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TIME “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald's 'Great Gatsby' Home Is on the Market for $3.8 Million
The writer lived in the seven-bedroom manor just outside New York with his wife Zelda
35 minutes ago
HuffPost Lifestyle Nothing a little paint can't fix.
5 Ways To Transform A Teen Bedroom Without Changing The Furniture
We don't need to remind you that your kids grow up quickly, and that their personal style evolves just as rapidly. Here's the good news: you don't have to spend a lot of money to update your teen's bedroom.
2 hours ago
Huffington Post UK Nearly three quarters of women approached admitted that this impacts their relationships...
Many Women Over 40 Say Sex Is Off The Cards Because Of This...
Women over 40 are experiencing something of a crisis in the bedroom department. According to a new study of 1,000 women, females who are entering the perimenopause - the period leading up to the me
7 hours ago
Ute Fritzkowski Having a really great sex life seems to be the only important thing in our existence today. The chance of a bad pregnancy is rising with age, so nature tells us to not take that risk any more if we reach a certain age. But we call it "abnormal" and need help. Give your life another meaning apart from sex, that should help.
Dan Leese Oh yeah! Let's just hang out naked and explore one another's bodies for a minimum of 3 hours. That won't Scar the kids for life at all. What a wonderful idea.
Lhiel Gomez It defends on ur health...
Young Geiresse They are just naive
Tony James My (ex) wife's mind flipped as soon as she hit 40. Wrecked our lives, ended in divorce and robbed my sons of their father. Very sad.
Washington Post Home and Garden Can't paint or do electrical work? A rental can still be beautiful.
How to create a soothing retreat, with a side of extra storage
Designer adds cabinetry and style to a small rental bedroom.
11 hours ago
Forbes It boasts panoramic views of the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco Bay, and downtown.
San Francisco's Most Expensive Home Sale In 2015: A $31 Million Mansion With Golden Gate Views
A 16,000-square-foot Pacific Heights mansion has sold for $31 million, making it San Francisco's most expensive home sale of the year. The seven-bedroom Gold Coast property at 2701 Broadway had listed for $39 million in the fall.
13 hours ago
The Huffington Post Complete with a hanging trampoline bed!
This Tiny, Tropical AirBnB Treehouse Is All Your Dreams Come True
AirBnB has a lot of great hidden gems, but this tiny tropical treehouse has to be one of our favorites. The one-bedroom, one-bathroom treehouse on the Big Island of Hawaii sits on stilts 15 fee
15 hours ago
Lesli Lindgren If you watch her YouTube video on making the house -
Alexa Briggs Jake Westy West
HuffPost UK Lifestyle "What’s shocking is that so many women are suffering and battling through without help.”
Many Women Over 40 Say Sex Is Off The Cards Because Of This...
Women over 40 are experiencing something of a crisis in the bedroom department.
17 hours ago
TIME Where 'The Great Gatsby' was written.
F. Scott Fitzgerald's Great Gatsby Home Is on the Market for $3.8M
The writer lived in the seven-bedroom manor just outside New York
20 hours ago
Lorenzo Centioni Fitzgerald started writing The Great Gatsby in 1925, in Côte d'Azur, Cap d'Antibes. ;)
هل تعلم ؟ معلومات عامه :- 1-أغلب البشر لا يستطيعون النوم بدون اللحاف حتى في الأجواء الحاره..! 2-الحديث مع والدتك له نفس تأثير العناق، وقد يساعد في خفض مستويات التوتر بشكل كبير..! 3-يستحيل إرضاء الناس في كل الأمور, ولذا فإن همّنا الوحيد ينبغي أن ينحصر في إرضاء ضمائرنا..! 4-من كوارث البشر أنهم قد يمحون كل تاريخك الجميل مقابل آخر موقف لم يعجبهم..! لا تنسى دخول صفحة هل تعلم؟وشكراً لكل من سجل اعجابه
Kristøpher Gabriel Ill give them $6,000 cash right now!
Debbie Jaglal Should make it into a museum
Guera Garza I bet the home is still gorgeous as ever
Paul Forieri Does it have a bar ?
Nana Pak My favorite book.
Shannon Trivino I would so buy this. Kristina Baker, think together we could afford it?
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Tatiana Cabral Jorge Rodriguez - pretty please? pleeeease? haha
HuffPost Lifestyle Go home, Pinterest.
'Pinterest, You Are Drunk' Is Your New Favorite Website
Pinterest is the intersection of achievable DIY projects and out-of-this-world, inspiring ideas. Browsing the site, we'd like to think that we'll eventually be able to craft that pirate ship bedroom o
22 hours ago
Aleksiz G Castillo
HuffPost Weird News "I was scared," homeowner says. Fortunately, a retired bee detective saved the day.
Woman Finds 40,000 Bees Under Her Bedroom Floor
A New York City woman had a major bee problem and there was only one man for the job: Tony Bees. Flushing, Queens resident Mary Jean Dyczko had 40,000 bees livi...
1 day ago
Rachel Cöakley A retired "bee detective". I didn't know such a role existed. I wonder if he retired because he had such a successful beesness. :D
Kim Peters
Karen Nish Bell Should have moved her and left the honey bees to thrive
Sarah Michaud That house would kill me. Literally kill me.
Patrick Bowers Wut in the holy molly world
Dave Stambaugh i hope they kept them alive
Eric Natal http://media.giphy.com/media/YZaNlktdPMiTm/giphy.gif
Ashley Dawn burn the house down
Jay Slayton And how is this weird news? Unbeelievable.....
James Rankin nope
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