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Mashable - Entertainment The Internet is freaking out over Kendall Jenner's latest Instagram.
Kendall Jenner Instagrammed a picture of herself naked on a horse
Model Kendall Jenner Instagrammed a picture of herself naked on a horse.
Devon Jackson No one cares!
John Trujillo
Jesse Campbell Looks better than Kaitlynn
TechCrunch Looking for gift ideas?
TechCrunch Gift Guide 2015
TechCrunch is a leading technology media property, dedicated to obsessively profiling startups, reviewing new Internet products, and breaking tech news.
VICE News The cardinal rule of the internet is that if it can be copied, it gets copied.
Of Course People Are Ripping Off Online Courses
Instructors say that online education market Udemy is hosting ripped-off content.
The Onion Via ClickHole
If you get this, congratulations; you are an intelligent young man on the internet, and you are AWAKE.
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Morgan Carlson Edgelords unite!
Brett McIntyre Jimmy Wright you
Lisa Asita Fleckenstein Harry Haller
Lojzek Salic what's the point of reading quotes anyway? we'll all die alone
Learn the Hidden Truth Follow us to learn the hidden Truth !
Jack Ran Shannon I believe the proper terminology is 'neckbeard'.
Lane Meyer #wow
Bailee Ann Brilliant, misunderstood young males and Aleisha Larsen and I.
BiggieSmalls AkaThe NatoriousBig Mattlemore
60 Minutes He said he was setting up internet connections, but the Cuban government said he was a spy. Alan Gross tells all, tonight on 60 Minutes:
HelloGiggles A practical joke amongst friends became a practical joke amongst everyone on the Internet.
This Irish dude just showed us all how to (accidentally) become an Internet meme
A guy in Ireland updated his Facebook profile photo, and the world noticed. Not because he's doing anything exceptionally amazing or even uncommon in the photo, but because of the exact opposite of that. In the photo, Ivor Noyek is walking on the sid Read more ... e of a road with his hands in his pockets. The pos…
42 minutes ago
Michelle Melendez Dave Kennedy - are you friends with these people? This feels like something you'd do...
Dave Kennedy Lol I wouldn't be surprised .. The troll community is very small. Speaking of that this reminds me of my friend Steve Erdman who recently removed tiles in his kitchen in order to replace it with wallpaper that looks like tile. Haven't seen the results yet though.. Alex Hamerstone
The Huffington Post Oh, hello.
Adele's New Bodyguard Is Sending The Internet Into Meltdown
Ex-bodybuilder Peter van der Veen reportedly used to work for Lady Gaga.
2 hours ago
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George Delgadillo Hello. It's me
Kathy A. Schoo Big deal
Fidelis Atnadu David And so what????
MatíasBenjamín Miquel Luco :O
Gian Marco Carabetta You're definitely beating "The Sun"
Daniel Scott Smith he aint no Tony Funches.
Stephen Andrews Woof
Funny Pictures These are amazing
Survival Hacks To Save Your Day. #6 Is Awesome!
You can't solve everything by using the internet. But you can take a look at these survival hacks, just in case... | From grandgallerygalaxy
5 hours ago
we likes it
Megan Trevino great stuff everyone :)
CollegeHumor Aurora Stormborn, First of Her Name, the Unwoke, Mother of Fairies
7 hours ago
Brian Bowden So we're still not done combining Disney princesses with anything and everything. Great.
