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Patti Wagner Lashomb i think i am probably restating the obvious here, but just in case.....if you don't want your naked selfies hacked and posted for all to see maybe you shouldn't be taking naked selfies! jus sayin.....
Arlene Etzig Hmmmm we've got ISIS beheading our journalists, and scheming how to destroy us, and what's the big headline today?? Hackers stealing hundreds of stars' nude photos. Really? Keep your damn clothes on and don't take naked selfies of yourself. I don't Read more ... care about these idiots. I don't give a rat's patoot who's naked pictures got hacked! I care about the danger our country is in.
Jessie Barbarich I know you have to be quite vain to work in Hollywood but I cannot believe anyone would take naked selfies and store them on icloud and then get pissed off when they get hacked. The stupidity is beyond me. Everyone put down your iphones and go play o Read more ... utside in the sun until dinner time.
Naked Rugger Player Selfies Supporting Bullied Children http://www.gofundme.com/JUST-DANIEL-APPEAL-2013
Click here to support Watson Promise Trust 4 bullied kids uk by Maddox Cox
In 1995, we launched the Watson Promise Trust, as a service for vulnerable people, not knowing where it would lead us, and what situations we would be faced with, This was long before computers had social networks on them such as flickr, facebook and Read more ... twitter, also my space, so to be able to comm...
13 minutes ago
April Henson I'm so ready for winter, I'm so over seeing girls half naked selfies. Maybe with it getting cold they will put some clothes on first before taking pictures. Lol
16 minutes ago
Tyren N Sydney Babcock What I don't understand is how some people can post half naked 'selfies' of themselves.. But my friend Rachel McLean's photos get ban for her covering her breasts with her knees, only showing her knees and face. What the hell is wrong with today's so Read more ... city?..
40 minutes ago
Rick Tumanggor
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Kate Upton’s Lawyer Confirms Racy Naked Pictures Are Real New York, Radaronline First Jennifer Lawrence, now Kate Upton. The day after the Hunger Games actress’ rep confirmed the leaked nude photos of her client were indeed authentic, a lawyer Read more ... for the stunning supermodel also admitted the hacked pictures were real. “This is obviously an outrageous violation of our client Kate Upton’s privacy,” lawyer Lawrence Shire told BuzzFeed. “We intend to pursue anyone disseminating or duplicating these illegally obtained images to the fullest extent possible.” The shocking set of snaps show the 22-year-old posing naked in a bathroom with boyfriend Justin Verlander, 31, and showing off her breasts and nether regions in sultry selfies presumably meant for her MLB player beau’s eyes only. The it-model of the moment is just one of more than 60 celebrities listed by an anonymous hacker who sources tell RadarOnline.com has more than 200 photos and two videos of female starlets. “Even more photos and even videos will be released,” a source tells Radar. Lawrence, 24, is reportedly “horrified” by the scandal, and her reps claim they have contacted the police about the stolen photos.
53 minutes ago
Johnia Walker
Raw: Trinity Mother Old School Belt Whoops Her Daughter For Posting Half Naked Selfies On Facebook
Spare The Rod & Spoil The Child...!!! Watch this clip that Is getting viral recently, A Mother In Africa use the Old School Belt & Whoops Her Daughter For Po...
59 minutes ago
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