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Denise Stone Good morning MARKET BASKET family. Today is a big day for us! Today Jackie has her first job interview. You see before any of this started she put an application in at Salem NH #6. She got a call right before all this happened. But was heading to Read more ... Maine for a week to work on a show and visit with her best friend. They said no problem they would call her when she got back. Then the proverbial poop hit the fan. The next six weeks we put her job aspirations aside while we protested. Over this time I watched her help elderly across the street in front of the BASKET. She also cleaned up trash in the parking lot knowing the part timers had no hours. She truly became a stakeholder in this company. When all was said and done we were chatting with Mr Casassa the store director the other day and asked if he would be hiring anytime soon. Short story long she has a job interview today . She is an honor student at a local Academy and has proven herself to be dedicated. I hope she gets this job. I hear great things about how part timers are treated. Say a quick prayer for her please. At one point we all weren't sure we were going to pull this off. She said as soon as this ended she would put in applications at other places. But for now we would protest. She got up early and held a sign. I was so proud of her. My older daughter Katherine came up with window markers to festoon my car and she and her boyfriend Eric went to several stores to show their support. This became a family affair . I even got my husband to come a couple of times!!! As I said before it is an addiction. Wish Jackie luck today and take care of all of you!!! Hugs to you all!!!!
GT6 Italy Friends
Assetto Corsa on Steam
Assetto Corsa is a next-generation driving simulator for Windows PC which reproduces real-world circuits (with laserscan technology), as well as road and racing cars. The final version of the game will include a single player career, special events a Read more ... nd will allow the player to create and customize o…
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Emos Go Rawr Crew My Fans/followers...LETS MAKE THIS THE BEST PAGE! C: I'll make youtube videos, a twitter, etc....Admins will have a twitter...I have 2 fbs...1 personal, other fb/followers oriented....www.facebook.com/ley.tisha1 Twitter will be made ASAP, AS WELL AS Read more ... A YOUTUBE CHANNEL...WOOOT...Q&AS, SHOUT OUTS, GAMING, FASHION, ROADTRIPS, ADVICE, ETC...ALL DEDICATED TO YOU! (GUNTHAR) Just leave a comment...like...w.e...just love this!
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Marimer Pezzotti This is dedicated to u Chris Pearce. Hehe
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#reddwarf Fans Unite!
36 minutes ago
Cynthia Davey
Kira Taylor Official Music Video for Country Girl Things
This is my official music video for my first original song "Country Girl Things". This video was produced by Glenndel Cofi - StudioInque Productions. Thank y...
37 minutes ago
Komal Shankaran worth sharing...KEEP GOING!!!
Here is my first video on the page n specially dedicated to all the friends and fans I hope u like it.. :)
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Rio De Skaya
A really dedicated female fan of Persona.
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Rich Hancock Here's hoping Michael Sam lands with the New England Patriots-- not just because I am a dedicated, unapologetic LGBT ally, but because I am a lifelong Pats fan. In the Bill Belichick meritocracy, Sam will play if he can play, period. Why do I care? B Read more ... ecause my team needs a pass rush, Sam deserves a fair shake and those who believe the SEC Defensive Player of the Year shouldn't be on the field because he happens to be gay need an education.
Would the New England Patriots Make a Play for Michael Sam?
Michael Sam was cut by the St. Louis Rams, but the New England Patriots could be a great fit for the rookie defensive end.
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Donald Mazerolle
Miramichi Dragway Park
Okay racers and fans, the next drag racing event in the Maritimes is coming up this coming weekend September 6th and 7th. The gates will be open Friday afternoon with tech inspection available after supper. The racing will begin first thing Saturday Read more ... morning with time trials starting things off. Later in the day, the Pro Tree series will be in the lanes to qualify for the 10.90, 9.90, and 8.90 classes, followed by eliminations. Saturday afternoon will also feature a Box and No Box race open to all racers. Things will get rolling early Sunday morning with time trials, before heading into qualifying for all classes. As summer winds down, I encourage everyone to get out for some late season racing. With the cool fall air blowing in, we are sure to find that horsepower that leads to those personal best e.t.'s. Miramichi Dragway has been making some very impressive improvements around the facility throughout the summer and things are looking good. Earlier in the season, the new tower was put into full operation. Then came the complete new sounds system. If you haven't been there since the new sound went in, you will be in for a nice surprise. It sounds great from one end of the pits to the other. Just this past week, the new scoreboards were put in place, and the track is confident they will have them functional for this weekend's race. Rudy has really dedicated himself to improving this facility over the last year. If you see him wandering the pits, please stop and shake his hand and let him know just how much you appreciate what he has done for the local drag racers and fans. As always, there is free camping on site for both racers and spectators with your paid weekend admission. There is also a food vendor on site. Looking forward to a huge crowd as the number of events for this season winds down. See you all there on Friday!!!!!
