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RosSa Allyna Cha JC Marc marQuez ^_^ & Dani pedrosa . #hitam putih.. Very Cute Marc marQueZ
Eva Novana Charisma aw aw haii .. Marc Marquez and Daniel Pedrosa @Hitam Putih now!!! they're take selfie 'duck face' oh my god, how they're so cute ^_^
Meyy Chiee Putrie Boengsoe The Baby Alien (Marc MarquEz) OMG Your Handsome... Salam #One_Heart :-D :-D
Mờhãmmàd Pujó Rạharjơ See Marc Márquez & Dani Pedrosa at Hitam Putih - Trans7 :D so cute :D (y) my status i (y) back.
Mieftha Bachtiar Lapute Save #MARC MARQUEZ
1 minute ago
Netti Cho Mulya Dani Pedrosa #26 and Marc Marquez #93 were at Hitam Putih. Trans|7
5 minutes ago
Nhel Alarilla
Phillip Island Australia Moto GP 2014 -- Valentino Rossi takes advantage of Marc Marquez fall to win
Valentino Rossi marked his 250th premier class Grand Prix by winning the Australian MotoGP on Phillip Island.valentino rossi best race ever,valentino rossi s...
9 minutes ago
Reind Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa #Hitam_Putih @Trans 7
9 minutes ago
Yogi Sampurna marc marquez & dany pedrosa in #HitamPutih
11 minutes ago
Venny Raccound #Trans7, #hitamputih, #MarcMarquez , #DaniPedrosa, #keren
15 minutes ago
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