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New litter ,born 23/12/2013 out Bird and Max.
We have new 8 black puppies! 4 black females an
8 months ago
ReallifecamReplay [08/12/13] Lora & Max Sex in Bedroom Link : http://uploaded.net/file/ko5snmrm
12 months ago
Lora My sister and I were just chatting about our brother and remembering a time that I sent him down the laundry chute in our house from the bathroom to the basement....(sorry about that, brother!). It left us wondering if houses still have laundry shoo Read more ... ts that are just holes in the floor of a bathroom closet...and if families use them or nail them shut. Anyone? (and if you'd like to share a story of sending someone down the laundry shoot to ease my guilt, feel free).
13 months ago
Lora Please Help>>>>>if anyone is going to J-City tonight.I need 5 gallons og elmers glue from Lowes (only ones close who have it) ....I will meet you give you the glue money & gas money.please....oh its an emergency
14 months ago
Kiwis Better late than never - this is THIS WEEKS LIVE FLAT DISCUSSION! (week starting 16 Sept) Find last weeks one here: https://www.facebook.com/LondonKiwis/posts/604762326229357 LOOKING FOR A FLAT?? Have a ROOM AVAILABLE? Write it here and help each oth Read more ... er out :)
15 months ago
Ek House Wife Women Ko Satisfection Hone Me Kitna Time Lagta Hai? Comments Fast....... Admin Anamika .
16 months ago
Aaj BREAKING NEWS: दागी नेताओं के आंकड़े पर दिग्विजय सिंह ने किया ट्वीट, विधायकों और सांसदों के खिलाफ गंभीर Read more ... पराध के मामले, शिवसेना-31%, जेडीयू-28%, आरजेडी-26%, टीएमसी-23%, एसपी-22%, बीएसपी-18 %, बीजेपी-13%, एनसीपी-11%, कांग्रेस-8%... http://aajtak.intoday.in/story/breaking-news-1-59000.html
16 months ago
KAKE-TV Here's the Tuesday Question of the Day: Some fast-food workers staged a one-day walkout Monday in Kansas City and other places, saying they should be paid $15 an hour instead of the $7.25 minimum wage. Should they receive the minimum - or more?
16 months ago
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