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Anastasia Kapatai
Help Protect Fair Game - Referee Alexandru Tudor has no place in football
HELP SPREAD THE MESSAGE! COPY/PASTE AND POST THE MESSAGE BELOW! Our page reached 8000 LIKES in less than 24 hours! We need to spread the message across Europe! We urge supporters of this Page to post our Page Help Protect Fair Game to any football Read more ... related website. UEFA, Fans sites, sport media sites etc. You can copy /paste and post this message: “Please LIKE facebook page Help Protect Fair Game (www.facebook/helpprotectfairgame ), a Page created by the fans of OMONOIA, NICOSIA, in Cyprus dedicated in the cause of Fair Game in the pitch. The Page documents with photos, videos and other evidence, the biased and unacceptable methods Romanian referee Alexandru Tutor used so that Dynamo Moscow won the game against OMONOIA in the qualification stage of Europa League on the 28/08/2014 held in Nicosia. Any fan that supports Fair Game and Justice should LIKE this Page and help our cause to fight corruption and force UEFA to ban referees like Romanian referee Alexandru Tutor that are a disgrace to football. Show your support to Fair Game in the pitch and equal chances for any club! LIKE Help Protect Fair Game. www.facebook/helpprotectfairgame”
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Brahma Reddy Puli
Pokiri movie Fan made Dedicated to all Superstar Prince Mahesh babu fans
Pokiri movie Fan made Dedicated to all Superstar Prince Mahesh babu fans We think You have Enjoyed Watching The Video IF You like this Video Please ...
1 hour ago
Rare Breed Marketing Working on an exciting project here at Rare Breed and we are looking for a dedicated Pro Green fan. If you know of anyone who is Professor Green mad please email us on info@wearerarebreed.com
1 hour ago
FC Bayern WorldWide (FCBWW)
SÜDKURVE IN DOLLOGOZHDA! FC Bayern WorldWide is an International Fanclub and, of course, our Interest in football is the main reason we founded this Fanclub. But beside being active supporters, our members also try to give a little bit back because Read more ... not everybody is lucky enough to live out their hobby as we are. These charity actions often go unnoticed but this time we would like to share a charity story a few of our active members from Switzerland worked on and which is directly linked to the Südkurve and FC Bayern. A school, a village, or even a whole country in ecstasy. The reason: FC Bayern Munich. The association "Shoqata e Dollogozhdes Zvicer ne" which means as much as: "Association Dollogozhda in Switzerland" worked out a great plan. Active in the third generation in Switzerland, the club was founded by Albanians from Macedonia living in Switzerland, more specifically from the small town Dollogozhda (hence the name of the club) near Struga. The association is a charity association, Its goal is geared towards students that have the possibility to receive a good education in the small town of Dollogozhda. The association is also active in many other projects. The news that the FCB is going to support that school was a blast and put the whole region in ecstasy: The children and the inhabitants of this small village could not believe that such a “giant” like the FCB would help their school. Through the transformation of the Südkurve in the Stadium in Munich, the long-term Bayern fan and a member of FCBWW - Kreshnik Dervishi – found out that FCB still had seats available. He then wrote to FCB whether some seats would be made available for the small stadium of the school hat is about to be built in Dollogozhda FC Bayern indeed responded positively to this request and provided a hundred seats to the school "Nuri Mazari" in Dollogozhda. In collaboration with the association "Dologozhda ne Zvicer" the seats were picked up in the Stadium, transported to Zurich and from there on to Macedonia. FCBWW Member Kreshnik Dervishi and the Chairman of the Association Vizier Dervishi were received in an incredible way by the representatives of FCB (Mr. Stadler and Mr. Huth). The talks with the representatives of the FCB were so positive that another 155 seats were made available for the school. The seats are now installed in school "Nuri Mazari" in Macedonia. For the opening of the stadium a small tournament took place, where children from age 9 to 12 played in Teams against each other Dollogozhda, the children of the school, as well as the school itself are very thankful that FC Bayern provided them with the old seats. FC Bayern WorldWide is really proud to have such dedicated members and the Fact that the Old Südkurve is used for a good reason makes us very happy. We will publish a little Interview with Kreshnik Dervishi during the next days, where he will talk about the Project and the situation for Bayern Fans in Dollogozhda. If you would like to ask him any question, please feel free to leave a comment or send us a private message. More Pictures and a small Video will follow soon.
