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BigAl ItsMe Ladies keep your friends close and your ex boyfriends who have all those naked bathroom selfies of you, closer.
Ben Dilks Defenently worth a watch tonight!!!! http://shows.stv.tv/talk-tv/292632-piers-morgan-life-stories-bear-grylls-talks-naked-selfies-and-proposals/
Piers Morgan Life Stories: Bear Grylls talks naked selfies and proposals
Adventurer, action man, writer and television presenter Bear Grylls opened up to Piers Morgan in the latest interview for Piers Morgan’s Life Stories.
17 minutes ago
Pat Oates Ladies, you shouldn't send naked selfies to random dudes. You should send them to me. I'll be at the Bijou Theatre tonight recording a DVD and saying creepier stuff than the selfie thing. Come to the show . Or send me a pic. Or both
1 hour ago
Sarah McKinnon so disappointing i didnt get the new ipone 6 gutted.... what will i take my naked selfies on now...
1 hour ago
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