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HuffPost Good News We want to be like her when we grow up.
Dancing Texas Granny Becomes Unlikely Internet Sensation
When we grow up, we hope we're as young at heart as this spunky Texas grandma. A video of 86-year-old Claudine Haggerty has gone viral this week after her granddaughter, Beverly Jenkins, shared the heartwarming
BuzzFeed Celeb Bet you didn't catch this in Justin Bieber's new music video.
Mashable - Entertainment Perfect.
A video tribute to prolific horror director Wes Craven [VIDEO]
Over at, Nelson Carvajal sought to create a video tribute that captured Craven's understanding of humans.
Wolf Bradley My band 20 EYES, and I wrote this song for Misty Copeland. It's about the love and time we spent while she lived with me when we were young. My mother, Cindy Bradley discovered and trained her. We collaborated with Misty and photographer Richard Corm Read more ... an to make this behind the scenes video. Please watch and share if you enjoy.
Misty Copeland, Richard Corman Photography, and 20 EYES are a match made in heaven. Our new song, "Favorite Song" is the soundtrack to this new behind-the-scenes video featuring the beautiful ballerina posing so gracefully on top of a piano buried in Read more ... the sand under the Brooklyn Bridge. This song was written about the time I, Wolf Bradley, spent growing up with the dancer. Misty was like my sister and we were inseparable. The earliest moments in life I can remember are of her; walking me to preschool, tucking me in at night, and, my favorite, dancing all over the house. I was so young when she first moved in that, along with my parents and grandparents, she was the first form of love and affection I ever experienced. I was watching old films of the two of us putting on ballet performances in the living room and was struck with a very long-lasting feeling of home. "Favorite Song" is about love in its truest form. When a person can stay in your head for years and years like your favorite song, that's a special thing. Free download link here: The photographs being taken in the video are for Richard Corman's inspirational book of photographs "Misty Copeland: Power and Grace". It's an amazing book of art and beauty, and we are honored to be involved with not only the book, but it's maker as well. Please get your copy on Amazon. Lyrics to "Favorite Song": Sitting in my living Watching old films of me and you Singing Johnny Cash every single night You were the soundtrack of my life Hey the chords have never changed Hey you're my favorite song to play Hey the words still taste the same Hey you're my favorite song to play Dancing all around the room While Whitney belts our favorite tune The world may love you, but I loved you first Just like the first record I heard Hey the chords have never changed Hey you're my favorite song to play Hey the words still taste the same Hey you're my favorite song to play I could never play you out This song never gets old And when I'm feeling down I turn on the radio Once I hear your voice I finally feel at home The most beautiful noise My ears have ever known If you need me just call my name I'm here for you that's why I say Hey the notes have never changed Hey you're my favorite song to play Hey I sing it everyday Hey you're my favorite song to play
Now Novak Djokovic makes it look so easy.
VIDEO: Novak Gangnam-style! Djokovic Dances on Court After Defeating Opponent in US Open
Novak Djokovic did a little dance to celebrate win over Andreas Haider-Maurer
Shawn Louis Store # 599 they are piece of shits they are not paying there employees for the hard work they put in local news stations and news paper everyone go on strike Facebook Twitter everyone take notice
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Shady Elazzazy :v <3 ;) :o =D :P ^_^ :) (y) HOT;NakeD PiCs OF MiLeY CYRUS YoU HaVeNT SeeN
Rachid Bahri Djokovic makes Djokovic so Djokovic Novak easy. (y)
Laurice Caliwag Catalan Kris Cristino
Thu Real Privon Watch the official video here ---> Mira el vídeo oficial aquí --->
CNNMoney TONIGHT on CNN: Fresh Dressed, a look at how fashion influenced hip-hop. Tune in at 10 p.m. Sneak peek: How technology was key to the AFROPUNK movement's growth. Watch the full video »
Daily Mail ‘It’s not about colonialism but a love story'
Jacinto Ybarra Those critics are ignorant.
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Peter McKinney Because y'all don't have real problems to worry about.
David Williams Like 'Gone With The Wind'?...looks like bleaching lol
Jody Harrison There are white people on that continent, lots of them
Lo Shin See inside pictures in
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Youssef Youssef it is a oil diamond and other stuff story :P
The Daily Beast “I still believe that God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. I don’t care who told you it’s okay, God says it’s an abomination.”
Tent Revival Spews Slurs in Public Park
It’s a showdown in Texas after video surfaces of a tent revival broadcasting a sermon saying, “a fag is still a fag, and a dyke is still a dyke” across a public park.
Kristin Kae Wise I want to know who made Steve????
D.w. Skinner kook a doodle do..
Elizabeth Towler Menon so when does "freedom of speech" become "hate soeech"?
Pat Toivsen Samiljan Williams Oh give it up
Steve Hurt Really helping the cause there, bro......
Bill Tipton They have there chance one day to plead their case to their maker and I'll just be happy to have my seat while I'm waiting my turn and watch what happens
Erika Cashion It's Texas - nut country!!!
9GAG As a Metallica fan, I'm in love with both their music and them.
Watch The Harp Twins' Stunning Cover Of Metallica's "One" |
Click to watch the video and write a comment…
Luke Williams James Schofield "as a metallica fan" why does the poster always make it about themselves
Mert Sağlam Two girls one harp
Uroš Andrić sun off/on
Uroš Andrić looks scary..
Spyros Vlachakis They don't have only Metallica covers,they have many covers and all is perfect
Ivan Matias Isasi Great but nothing new
Cayo Nunes Awesome!
Ozem Martin Metallic-love
Rio Absin Agunos 17:%%6-+853#₹&67
Gilbert Macheca Coz Hi mom..
Daily Mail Can you control ANTS with your iPhone?
Video shows ants appearing to form 'death spiral' around ringing Apple handset
If this is what a ringing mobile phone does to a bunch of ants . . .
Joseph Joestar the phone is their mecca lol
Douglas Waggoner What's it doing to your head?
Ronica Prasad It's the vibrations. Jeez. That must feel like a 9 point earthquake to them.
Sam Holmes circle pit oi oiiiiii
Randy Jimenez Antman gadget!
Anthony Brandon Smith Arn't they attracted by clicking like cockroaches?
Neetu Patil Alistair Bayley i knew y'all planning to take over the world
Michael Paul Mc Vey Are they attracted to the radiation for heat just asking ..;)
Reece Drake God get a life will you spammers no one wants to like a fake page
Tattoo. Hi I am Ashley I am 20 years old I live in USA I love making new friends please Follow me I will Follow you Back and inbox You I promise
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