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Gina Ulibarri McDaniel
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How are we not adopted yet? We were going to post a dog, that we couldn't believe wasn't adopted yet, and realized, we have quite few of them. This post is dedicated to four FABULOUS seniors that have been overlooked by the adopting public. Charli Read more ... e: Thrives with structure, loves hiking, and is a champion cuddler: http://tinyurl.com/p8pm2vp Sasha: Loves to play tug-o-war, go on casual strolls, and chillax with adults: http://tinyurl.com/n997vcf Nicola: Is a social butterfly who knows lots of tricks, love walks and going for rides: http://tinyurl.com/ku3d5v4 Spike: Great with kids, loves to snuggle and is a super happy boy with a tail that wiggles all the time: http://tinyurl.com/o633lju We need your help fans. You all know people. So lets get to work and find these four wiggles their golden retirement homes! Interested adopters in the Pacific NW should fill out an adoption form at: http://nwboxerrescue.org/Adopt.htm.
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Mike Gallo I am a former U.S. Army soldier, I was military 15 years, I made to the rank of Sergeant while serving our country. I grew up in Lakewood, Ohio. I had been away from OHIO since 1997 until February 2014, unfortunately, My mother, wonderful caring, ver Read more ... y giving woman (never a taker) needed my help she is dying from stage 4 pancreatic cancer, I am here for her because she has been here for me all these years. I am glad that many of the people and friends I had known still accept me as a friend. I have been into Mixed Martial Arts for 14 years now, I am a black belt in Jiujitsu, I am very well trained in Krav Maga, Mui Thai fighting or Kickboxing, boxing and wrestling and Karate. I have trained in over 32 different forms of fighting throughout the years. I was a middleweight MMA fighter, next year my goal is to fight as a light heavyweight in UFC, I will turn 41 in March of 2015, I also weigh around 200 lbs. Even though I don't look my weight. I am dedicated to what I'm doing. I am now attempting to build muscle mass on my body, because its not enough to be mentally tough and knowledgeable, people associate toughness with height and muscles, they see these steroid using wrestlers whose fights are fake and unfortunately people believe that to be reality. I got news for all you WWE fans, It's fake. My goal is to break some stereotypes as well. I like loyalty and trust out of my friends, I also want my friends to know I speak my mind and I don't care people think about it.
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Kim Wild 1 spermwhale to go.......
Dedicated Hitchhiker's Guide fans send vase of petunias to near space - Imgur
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Earth-to-Sky-Calculus/174490502634920 - maximum altitude of 110,570 feet.
1 hour ago
Robert Friedrich
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Wolly has beaten Parvo!! WooHoo!! He is feeling good and his foster mom reports he is a totally different dog. He is was so very sick. He is on three different medications for the next week but is eating, taking his medicine and drinking lots of wate Read more ... r so those are all great signs. He is such a precious boy! He rode home from the hospital with his paw on his foster mom's shoulder giving her kisses the whole way home. (Oddly enough, Wolly's buddy - Wayne, whom he was surrendered with and then rescued with, never got sick! Amazing!! We are truly grateful to those who donated to Wolly. Parvo treatment is painfully expensive but we think our dogs are worth it. We are dedicated to providing each and every AAUPR dog with the best care available. We are so very thankful to our fans and donors who share our mission and support our efforts. TO ADOPT: Apply at www.angelsrescue.org/adopt or inquire about adopting at inquiry@angelsrescue.org. Learn more about Angels Among Us Pet Rescue at www.angelsrescue.org and be sure to follow us on Facebook to keep up with our amazing stories of rescue and adoption!! ATLANTA, GA
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