
21 days ago
Simply Teens I promise my grand mother before she died that I will get this page to 50k and in a week can ya please help me because I want to keep my promise please help by liking my page
Shalonda Lee That whole situation is disturbing to me.
El Moreno Mira La Noticia Completa Aqui ----->
Jessica Davis When they started killing most of their girl babies, they didn't think about the gender imbalance. They made another problem trying to solve the first one. Now they are talking about letting men share a wife. Smh.
Rachel Swanson That was a messed up policy.
Bryan Thompson Now we will be even more overpopulated, I guess they can screw that (11 billion by 2050 estimate) because now it will be more like 15 billion+. And people think this is a good idea?? IDIOTS!
Marsha Verduzco Seems like China has a problem.
Marvin Sato But why there are so many of them still if that was the policy...
Herman Lugo Time to Move .
Isaac John-johnson You have no idea,?.
Los Angeles Times Entertainment The LA Phil teases it's 2016 Hollywood Bowl season
Sneak peek at 2016 Hollywood Bowl season, including Lang Lang and Yuja Wang
The Los Angeles Philharmonic gave a sneak preview of its 2016 season at the Hollywood Bowl, dealing star pianists Lang Lang , Yuja Wang and Jean-Yves Thibaudet as face-up cards while keeping the exact programs and dates hidden until the formal season Read more ... announcement in February.
22 days ago
Learn the Hidden Truth Follow us to learn the hidden truth !
Angel Zobel-Rodriguez Grrrr. February. Can't wait!
HuffPost Lifestyle Absolutely stunning.
22 days ago
Quallier Boley Dope!
Linda Balzano She looks old. But so do I.
Val Elliott I'm really tired of the Huffington Post publishing articles about what women wear! Who gives a damn?! Not me!
Armando Magnon She is gorgeous
Friendship Goals Nob0dy want to likes my this page cry emoticon :'( May u please give me only 1 LIke if you care about my feelings <3 heart emoticon You will never regret heart emoticon <3
Washington Post "One morning, Wang woke her husband before sunrise with an incredible sense of wonder and tears of joy to tell him it all made sense to her now: She had actually died a month before."
The rare illness that makes people think they’re dead
Delusions of ‘walking corpse syndrome’ have sometimes been misdiagnosed as schizophrenia.
22 days ago
Carlo Argoti Isn't that called narcissism?
Scott Kuechenmeister I thought it was from watching the republican debates...
Bill Parker Hey, bottle that $hit... could make zombie armies out of it, can't kill what is already dead.
Tyren Stover That ain't no illness that's the effects of The Elvis aka PCP
The Law Of Attraction Do not educate your children to be rich. Educate them to be happy. So when they grow up, they'll know the value of things, not the price.
Neil Baker Unbelievable .... But really interesting
Jillian Eugenios Julianne
Forbes It’s been another banner year for the richest in China, the world’s fastest-growing source of new billionaires for the past decade.
Globetrotting Billionaire Wang Jianlin Is Back On Top Of China Rich List
Total holdings of the top 100 members of the new FORBES China Rich List increased by a fifth to $450 billion from $376 billion a year ago.
24 days ago
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