Mika Walker Pocahontas as captain America lol. That's dark. Lol
David Grant Heather Berryhill
Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed Baobab the SUPER FRUIT BAOBAB THE SUPER FRUIT As part of our efforts to contribute in spreading awareness about this great fruit to people all over the world who pay attention to the role that what they eat plays in their health, especially to people Read more ... in the southern part of Nigeria who don't know that this fruit is also native to their country, today we bring to our readers yet another brilliant write-up that we came upon in the internet. Now read on................... Baobab poised to become the “queen of superfruits,” supplier says By Elizabeth Crawford 18-Aug-2015 Last updated on 18-Aug-2015 at 13:31 GMT Antioxidant- and fiber-rich baobab is on the verge of stealing the crown from acai, goji berries and pomegranate as the “queen of superfruits,” thanks to awareness raised by recent and upcoming product launches featuring the ingredient, according to a key ingredient supplier. “We are at an inflection point where we have seen the acceleration over the last two years” of startups and small to medium sized brands formulating a wide variety of products with baobab, “and now you are just starting to see some bigger retailers and manufacturers out there that are interested in putting it in finished products,” Stephen Broburg, general manager of Baobab Foods, told FoodNavigator-USA. For example, he noted Whole Foods recently began carrying 365-branded trail mixes with the ingredient, Sam’s Club next month will launch a nutrition bar featuring the superfruit and Kroger will include it in its private label cereal. This is in addition to existing drink mixes from Bumbleroot Foods and Left Coast Raw that include the ingredient; cookies and nutrition bars with it from One Bar, Mammoth Bar and My Super Foods; and a plant-based protein blend from Garden Of Life with baobab, among other finished products. The new and old launches combined will bring the number of products in the U.S. featuring the ingredient to 30 to 40, which is significant considering the ingredient only became a cash crop for South Africa about nine years ago and Baobab Foods only began shipping it to the U.S. four years ago, Broburg said. Indeed, since Baobab Foods launched in 2011, demand for the ingredient has increased from “a couple of tons in the first year to 100 tons this year,” Broburg said. He also noted sales of the supplier’s own-branded Baobest Baobab Superfruit Powder, which is available on Amazon for end users in 16- and 7-ounce bags, have more than tripled in the last year, and that is without any couponing or promotions. Nutrition profile A key driver of the ingredient’s growth is its nutritional profile, which exceeds that of other well-knonw superfruits, Broburg said. He noted that baobab fruit powder has a higher antioxidant ORAC value, fiber, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium and calcium than goji berries, acai, blueberries, chia seeds, pomegranate and bananas. In addition, he said, the antioxidants and nutrients in baobab are 10 times more bioavailable than that of acai, and it has an alkalizing effect that can help rebalance the pH levels in the body. Formulation friendly The ingredient also is gaining popularity because it is versatile and can be formulated in a range of different products, Broburg said. He explained the ingredient is “a freak of nature in that the pulp dries inside the pod” so it is “naturally dehydrated and nutrient dense” so that manufacturers and suppliers do not have to worry about processing the ingredient beyond milling. The powdery pulp is easy to add to baked goods with little change in how the dough behaves. In addition, because the fruit is high in pectin it acts like a thickener, but a gelling agent, which is ideal for smoothies and shakes, Broburg said. However, he acknowledged, that the high fiber content of the ingredient is self-limiting in juices and liquids because it will “fall out in about five minutes” and resemble pulp at the bottom of a drink. Finally, is ideal for many flavor profiles because it has a mild taste that does not need masking. Plus, because of its high level of acid, Baobab “brings other flavors into focus – adding brightness and making the finished product perkier,” Broburg said. Accelerating future growth In the next year or two, Broburg expects baobab to go from a mere component of finished products to a main ingredient that is touted on packaging. To help elevate the fruit’s profile, Baobab Foods will launch a fruit snack next moth that will highlight the fruit’s flavor and nutrition benefits. The Baobest Baobites will be sold directly to consumers on Amazon, but also will be primarily available as an inclusion for manufacturers to use in trail mixes, cereals or in baked goods, where the bites will not melt. Broburg added that Baobab Foods’ intention is not to compete with the manufacturers that it supplies with baobab, but rather its finished products will be sold in the background online and not in retail stores unless under other brand names of it manufacturer clients. Related News Baobab fruit extract shows blood sugar management potential Baobab tops antioxidant pops in new breed of ORAC tests BI offers baobab to provide ‘easy’ fiber and antioxidant boost Launching a baobab brand is about educating consumers and telling a story, says drink startup Related Products Kikkoman Flavor Lab: Reduced Sodium Salad Dressings Kikkoman | Video - Web page Clean Label Nutrition & Servings for Your Formulations PLT Health Solutions | Technical / white paper - PDF file Strategic Nutrition for Women’s Health Fortitech® Premixes by DSM | Technical / white paper - PDF file Naturex | Research study - PDF file How to improve flavor encapsulation? Alland and Robert | Data sheet - PDF file.
7 hours ago
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