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Los Angeles Times The coyote entered the bedroom where his week-old granddaughter and 3 chihuahuas were staying.
Coyote enters Laguna Beach home and snatches pet Chihuahua, owners say
"The dog was screaming," he said. "It was awful."
8 hours ago
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Lauren Greaves Sue Sinclair Pepe
Linda Johnson I would totally freak..thank god my pet is a house pet and never goes outside..
Walter Flores Lol good Thanks coyote
Levani Margiani CHILDREN BEHEADED!!!! ISIS begins killing Christians +18 Video http://goo.gl/hRFnpq
Vincent Santos It was a PETA-trained coyote.
Mando Fumando Fucking thugs
Kelly Ewing-Savage Shut the front door!
Jason Goda Another reasons why chihuahuas are useless pets, rofl!
Chente Licerio #chihuahualivesmatter :(
The New York Times Lauren Bacall moved into her apartment at the Dakota in 1961, when the price was reportedly well under $100,000.
Lauren Bacall’s Dakota Apartment Sold for $21 Million
The grand three-bedroom at the landmark Upper West Side co-op building was the sale of the week.
1 day ago
Carlo Bautista Figuereo Vídeo Completo En Youtube -- http://goo.gl/pFgdTZ
Linda Bayko Nice!
Lexy Maldonado I hope Trump didn't buy it!
Kenneth M Bobo Those taxes must suck.
Robert E. Oakes Nice ROI.
Juliet Thompson Do we know who bought it?
Stephen Porter Hopefully it was purchased by someone from China or Russia.
Patrick Scott Matthew Scott
Salvador Cadena Kelley Finch Maroules no biggie, Lauren Bacall
Philip Macdougall Madonna sold her apartment there for $8m
MSN Lifestyle See how these attainable projects add functional style to any bedroom for almost no cost at all.
11 Budget DIYs for an Instantly Better Bedroom
The bedroom is a place for rest and relaxation, which is why it's so important that its overall look perfectly matches your idea of a restorative retreat. The high price tags at home goods stores may make it seem impossible to revamp your space on a Read more ... tight budget, but these simple DIYs prove otherwis…
1 day ago
Denise Parkhurst Tamara Apfel I like many of these ideas!
Huffington Post UK "Bricks and debris flying everywhere"... Duffy
Singer's Former Six-Bedroom Townhouse Collapses In London
A six-bedroom, multi-million pound London house that used to belong to singer Duffy collapsed on Thursday. The Georgian property was reportedly being renovated in order to convert the basement into
1 day ago
Bethan Wyn Looms She doesn't even own it anymore, why is this story even about Duffy?
Ngoc Nu Have a nice day! all fans of Huffington Post UK..Are you ready to get married? Take This Test now... ~~>http://www.goo.gl/abuq17
Joanna Hunt Peter Ormerod *Intro to Mercy plays as house falls*
Kelly Allcock shame the refugees weren't livin in it
Ross Turner It's hilarious that the only picture of Duffy you could find had visible nipples.
Hazel Berry Should have been satisfied with what they had.
Alex Theodossi Lol at people getting upset that home owners want to add a basement to their homes, pathetic
Daily Mail Chilling
Chilling footage shows burglar sneaking into bedroom as family slept
The NYPD released the shocking surveillance in an attempt to catch the burglar behind the early Wednesday morning incident.
2 days ago
Joe Vaughn Everyones worst nightmare.
Charles Kurata scary
Greg Wilson Two words, Smith & Wesson.
Christian Meighan Shoot him! He's a dead man creeping in my house.
Dinesh Ganesan Dogs, get them.
Vyn Mari It is important to have grills....windows and doors...if that makes sense.
HanaQid Bte KHairrul Pink panther
Regina Dotson that's just so ridiculous. 40 minutes in the house!!!!
Hilda Crystal Would be funny if he farted
Philipp Onassis Time to upgrade my home security systems
HuffPost Crime We're never sleeping again.
Video Shows Burglar Crawling Into Sleeping Family’s Bedroom With Knife
The man clutched a knife in his mouth just feet from their beds.
2 days ago
Iona Laycock Nope.
Rita H. Badger So much nope Jon Neil
Jeff Scott If his ass can get past the wolf in my yard and into my house with out waking my house dogs ( that bark at everything ) and make it into my house he will be lucky.
Mike Long
Amanda Alfred Cameras inside and outside your house, but you all sleep in the same room? Sounds fishy to me.
Jon Patt
Anthony Canty This is where the cops and medical examiner would find him were I to find him in my home crouching.
Hannah Chapman Jeeeeezus Ferdinand Amber Jason
Wayne Blythe Looks like a pirate
Quentin Raff Creep friggin eee.
Washington Post Home and Garden This awesome bedroom might make visits from her grandsons more frequent.
An inviting guest bedroom makeover for visiting grandsons
Nautical colors and accessories create a space to accommodate two teenage house guests.
2 days ago
HuffPost Lifestyle No. 1. Getting stuck in the same position.
5 Married Sex Habits You Absolutely Must Break
by Elizabeth Mitchell, BRIDES Whoever said relationships were hard work was right, and yes, that includes your sex life too. Turns out old habits die hard, especially in the bedroom! To crank up th
3 days ago
Washington Post Style A Manassas grandmother wants to update her 16-by-11 guest bedroom to make it a comfortable place for her two grandsons, ages 11 and 17, to stay when they visit.
An inviting guest bedroom makeover for visiting grandsons
Nautical colors and accessories create a space to accommodate two teenage house guests.
3 days ago
VICE News Did he really deserve two years in prison?
How a Kid Running an Obscure Music Forum Became the Target Of the UK's Biggest Ever Piracy Case
From his bedroom in North East England, Kane Robinson ran a music forum for 12,000 enthusiastic indie fans.
3 days ago
David Petersen Like Puppet String News on Facebook. Free anti MSM news media. We tell you what they won't. Seek your own truth!
Edy Lio http://fortruss.blogspot.ca/2015/11/turkish-intelligence-chief-isis-is.html?m=1
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